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The reason why Zhao Shanling had repeatedly agreed to help Nie Tian in the Domain of the Falling Stars was that he had hoped to use his puppet to achieve his goal in this unique realm.

Who would have known that the appearance of the Bone Blood Demon would trigger some restrictive spell.

Now that he had lost this secret weapon, he instantly lost hope and wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

After all, the situation was different from the last time he had been here.

There hadn't been another soul in this place the last time he had come here. Even if he lost all of his spiritual power here, as long as he still had the ability to move, he would still be able to leave safely.

But this time, not only were there people here, but they also seemed to have made thorough preparations for their operation, which made him very apprehensive.

The deep voice of a man came closer and closer. "Over there! They must be reinforcements from the Trisword Sect! I can't believe that the Trisword Sect is so perseverant. They clearly didn't make preparations as well as us, but they still send more teams here to fight us for Master Voidspirit's legacies!"

Zhao Shanling spun around and rushed towards the cluster of black light as soon as he heard the man.

However, since he had lost all of his spiritual power, and had to rely on his fleshly strength now, his speed was far slower than his usual speed.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian didn't move in the slightest. Instead, he made an attempt to form Heaven Eyes with the power within the fragmentary stars in his soul, hoping to get ahold of the strength of the incoming group.

However, for some reason, his Heaven Eyes wouldn't form in this place.

Not only that, but he also discovered that he couldn't even send his psychic awareness out of his mind to examine those people.

It was as if his own fleshly body had become an shell that would isolate all psychic and soul fluctuations.

That was when he realized that not only would people lose all of their spiritual power soon after entering this special realm, but they also wouldn't be able to use their psychic or soul power here.

That meant even the most powerful Qi warriors would descend to become commoners in this place.

No wonder Zhao Shanling had turned around and sped off the moment he had realized that the Bone Blood Demon would trigger restrictions.

After charging a significant distance towards the exit, Zhao Shanling noticed that Nie Tian was still standing there. Face twisting with anxiety, he shouted, "Why aren't you moving, Nie Tian!? If you have a death wish, then don't blame me for leaving you!"

With these words, Zhao Shanling turned back and fled by himself.


Three figures arrived before Nie Tian, all of whom were rather young. There were two males and one female, all dressed in similar cyan battle garments.

A middle-aged man arrived shortly after the three of them, panting heavily as he did.

From the look of it, the middle-aged man's cultivation base was the highest, but since he had lost all of his spiritual power, he didn't seem built to travel by solely relying on his fleshly body.

Since Nie Tian couldn't use his psychic awareness, he decided to explore a new path by trying to examine these people with his flesh power.

In the next moment, his eyes lit up.

He, who carried a unique bloodline, quickly detected the copious amount of flesh power within the three youngsters.

Even though they all looked rather young, and their cultivation bases were unimpressive, they seemed to practice certain body refinement incantations.

The vigor of their fleshly bodies was far superior to that of their senior's. If they were in the space disruption zone or any other realm, that middle-aged man's battle prowess would be far higher than those youngsters combined.

From what Nie Tian could tell, the intensity of those youngsters' fleshly bodies was roughly at the same level as fourth grade spirit beasts or outsiders, which meant their battle prowess was still limited. Considering his vigorous flesh power, killing them would be as easy as turning his hand over. (Idiom: require no effort at all)

The immensity of his flesh power compared to theirs was like a boundless ocean to a few puddles.

With a cunning laugh, Nie Tian called out, "No so quickly, Senior Zhao. Watch me take care of them for you."

Upon hearing these words, Zhao Shanling, who was already rather far from Nie Tian, jerked his head back, his eyes filled with doubt.

A tall, burly young man, who seemed to practice metal-related body refinement incantations, said, "Hmm? They're not people from the Trisword Sect." He had faint, golden skin, which made his muscles look very pronounced. He stood there unwavering like a piece of solid gold, as if nothing could shake him in the slightest.

Nie Tian suspected that the man had submerged and refined himself with a special liquid metal, which made his body much tougher than most Qi warriors, though his tough body would still not be able to withstand a single blow from him.


Nie Tian suddenly activated his flesh power, changing his aura entirely. It was as if he had rivers of flesh power surging inside of him.

As that happened, Nie Tian felt as if he was instantly given unlimited force, with which he could tear huge spirit beasts to pieces with his bare hands.

He lunged forward and violently slapped the man's shoulder.


Every single one of the man's bones shattered. Like a deflated balloon, the man collapsed to the ground.

Zhao Shanling, who was hesitating to trust Nie Tian, gasped with astonishment.

"Senior martial brother!" The other young man and woman screamed in grief upon seeing the man being annihilated by Nie Tian with a single strike.

The middle-aged man, who was standing behind them, was shocked to his core. He turned around and fled without saying a word.

With a low chuckle, Nie Tian further activated his flesh power. Like an unchained beast, he charged a hundred meters to the man in the blink of an eye and drove his fist, which was wreathed in flesh aura, through the man's back.

As the man's corpse fell the ground, Nie Tian shook his head and muttered, "As long as you lose protection from your spiritual power, no matter how high your cultivation base is, you're nothing but insects in my eyes." 

The young woman's voice trembled as she asked, "W-who are you? We, the Bliss Mountain Sect, discovered Master Voidspirit's legacies. We've prepared for this operation for more than a hundred years, and have sent seven teams here already, we being the seventh team.

"We'll even forgive you for what you've done if you get out now. Otherwise, you shall feel the full extent of our wrath!

Threatening in manner but cowardly at heart, the woman's hand secretly reached into her cuff, as if she was trying to send messages to her friends.

Nie Tian snorted disdainfully. "The Bliss Mountain Sect? I've never heard of it."


He once again blurred into action. He leaped into the air and swooped down on the young woman like an eagle on its prey.

"Rise!" The young woman exclaimed as she hastily took out an animal bone.

As soon as she did, a faint, yellowish fleshly aura rose from the bone, forming a ward over her.

"Hmm. She can actually summon flesh power from that bone from a sixth grade spirit beast. But how much residual flesh power can there be in a single bone?" With curled lips and a cold smile, Nie Tian bombarded the layer of yellowish aura with his fist.


The faint yellow ward burst instantly.

Nie Tian stretched out his hands, and ten streaks of flesh aura shot out of his ten fingers.


Like sharp blades, the ten streaks of flesh aura left ten bloody holes in the young woman's chest.

She wobbled briefly before crashing heavily to the ground.

Without pausing for a moment, Nie Tian pounced on the last person, flesh aura rapidly gathering on his fingertips.

"Don't kill him yet!" Zhao Shanling shouted.

Seeing that Nie Tian had killed three of them without breaking a sweat, Zhao Shanling finally felt relieved and started walking back towards Nie Tian.

The young man's face was filled with horror as he said with a slight stutter, "You, you actually dare to…! We've already taken control of this heaven and earth created by Master Voidspirit. Don't you imagine that you can leave alive!"


The belt he was wearing around his waist was made of animal bones, all of which burst forth with rich flesh aura at this moment.

Wisps of flesh aura rapidly came together, forming a misty, black ward that enveloped him.


However, the black ward was instantly cut open by Nie Tian's sharp, blade-like hand.

With a few streaks of flesh aura, Nie Tian pierced through the man's spiritual sea and severed the meridians in his limbs without effort.

Unable to move his legs or arms, and with his spiritual sea shattered, the man fell on his back.

Zhao Shanling took his time to walk to him. Coming to a stop by the man, who was in agony, he slowly crouched down and took out a dagger, which he drove it into the man's abdomen and started twisting, making him let out miserable wails.

"I'll ask you some questions. If you answer truthfully, I'll give you a quick death." With these words, Zhao Shanling took out a brown medicinal pill and stuffed it down the man's throat. Then, he turned to Nie Tian and said, "The Bone Softening Pill will render him completely powerless. He won't even have the strength to bite his own tongue to kill himself."

Glaring at Zhao Shanling, the man said with a powerless voice, "You dare to kill disciples of the Bliss Mountain Sect! You'll die for this!" 

"Hahaha!" Zhao Shanling turned the dagger with a gruesome smile and said unhurriedly, "If you don't cooperate, I'll kill you by slicing a thousand pieces from you. You don't know what I'm capable of yet, but it doesn't matter. I have plenty of time. I'll let you taste all of my torture methods."

With these words, a few steel needles that were half a meter long appeared in Zhao Shanling's hand. With a smile, he shoved them into the man's body one after another.

The man screamed miserably for a while before begging in tears, "Let me die! Please let me die now!"

Zhao Shanling chuckled and started laughing. "So quickly? Alright." 

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