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Strange sounds kept coming from Zhao Shanling's void realm as it started to shine with bright light.

The sinister, ghostly claw Basto had formed with his Blood Essence and soul power seemed to be slowly going through layers of space in an attempt to rip Zhao Shanling and Nie Tian out from the space where they were hiding.

Underneath them, the Bone Blood Demon was struggling vigorously, hoping to break free from the meridians that had shot out of the Nethersoul Saber.

Thick meridians busted from time to time as the Bone Blood Demon struggled with all its strength. However, the busted meridians rapidly reformed and continued to bind the Bone Blood Demon.

Meanwhile, countless evil spirits continued to fly out of the Nethersoul Saber and into the meridians, providing the meridians with new power.

Hua Mu, who was finally relieved of the pressure from Basto, looked up, and an exclamation escaped his mouth, "Nie Tian?!"

Standing on his ancient bronze bell, he bolted up without hesitation. Unleashing dazzling golden light that was mixed with his soul power, he charged directly into the ghostly claw.

The golden light and his soul power twisted into extremely resilient strings that pierced right through the enormous claw.

Even so, the gruesome claw remained in its motion of grabbing towards Nie Tian and Zhao Shanling.

As Zhao Shanling let out a cold harrumph, unfathomable changes occurred in the depths of his eyes. "A Thousand Void Illusions!"

Immediately afterward, Nie Tian was hit by a feeling that was as if the void realm he and Zhao Shanling was in suddenly started falling farther and farther away from the Realm of Mystic Heaven towards some unknown space.

Images of numerous realms flashed rapidly before his eyes.

The large claw that was grabbing towards him seemed increasingly distant and illusory.

He glanced down at the ground and felt that he was separated from Hua Mu by endless void. In his eyes, Hua Mu looked like a reflection in the water that could disappear at any moment.

Subconsciously, he looked behind him and saw concentric rings gradually appear and spread.

There seemed to be a portal at the center of the rings. Glorious light could be seen flashing across within it, as if it led to some mysterious heaven and earth where no living beings would survive.

Nie Tian gasped with astonishment upon seeing it.

He had heard that Zhao Shanling had been banished to some distant space disruption zone and had his connection with the Domain of the Falling Stars cut off.

It was a place full of dangers and bereft of any spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth. However, after a few years, he had miraculously found his way back.

Therefore, no one in the Domain of the Falling Stars knew that heaven and earth better than Zhao Shanling.

It seemed that if he escaped to that heaven and earth, no one would be able to catch him again.

"Is he going to take me to that heaven and earth?" he thought to himself.

While Nie Tian was overwhelmed by what was happening, he suddenly found to his surprise that he seemed to have stopped moving backward.

The enormous, ghostly claw that was coming at him a moment ago was also nowhere to be found.

He glanced around and discovered that Hua Mu and the fierce battles were also gone.

Not just that, but even his connection with the Bone Blood Demon was cut off.

Zhao Shanling let out a sigh of relief. Looking somewhat tired, he jerked his head towards Nie Tian and said, "Such powerful soul magic. It almost pierced through my seven layers of space. I've consumed a significant amount of power to protect you from that attack. You'd better remember what you've promised me."

"Of course I will," Nie Tian said without hesitation.

"Alright, Basto has probably refocused on Hua Mu and the other two from the Spirit Condor by now. We can go back now." As soon as Zhao Shanling uttered these words, Nie Tian was hit by a feeling as if the distance between him and the Realm of Mystic Heaven was being rapidly shortened. The void realm he was in seemed to be traveling through space at an alarming speed.

It wasn't long before he found himself floating high over the battlefield again.

At this moment, the Bone Blood Demon had already shattered the meridians that were binding it and broken free. However, after losing its connection with Nie Tian, it was now attacking a Demon that had activated Ancestral Awakening.

Basto was now holding his Nethersoul Saber and swinging it at Hua Mu, though the light in his eyes seemed a bit dimmer than before.

However, Hua Mu seemed to be in a worse condition than Basto. With an insecure and uneasy look on his face, he seemed to be worrying about something.

The moment Nie Tian returned, the connection between him and the Bone Blood Demon was reestablished, and he made Basto its primary target again. "Go!"

The Bone Blood Demon instantly ended its battle against that Demon expert and bolted towards Basto.

Basto burst into a flaming rage. "You actually dare to come back?!" 

"Go, Nie Tian!" Hua Mu shouted at the top of his lungs. "Get out of here!" 

With these words, fine veins started to become visible and bulge up on Hua Mu's face, as if they were tiny slithering snakes.

At the same time, a mysterious light could be seen flickering in the depths of his eyes, as if something was about to charge out of him.

Another potentate of the Spirit Condor looked astonished upon seeing the changes Hua Mu was going through. "Damn it..."

After a moment of bewilderment, he called out, "Go! Everyone at the Profound realm or lower needs to retreat to the Five Elements Fortune Formation right now!"

Upon hearing these words, many human experts who were fighting powerful outsiders went blank.

Ling Dong from the Heaven Palace Sect, who was attacking a seventh grade Blackscale, growled furiously, "What are you talking about?! We're in the middle of a battle! And you're undermining our morale!"

The Qi warriors from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Dong Clan, the Yin Sect, and the Yang Sect also looked rather confused, not sure what he was trying to do.

However, no one seemed to want to stop fighting their opponents.

"What's going on?" Nie Tian also looked deeply confused.

No one seemed to know what was happening. Even Xia Yi frowned as he shot a confused look at Hua Mu, not knowing what he was up to at such a crucial moment.

"All members of the Spirit Condor, get as far as you can from Patriarch Hua Mu!" The man shouted again.

The Qi warriors from the Spirit Condor that were scattered in different locations on the battlefield ended their battles immediately upon hearing these words and retreated like a falling tide.

"You're actually retreating at such a crucial moment!!" Zhao Luofeng from the Heaven Palace Sect thundered furiously.  "All sects will join in condemning the Spirit Condor for such an action after the crisis is over!"

However, the two potentates of the Spirit Condor ignored him completely. Like two streaks of light, they flew back towards the Heaven Palace Sect. As they did, they unleashed spiritual power belts with their jade ruler and miniature pagoda repeatedly. The Qi warriors that refused to leave the battlefield were all wrapped by the belts and pulled away from Hua Mu, no matter which sect they belonged to.

Their strange actions confused everyone.


The Bone Blood Demon suddenly came to a stop when it was almost upon Basto.

Terrifying auras burned in the depths of its grayish green eyes as it fixed Hua Mu with a stare, as if it had sensed some danger, and thus refused to come any closer.

Nie Tian followed its gaze and saw that a mysterious pattern that looked like some sort of vine had appeared between his eyebrows.

The look in Hua Mu's eyes had also become very strange and gruesome.


All of a sudden, countless fine vines shot out from the mysterious pattern in Hua Mu's forehead. They twisted and interwove with each other in the air before instantly drilling into many fifth and sixth grade outsiders that were close to him.

Even though those outsiders' bodies were exceptionally tough, the vines went through them as easily as if they were pieces of tofu.

Not just that, but every vine seemed to find their hearts with stunning accuracy.

The moment they pieced into the outsiders' hearts, they started draining them of their blood like a pump draining a pool.

Within seconds, the vines expanded from the size of hairs to the size of human arms.


Hua Mu let out a monstrous roar as more vines, which seemed to be some sort of powerful plant from the outsiders' realms, flew out from all over him.


As a seventh grade Demon turned around, a thickened vine caught him off guard and pierced right through his heart.

Even his impregnable form failed to stop the madly growing vine.

As soon as his heart was pierced through, his enormous body started to shrink at a shocking rate.

Meanwhile, the vine expanded at a noticeable rate. In the blink of an eye, the vine grew to a thousand meters long, covered in sharp thorns that had an ice-cold metallic luster.


The gigantic vine suddenly turned around and flew towards Basto, who was flabbergasted by the scene.

Startled, Basto hastily swung his Nethersoul Saber to meet the mad vine.


As the Nethersoul Saber's wide blade that was wreathed by numerous spirits made contact with the monstrous vine, the spirits were instantly scattered and vanished in the wind.

At the same time, the Nethersoul Saber sank upon the terrifying impact and started to shrink down.

With a very grim expression, Basto jerked his head towards the surviving Demon expert, who had activated Ancestral Awakening, and shouted, "What the hell is going on with that man?"

Seeing the vines flying towards him, the Demon expert hastily flew up into the heavens, consumed by fear, screaming, "Heavenly Demonsbane! He has a Heavenly Demonsbane inside of him!"

However, the vines seemed to have their own spirits. They chased him up into the heavens.

"Lord Basto, he's the one who went to the Third Demon Realm and stole a Heavenly Demonsbane seed from us!"

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