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With a grim expression, Guan Qi said, "There's not just the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth on that floating continent.

"The majority of the energies there are the extremely strong auras that ancient spirit beasts and powerful outsiders unleashed during battle.

"Those auras still carry the bloodline power and unyielding will of the ancient spirit beasts and outsiders.

"Normally speaking, the auras of living beings will scatter and disappear into heaven and earth soon after a battle ends.

"However, for some reason, their auras have remained intact even till now.

"A devastating battle must have taken place on that floating continent. Many eighth and even ninth grade outsiders and ancient spirit beasts fought in the battle.

"Their bloodline power and unique flesh auras are terrifyingly strong, and of various types.

"They've tangled up with each other. Even now, after what could have been tens of thousands of years, they're still fighting each other.

"Under such circumstances, cultivators with low cultivation bases will be greatly influenced as they approach the continent. Both Jian Gao and I have made attempts, but even our cultivation bases didn't allow us to enter. We could only observe it from here."

Nie Tian was taken aback. "Flesh auras?!"

After a moment of pondering, Yin Yanan asked, "Did you see Yao Zhilan and the others from the Bliss Mountain Sect, and that golden ancient starship? They left for this location before we did. If there were no mishaps, they should have arrived here before you did. If they're not here, can it be that they've already entered that floating continent?

"They didn't have any Void domain experts on their team either. How could they have entered?"

Jian Gao answered, "No, we didn't see them. But you might be right. They might have already entered. After all, Jiang Feng and Mu Biqiong came here early. If Yao Zhilan and those people got here and met up with Jiang Feng, the Void domain Jiang Feng would have been able to help them through the layer of disordered energies to land on the floating continent."

Yin Yanan looked over at Qiao Yunxi and asked, "Junior Martial Sister Qiao, was there any explanation of such a complicated situation in your sect's divine flame seal?" 

According to Qiao Yunxi, Yue Yanxi and the others from the Divine Flame Sect had been the first to find this place.

They had left divine flame seals for her along their way, but now they were nowhere to be found. That meant they had probably entered the floating continent already.

Eyebrows furrowed, Qiao Yunxi pondered the matter briefly before adding, "No, there wasn't. But I think our grand elder and the others are already in there. They must know Nie Tian and I won't be able to enter on our own, so grand elder may come out of there to check every once in a while.

"If he doesn't come out at all, then there's only one explanation: they're in trouble in there and can't extract themselves from whatever situation they've found themselves in."

"We haven't been here for long, and we haven't seen anyone from your sect so far," Guan Qi said. "We're going to keep waiting until the Void domain elders of our sects arrive."

"We'll wait here for now too," Qiao Yunxi said.

Nie Tian frowned as he looked at the floating continent before him, which seemed to be wrapped by innumerable wisps of energies.

At this moment, the three fragmentary star marks on his chest had become scalding hot. Apparently, they were attracted by something on that continent. He couldn't wait to go there and see what it was.

However, if even the Soul realm experts from the Guan Clan and Jian Clan had failed to penetrate that layer of chaotic energies, would he be able to do anything different?

While Nie Tian was hesitating over whether to make an attempt himself, Yin Yanan was the first to go into action. "Let me take a shot!"

With these words, the Frost Blood Python tattoo around her waist suddenly came alive, and started to wiggle slightly.

As the black and white stripes on the Frost Blood Python fluctuated as smoothly as water ripples, tiny grains of frosty crystals appeared on her steaming hot body.

Each and every one of them contained a bone-piercing aura that could freeze heaven and earth.

In a split second, every inch of her exposed skin was covered in tiny grains of frosty crystals, turning her into a frozen goddess.


Like a large piece of ice, she shot towards the floating continent under everyone's shocked gazes.

Nie Tian also looked over with rapt attention.

As soon as Yin Yanan's translucent and sparkling body entered that layer of energies, many cyan and dark purple auras were disturbed.

The auras that had belonged to high-tier Phantasms and Demons seemed to be somehow provoked as they suddenly gathered towards Yin Yanan.


The tiny frosty crystals that covered Yin Yanan rapidly cracked.

A white, frosty mist rose from the cracked crystals, yet it grew fainter and fainter as it passed through by all sort of energies.

Yin Yanan only managed to hold on for less than a minute at the edge of the floating continent before letting out a pained scream and flying back in a poor condition.

Her ample breasts went up and down like a mountain range as she panted heavily.

More than half of the frosty crystals that had covered her had disappeared within such a short time, leaving only a very thin layer of icy crystals to protect her.

However, the remaining icy crystals continued to crack even after she came back, as if residual auras were still attacking her defenses repeatedly.

Facing everyone's gaze, she shook her head and gave a bitter smile. "It's really powerful. As soon as I entered, I sensed the residual flesh auras of powerful Demons, Phantasms, and ancient spirit beasts. Those flesh auras are still very powerful after what could have been tens of thousands of years. Also, they seemed to have their own will and awareness, since they swarmed over and attacked me.

Jian Gao let out a weak sigh and said, "If even you, who has outstanding talents and is well-versed in flesh power incantations, failed to enter, then...

"The auras and energies that wreath the floating continent carry the profound bloodline secrets of powerful outsiders and ancient spirit beasts, which makes this place inaccessible to most humans.

"But it might be a blessed land for outsiders.

"If outsiders can also discover those profound secrets of bloodline power and derive enlightenment from them, they can probably upgrade their bloodlines, and even develop unique bloodline magics.

"You carry the Frost Blood Python's aura, but even still, you failed. It's gonna be even harder for others to enter."

Many members of the Jian Clan and the Guan Clan had placed their hopes on Yin Yanan when they saw her flying over towards the floating continent. After all, she had the Frost Blood Python to help her.

Who would have thought even she would fail to figure out a way to go through that layer of mixed energies?

Originally, Qiao Yunxi from the Divine Flame Sect had hoped to make an attempt herself, but she gave up on the idea after hearing these words.

"Keh!" Nie Tian cleared his throat and said with a faint smile, "Well, let me try my luck."

Desire stirred in his heart after he learned that there were flesh auras of powerful outsiders and ancient spirit beasts within the layer of mixed energy that wreathed the floating continent.

He had a feeling that if he could channel those residual flesh auras into his heart and feed them to his bloodline aura, it might go dormant again to prepare for the awakening of his next bloodline talent.

Even though he was human, he carried a unique bloodline, which set him apart from Yin Yanan and all the other people.

That was also the reason why he still dared to make an attempt after Yin Yanan's failure.

"You?" Eyes narrowed, Guan Qi had a good look at Nie Tian for the first time. "You really think you can do that?"

Jian Gao also went blank briefly before turning to Qiao Yunxi and asking, "Is he a disciple of your sect?"

"No," Qiao Yunxi explained. "He's our guest."

A thoughtful expression appeared on Jian Gao's face. "Guest..." 

However, Nie Tian didn't pay any attention to them. He took a deep breath to calm himself before flying slowly towards the floating continent.

He didn't summon his Star Boat, the Bone Blood Demon, or the Flame Dragon Armor.

In the eyes of the Jian Clan and Guan Clan members, he was nothing but an ordinary early Worldly realm Qi warrior, completely not worth mentioning.

"What is he thinking?" Guan Qi said, his eyebrows furrowed.

Jian Gao gave a weak chuckle. "Good luck to him."

Clearly, neither of them thought Nie Tian would succeed, since even Yin Yanan had failed.

"If he can't get through that layer of energies either, then we'll have to wait for Void domain experts to come and lead us through it," Yin Yanan muttered quietly.

Both Guan Qi and Jian Gao's expressions flickered as they heard these words. "What?"

The chubby Guan He couldn't help but say, "Don't tell me that he has some unique qualities." 

With an unfathomable expression, Yin Yanan said, "You'll see soon enough." 

A shred of hope rose in her heart as she watched Nie Tian go.

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