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The moment Nie Tian appeared in the teleportation portal in the Dong Clan, Li Langfeng exclaimed, "Nie Tian!"

He had sat by the teleportation portal without saying a word for the past ten days.

He had heard the discussion amongst the Dong Clan members and the latest information Qin Yan had acquired from the Spirit Condor, though he had remained silent the whole time.

He had been waiting for Nie Tian.

Overjoyed to see Nie Tian, Dong Li let out a sigh of relief and said hurriedly, "Nie Tian! Are you okay?"

"I'm good, very good actually," Nie Tian said, smiling.

Dong Li had thought that the reason why he had asked to use their cultivation room was because he had overconsumed his power, and urgently needed to recover.

"What's the situation now?" Nie Tian asked.

Since the few Dong Clan elders present didn't knew Nie Tian well, and Dong Li and Dong Baijie also knew about the current situation, they didn't say anything.

However, they all had grim looks on their faces, frowning as if they were facing a great calamity.

Dong Baijie let out a sigh and explained the failed negotiation in the Heaven Palace Sect to Nie Tian. He told him that Xia Yi had insisted that he give him the Flame Dragon Armor, but Hua Mu had refused him on his behalf.

Then, Zhao Luofeng had proposed that the Heaven Palace Sect trade a wood-attributed Spirit Channeling grade treasure for the Flame Dragon Armor, but Hua Mu had refused that proposal as well.

Because of that, the meeting had broken up in discord.

Meanwhile, the Heaven Palace Sect's Five Elements Fortune Formation wouldn't be able to last much longer. The moment it failed, the final battle between the humans and the outsiders would break out.

"So the battle hasn't started?" Nie Tian asked.

He didn't know how long he had cultivated and prepared for this battle in Dong Wangling's personal cultivation room.

"Actually, the battle has already started," Qin Yan said.

The others' faces became even grimmer upon hearing these words.

"Has the Five Elements Fortune Formation failed already?" Nie Tian asked in a heavy voice.

"Not yet, but the Heaven Palace Sect thought it was about time to fight back," Qin Yan explained. "The Heaven Palace Sect's Five Elements Fortune Formation is connected to five arcane realms. If any of the realms fails to continue to provide elemental power, the grand spell formation will fail.

"The Heaven Palace Sect thought that the outsiders had already spent a great deal of power attacking the Five Elements Fortune Formation. Also, if the grand spell formation could be preserved, they would still be able to retreat into the spell formation and teleport to their arcane realms from there.

"Therefore, the human experts have already charged out of the Five Elements Fortune Formation and engaged in a fierce battle against the outsiders."

Nie Tian's expression flickered as he quickly turned around and entered the teleportation portal. Without the slightest hesitation, he said, "Get me there!"

"No!" Dong Li cried out. Somewhat panicked, she said, "You, you don't have to put yourself in such danger! Plus, you have the Flame Dragon Armor with you. Once Xia Yi sees you, I'm afraid he'll force you to give it up, and he might receive support from the others!"

The crowd of Dong Clan members had already discussed this matter a few times during the past few days.

Dong Baijie and Dong Li had both reckoned that Nie Tian shouldn't go to the Heaven Palace Sect even if he returned in time to join the battle.

If Xia Yi indeed refused to help, and the other Soul realm experts couldn't contend against the outsiders, what difference would Nie Tian make?

They also deemed that, when it was a matter of life or death, even experts like Zong Zheng and Qian Buhui might not still want to defend Nie Tian against Xia Yi.

Eyebrow furrowed, Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph. "Xia Yi... He might not necessarily have what it takes to take the Flame Dragon Armor from me!"


At this moment, a figure suddenly flashed into view before the crowd.

Nie Tian was taken aback. "Senior Zhao! Why are you still here?"

In his senses, after parting for just about ten days, Zhao Shanling somehow seemed even more mysterious.

He looked at him and had a strange feeling that he wasn't in the same space as him, even though he was standing right in front of him.

He then membered that Zhao Shanling had said that he would make another advance in his cultivation since Qi Bailu had given in to him, solving the emotional knot that had weighed on his mind.

In fact, Zhao Shanling had already entered the middle Soul realm at that moment. It was just that his cultivation base hadn't stabilized then.

It seemed that he had stabilized the transition of his cultivation base while Nie Tian had reforged the Bloodline Crystal Chains for the Bone Blood Demon.

Right now, Zhao Shanling, who was an unmatched expert in spatial magics, had truly entered the middle Soul realm.

Zhao Shanling laughed. "I've been waiting for you. You promised me something, remember? If you somehow get yourself killed, won't all that I've done for the Realm of Flame Heaven and the Realm of a Hundred Battles be in vain?"

Nie Tian went blank briefly before asking, "So are you going to the Realm of Mystic Heaven with me?"

"That's right," Zhao Shanling said with a look that was as if he had planned this long ago. Then, eyes narrowed, he asked with a disdainful smile, "Where's that puppet? Let me see how strong its flesh power is now."

"Okay." Nie Tian then summoned the Bone Blood Demon.

The moment it appeared in front of everyone, an intense fleshly aura pervaded the entire Dong Clan.

Each and every Dong Clan member experienced anomalies in their blood flow, no matter what cultivation base they were at. They felt that the speed of their blood flow had become very unstable. They even felt as if their blood flow could reverse at any moment.

However, Nie Tian didn't seem affected at all. He stood there perfectly composed.

The Dong Clan members subconsciously backed away from the Bone Blood Demon, as if the closer they were to the Bone Blood Demon, the harder it was for them to control their blood flow.

Even Li Langfeng, Dong Li, and Dong Baijie backed a few steps away, their expressions flickering with astonishment.

"Nie Tian, this puppet of yours seems to be different from before." Li Langfeng, who had stayed near the Bone Blood Demon for a rather long time, spoke his mind. "I've never felt such pressure from it before. But when I stand close to it now, I feel like my blood is trying to escape my control and fuse into it."

"Its aura of flesh and blood has become so much more vigorous than before!" Zhao Shanling's eyes flickered with a strange light, as if even he experienced instability in the flow of his qi and blood. He took a deep look at the Bone Blood Demon, and after a brief examination, his eyes suddenly widened.

He sensed that the Bone Blood Demon was not only wreathed in an extremely intense aura of qi and blood, but it was also releasing a strange aura that could silence heaven and earth.

A complicated expression appeared on Zhao Shanling's face as a speculation entered his mind. He then fixed Nie Tian with a shocked gaze. "Are those...?"

"Senior Zhao, do you think this puppet will be able to contend against Basto? Also, if Xia Yi makes a move against me, will it be able to protect me?" Nie Tian asked these questions because he wasn't sure himself, but he believed that, considering Zhao Shanling's cultivation base and strength, he would be able to see through the Bone Blood Demon's current strength.

Zhao Shanling gave a cold laugh. "It won't matter if it's Basto or Xia Yi. If either of them wants to kill you, you'll die beyond the shadow of a doubt." 

Nie Tian was confused. "Why?" he asked. 

Zhao Shanling's eyes brimmed with ridicule as he said, "The Bone Blood Demon won't be able to protect you from soul attacks. Basto is a Phantasm expert. You know what kinds of attacks Phantasms are good at, don't you? He'll be able to crush your soul with his immense soul power, and your puppet won't be able to do a thing.

"Xia Yi is now at the late Soul realm. He's more than capable of overtaking you with his soul magics as well. How do you plan to resist those?"

Dong Baijie couldn't help but say loudly, "Senior Zhao is right, Nie Tian! Compared to them, your cultivation base is still too low, and your psychic power hasn't transformed into soul power yet. If they just attack you with their profound soul magics, you won't be able to last a second! I really don't think you should go to the Realm of Mystic Heaven. Your life will be in serious danger if you do."

Dong Li also implored Nie Tian not to go.

Upon seeing this, Nie Tian fell silent.

Truth be told, he hadn't thought much about what Zhao Shanling had just pointed out to him. He pondered his words, and realized that both Basto and Xia Yi possessed soul power that was far more profound than his. Either of them would be able to annihilate him with a single soul attack.

He couldn't think of a way to make up for the huge gap between the immensity of their soul power.

Zhao Shanling laughed. "I might as well do a thorough job helping you. I'll go to the Heaven Palace Sect with you. Once we're there, you'll have to stay close by my side, and I'll put you inside one of my personal arcane realms. As long as you don't come out of it, neither Basto nor Xia Yi will be able to kill you with their soul magics."

Nie Tian bowed respectfully. "Many thanks!" 

Zhao Shanling snorted a laugh. "Let's go."

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