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The lofty mountain peak was almost hollowed out by the hundreds of caves in it.

As soon as Nie Tian walked out of the cave, a man that was waiting there escorted him to his own cave, which wasn't far from this one.

After entering it, he sat down on one of the prayer mats, took out the list of valuable spiritual tools and materials that Lu Yuanxi had just given him, and started reading.

The items on the list had been divided into five ranks. There was only one item in the first rank, which was the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon.

In the second rank were nine seventh grade outsider corpses and six outsider tools that, according to the Spirit Condor's assessment, were equal to humans' Spirit Channeling grade treasures, along with a few attached items.

In the third rank were some precious incantation scrolls, hearts of high grade spirit beasts, tools and corpses of sixth grade outsiders, and a number of spiritual plants that had long since gone extinct in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

In the fourth rank were mostly all sorts of spiritual materials, along with fifth grade outsider corpses and spiritual materials and tools that didn't have much value.

In the fifth rank were mostly spiritual materials and plants, most of which could be found in the Domain of the Falling Stars, but there were also a few that the Spirit Condor failed to determine their uses and value.

Together, there were thousands of items on the list, including outsider corpses, tools, scrolls, plants, and various materials.

After going through the list, Nie Tian took out the list that Wu Ji had given him. He compared the two and discovered that there were a few items that Wu Ji needed on the list that Lu Yuanxi had given him.

Putting the two lists down, Nie Tian fell into a silent contemplation.

There were a few items on Lu Yuanxi's list that he would like to have as well.

What appealed to him the most wasn't the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon or the outsiders' profound tools, but rather the outsiders' corpses.

Those corpses must still contain a copious amount of flesh power, which would prove very useful whether he would use it to feed the green aura in his heart or refine his body.

Furthermore, if he wanted the Bone Blood Demon to grow even stronger, he would also need rich flesh power from high grade outsiders.

Therefore, the nine seventh grade outsider corpses were his primary target.

Then, he also marked out the few items that Wu Ji needed.

Aside from these things, he also had his eyes on two rare spiritual materials.

One was the eye of a Heaven Flame Beast, which had been categorized into the second rank by the Spirit Condor.

Like Earth Flame Beasts, Heaven Flame Beasts were also fire-attributed spirit beasts.

Earth Flame Beasts usually lived in the depths of the earth and cultivated with earthflame essence.

However, Heaven Flame Beasts had long since gone extinct in the Domain of the Falling Stars. Word had it that they were even more powerful than Earth Flame Beasts. Fully grown Heaven Flame Beasts would be able to charge through the atmosphere of realms into the starry river, where they could gather heavenflame essence.

According to the Spirit Condor, the eye belonged to an eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast.

The eye of an eighth grade Heaven Flame Beast could not only be used to forge Spirit Channeling grade treasures, but also to derive enlightenment from the profound truths of flame power it contained.

The price of this Heaven Flame Beast's eye seemed to be even higher than that of a seventh grade outsider corpse.

"My cultivation of fire-attributed incantations will surely benefit a great deal from this Heaven Flame Beast's eye. Not only that, but the Flame Dragon Armor will probably yearn for it as well." With these thoughts in mind, he took out a brush pen and ink and circled the Heaven Flame Beast's eye.

Afterwards, he laid his eyes on the Nine Stars Flower in the third rank.

According to the notes behind it, powerful experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace seemed to have searched for Nine Stars Flowers after arriving in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

They seemed to have some special use for them.

However, no Nine Stars Flowers had ever been found in the Domain of the Falling Stars. The Spirit Condor had only acquired such information from the special container that the outsiders used to contain the Nine Stars Flower.

This Nine Stars Flower had been looted from a seventh grade Fiend.

The people from the Spirit Condor had no idea how much the Nine Stars Flower was worth. They only knew that it would be useful to Nie Tian, and thus put it in the third rank.

"Hmm... Experts from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace searched for Nine Stars Flowers. It'll probably prove useful to me at some point." Nie Tian muttered as he drew a circle around the Nine Stars Flower.

Aside from the outsider corpses, the Heavenly Flame Beast's eye, and the Nine Stars Flower, Nie Tian didn't have eyes for anything else among the thousands of pieces.

During the following days, he cultivated while waiting for the opening of the victory convention. However, he was interrupted repeatedly.

Zhen Huilan sought him out the first day he spent in his private cave to express her wish that he help her obtain the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon.

Lu Yuanxi from the Spirit Condor came the following day, expressing the same wish.

Even Dong Li came to meet him in private, expressing their clan and their patriarch Dong Wangling's desire for the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon.

According to Lu Yuanxi, during these days, they had been discussing with the Heaven Palace Sect and other major sects, assigning contribution points to each party according to their contributions in their recent victory.

With contribution points, people would be able to purchase all sorts of spiritual materials, tools, and outsider corpses.

The same went for the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon.

Since Nie Tian had activated the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's spell formation and annihilated the ancient starship along with Basto, he was bound to have the most contribution points.

Neither the Tool Sect, the Dong Clan, nor the Spirit Condor would have enough contribution points to purchase the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon on their own.

The same went for the Flame God Sect, the Poison Sect, and the Heaven Palace Sect.

Only he would have enough contribution points to purchase the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon, due to his unmatched contributions in their victory.

It was agreed that all parties could only purchase items with contribution points. Trading or reciprocation with spirit stones or spiritual materials were not allowed. Because of this, Nie Tian had become very important.

Almost all of the major sects had expressed strong interest in the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon after witnessing its devastating might, even though it had broken into three pieces.

"The Spirit Condor, the Tool Sect, and the Dong Clan have all expressed their strong desire for the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon. They're willing to compensate me with a fair amount of spirit stones, materials, and tools." Nie Tian rubbed his chin, not knowing how to decide.

All of the three parties had expressed that they would be willing to purchase the other items he wanted for him with their own contribution points.

As long as he agreed to help them buy the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon, they would not only give him those items, but also help him get any other spiritual materials, tools, or incantations he wanted.

Meanwhile, these three parties were all very close to him, which put him in a dilemma.

Eventually, an interim solution occurred to him. "If I can't think of a better solution, then I'll give the three pieces of the Heaven-shattering Crystal Cannon to each of the three parties, and let them take it from there."

Deep into the night on the third day that Nie Tian had spent in his private cave.

A loud scream echoed out from the distant square.

Experts from different sects jerked their heads towards the source of the scream and quickly came out of their caves.

Nie Tian and Lu Yuanxi were among them.

"Let's go take a look!" With these words, Lu Yuanxi, who had happened to be visiting Nie Tian, grabbed him and flew directly towards the spacious square.

The other Soul realm experts and numerous Profound realm disciples also converged on the square from different directions.

Even juniors with insignificant cultivation bases sped over on air-transportation spiritual tools out of curiosity.

Soon, Lu Yuanxi and Nie Tian came to a stop in the air above the square.

They discovered that those who were at the square had all laid their indignant gazes on a bald man wreathed in blazing flames, who was the Flame God, Xia Yi.

An old woman from the Thunder Mountain Sect questioned him, anger filling her eyes. "What's the meaning of this, Flame God? The Heavenly Flame Beast's eye was looted from the outsiders. You'll have to purchase it with contribution points if you want it. The parties are still not done calculating and determining the contribution points. What do you mean by taking the Heavenly Flame Beast's eye?"

"Don't do this, Brother Xia!" Lei Zhenyu from the Thunder Mountain Sect said in a thunderous voice, a bolt of lightning shooting straight up into the heavens like a lightning dragon.

Even Zhao Luofeng from the Heaven Palace Sect exclaimed with a long face, "Flame God! You've got to respect the rules!"

Xia Yi laughed sinisterly, holding an eye in his hand. Fiery sparks could be seen flickering within it, as if they contained the profound truths of fire. "What rules? Since I've taken the Heavenly Flame Beast's eye, it's mine now. With all of the members of my sect in an arcane realm, I'm free of all constraints.

"Anyone who's unhappy about this and wants to take the Heavenly Flame Beast's eye back is welcome to find me in the Realm of Dark Underworld!"

After uttering these words, he disappeared in one of the inter-realm teleportation portals, returning to the Realm of Dark Underworld.

"He didn't even join the battle in the Realm of Mystic Heaven. He won't have a single contribution point. How does he dare to take the Heavenly Flame Beast's eye by force!?

"Clearly, he doesn't plan to follow the rules we've agreed upon. That's a man with no principles! He's doing whatever he likes now that he's entered the late Soul realm!

"Let's tear the Flame God Sect down! And force him to give up the Heavenly Flame Beast's eye!

"That's outrageous! Xia Yi doesn't respect any of the major sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars!"

Numerous Qi warriors from the Thunder Mountain Sect, the Heaven Expanse Sect, the Poison Sect, and the Heaven Palace Sect joined the condemnation of Xia Yi. Judging from their outraged expressions, they didn't seem to be faking it.

Only the disciples of the Spirit God Sect, which were based in the same realm as the Flame God Sect, remained silent.

"The Heavenly Flame Beast's eye!" Nie Tian also grew furious watching Xia Yi act with no scruples.

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