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Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect frowned deeply, looking confused.

Yao Zhilan, Tian Ziping, and Mu Biqiong also stood aghast, as if someone had bound their arms and legs.

Only after a few moments did Jiang Feng mutter in a low voice with a bitter look on his face, "The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace..."

As soon as he had taken Mu Biqiong through the atmosphere of violent energies to this floating continent and seen this magnificent palace, he had warned Mu Biqiong against any rash moves.

Later, when Yao Zhilan and the others had arrived on that ancient golden starship, he had demanded that they be very careful as well.

Even he had exercised great caution every time he had attempted to examine the palace. However, his soul awareness had failed to penetrate the palace walls and learn the situation inside.

He had even issued orders that the disciples of the Bliss Mountain Sect shouldn't touch a single flower or blade of grass on this floating continent.

The reason behind all this was fear.

He was afraid that he would offend the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace and draw ire towards the Bliss Mountain Sect.

He had only made repeated attempts to examine the palace because he had hoped to somehow establish a friendly relationship with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace through it.

They didn't want to or have the strength to become the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's enemy.

However, he had never expected that a member of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, who seemed to know Yue Yanxi from long ago, would arrive with Qiao Yunxi.

Could it be that the Divine Flame Sect had already formed some kind of connection with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?

A train of thoughts entered Jiang Feng's mind, making him more and more apprehensive.


Like a bolt of lightning, Nie Tian flashed to the towering palace's huge stone gate, which was covered in mysterious star formations.

Naturally, everyone's gazes focused on him.

"Elder Jiang!" Tian Ziping exclaimed softly from behind him.

Without turning his head, Jiang Feng half-lifted his hand, signaling him to stop.

"Hahaha!" Yue Yanxi laughed wildly and said to Jiang Feng from afar, "Neither you nor I can get a glimpse of the inside of this palace with our soul awareness. Neither of us knows whether powerful experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace are practicing secluded cultivation in there."

Jiang Feng's expression flickered upon hearing these words.

This was exactly the reason why he hadn't dared to make any moves and kept his people from taking any spiritual plants or materials.

As a Void domain expert himself, of course he knew that the secluded cultivation of experts of the three domain levels might very well last decades.

This floating continent that had been sealed away for who knew how many years must be someone's work, very likely the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's.

If that was actually true, then it was possible that some powerful experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace were still cultivating inside.

Then everything in this place would belong to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Taking the spiritual materials and plants here without permission would definitely draw the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's ire.

Standing in front of the stone gate, Nie Tian gave a faint smile.

However, just as he was about to push the gate in, Yue Yanxi and Jiang Feng's expressions flickered.

Their gazes suddenly left Nie Tian and fixed on the same place in the heavens.

"Someone is coming," Jiang Feng exclaimed softly.

It would trigger changes in the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth once a Void domain expert penetrated the atmosphere of energies and entered this heaven and earth.

Since Nie Tian and the girls' cultivation bases were rather insignificant, when they had entered, it was like throwing small rocks into a huge lake. The ripples they had created were almost negligible.

However, if a Void domain expert entered this heaven and earth, it would be like an enormous meteor crashing into the earth. It was only natural that Jiang Feng and Yue Yanxi sensed it the moment it happened.

After hearing that others might have come in, Nie Tian stayed his hand.

He wanted to know whether it was Xing Beichen and the foreign Qi warriors with him that had broken in.

"Grand elder, Xing Beichen from the Trisword Sect colluded with Qi warriors from another domain..." Qiao Yunxi went on and briefly explained how Xing Beichen had tried to kill them earlier with his Seven Ultimate Soul-splitting Sword Formation. "...They even attacked the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan's reinforcement team and killed many of them."

Yao Zhilan's expression flickered slightly. "Xing Beichen and experts from another domain?!"  

They had flown directly to this place after evacuating from the three floating meteors without pausing for a moment.

Therefore, they knew nothing about Xing Beichen and the foreign Qi warriors, and were rather shocked to hear that Xing Beichen had led a group of foreign Qi warriors to attack the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan's reinforcement team.

"Experts from another domain!" Face grim, Yue Yanxi exchanged a glance with Jiang Feng, instantly reaching some mutual understanding.


Ear-piercing sounds of Void domain experts speeding through air echoed out in the distance. The Void domain experts who had just entered didn't need anyone to give them directions. They learned their location just by tracking the profound spiritual power fluctuations Yue Yanxi and Jiang Feng exuded.

An early Void domain old man from the Jian Clan flew over in a spherical personal realm that seemed to be made of glass. "Brother Yue!"

There were also a number of other Jian Clan and Guan Clan members within his personal realm, Jian Gao, Guan Qi, and Guan He among them.

"Jian Tong!" Yue Yanxi's expression flickered as he sensed the old man, and found his aura very weak.

Jian Tong was as scrawny as a dried-up corpse. Face very pale, he said, "Xing Beichen from the Trisword Sect has colluded with powerful foreign experts and ambushed us. Guan Pu is stalling them outside so that I could bring our weaker members here first. But even Guan Pu might not be able to hold them for long. They could come in here any moment now."

Jiang Feng's eye widened. "Even Guan Pu can't hold them off?!" 

Jian Tong was at the early Void domain, which was slightly lower than his and Yue Yanxi's cultivation bases.

However, Guan Pu from the Guan Clan had recently entered the middle Void domain, which made him almost equally as powerful as him and Yue Yanxi.

If Guan Pu couldn't stop the foreign experts, would he and Yue Yanxi be able to?

Jian Tong panted heavily as the Jian Clan and Guan Clan members left his personal realm and descended to the ground. "They had five Void domain experts. Two are at the middle Void domain, and three are at the early Void domain," he said. "Xing Beichen from the Trisword Sect is the one who summoned them. From the look of it, they're going to kill everyone from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries they see!"

Yue Yanxi and Jiang Feng's faces grew even grimmer.

Five Void domain experts from another domain... Two were at the middle Void domain, the same as them, and three were at the early Void domain. Xing Beichen summoned them here. What on earth were they after?

Suddenly, Yue Yanxi and Jiang Feng felt it was a wise decision to refrain from going to war with each other.

Otherwise, after both their groups had suffered heavy casualties, those foreign Qi warriors would be able to slaughter them all and gain control over this place without much effort.

Eyebrows knitted, Yue Yanxi said, "Even if Guan Pu manages to return alive, he'll probably suffer severe injuries. This force is far too powerful. Even together we might not be able to handle them."

Qiao Yunxi smiled bitterly. "Grand elder, we can't forget that outsiders might also arrive." 

The people from the Bliss Mountain Sect stood aghast. "Outsiders?!" 

The areas they had been to were very far from where Nie Tian and the others had encountered outsiders, and they hadn't run into any outsiders themselves. Therefore, they had assumed all those who had come to this forbidden region were Qi warriors from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries.

After hearing that outsiders had appeared in this region, they felt even more insecure and uneasy.

Yue Yanxi's eyes flickered slightly before hastily turning to Nie Tian and saying, "You can enter that palace, right?"

Nie Tian nodded, placing one hand on the stone gate.

The mysterious star formations that covered the whole gate suddenly shone with dazzling light. Simultaneously, the three fragmentary star marks on Nie Tian's chest grew scalding hot.

The stone gate that exuded star power instantly worked in a mysterious way as the star formations on it started to morph.


The stone gate, which neither Jiang Feng nor Yue Yanxi could open, was pushed open by Nie Tian.

"Nie Tian!" Yue Yanxi exclaimed softly. "Can our people take shelter in the palace with you?"

"Of course," Nie Tian said without hesitation.

"Enter the palace now, everyone!" Yue Yanxi ordered.

As soon as he uttered these words, Yin Yanan was the first to bolt towards Nie Tian.

Immediately afterwards, Qiao Yunxi and the others went into action and dashed towards Nie Tian one after another.

Nie Tian propped the stone gate open with one hand to stop it from shutting.

Yin Yanan was the first to flash past him into the palace. After her were numerous Profound realm and Soul realm experts from the Divine Flame Sect.

"Little brother!" Jian Tong called out anxiously.

Even Jiang Feng from the Bliss Mountain Sect hesitated a few seconds before asking, "Well... Can our people take shelter in there too?"

"No," Nie Tian refused coldly.

After the last Divine Flame Sect disciple flashed into the palace, Nie Tian stepped inside and closed the stone gate behind him.

He didn't allow those from the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan in either.

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