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Stonemountain was also very surprised to see Nie Tian. His magnificent, mountain-like body shook as he exclaimed, "It's him! This is unbelievable!"


Even the rocks that floated near him exploded due to the violent fluctuations of his flesh power.

"Who's that, Stonemountain?!" another burly Stoneman asked in a deep voice in the outsider's language.

"A Son of the Stars from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!" Stonemountain answered.

The man gasped with astonishment. "What?! A Son of the Stars?!"

Their conversation took place among the floating rocks, while Yin Yanan was unleashing fierce attacks with the help of the seventh grade Frost Blood Python.

Adding in the long distance, the human juniors on the floating meteor didn't catch what they said to each other.

However, just from their expressions, they suspected that they had old feuds with Nie Tian. Also, from the way they were looking at him, they realized that Nie Tian must be from a powerful background.

"The Domain of the Falling Stars..." Xing Beichen pondered for a long time, but still couldn't think of where this domain was.

The other human juniors were also rather puzzled by Nie Tian's background.

Among those who were present, Qiao Yunxi was the only one who knew that Nie Tian was from the Domain of the Falling Stars all along.

However, according to him, the most powerful experts in the Domain of the Falling Stars were only at the late Soul realm. They didn't even have a single Void domain expert.

Why would such a weak Qi warrior domain produce a chosen successor of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? It seemed that these Stonemen had suffered losses there, but it didn't seem very likely.

Questions also entered Qiao Yunxi's mind.


While the juniors wracked their minds for answers, Yin Yanan had already charged into the crowd of floating rocks on her Frost Blood Python.

The black and white stripes on the python became unusually alive as a frosty mist rose from the Frost Blood Python's enormous body and enveloped a large area around it.

Within the frosty mist, the Frost Blood Python was like a fish that had returned to water. It made sharp hissing sounds as it activated its bloodline talents of two different origins.

Numerous wisps of bloodline power, which were branded with unique profound patterns, flew out of it and morphed into small Frost Pythons and Blood Stripe Pythons in the depths of the frosty mist.

Each and every one of them was formed by countless wisps of blood-colored light, and carried auras that were extremely cold and ferocious.

A large number of the floating stones that were controlled by the Stonemen were frozen, and then exploded to pieces.

Afterwards, the broken pieces were somehow channeled by the wisps of blood-colored light and started chasing after the Stonemen, as if they had been vested with the python's life and awareness.

A few weaker Stonemen had their bodies pierced through by those rocks, and died instantly.

Even though Stonemen had exceptionally strong bodies and the ability to change gravity and control rocks, they didn't seem very powerful when facing the seventh grade Frost Blood Python's wrath.

Watching their people being slaughtered, the three sixth grade Stonemen grew increasingly anxious.

Since they weren't Phantasms, who were skilled with profound soul magics, they couldn't take out the Frost Blood Python's master by attacking Yin Yanan's soul directly.

Meanwhile, Yin Yanan hated them deeply for injuring the Frost Blood Python with their Bone-piercing Blood Thorns, and thus spared no lives as she attacked.

"If even the Bone-piercing Blood Thorns failed to kill this seventh grade hybrid python, I'm afraid we won't be able to defeat it with just the three of us," a burly sixth grade Stonemen said. Then, after a moment of pondering, he turned to Stonemountain and said, "Get out of here and send word to the Demons about what's happening here! I believe the elders will rush over as soon as they receive your message!"

Gritting his teeth, Stonemountain flew away from the battlefield on a rock in the direction they had come from.

The other Stonemen hastily withdrew from the floating rocks they had brought with them to avoid the frosty mist, hoping to stall the Frost Blood Python until their allies arrived.

Sitting on the Frost Blood Python, Yin Yanan called out as she saw Stonemountain trying to escape, "Don't let that one go!"

She was well-aware that there were seventh grade experts among the outsider forces they had encountered earlier, along with a number of powerful Demons.

If they received word and sent more powerful outsiders after them, they would be in a very difficult situation.

"Don't worry. Leave him to me." Nie Tian laughed wildly as he summoned the Star Boat and chased after Stonemountain like a dashing meteor.

Shocked by the Star Boat's speed, Xing Beichen couldn't help but exclaim, "Such a fast air-transportation spiritual tool!"

Qiao Yunxi's Flame Bird was already among the fastest air-transportation spiritual tools in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries, yet even it was clearly not as fast as the Star Boat.

Xing Beichen was increasingly convinced that Nie Tian was a member of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Only powerful sects with unfathomable reserve power like the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace could provide their members with such advanced tools.

"Stop him!" With these words, a few Stonemen unleashed their bloodline magics, and dozens of huge rocks dashed towards the Star Boat, giving rise to ear-piercing whistling sounds.

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph as he altered the patterns of the mysterious spell formations within the Star Boat.

Rich star power rapidly built up at the prow as a beam of dazzling starlight shot straight forth, carrying surging energy.

As that happened, both the Stonemen and the young chosen ones from the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries experienced a peculiar feeling that both time and space were being twisted.

Wherever the beam of starlight went, the floating rocks crumbled soundlessly, turning into flying dust.

At the same time, the might of the starlight didn't wear off in the slightest as it shot towards the area where the Stonemen were gathered, as if a god had gathered power from this entire universe and formed this attack.

One of the sixth grade Stonemen was hit by the beam of dazzling starlight, along with three fifth grade Stonemen. They didn't even get to make a sound before being reduced to a mist of blood and flesh.

"Oh my god!" Chu Bowen from the Chu Clan's jaw dropped as he stared blankly at the bloody mist that filled the void.

Yin Yanan, who was still attacking the other Stonemen with the help of the Frost Blood Python, was also flabbergasted by the scene. She hastily jerked the Frost Blood Python away from the path of the beam of starlight.

She had a feeling that the beam of starlight contained such rich star power that it would even be able to shatter a large meteor.

Even the Frost Blood Python made anxious hissing sounds from underneath her.

That meant this seventh grade hybrid spirit beast also sensed life-threatening danger from this devastating strike from the Star Boat.

As the spellcaster, Nie Tian's expression flickered as he looked ahead, where nearly half of the Star Stones were gone. "This is..."

Since the moment he had gained the Star Boat, he had realized that this air-transportation spiritual tool the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had left for him was not only shockingly fast and strong, but could also summon star power to launch attacks from its cone-shaped prow and stern.

It was just that he had never thought that the dazzling starlight the Star Boat unleashed would be so mighty. 

"Go! Don't let the blood go to waste!"

Joy appeared on Nie Tian's face as he summoned the Bone Blood Demon and told it to gather flesh power from the large mist of Stoneman blood.

"It seems that I've underestimated the Star Boat! It must be many times more valuable than Qiao Yunxi's Flame Bird!" Nie Tian thought to himself.

The Flame Bird only had exceptional speed, but couldn't be used as a weapon in battle. All of the spell formations that had been carved within the Flame Bird were for accelerating purposes.

The Star Boat was different.

There were not only movement spell formations within it, but also numerous profound attacking spell formations, which vested it with fierce attacking force.

An air-transportation spiritual tool could only hold a limited amount of spell formations.

It was very difficult for equipment forgers to make air-transportation spiritual tools that could both travel at a high speed and launch attacks. The equipment forgers in the Domain of Heaven's Boundaries still didn't have the ability to carve a large number of complicated spell formations in a relatively small air-transportation spiritual tool.

However, apparently, the equipment forgers from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace could.

Nie Tian was full of smiles as he thought to himself, "This is so great! It's just that the amount of Star Stones it consumes to launch such an attack is a bit too many. Several dozen of them for one strike. With the Star Stones I have left, I can only use it a couple more times.

"Even though a strike with the Star Boat isn't as mighty as that of the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon, it's more than terrifying enough.

"From now on, I'll be able to use the Star Boat to fight powerful enemies even if the Bone Blood Demon runs out of its flesh power! The guys from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace have finally left me, their Son of the Stars, a useful spiritual tool."

Then, as a thought entered his mind, the Star Boat adjusted its direction and rapidly closed in on Stonemountain.

Behind him, the Bone Blood Demon floated in the void as it absorbed the bloody mist with the Blood Sect's Blood Refining Incantation.  

Stonemountain, who was fleeing at full speed and hoping to get word to their allies, looked over his shoulder and was scared soulless. "What the hell?!"

He had never thought that Nie Tian would be able to eliminate the barriers the sixth grade experts had created for him so effortlessly.

What was even more unbelievable was that the beam of dazzling starlight from the Star Boat had actually annihilated one of the sixth grade experts.

The terrifying might of the Star Boat shook him deeply, and made his scalp feel numb.

Nie Tian grinned and said, "Don't try to resist your fate, Stonemountain. It's meaningless."

As he was about to catch up to him, Nie Tian adjusted the might of the Star Boat with a thought, then, as more than half of the Star Stones were instantly drained of their power, another beam of dazzling starlight shot forth from the Star Boat's prow.


The beam of starlight shot into Stonemountain's back, turning this lofty member of the Stonemen into a bloody mist and flying bits of flesh.

"This is way too easy!" With these words, Nie Tian looked down at the few Star Stones that were left at the bottom of the Star Boat. Feeling a slight heartache, he took out new Star Stones from within his ring of holding and spread them over the bottom of the boat to provide it with more power.

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