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Face filled with admiration and envy, Qin Yan said, "This precious treasure from the Phantasms must have many profound uses, doesn't it?"

Since her cultivation base was still at the late Greater Heaven stage, her psychic power hadn't transformed into soul power yet. Therefore, she couldn't tell that the Spirit Pearl was absorbing discarnate souls from its surroundings.

All she knew was that it seemed to be the most essential part of the Phantasms' ancient starship. Since the Phantasms attached such great importance to it, it must be far beyond ordinary.

Qian Xin and Cao Qiushui also laid their curious gazes on the Spirit Pearl.

"I haven't figured out how to use it yet," Nie Tian said, smiling.

It was only natural that Nie Tian wouldn't tell them about its magical use of absorbing discarnate souls, which could be refined into pure soul power.

Every single Dong Clan member practiced the Beast Spirit Incantation. If they could infuse their beast spirits with pure soul power, their beast spirits would be able to upgrade.

This was the reason why Dong Li had expressed a strong desire for Nie Tian to use it to nourish her black phoenix after learning about this wonderful use of the Spirit Pearl.

It was even more natural that Nie Tian wouldn't reveal that there was a star map, which marked out a remote area in the starry river, hidden within the Spirit Pearl.

It was too important to tell just anyone.

While they talked in the Dong Clan in a relaxed manner, the Worldly realm and Profound realm members of the Dong Clan, the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, the Pill Pavilion Sect, and the Bone Blood Demon massacred the stranded outsiders. 

Since all of the seventh grade outsiders had decided to evacuate through the spatial rift, which they didn't know had already been sealed, and the Soul realm experts had gone after them, the Bone Blood Demon, which possessed middle Soul realm battle prowess, became unrivaled on the battlefield.

As Nie Tian looked over from time to time, he would see the exceptionally tall Bone Blood Demon striding among the outsiders and cutting them to pieces with effortless swings of its sharp hands.

Each and every outsider carried rich flesh power within them, which could be used by the Bone Blood Demon to strengthen itself.

Therefore, it didn't relent. After receiving Nie Tian's consent, it continued to slaughter outsiders and channel their blood into itself with the Blood Sect's Blood Refining Incantation.

The discarnate souls of the outsiders it slaughtered and those killed by the human Qi warriors were all channeled by the Spirit Pearl and flew towards it from all directions.

"Hmm?!" Gradually, Qi warriors with high cultivation bases started to notice the unusual movement of the discarnate souls. They sensed their surroundings with their soul power and then discovered that the discarnate souls were all converging on the curious pearl in Nie Tian's hand.

They were all flabbergasted.

Spiritual tools that could automatically channel discarnate souls from their surroundings only existed in legends. None of them had ever seen one in real life.

However, it seemed that the Spirit Pearl could not only absorb the discarnate souls, but also delay the dissipation of the souls so that they would still contain a considerable amount of power when they were channeled into the Spirit Pearl.

None of them had even heard of any spiritual tool that possessed such profound functions. 

Nie Tian, however, ignored their gazes. Instead, he examined the Spirit Pearl with his psychic awareness. He discovered that as more and more discarnate souls entered the Spirit Pearl, the star map that was originally hidden inside of it became clearer and clearer.

Once the star map was fully shown, he would only need to find an ancient starship to travel to the marked area in the starry river, following the guidance of the star map.

That area was far more vast than the Domain of the Falling Stars and had a much larger number of realms.

Perhaps many different races were living there together, humans and outsiders. It probably was a heaven and earth that was much more developed and prosperous than the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Four hours later, every last outsider that was gathered around the Dong Clan had been wiped out.

The Bone Blood Demon had only harvested the outsiders' blood and turned a blind eye to their storage rings. Thanks to the copious amount of blood it had gained, the sound of blood running within its bones became increasingly vigorous.


Dong Qianqi, Dong Tengfei, and the other Profound realm experts returned after chasing the fleeing outsiders for hundreds of kilometers and killing them.

The other Qi warriors from the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect also returned one after another.

Wreathed in an intense killing aura, Dong Qianqi said, "The battle here is basically over, but there are still large amounts of outsiders gathered outside the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect. Limited by their grade, they couldn't have marched over here in time for the battle, so they stayed put.

"Let's teleport to the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect and eliminate every single outsider invader over there! These outsiders massacred the people of the Realm of a Hundred Battles. Many commoners and Qi warriors from minor clans were brutally butchered before they could make it to our grand spell formations!

"We have to kill them all to avenge those who died at their claws and fangs!"

The experts from the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect were also covered in outsider blood and wreathed in strong killing intent.

Soon, another round of slaughter began.

Nie Tian joined the operation with his Bone Blood Demon so that the Bone Blood Demon would absorb blood to its fill, and more ideally, make another breakthrough in strength.

This time, the massacre went on for four days and five nights.

Nie Tian sat on the Bone Blood Demon's shoulder as they followed the local Qi warriors to other regions of the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

Once he sensed the presence of outsiders, he would command the Bone Blood Demon to annihilate them with the help of the local Qi warriors.

As the Bone Blood Demon continued to absorb the blood of the fourth and fifth grade outsiders with the Blood Refining Incantation, more and more discarnate souls of the dead outsiders were channeled into the Spirit Pearl in Nie Tian's hand.

After the massacre came to an end, Nie Tian put the Bone Blood Demon back into his ring of holding, where it could take its time to refine the blood it had absorbed.

In the meantime, the star map within the Spirit Pearl was finally completely revealed.

Dong Li and Li Langfeng had followed him this whole time.

As they returned to the Dong Clan, Nie Tian learned that Hua Mu, Zhao Shanling, and the other Soul realm experts were still chasing the seventh grade outsiders around the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

Members of the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect had returned to their own clans and sects to dispose of the corpses and gather storage rings and valuables from the dead outsiders.

Only Qin Yan from the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce stayed in the Dong Clan, responsible for communicating with the Spirit Condor and obtaining the latest news on the situation in the other realms.

The Spirit Condor had contacts and informants in every realm of the Domain of the Falling Stars, and they had their unique means of communication.

Since the three potentates of the Spirit Condor were all busy hunting outsider experts in the Realm of a Hundred Battles, the people at the Spirit Condor's headquarters needed to get information on the situation in the Realm of a Hundred Battles through Qin Yan.

By the time Nie Tian, Dong Li, and Li Langfeng arrived in the Dong Clan, Nie Tian noticed the grim looks on Dong Qianqi and Dong Tengfei's faces.

Qin Yan's charming eyebrows were also knit together.

Puzzled, Dong Li asked, "What happened, Qin Yan? Why the grim face?" 

Nie Tian was also confused.

Right now, the crisis in the Realm of a Hundred Battles had ended, with only a handful of seventh grade outsiders on the run. However, with the Soul realm experts chasing after them, their deaths were only a matter of time.

After the seventh grade outsiders were killed, the three potentates of the Spirit Condor, the patriarch of the Ice Pavilion Sect, and the four Soul realm experts from the Realm of a Hundred Battles would be free to join the battle in whichever realm they wanted, turning the situation around there. It wouldn't be long before the outsiders' invasion of the Domain of the Falling Stars was terminated.

He didn't understand why Qin Yan seemed so bothered.

Qin Yan sighed softly and said, "Word has come from the Spirit Condor that the outsiders in the other realms have united. The outsiders in the other realms have all swarmed into the Realm of Mystic Heaven through spatial rifts. It seems that those outsiders have learned about what happened in the Realm of Flame Heaven and the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

"It's no longer an option to separate them and kill them in different realms.

"Right now, all of the outsider experts are gathered around the Heaven Palace Sect. Apparently, they want to take the Heaven Palace Sect out first to set an example. The Heaven Palace Sect is known as the most powerful sect in the Domain of the Falling Stars. Once it falls, and their Soul realm experts are killed, they'll march on their next target with confidence.

"The Heaven Palace Sect has also learned of what happened in the Realm of Flame Heaven and our realm.

"Now, they're demanding that all Soul realm experts rush to their aid in the Realm of Mystic Heaven.

"Nie Tian, your puppet was also on the list of those whose presence is demanded.

"They even demanded that your master go to their sect as soon as possible."

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