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In the Realm of Earth Sieve...

As one of the oldest Qi warrior sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars, the Thunder Mountain Sect wasn't based on just one mountain peak.

Instead, the entire Heavenly Thunder Mountain Range was its headquarters.

The Heaven Expanse Sect and the Thunder Mountain Sect had been breached one after another soon after the outsiders had poured into the Realm of Earth Sieve.

The Worldly realm and Profound realm Qi warriors from the Thunder Mountain Sect and the Heaven Expanse Sect had suffered heavy casualties before they finally retreated to their arcane realms.

Lei Zhenyu from the Thunder Mountain Sect and Di Ruyun from the Heaven Expanse Sect, who were both Soul realm experts, had destroyed their inter-realm teleportation portals when they had gone to the Realm of Mystic Heaven.

Then, after the cleansing operation in the Realm of Mystic Heaven was over, they had returned to the Realm of Earth Sieve through the Spirit Condor's secret teleportation portal.

Shortly after their return, a brand new inter-realm teleportation portal was established in an incomparably spacious square in the Heavenly Thunder Mountain Range.


Qi warriors from all over the Domain of the Falling Stars kept appearing in the newly established inter-realm teleportation portal.

Soon, Nie Tian, Li Ye, Li Langfeng, and Dong Li walked out of it.

To their surprise, the so-called victory convention was being held in the Realm of Earth Sieve, instead of the Realm of Mystic Heaven.

After stepping out of the teleportation portal, Nie Tian looked up and around and found that the square was surrounded by mountain peaks.

Like enormous swords that pierced into the heavens, magnificent, pale-gray stone mountain peaks that were thousands of meters high towered into the clouds.

Rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth that was laced with thunder power filled the entire region.

Lightning bolts flashed passed from time to time in the depths of the clouds, giving rise to muffled rolls of thunder.

Dong Li snorted a laugh as she muttered, "Those people actually decided to hold their victory convention in the Thunder Mountain Sect... As far as I see it, there's another reason why they didn't dare to hold it in the Realm of Mystic Heaven, besides the fact that the Heaven Palace Sect's headquarters had been destroyed."

Li Ye laughed wildly. "They were afraid of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's spell formation. I'm afraid that, as long as those three lofty mountain peaks still stand there, Zhao Luofeng will feel a cold chill down his spine from time to time while he practices cultivation. Perhaps they should consider reestablishing their headquarters in another realm."

"The Realm of Mystic Heaven is vast and rich in the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. If they're actually going to move to another realm, many sects would love to move there." With these words, Dong Li smiled playfully and bumped Nie Tian with her shoulder. "But whichever sect moves to the Realm of Mystic Heaven will have to play up to you."

Nie Tian smiled and didn't say anything.

He also knew that the Heaven Palace Sect and the other sects must have decided to hold the victory convention in the Realm of Earth Sieve because they were apprehensive about the spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As long as those three lofty mountain peaks in the Realm of Mystic Heaven still stood unwaveringly, any sects that were based in the Realm of Mystic Heaven would have scruples.

Who wouldn't fear something that had turned the Phantasms' ancient starship and Basto to ashes in a flash?

Even if the patriarch of the Heaven Palace Sect entered the Void domain successfully, he probably wouldn't be able to fend off such a devastating strike.

A Qi warrior from the Thunder Mountain Sect walked up to them. "Where are you from, Misters and Miss?"

"The Dong Clan," Dong Li said.

The early Worldly realm Qi warrior took a closer look at Dong Li upon learning that they were from the Dong Clan, then he asked, "Are you Miss Dong Li?"

Dong Li nodded slightly.

The man pointed in a direction in a humble fashion and said respectfully, "This way please. I'll take you to the guests from your clan."

"Wait," Nie Tian stopped him. "Where are the people from the Spirit Condor staying?" 

Not only had he come to attend the victory convention, but he had also come to see Hua Mu.

The man smiled and said, "They're over there too." 

Without asking another question, Nie Tian followed the man out of the spacious square.

As they came to a corner of the square, Dong Li suddenly came to a stop. Looking at a long stone table and the oddly-shaped rings on them, she asked, "What are these?"

The man answered hastily, "These are the storage rings the Soul realm experts have looted from the outsiders. Apparently, these storage rings are similar to our rings of holding. They contain all sorts of rare materials that we don't have in the Domain of the Falling Stars, as well as corpses of sixth and seventh grade outsiders, their weapons, and scrolls that carry their bloodline magics."

Nie Tian took a quick glance and realized that there were more than a hundred storage rings on the long stone table. His eyes widened slightly.

"Are these the belongings of all of the outsiders that they've killed?" Li Ye asked curiously.

"Pretty much all of the sixth and seventh grade outsiders' corpses and belongings are here," the man explained. "But as for the fifth grade outsiders, since their belongings are of limited value, their slayers kept their belongings."

Dong Li nodded. "I see." Then, with a thrilled smile, she winked flirtatiously at Nie Tian and said, "It seems that you've hit gold this time."

In her eyes, since they were going to split the spoils according to contribution, whose contribution could match Nie Tian's?

If it weren't for Nie Tian, not only would the crisis have not ended, but the humans might have lost the war completely and been annihilated.

Since Nie Tian had secured the humans' victory with the help of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's legacy, Nie Tian would probably be free to choose from all of the precious items within those storage rings.

"I hope those people won't try to pull anything this time," Nie Tian thought to himself, his brow furrowed.

Afterwards, the four of them left the spacious square under the Thunder Mountain Sect disciple's guidance.

In a distant location in the square, a young woman in Heaven Expanse Sect garments, who was helping the Thunder Mountain Sect receive guests, stood still as she caught sight of Nie Tian and the others.

"What's wrong, Junior Martial Sister Yu?" Lei Ze from the Thunder Mountain Sect asked, frowning.

Lei Ze was the grandson of Lei Zhenyu, who was the Soul realm expert of the Thunder Mountain Sect. Lei Ze was at the early Worldly realm himself. The Thunder Mountain Sect and the Heaven Expanse Sect were brother sects. Disciples of the two sects had been getting married for generations.

Yu Wei was Lei Ze's fiancee.

Pointing at Nie Tian, who was walking into the distance, Yu Wei's eyes brimmed with hatred and fury as she said, "That man… That man is Nie Tian! I met him in Shatter City. He said that he watched outsiders kill my older brother and he did nothing. But now that he enjoys such a noble status, I'm afraid I will never have my revenge!"

Lei Ze watched Nie Tian disappear into the distance and said, "So he's Nie Tian! That brat is a lowborn. If he didn't happen to obtain those fragmentary star marks during the Heaven Gate trial, he would never have risen to such a lofty place. Let him have his fun for now. He won't be like this for much longer."

Ye Wei was taken aback. "Right now, he's already taken Ning Yang's old place and become the brightest star in the younger generations. He has the Spirit Condor, the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Tool Sect, the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the powers from the Realm of a Hundred Battles behind him. Not just that, but he also possesses a formidable puppet, and the ability to activate the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace's spell formation..."

"All these things you've just said are external forces," Lei Ze said with a disdainful expression. "He's only at the Greater Heaven stage himself. None of those things will make up for his poor personal strength. Besides, he's angered too many people. Some of them aren't what he can imagine."

Yu Wei's expression flickered as she lowered her voice and asked, smiling, "Are you saying that someone is going to deal with him?"

Only after he was certain that Nie Tian and the others had vanished from their view completely did Lei Ze say in a very low voice, "I can't tell you about that now. You just need to know that the Domain of the Falling Stars is still ruled by the Heaven Palace Sect and their friends. And both our sects stand with the Heaven Palace Sect.

"Once the patriarch of Heaven Palace Sect enters the Void domain, the structure of the Domain of the Falling Stars is bound to go through heaven-shaking, earth-shattering changes!

"I don't believe that he'll still get to enjoy his life by that time!"

Yu Wei was suddenly spirited upon hearing these words. "Nie Tian will die for what he's done, older brother. You just wait and see!"

On one of the mountain peaks that surrounded the large square.

People could be seen flashing into and out of the numerous caves halfway up the mountain peak, like bustling bees leaving and returning to their hive.

The Thunder Mountain Sect disciple came to a stop at the foot of the mountain peak, where he pointed for Dong Li and said, "Guests from your clan, the Spirit Condor, the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Tool Sect, the Yin Sect, and the Yang Sect are all arranged to rest in the stone rooms in this mountain peak. I'll take my leave now if you don't need me for any other business."

Dong Li nodded at him, and he turned around and headed back towards the square.

"You're here too, Li!" Smiling, Qin Yan from the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce waved from the mouth of one of the caves. Standing beside her were a few old members of the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce.

"Here! Big Brother Nie!" Qi Yiren from the Tool Sect waved excitedly from the mouth of another cave, beckoning for Nie Tian to go to her.

Apparently, her exclamation stirred many others, who then came out of their caves.

Some of them were beautiful ladies who had visited the bamboo forest, and recently come to attend the victory convention.

Each and every one of them laid their eyes on Nie Tian.

At that moment, Dong Wangling from the Dong Clan came out of one of the caves and said with a slightly grim face, "This way, Nie Tian." 

Zong Zheng, Li Muyang, and a few other came out after him, all of whom had furrowed eyebrows, as if they were discussing some urgent matter.

Wondering what was going on, Nie Tian went towards Dong Wangling.

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