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For Starfall to work, there had to be meteors around, and the spell caster would have to consume a significant amount of star power.

Nie Tian had first learned Starfall in the special region in the Realm of Split Void, where a grand palace had been hidden underground. Meteors would somehow be channeled and crash in that region from time to time.

Meanwhile, many of the meteors that had crashed in that region contained Star Stones.

The majority of the Star Stones in his collection had come from that region. He had gathered some of them himself and looted the others from the Hunters he had killed.

Even though his cultivation base had risen significantly since then, it would still be very difficult for him to launch Starfall with the amount of star power he had his vortex of star power.

For this reason, he hadn't really used Starfall even though he had mastered it.

He deemed that, for him to be able to use Starfall fairly effortlessly, he would have to advance to the Profound realm, or even the Soul realm.

At this moment, he once again pondered the details of Starfall while examining the mysterious veins that lay in the depths of the mountains and lakes, forming countless profound spell formations.

Obviously, these spell formations had been created by powerful experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Like meridians in a person, they covered every inch of the continent.

As he examined the veins with his Heaven Eyes and tried to derive enlightenment of Starfall, the three fragmentary star marks on his chest once again grew burning hot.

All of a sudden, he was hit by a peculiar feeling that his soul had somehow become one with this continent.

This feeling was very similar to what he had felt when he had activated Life Blend and banded together with the Bone Blood Demon.

He felt as if his soul awareness had flown into the continent under his feet, and then spread out into the starry river through the palace, connecting to the floating meteors in a profound way.

"Starfall!" As soon as a thought entered his mind, the countless star formations on the walls of the magnificent palace lit up.

Almost at the same time, the outsiders that were gathered outside the hemispherical continent gasped in shock.

From their points of view, the entirety of the vast floating continent that was wreathed in violent flesh auras had started to emanate misty starlight.

Bright starlight seemed to be coming through the atmosphere of innumerable flesh auras and energies from within the continent.

Very far away in the void.

Numerous meteors, which the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan had searched earlier but failed to find anything from, floated motionlessly the same way they had for the past thousands of years.

All of a sudden, they started to move.

At first, they traveled very slowly. But soon, they started to pick up speed, as if they had been infused with power.

There were hundreds of them, each of which was very large in size, yet they were somehow channeled into motion at the same time.


Deafening rumbles kept coming from the meteors as they were drawn to the hemispherical continent like a swarm of locusts.

Two hours passed...

Both Terry and Yuna sensed danger. Insecurity and uneasiness flashed across their eyes, which were fixed on the shining continent, as they spun around.

A large meteor entered their view, and was crashing towards them at an increasingly high speed.

Immediately afterwards, a second, third... dozens of meteors entered their view.

Like falling stars, they continued to pick up speed as they crashed towards the outsiders with devastating momentum.

Terry and Yuna sensed the danger, but by the time they told their clan members to start their ancient starships and fly away from the hemispherical continent, the swarm of meteors had already reached them.

"No!" Terry shouted. "Run now! Get out of this place!"

With a panicked expression, Yuna game the same order to the Phantasms.

However, the two ancient starships were originally berthed. It was impossible for them to push their speed to the limit within such a short time and shoot away from this place like a bolt of lightning.

The two enormous ancient starships had merely started, giving rise to loud rumbles, when an extremely large meteor shot past, scraping the Demons' ancient starship.

The Demons' ancient starship then spun out of control in the void, as if the pilot was drunk.

Every meteor that was flying toward the outsiders was larger than their ancient starships, and carried devastating momentum.

Even though the ancient starships had extremely hard exteriors, they couldn't withstand such strong impacts.

All of a sudden, another meteor flew over and crashed head-on into the Demons' ancient starship, which was already spinning uncontrollably.


The ancient starship was knocked spinning away like a boat that was knocked over by a large shark.

Many Demons, Blackscales, and Birdmen were thrown out of the ancient starship as it spun violently.

The outsiders that were thrown out of the ancient starship were mostly low grade ones. A mere touch from the dashing meteors reduced them to a bloody mist.

The Phantasms' ancient starship was also hit by meteor after meteor, and went through the same thing as the Demons' ancient starship.

Like raindrops, numerous Phantasms could be seen being thrown out of the madly spinning ancient starship.

As soon as they were thrown out, the Phantasms hastily activated their bloodline talents in a panic to wrap themselves in wards of flesh power.

However, their protective wards turned out to be as fragile as eggshells when facing the raging incoming meteors. A mere touch of the meteors would shatter their protective wards completely.

Then, the impact of the meteors would reduce their unprotected bodies, as tough as they were, to mists of blood and smashed flesh.

Even the ancient starships were rendered useless and covered in holes after taking repeated hits from the dashing meteors.

Hundreds of outsiders' miserable screams filled the void as numerous meteors flew through them.

Even seventh grade outsiders would cough up blood after being hit by the dashing meteors. A few more hits, and then they would die the same way the low grade ones did.


Hundreds of meteors dashed past, creating a bloodbath outside the hemispherical continent.

One outsider after another perished, their blood and mangled body parts filling the void.

"Go! Now!" Terry thundered as he unleashed blood-colored strings that wrapped around the few core members of their clan like tentacles, in an attempt to drag them out of the area.

Yuna also shouted madly at her clansmen.

She unleashed a cyan blood mist, which enveloped Armes and a handful of others, and then threaded through the dashing meteors like a ghost.

At this moment, both she and Terry realized that the meteors had been channeled here by the hemispherical continent.

The strange thing was that the large number of meteors didn't attach themselves to the hemispherical continent after flying over from all directions.

Instead, they flew in a seemingly disordered manner around the hemispherical continent, but never touched the atmosphere of mixed auras that wreathed the continent.

The area where their ancient starships and their people were gathered was the area where the meteor activity was the densest.

Within such a short time, the two ancient starships that had taken countless resources to build were totaled.

Most of their clansmen, who had followed them to this place with the ambition to seize everything here, died miserable deaths.

The two of them kept looking over their shoulders as they fled madly from the hemispherical continent, each carrying a handful of their clansmen. 

"The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!" Strong fear filled their hearts.

They assumed that a grand expert from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace must be residing on this continent, and it was him who had directed all this, giving them a bitter blow they would remember for life.

No matter how furious they were and how reluctant they were to leave, they couldn't watch all of their clansmen die before even entering the continent.

All they could do was to take the few clansmen they couldn't afford to lose and leave while the meteors were still dashing about, reaping lives.

After all, they were at the eighth grade. If they were bent on leaving, they were completely capable of taking the few core members of their clans to safety.

A quarter hour later, the two of them managed to carry the no more than ten clansmen to a place far from the hemispherical continent with their profound bloodline power.

Only then did they come to a stop and look back, and discovered that the meteors were still dashing about around the continent.

Yuna examined the area with a Phantasms' secret soul magic. In the next moment, her face turned very grim as she said, "Those who weren't able to leave with us have all died there."

Upon hearing these words, Terry's incomparably handsome face twisted with fury, giving him the look of a sinister devil.

At this moment, the numerous meteors that had gone berserk and reaped countless outsider lives gradually slowed and settled down.

Moments later, the hundreds of meteors, which were now covered in bloodstains, seemed to have lost the pull of a mysterious power and slowly spread out to float to further areas.

After all of the meteors left the area around the hemispherical continent, Yuna and Terry looked over with rapt attention, and discovered that the mangled body parts of their dead clansmen filled the whole area.

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