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In the Pill Pavilion Sect.

A handful of people were sitting at a large stone table on the top floor of a bluestone tower.

They were all at the Worldly realm or higher.

Among them, Qian Buhui from the Pill Pavilion Sect, Cao Mou from the Cao Clan, and Gu Yuan from the Gu Clan were at the early Soul realm.

Soon after receiving word of Nie Tian's appearance, they had gathered to this location via their respective teleportation portals.

They had been waiting for word of Qi Bailu's attitude towards Zhao Shanling's demand and the latest news of the situation in the Dong Clan.

Originally, the three of them had hesitated over whether they should abandon the Realm of a Hundred Battles, move to their arcane realms, and cut off their connections with the Domain of the Falling Stars.

However, after learning of Nie Tian's arrival with his Bone Blood Demon, and that Zhao Shanling had the ability to seal the spatial rift, the idea of staying and fighting to the end reentered their minds.

At this moment, none of them were making a sound, as they were waiting anxiously for the latest news from the Dong Clan.

The tips of Qian Buhui's eyebrows rose as he sprang to his feet and exclaimed, "Zhao Shanling has joined the battle! Greater Heaven stage and Worldly realm members, come with me to the Dong Clan!"

A bright light flashed across Gu Yuan's eyes as he said, "Even though the outsiders can still travel within our realm after their route of retreat is cut off, the low-grade ones won't be able to travel between locations very efficiently. Perhaps only the three seventh grade outsiders possess such an ability.

"We, on the other hand, can teleport to the Dong Clan within a split second through our teleportation portals!

"The Dong Clan will be where we defeat the outsider invaders!"

Immediately after hearing these words, numerous Qi warriors from the Pill Pavilion Sect, the Cao Clan, and the Gu Clan, who had been waiting in this place, started taking turns to enter the teleportation portal.


Streaks of bright light shot out from within the translucent and sparkling ward that protected the Dong Clan, each of which was a Dong Clan member.

Dong Qianqi, Dong Tengfei, and many other Dong Clan elders flew out of the grand spell formation and rushed to Nie Tian's location at the first moment.

Since the Bone Blood Demon was going all-out to fight that Demon, who had awakened his ancestor's bloodline, Nie Tian and Li Langfeng were forced to land among the outsiders.

Upon landing, he heard a few fourth grade outsiders shout, "He's that Son of the Stars!"

Apparently, they had been on that island and thus recognized Nie Tian at first glance.

As soon as they heard that Nie Tian was a Son of the Stars chosen by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, powerful outsiders in the vicinity ended their respective battles and made him their main target.

In the blink of an eye, numerous fifth and sixth grade outsiders started converging on Nie Tian and Li Langfeng.

Without the time to think, Nie Tian summoned his seventy-two tree branches, forming a Wood Thriving Formation at the first possible moment.

Fifth and sixth grade outsiders were roughly as powerful as Worldly realm and Profound realm human Qi warriors, and they were coming after him in large numbers. No matter how confident Nie Tian was, he knew that he wasn't going to beat them single-handedly.

He would have to rely on the mysterious Wood Thriving Formation, which he had acquired from the Floragrims' ancestral land.

The Dong Clan was surrounded by thick forests, so there were copious amounts of wood power he could use.

As soon as the Wood Thriving Formation came to form, a dark-green ward enveloped him and Li Langfeng.

Numerous unfathomable tree patterns started swimming around in the ward and madly channeling wood power from its surroundings.

A sixth grade Stoneman that was short and bulky exclaimed, "That's the spell formation the Floragrims used to protect their ancestral land!"

Immediately afterward, he launched his bloodline magic. Rocks that were the size of tables started rising from the earth as if they were no longer bound by gravity.

Soon, there were hundreds of rocks of that size floating in the air.

At first glance, it looked as if a forest of rocks of different shapes had appeared above the Wood Thriving Formation.

Each and every rock was spinning at an increasingly high speed.

Moments later, the rocks suddenly fell from the air simultaneously.


As they fell on the dark-green ward, the ward flickered at the violent blows. One after another, the mysterious tree patterns rapidly returned to the tree branches.

To defend against the sixth grade Stoneman's intense attack, the Wood Thriving Formation drained the wood power within a twenty-kilometer radius in a split second.

Many trees and plants even exploded upon the sudden dissociation of power.

Nie Tian's expression flickered as he hastily summoned and put on the Flame Dragon Armor.


In the next moment, the Wood Thriving Formation shattered, and the numerous stones crashed around Nie Tian, causing him to wobble.

Then, the outsiders in the vicinity all charged towards Nie Tian with their bloodthirsty eyes fixed on him.

Dong Qianqi, the clanmaster of the Dong Clan, rushed to Nie Tian's side the moment his Wood Thriving Formation went down. "Don't you dare! Thunderbird!"

As he exclaimed these words, a giant bird that shone with silver light flew into Nie Tian's sight. With violent flaps of its wings, it sent out numerous silver lightning bolts in all directions, stopping the incoming outsiders from coming any closer.

Tiny lightning bolts wreathed Dong Qianqi's fingers as he cast numerous glowing thunderballs out of his cuffs.

In the next moment, as loud rumbles that shook the land and rocked the mountains echoed out around Dong Qianqi, a few fourth and fifth grade Blackscales and Stonemen were hit by the thunderballs and instantly exploded. Parts of them even landed close to Nie Tian.


One Dong Clan member after another landed by Nie Tian's side, and then summoned their respective beast spirits.

Hissing pythons, furious rhinoceroses, swift foxes, and many other beast spirits of various kinds appeared over their heads.

Dong Baijie's gray wolf and Dong Li's black phoenix were among them.


At that moment, more figures shot out of the Dong Clan like streaks of bright light.

The first three were wreathed by mountain-toppling, seturning auras. Clearly, they were Soul realm experts.

"The Cao Clan! The Gu Clan! The Pill Pavilion Sect!" Dong Li exclaimed with a thrilled expression. "Perhaps the calamity of the Domain of the Falling Stars is turning around in our realm!"

As soon as the three early Soul realm experts arrived, they split up to join the battles against the seventh grade Demon and Phantasm.

Nie Tian looked up and saw Qian Buhui from the Pill Pavilion Sect spit out a golden pill.

The golden pill blossomed with dazzling golden light. Each beam of golden light was like a sharp sword, as they riddled the transformed Demon with bloody holes, making him howl with pain.

Gu Yuan from the Gu Clan was standing on a floating yellow river. Streams of water left the yellow river and flew towards the Phantasm expert.

As soon as the evil spirits hovering around the Phantasm expert were touched by the water, they vanished, as if they had been channeled to the depths of the yellow river, where they were smothered.


However, what flabbergasted him the most was the Bone Blood Demon.

The Bone Blood Demon's bones once again came together, and in a few seconds, it returned to its original form.

Blood could be seen on each of its bones, which seemed to be from the outsiders its bones had just pierced through.

At this moment, the blood seemed to be rapidly seeping into its bones, strengthening its aura.

Gasping with astonishment, Nie Tian suddenly remembered Meng Qing, who he had seen in the Bone Sect in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.

Back then, Meng Qing had manipulated a mountain of bones, which had a similar function. It could split into bones and also come together into its original form.

It was said that the incantations the Bone Sect practiced had extensive connections to the Bonebrutes that had once lived in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.

This made Nie Tian suspect that it was a unique bloodline talent of the Bonebrutes.

Only a fleshly race like the Bonebrutes would be able to transform this way, and turn their bodies into weapons like this.

With a very concerned look on his face, Dong Tengfei exclaimed, "Nie Tian! You don't have to take part in this battle! You just make sure of your own safety and the proper functioning of your puppet! You've done enough for the Dong Clan and the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

"You'll be our clan's most respected guest from now on, no matter what!"

Dong Li's bright eyes were brimming with affection as she said softly, "I'm so happy you came."

At that moment, Dong Baijie smiled heartily and said to Dong Tengfei, "Nie Tian is not a guest. He's one of our own."

Dong Tengfei went blank briefly, and then he burst into laughter. He nodded and said, "That's right. He's one of our own."

He gazed at Nie Tian as if he were looking at a son-in-law who he liked a great deal.

At that moment, Ye Qin, Cao Qiushui, and Qian Xin appeared within the Dong Clan's grand spell formation. They all waved at Nie Tian upon seeing him.

They were eager to charge out of the ward to join the battle. However, their elders stopped them and told him not to step out of the protective ward.

Dong Qianqi's expression flickered as he stared into the distance. "The other three seventh grade outsider experts are here!" 

Upon hearing these words, Nie Tian looked up and saw three outsiders in the distance. They were roaring angrily as they sped through the air, stirring the sea of clouds in the distant sky.

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