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Standing on an ancient starship that was berthed right outside the hemispherical continent, Yuna, the Phantasm expert, said, gazing forward, "This is it."

Beside her was berthed a starship that was filled with Demons, Blackscales, and Birdmen. A young, high-tier Demon with a face as beautiful as a female's was standing at the prow.

Even though he looked very young, he gave off a very ancient feeling, as if life had tempered him for millennia.

All of the other Demons, Blackscales, and Birdmen kept a considerable distance from him, as if to show their respect.

Eyebrows furrowed, he said in a gentle voice, "Yuna, you should be able to tell that this continent is wreathed in flesh auras of powerful Ancientspirits and experts of our races. According to ancient records, we were on the losing side of the ultimate war that broke out here. Many grand patriarchs of our races died during the war."

Yuna was graceful and curvaceous like a tempting female serpent. Every inch of her exuded a mature and intoxicating quality.

Nodding slightly, she said, "That's right. But you have to know, Terry, that the Ancientspirits weren't the winners either. After the war, the entire domain was destroyed, with every single realm reduced to fragments.

"Soon after we evacuated from here, the Ancientspirits also left here for good.

"If it were up to me, I'd say neither side won. It's just that we were in such a hurry to evacuate that we failed to take the corpses of our dead grand patriarchs away with us."

The eighth grade Demon expert, who she referred to as Terry, then said, "Why is this continent still relatively intact? And why are the flesh auras of our deceased grand patriarchs and powerful Ancientspirits still gathered around it after so many years?"

Yuna pursed her lips into a smile and said, "We came to find the answer, didn't we?"

While the two of them talked, the other outsiders listened in complete silence. No one dared to make a sound.

The outsiders attached great importance to hierarchy. Higher-tier outsiders had absolute authority over lower-tier ones.

Yuna and Terry were both eighth grade experts, only one step away from entering the ninth grade. Once they made that step, they would become grand patriarchs of their own races, and enjoy an unchallenged and lofty status throughout their races.

The two of them exchanged a glance, and Yuna asked, "You go first, or should I?"

"Let me check out the situation first." With a faint smile, Terry jumped off the Demons' ancient starship and flew towards the atmosphere of mixed auras in a manner as if he were strolling idly in his courtyard.

On the floating continent.

After pushing the stone gate open, Nie Tian wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere. Instead, he just gazed up into the sky with a grim expression.

Even separated by a great distance, he was sensing heavy pressure from the two eighth grade outsiders' torrential flesh auras.

He knew perfectly well that outsiders were now gathered right outside this floating continent.

Right now, he was worried that the atmosphere of mixed auras would not only fail to stop the outsiders from entering, but even be used to strengthen them.

Yue Yanxi's voice echoed out, "Nie Tian, will the Vitality-returning Celestial Stone work on outsiders?"

Nie Tian took a deep breath. "I don't know. There are two eighth grade experts among the outsiders who have come."

Yue Yanxi's expression instantly grew less intense. "Just two?" 

After a moment of hesitation, he said with confidence, "Let me talk to Guan Pu and Jian Gao! We can let them take shelter in this palace for the time being, along with their sect members. They need to recover their strength as soon as possible so that we'll be able to fight the outsiders together when they swarm in here."

Guan Fu was at the middle Void domain and Jian Gao was at the early Void domain.

Jian Gao hadn't sustained any injuries recently. He had just been drained of his spiritual power by the Vitality-returning Celestial Stone.

Guan Fu, on the other hand, had sustained serious injuries when they had come to this continent. However, since he was at the middle Void domain, he would still be a strong force after getting his spiritual power back.

Most importantly, the Divine Flame Sect didn't have any feuds with the Jian Clan or the Guan Clan. Yue Yanxi had been rather close to the two of them.

He hadn't thought about dealing with them before the outsiders had come along. But now that two eighth grade outsiders might enter at any moment, he had to make good use of the Guan Clan and Jian Clan's forces.

Nie Tian nodded. "Alright. Go ahead and communicate with them." 

His original plan was to drain everyone's spiritual power with the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation.

Afterwards, he would take care of the eyesores from the Bliss Mountain Sect and the Thousandsword Mountain Sect first, and then talk to the people from the Guan Clan and Jian Clan. That way his words would carry more weight.

However, now that outsiders were here, he would have to make changes to his plan, instead of dealing with them as he pleased.

Fiery light burned in the depths of Yue Yanxi's narrowed eyes as he established a connection with Guan Fu and Jian Tong right away. "The Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation doesn't seem to have taken their soul power from them."  

In the region filled with vigorous wood power, the members of the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan were sitting in silence. Everyone seemed to be in low spirits.

They had long since stopped wasting time recovering spiritual power with spirit stones.

That was because no matter how fast they channeled spiritual power into their spiritual seas, they would lose it even faster due to the effect of the Ultimates Reverse Grand Spell Formation.

Therefore, they only sat in silence and waited for Nie Tian to come and find them, and see what he would have to say to them.

Jian Gao's eyes lit up as he instantly jerked his head in the palace's direction and said, "It's Yue Yanxi from the Divine Flame Sect! Yue Yanxi said we'll be allowed to take shelter in that palace with all of our members!"

"On what condition?" Guan Fu asked weakly.

He had sustained heavy injuries when he had escaped from the Thousandsword Mountain Sect experts' blockade. Now that he had lost all of his spiritual power, he even failed to receive Yue Yanxi's soul message at the first moment.

"None," Jian Gao said, looking up into the sky. "Outsiders have arrived. Their leaders are two eighth grade experts. Yue Yanxi and that Nie Tian don't know whether the grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace will work on outsiders, so they thought of us.

"They harbor deep hatred towards those from the Thousandsword Mountain Sect and the Bliss Mountain Sect, so they'll never try to have their forces join them.

"Now, they're hoping to add our strength to theirs."

Guan Fu's spirit lifted as he said, "That's good!"

He jerked his head towards the Jian Clan and Guan Clan members and said with a serious tone, "You've got to remember not to hold a grudge towards that Nie Tian. Even though he didn't take us in before, and we lost all of our spiritual power to the Vitality-returning Celestial Stone because of it, this is his territory after all, and we're guests."

Originally, the members of the two clans had seemed to hold a grudge towards Nie Tian, but they nodded somewhat reluctantly after hearing these words.

With an envious expression, Guan Pu said, "Yue Yanxi is a smart man. I wonder how he managed to establish a connection with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. With such a powerful connection, the Divine Flame Sect will definitely become a stronger force in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries. Now that we have an opportunity to do the same, we'd better do everything we can to seize it!"

With these words, they got on air-transportation spiritual tools and sailed towards the palace.

Even though every Qi warrior on this continent had lost all of their spiritual power due to the influence of the Vitality-returning Celestial Stone, they could still use air-transportation spiritual tools that were powered by spirit stones.

Therefore, even though the Guan Clan and Jian Clan members didn't have a shred of power in their spiritual seas, they had no problem flying on their air-transportation spiritual tools.

As soon as they moved out, Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect noticed their movement. "Those people from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan are returning to the palace that was built by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. What are they doing? Taking the initiative to surrender to that Nie Tian kid?"

"What should we do, Elder Jiang?" Tian Ziping said with a desperate expression.

"You stay here," Jiang Feng said. "I'll fly over there on an air-transportation spiritual tool and see whether I can come to some sort of terms with that kid. After all, our sect doesn't have any irredeemable feuds with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. We only had conflicts with the Divine Flame Sect over some issues in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries."

With these words, Jiang Feng also headed towards the palace on an air-transportation spiritual tool.

Ke Jinpeng, who had made many attempts and failed to escape from this continent, also noticed the anomaly.

After a moment of hesitation, he said, gritting his teeth, "I'll go and try to talk to that Nie Tian. You stay here."

He knew that their only chance of survival now lay with Nie Tian. Therefore, he decided to make a final attempt to see whether it was possible for Nie Tian to forgive them.

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