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The full moon hung high in the clear, starlit sky.  

Cai Lan from the Blood Skull, Fan Zongshen from the Wild Fire, and Long Qi from the Dark Moon were gathered in front of the magnificent palace that stood towering in the forbidden region.

Zhen Huilan, Pei Qiqi, and Li Ye were also with them.

Cai Lan's face was filled with excitement as he gazed up the palace. "A grand palace left here by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!"

He seemed to be on the verge of shouting out loud to vent his excitement.

Fan Zongshen and Long Qi also seemed overjoyed and excited. Even their shoulders trembled slightly.

As the heads of the Blood Skull, the Wild Fire, and the Dark Moon, they had shrewdly discovered the changes in this region and rushed over.

Looking at the magical palace that had risen from the depths of the earth, and sensing the changes in the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth, how could they not be excited?

Because of the appearance of this palace, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth throughout the entire Realm of Split Void was going through thorough changes.

The tainted spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was being refined and turned into fuel that would boost Qi warriors' cultivation.

With more foreign energies pouring into the Void Illusion Mountain Range through those spatial rifts, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the Realm of Split Void would only get richer and richer.

They knew for sure that every corner of the Realm of Split Void would be filled with shockingly rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the near future.

At that time, the Realm of Split Void would return to its most glorious time, or become even more prosperous than it had ever been.

The Blood Skull, the Wild Fire, and the Dark Moon had slowly built themselves up in the Realm of Split Void over the years. They would definitely benefit from such dramatic changes.

From now on, they would no longer need to consume spirit stones to power the grand spell formations that protected Shatter City, Ash City, and the Land of the Abandoned from the tainted spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

Exposed in a sea of rich spiritual Qi, they and their members would be able to make advancements in their cultivation much faster.

It was as if they could see their organizations rising to prominence, taking advantage of this opportunity.

Frowning, Zhen Huilan gave the three of them a cold sideway glance. "I don't understand why you're so happy. You can see the Realm of Split Void rising up again. Do you think others can't? Do you think you'll be able to maintain your status in the Realm of Split Void just by relying on your own strength?

"If Nie Tian allows it, many powerful sects and clans from the other realms will give anything to move their headquarters here.

"If that happens, will you still be able to stay in the Realm of Split Void?"

With a weak smile, Cai Lan said, "Nie Tian has long since given me his word that he'll always be a guest elder of the Blood Skull. I believe he'll stand by us, and won't let them force us out of the Realm of Split Void."

Fan Zongshen from the Wild Fire and Long Qi from the Dark Moon took a look at Cai Lan and gave bitter smiles.

Fan Zongshen put a smile on his face before clasping his hands towards Zhen Huilan and saying respectfully, "Master Zhen… What do you think I can do to prevent the Wild Fire from being forced out of the Realm of Split Void?"

Long Qi also looked unblinkingly at her with an inquiring and respectful look in his eyes.

Zhen Huilan looked up at the magnificent palace and didn't answer him right away.

In fact, she was also rather emotional, as she had never expected that there had been such a mysterious palace under everyone's noses for thousands of years, yet no one had discovered it until now.

"Thanks to the unearthing of this palace, great changes are happening in the Realm of Split Void, turning it into a blessed land once again," said Zhen Huilan.

"Major powers from all over the Domain of the Falling Stars are bound to drool over this blessed land.

"At that time, the powers that are friendly with Nie Tian, such as the Spirit Condor, the Dong Clan, the Ice Pavilion Sect, and the sects from the Realm of Flame Heaven will think up every possible method to get a piece of this blessed land.

"Even though the Realm of Split Void is rather vast, there actually aren't many locations that are fit to set up headquarters.

"After all, many regions are still roamed by powerful mutant spirit beasts.

"If powerful sects are to move their headquarters here, Shatter City, Ash City, and the Land of the Abandoned will still be their best choices.

"I won't be surprised if you're forced out eventually."

Zhen Huilan had lived in the Realm of Split Void and had been friends with Cai Lan for many years now. She didn't want to see the major sects taking the Realm of Split Void into their hands.

She pondered in silence for a long time before finally saying, "I have a suggestion for the three of you: cling to Nie Tian. Now, in the Domain of the Falling Stars, Nie Tian stands for the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. If you cling to Nie Tian, you cling to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

"Nie Tian's cultivation base is not high enough at the moment, and he hasn't established connections with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace yet, so many people have ignored the fact that he has the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace at his back.

"Right now, it's not likely that major sects like the Ice Pavilion Sect and the Dong Clan are willing to set their pride aside and cling to Nie Tian.

"So this gives you a chance. As long as you become Nie Tian's subordinate organizations, things will stay the way they are, and you'll get to stay in the Realm of Split Void.

"If you miss this opportunity, by the time Nie Tian gets strong enough and gets in contact with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, you probably won't even qualify to become his subordinate forces."

Cai Lan went blank briefly before muttering with a thoughtful expression, "Cling to Nie Tian and become his subordinate force..."

Feng Zongshen and Long Qi also weighed Zhen Huilan's suggestion with serious expressions.


At this moment, one air-transportation spiritual tool after another flew over from the Void Illusion Mountain Range, glorious like dashing meteors.

Moments later, they descended in front of the palace one by one.

Standing in the air-transportation spiritual tools were Hua Mu and Lu Yuanxi from the Spirit Condor, Zong Zheng, Qian Qiong, Xuan Ke, and Xuan Yue from the Ice Pavilion Sect, Xing Huanyue from the Yin Sect, and Li Muyang from the Yang Sect, as well as Dong Wangling, Dong Li, and Dong Baijie from the Dong Clan.

Since they were all close to Nie Tian, they had teleported to Shatter City as soon as they had received word of the great changes in the Realm of Split Void.

From Shatter City, they had teleported to the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

Then, they summoned their air-transportation spiritual tools and flew to this location at the fastest possible speed.

Upon arriving, they were overwhelmed by the magnificent towering palace. Their expressions flickered as they sensed the subtle changes in the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth first-hand.

None of them had expected that the Realm of Split Void, which had been kicked out of the Domain of the Falling Stars, would rise to prominence again one day.

"Such a magnificent palace!"

"Dear god! Why would such a grand palace rise from the depths of the earth?!"

"The spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth everywhere in the Realm of Split Void is being refined and changed!"

"Where's Nie Tian?"


The thick, heavy stone gate was pushed open. As Nie Tian leveled his gaze, he was startled by the scene.

Numerous air-transportation spiritual tools were floating before him, along with many people he knew.

To his surprise, Xing Huanyue and Li Muyang were also among them.

Meanwhile, everyone seemed rather excited to see him. They all called out to him, hoping to ask him what was going on. "Nie Tian!"

Seeing that so many powerful experts had come to see Nie Tian, Cai Lan from the Blood Skull finally made up his mind.

He rapidly walked up to Nie Tian. Before everyone realized what he was doing, he got down on one knee before Nie Tian, bowed his head, and said, "I, Cai Lan, will follow from you from now on, and the Blood Skull will be yours to command!"

Fan Zongshen also hastily walked out of the crowd and knelt beside Cai Lan. "I, Fan Zongshen, will also follow you from now on, along with all of my Wild Fire members!" 

Long Qi also got down on one knee and said with great determination, "I, Long Qi, and every member of the Dark Moon will also be yours to command from now on!" 

The abnormal behavior of the three of them confused Hua Mu, Zong Zheng, and the others.

They hadn't expected that the three largest local forces would ask to become Nie Tian's subordinate forces at the same time.

Hua Mu went blank for a few seconds before realizing what was going on. His eyes lit up as he chuckled weakly and said, "These three are rather smart."

Confused, Nie Tian asked, "What are you doing, Uncle Cai!?" 

Cai Lan raised his head and said sincerely, "Allow us to follow you from now on. Our swords will be yours!"  

Fan Zongshen and Long Qi hastily chimed in, "We wish for the same thing!"

Nie Tian stepped over and helped Cai Lan to his feet. "That can wait. You need to get up first." 

Then, he gestured towards Fan Zongshen and Long Qi, beckoning for them to get up as well.

"Nie Tian!" Cai Lan said, looking rather touched.

The fact that Nie Tian had come to help him up, not Fan Zongshen or Long Qi, proved that Nie Tian valued him more than those two.

This was all because the Blood Skull had maintained a friendly relationship with Nie Tian over all these years.

Fan Zongshen and Long Qi refused to get up. Instead, they gazed at Nie Tian eagerly and implored, "Please allow us to follow you, Nie Tian!" 

"I said we'll talk about that later." Nie Tian sounded somewhat displeased.

Seeing this, Fan Zongshen and Long Qi exchanged a glance, then rose to their feet reluctantly.

With a soft chuckle, Nie Tian took the crescent-moon-shaped and sun-shaped crystals out of his ring of holding. He tossed them to Li Muyang and Xing Huanyue, saying, "Uncle Li, Aunt Xing, these are the things I promised to get for you."

Both Li Muyang's and Xing Huanyue's eyes lit up as soon as they saw the two crystals.

With great caution, they caught the crystals and examined them with their soul awarenesses, which contained chilly power from the moon and blazing power from the sun. Immediately afterwards, overjoyed expressions spread out across their faces.

Li Muyang took a deep breath. He almost skipped with joy as he exclaimed, "Nie Tian! T-there's actually the complete record of a domain-building method in it!"  I can't thank you enough!"

Xing Huanyue also smiled heartily, even though she didn't say anything.

"Uncle Li, Aunt Xing, it's about time your sects set your differences aside and made peace with each other," Nie Tian said with a sincere expression. "Both your sects have special connections to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. If my speculations are correct, the founders of your sects were most likely from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace."

Li Muyang and Xing Huanyue exchanged a glance. With a faint smile, Li Muyang said, "We came to the same conclusion after you told us about these crystals that were floating inside the lofty mountain peaks."

After a moment of hesitation, Xing Huanyue laid his eyes on Li Ye, who was standing beside Zhen Huilan, her gaze warm and apologetic. "Well..."

"What are you looking at me for?" Li Ye asked, looking confused.

Xing Huanyue's gaze made him feel very warm, yet deeply puzzled.

"It's about time you met your mother and father!" Zhen Huilan said, her eyes brimming with emotions.

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