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"Do you really not remember anything about this place? You must have come here before with your first master, the Daughter of Flames. Didn't she tell you anything?"

"I can't remember any of that."

"How much do you know about the titans?"

"I've told you everything I can remember about them."

"What special bloodline did these titans carry? What grade was their strength at?"

"I have no idea."

Nie Tian asked the Flame Dragon Armor's soul questions from time to time, but it failed to give him any useful information, which frustrated him.

"Perhaps I'll only be able to answer those questions after I get my lost memories back."

"Lost memories? Are you sure you'll be able to get them back? Do you know how?"

"I have a feeling that I'll be able to get some of my lost memories back if you give my Blood Core a few drops of your Blood Essence."

Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian turned the soul down without hesitation. "I can't. Not now." 

He stored the Flame Dragon Armor in his ring of holding, and then marched onward.

He needed to remain in his peak state now that he had come to a crucial point in his cultivation. Only by doing this would he be ready for his breakthrough at all times.

The way he saw it, the Blood Essence in his heart would also play an important role in his breakthrough into the Worldly realm. He needed to hold on to all ten drops of them.

He would only consider giving some of his Blood Essence to the Blood Core after he entered the Worldly realm.

Six hours later...

He came to a stop in a place between another pair of huge arms, their splayed hands slightly pressed down towards the ground.

Without saying a word, he sat down and concentrated on sensing the two huge arms that seemed to be trying to suppress something.

After some time, he held his own hands in the same gesture as the huge arms, palms facing down.

As he sensed his surroundings wholeheartedly, a feeling of sealing heaven and earth suddenly rose in his heart.

That was when his psychic power, flesh power, and spiritual power somehow started to circulate on their own, following his meridians into his arms.

A chaotic magnetic field then came to form, covering a twenty meter radius around him.

"Hmm?!" A streak of light flashed across his eyes as he suddenly realized that the chaotic magnetic field magic seemed to be have a close connection to the suppressing move he was trying to imitate now.

Back in the day, he had derived the chaotic magnetic field magic from the two arms whose palms faced each other.

Now, as he imitated the two titan arms by pressing his palms down towards the earth, a chaotic magnetic field came to form on its own, summoning all of his various types of power without him willing it.


Spiritual auras of different colors flew about within his chaotic magnetic field, along with wisps of psychic power which couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

As the auras gradually mixed up and merged with one another, an extremely violent power rapidly built up.

As different types of spiritual power, psychic power, and flesh power came together, some mysterious changes took place.

A vague ancient symbol quietly came to form within his chaotic magnetic field.

"Seal!" he exclaimed.

Since he had learned the titans' language from Wu Ji, he recognized the illusory symbol that was formed by auras of different colors at first glance.

Even after the ancient symbol formed completely, it continued to channel all sorts of power from him.

However, only a short while passed before the ancient symbol that read 'seal' suddenly exploded.


Crimson, silver, and green auras instantly shattered, filling the air with multicolored sparks before they vanished completely.

That was when he discovered that he had consumed about thirty percent of each of his types of power.

This meant that the 'seal' symbol hadn't exploded because he had run out of power.

"First, my different types of power were channeled to form a chaotic magnetic field. Then, the powers within the magnetic field mixed up, forming an illusory ancient symbol.

"After the 'seal' symbol was fully formed, it continue to summon power from me to activate its magical features. However, I might have to use new hand seals or make other changes in order for it to show its magical features."

With these thoughts in mind, Nie Tian stayed in place and made a few more attempts.

Every time, he had to form a chaotic magnetic field before different types of power came together, forming a illusory 'seal' symbol.

However, every time, the 'seal' symbol exploded and vanished soon after coming to form.

After a few failed attempts, he saw the pattern, and thus left for another set of two huge arms that was nearby.

They also had their palms facing down, as if they were hoping to seal or suppress something.

The only difference was that their fingers were slightly curled.

Nie Tian turned around and looked back at all of the titan arms he had passed. "Hmm... interesting..."

That was when it occurred to him that he had passed eight huge arms that stuck out of the earth, which belonged to four titans.

From the first titan's two arms, he had respectively derived the Rage Punch and the spiritual energy ball magic.

However, the second, third, and fourth titans' arms all had their palms facing down, which seemed to be freeze-frames from a hand seal.

The chaotic magnetic field he had derived from the second titan was merely the first step of the hand seal.

The third and fourth titans had their arms pressing down. Their sealing gestures were based on the establishment of the chaotic magnetic field.

The reason why the illusory 'seal' symbol had exploded earlier was probably because the whole process hadn't been complete. There was still one step to go.

The gesture of the fourth titan's arms with slightly curled fingers would complete the hand seal.

"That must be it!" he told himself.

Therefore, standing in a place between the arms of the fourth titan, he lifted his hands, palms facing each other, to form a chaotic magnetic field.

As soon as the chaotic magnetic field came to form, he pressed his hands down towards the earth.

Numerous streaks of multicolored auras rapidly came together, forming an illusory ancient symbol.

At first, the symbol was indistinct and vague, but it continued to channel all sorts of power from him.

At that moment, he moved his hands again, imitating the hands of the fourth titan.


As he did, his different types of power started to leave him at a rate that was several times higher than before.

Each and every vortex in his spiritual sea started to spin at an alarming rate, madly releasing power that was eventually infused into the illusory symbol.

This time, the symbol didn't explode.

Instead, the symbol that was formed by large amounts of his spiritual power, flesh power, and psychic power rapidly become unprecedentedly clear.

At the same time, he lost more than half of each type of power.

Even though the 'seal' symbol was still illusory, it was clearer and more brilliant now than ever.

At this moment, an ancient psychic awareness that could overbear all lives was suddenly born within the illusory symbol.

In the next moment, Nie Tian was overwhelmed by a feeling as if he had become an ancient monarch, and all lives had come to kneel before him.

He felt as if he had become a titan. Standing with his feet on the earth and his head rising into the heavens, he overlooked the entire realm, along with the puny lives in it.

It was as if there were countless puny ant-like beings kneeling at his feet, treating him like an ancient god.

As he looked up, he could see into the depths of the boundless starry river. As he looked down, he could see the burning underworld.

He felt as if, with that illusory symbol, he would be able to control heaven and earth, along with every living being within it.

A strange feeling that he had become a god filled his heart.

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