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On the altar in the mysterious dimension, a fiery spark rapidly expanded before a figure suddenly flashed out of it.


Nie Tian crashed heavily onto the altar. He raised his hand and made a grabbing motion. The Flame Dragon Armor disappeared into his hand in the next moment.

The sky was filled with clouds that were the color of lead, giving Nie Tian a sense of oppression.

However, extremely rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth seemed to be everywhere. A breath of it made him feel refreshed.

Standing on the altar, Nie Tian glanced around at the eight flame dragon skeletons, his eyes narrowed.

He still remembered the first time he had come here. The shockingly strong gravity had pushed him to the ground. He had found it very difficult to even stand up.

However, things were different now. He was now at the late Greater Heaven stage, only one step away from entering the Worldly realm.

His body had also gone through repeated refinement. After crystallizing his bones and nourishing his internal organs with Heavenly Wood Heal, his body had become as hard as steel and filled with vigorous flesh power.

Thanks to his body refinement, he now had no problem fighting the exceptional gravity in this place. After a few attempts, he was already good to walk around.

"The skulls of the eight flame dragon skeletons contain mysterious spatial energy, and they all face the altar from different directions, as if they could generate spatial tunnels that lead to anywhere in the starry river. From the look of it, these eight flame dragon skeletons and the Flame Dragon Armor could have belonged to the same person. And the Flame Dragon Armor was made to be the key to this secret dimension."

With these thoughts in mind, he gazed beyond one of the flame dragon skeletons that was more than a thousand meters long.

In the distance, he saw a number of gigantic titan arms sticking out of the earth and piercing right into the gray sky.

The arms were dark yellow. Observed from afar, they looked rather like several grayish-yellow mountain peaks that were thousands of meters high.

"My mobility was greatly limited by the excessively strong gravity every time I was here before, so I haven't had a chance to take a good look at this heaven and earth. Now that I can walk and have plenty of time to spare, I might as well walk around in this place and observe those titan arms up close. Perhaps I'll be able to derive more enlightenment from them."

Therefore, he left the altar and walked towards the huge arms, passing one of the enormous flame dragon skeletons as he did.

The titan arm that was the closest to him was about five kilometers away. As an idea occurred to him, he summoned the Sun Chaser from within his ring of holding.

He had obtained the Sun Chaser from Han Chigui from the Bliss Mountain Sect. He had used it once in the Realm of Endless Ice, and it had turned out to be as fast as lightning.

However, it couldn't even float in this heaven and earth. The gravity here was so strong that it plunged to the ground immediately after it flew out of his ring of holding.

Fortunately, the Sun Chaser was much sturdier than the air-transportation spiritual tools from the Domain of the Falling Stars. Otherwise, it would have crashed and exploded.

"It seems that I can't use it in this place." With a sigh of frustration, he put the Sun Chaser back in his ring of holding and continued marching forward.

Even though, after a series of body refinements, his fleshly body was already strong enough to fight the gravity in this place, it was still impossible for him to run like a flash of lightning here as he could in the Domain of the Falling Stars. If he were in the Domain of the Falling Stars, it would only take him a couple of minutes to cover five kilometers.

However, it took him four hours to reach the enormous arm that looked like a mountain peak.

The grayish-yellow arm reached into the heavens, its fist clenched. Endless rage could be sensed from it. This was none other than the arm from which he had derived the Rage Punch.

Standing in the shadow of the arm, Nie Tian looked up and discovered that what he could see wasn't a whole arm.

Instead, what was exposed only seemed to be two-thirds of an arm.

However, just the two-thirds of the arm alone was already thousands of meters long. How huge would the titan be?!

The eight flame dragon skeletons, each of which was about a thousand meters long, already seemed extremely large to him when he first saw them.

But they were nothing compared to these partially buried titans.

He wondered how majestic the titans would look if they climbed out of the earth and stood in front of him.

Compared to them, Demons, Phantasms, and humans were all as puny as ants.

"Is this what the Ancientspirits, who ruled the Desolate Antiquity Era, look like? More than ten thousand meters tall, and born with extremely tough bodies and the ability to travel across the starry river... If such enormous beings engaged in a battle with each other, I'm afraid mountains would be toppled and seas would be overturned.

"It's hard to imagine how the other races could rise up and stand up to these creatures as equals."

Standing in the huge arm's shadow, Nie Tian felt very weak and fragile.

That was when images of titans, ancient beasts, and huge dragons flying across the starry river and engaging in fierce battles with one another entered his mind, making his heart pound with excitement. He thought that was how battles between beings at the peak of this universe should look like.

At this moment, he suddenly recalled a special experience he had not very long ago in the dimension of two parallel continents.

Outsider races, including Demons, Phantasms, Fiends, Birdmen, and Floragrims had lived on the top continent, while the bottom continent had been home to all sorts of huge, powerful beings, including the dead black phoenix that Dong Li had obtained and refined.

Come to think of it, those huge beings on the bottom continents must have been Ancientspirits from the Desolate Antiquity Era.

An irreconcilable war had eventually broken out between the two continents. As a result, the Ancientspirits from the bottom continent had won, and the top continent had shattered and become countless floating lands.

He had even communicated with a mysterious ancient awareness on an island that was in the middle of the boundless black sea.

That ancient awareness seemed to be from the depths of the unfathomable sea, and also had some sort of connection to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

He had wondered what that ancient awareness was back then. But now that he thought about it, standing in the shadow of this huge arm, he suddenly realized that it might have been the awareness of some powerful Ancientspirit like the titan before him.

"Before, I found it hard to believe that the enormous creatures from the bottom continent won the final war and shattered the top continent, which was the ancestral land of Demons, Phantasms, and many other powerful races, but now it makes sense."

Just the titan's arms alone shook his heart deeply, and he started to realize how overwhelmingly formidable these beings from the Desolate Antiquity Era were.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself, Nie Tian unleashed a wisp of his flesh aura and the soul power from within the fragmentary stars in his soul, hoping to use it to examine the part of the titan that was underground.

With his soul power, he would be able to detect even the most subtle soul fluctuations. His flesh aura, on the other hand, would allow him to sense even the faintest aura of life.

He wanted to know whether this titan was really dead.

As his flesh aura and soul power flew towards the depths of the earth, he scanned its surroundings with rapt attention.

"There aren't any soul fluctuations or any signs of life. It appears that this titan is dead. However, just by looking at this huge arm, I can feel rage stirring inside of me. Back in the day, I derived the Rage Punch by observing and imitating this arm."

After a long time of fruitless examination, Nie Tian shook his head slightly.

As reluctant as he was, he figured he had better move on to the second huge arm. Since these two arms were fairly close to each other, he thought they might belong to the same titan.

It was from this huge arm that he had derived the spiritual energy ball magic.

Moments later, he came to a stop in front of it. He examined it with the same method as he examined the first one, but still failed to discover anything noteworthy.

Then, after a few hours' walk, he came to a place between the third and fourth huge arm, the palms of which faced each other.

From the look of it, the third and the fourth huge arms belonged to the same titan. It was from them Nie Tian had derived the method to form chaotic magnetic fields.

With each huge arm to his left and right, Nie Tian took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes as he examined the titan underneath him with his fragmentary star power and flesh aura.

However, he still failed to detect the slightest soul fluctuations or flesh aura. It seemed that this titan had been dead for a very long time as well.

Standing where he was, he made an attempt to summon his different types of power to form a chaotic magnetic field.

He wondered whether some changes would take place if he did. After all, he had derived that magic from these two huge arms.

A chaotic magnetic field quickly came to form around him, and gradually expanded into his surroundings.

During this process, he squinted and examined the two mountain-like arms with rapt attention, hoping to capture even the most subtle changes in this area.

However, nothing happened. His efforts once again turned out to be in vain.

With a deep sigh, he left for the fifth huge arm.

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