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“It’s you?”

Yun Song was stunned for a moment, as he momentarily thought that he was mistaken. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, and he had thought that Nie Tian would be long dead by now.

“What happened? How come you guys aren’t in the volcanic region with Zheng Bin’s Black Mist Palace, but here?” Nie Tian asked in confusion.

Saying this, he saw that Yuan Feng’s face had coldly sunk. 

Yun Song smiled aggrievedly, “We were going to go to the volcanic region, but it just wasn’t possible. Right when we were about to leave the desert, the Ghost Sect and the Blood Sect cut us off, and after sustaining disastrous injuries, we scattered in an attempt to escape. 

“Now we just want to head towards the transmission array’s area and wait for the Green Illusion Realm’s trial to end. Hopefully, in this way, we can leave this damned place as soon as possible!” 

Nie Tian’s face changed, “Disastrous injuries? How many people do the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect have?” 

“Nine, just nine people.” Yun Song eyes were brimming with fear, “But, when a beautiful girl from the Blood Sect started fighting, she actually broke through into the Houtian realm! With a step into the Houtian realm, while using the secret art of the Blood Sect, there was no one able to contend against her! Against only her, An Ying, Jiang Ling Zhu and my cousin’s combined strength still couldn’t handle it.” 

“Ghost Sect’s Mo Xi took advantage of that opportunity and began a mass killing, killing us until we could only flee.” 

“It’s over, the Green Illusion Realm’s trial is completely over! I just hope that the outside people realize the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect’s actions as soon as possible, and enter the Green Illusion Realm earlier.”

“Broke through while fighting?” Nie Tian was shocked. 

“Stop talking rubbish.” Grey Valley’s Yuan Feng coldly snorted and abruptly, with an ill expression, looked at Nie Tian, “Bring out the spirit stones on your body, we need to recover our spirit strength as soon as possible.”

“Right! Hurry up and bring out your spirit stones, and we’ll let you off in the Green Illusion Realm!” Yun Song assumed the other’s authority as his own and noisily said. 

Nie Tian blanked and subconsciously looked at the bag at his waist, shortly after, with an odd look on his face, he said, “Up to this point, you still want to loot my body of spirit stones? Are you sure?” 

“I’m sure!” Yun Song’s tone was ice cold, “If we hadn’t met the Ghost Sect’s disciples in the glacier region, do you think we would have let you off? Not too long ago, when we were with the then-merged Ling Bao Court and the Lingyun Sect, you unexpectedly made things difficult for us; do you think that after meeting us here, you would still be able to leave safe and sound?” 

“Currently, behind us are probably more Ghost and Blood Sect pursuers, I don’t want to waste any unnecessary strength on you.” As Yuan Feng spoke, he drew closer to Nie Tian step by step, as he continued to speak: “Once the Green Illusion Realm trial ends, if by some fluke you manage to live, I will kill you outside.”

“But right now, I plan to leave you to your fate if you’re obedient and give me your bag!” 

Yuan Feng, who had escaped from the palm of the Ghost and Blood Sect, had traveled the whole journey in a great flurry, causing a substantial consumption of the spirit strength from within his body. 

He didn’t know that the Ghost and Blood Sect’s people had already stopped seeking to kill him. 

In this kind of situation, he wasn’t willing to waste the rest of his strength on Nie Tian, so he just asked Nie Tian to hand over his spirit stones.

In his eyes, Nie Tian, the young lord from the Nie Family with an insignificant realm of cultivation, was nothing but a mere fly. 

Later, as long as he wanted to, with his Grey Valley’s “seed” status, and also his own strength, he could kill Nie Tian whenever he wished to do so. 

Nie Tian took off his bag from his waist, and gripped it tightly in his hands. 

“According to your words, even if I take out this bag and give you the spirit stones inside, after the Green Illusion Realm’s trial ends, you’ll still kill me?” He silently watched Yuan Feng. 

“Correct. But, you still have some luck left, so you can still live for a while longer.” Yuan Feng didn’t hide his inner intentions in the slightest. 

Nie Tian grinned and gently nodded his head, throwing the bag to the ground to his side.

He glanced at the bag, before he took one step back, as he indicated to Yuan Feng and Yun Song to go and get it.

“You’re in luck!”

Without any suspicions, Yun Song leapt, nearly arriving in front of Nie Tian in a flash, and stooped down to get the bag. 

Nie Tian’s eyes suddenly emitted a strong murderous intent!

“Be careful!” Yuan Feng violently shouted.

Suddenly, Nie Tian shot a bundle of rays of light from his fingertips towards the curve of Yun Song’s body. 


Yun Song snorted, as if was previously prepared for it, before he unexpectedly straightened his curved waist. 

Without having grabbed the bag, using the cultivated flame secret-art, he made a fist and ruthlessly smashed towards the five rays of lights. 

A cluster of flames hovering from within his fist shot out and flooded Nie Tian’s five rays of light. 

- Peng Peng! -

The five lights and his released fire force clashed, as both were obliterated to intangible formlessness.

“External overflow of spirit power! You have actually broken through to the seventh Lianqi level!” After Yun Song had received the attack from Nie Tian, his expression became more serious and heavy. 

Last time, when he was at the Ling Bao Court fighting with Nie Tian, Nie Tian could only have been at the fourth Lianqi level. 

And this was how long ago?

After the battle in Black Cloud City, he already knew that Nie Tian had a fierce temperament, and in no way would simply give in. 

But, because he thought that Nie Tian’s cultivation level was insufficient, even if he knew that Nie Tian would unleash a killer move, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest. 

But Nie Tian had actually, in an extremely short period of time, entered into the seventh Lianqi level and could also use his spirit power outside his body!

If he hadn’t been prepared in advance, the five rays of light, that Nie Tian had just shot out, were sufficient enough to render him beyond redemption!

“Yun Song! Come back!” 

Right as he was secretly rejoicing his own wisdom, Yuan Feng violently shouted; furthermore in the wake of this loud shout, Yuan Feng immediately had rushed over, “He is in the eight Lianqi level!” 

“Too late.”

Nie Tian coldly smiled and used his enormous mental strength to suddenly invade Yun Song, who had been leisurely ambling back.

After savoring the sweet taste of victory over Du Kun, he realized, that compared to everyone else, he had an unusually strong mental strength, which could effectively be used as a weapon in a fight.

He was only one person, while on the side of Yun Song was Grey Valley’s Yuan Feng; if he didn’t rely on using special tactics to resolve the matter in a short amount of time, once surrounded by a team of two people, he might not necessarily come out victorious. 

From what Yuan Feng had stated, even if he left the Green Illusion Realm alive, Yuan Feng would spare no effort to kill him at the first possible moment, resulting in Nie Tian’s heartlessness. 

He wanted to kill both Yun Song and Yuan Feng inside the Green Illusion Realm to avoid increased and endless trouble in the future. 

Because the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect had come during the trials, there was a perfect excuse to be found for their deaths, murder by either the Ghost Sect or Blood Sect!

Finished thinking of an excuse, he didn’t have any misgivings, and began to thoroughly try and kill them.


Facing the unexpected mental attack, Yun Song suddenly hissed and screamed, as if he was possessed by an evil demon. 

Feeling the intolerable stabbing pain in his head, he held his head, as he was wailing in anguish. 

Taking advantage of the current opportunity, Nie Tian reached his hand out like lightning, hooking his hand around the back of Yun Song’s neck and applied force to the tight grip. 

- Ka Cha! - 

From Yun Song’s neck came the frightening sound of his collar bone breaking, as his head also drooped down in an unnatural way. 

“You! You dared to kill him! You actually dared to kill him!” The corners of Yuan Feng’s eyes were about to split open.

Everyone, who had entered into the Green Illusion Realm’s trial, had to abide by the rules and regulations the four Sects had decided on - killing other trial takers wasn’t allowed. 

Even if Yuan Feng was malevolent towards Nie Tian, last time when An Ying claimed him, he had also wanted to dispose of him, but he hadn’t dared to show his murderous intent. 

In any case, he didn’t think that the same Nie Tian, within this Green Illusion Realm, would dare to do something so treacherous to Yun Song!

Once they left the Green Illusion Realm, so long as he disclosed this matter to others, Nie Tian would inevitably be executed by the four Sects!

“If I don’t kill him in the Green Illusion Realm and wait until he leaves and returns to Black Cloud city, I’m afraid there won’t be any more opportunities.” Nie Tian bore a cold and ruthless expression, “Later, if I see him in Black Cloud city healthy and active, I’ll regret it night after night. In order to not have future regrets, I’ll have to let him die here in the Green Illusion Realm.”

“You’ll be executed by the four Sects!” Yuan Feng severely said.

“No, No.” Nie Tian grinned, his smile seemed to have a hint of mercilessness, “You’re also factored in my plan. As long as you die, there won’t be anyone who knows of this incident. I’ll tell the four Sect’s old chaps that you guys were killed by the Ghost Sect and Blood Sect, and that your deaths were in no way connected to me.” 


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