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A spatial rift split open high above the Dong Clan.

As Zhao Shanling looked down, numerous fine spatial blades swam in the depths of his eyes like a shoal of glowing fish.

On the ground, a large number of outsiders looked up at them, their faces filled with confusion.

The Dong Clan members also looked up at them through the translucent and sparkling ward, their expressions flickering with excitement.

"Aren't you supposed to seal the spatial rift that leads to the Realm of Split Void first, Senior Zhao?" Nie Tian asked urgently.

He had a feeling that Zhao Shanling had made a breakthrough in his cultivation after he was freed from his long-standing emotional knot.

It seemed that his cultivation base had already entered the middle Soul realm, though he might still need some time to stabilize it.

Zhao Shanling laughed wildly and said, "I sealed that spatial rift soon after you left for the Realm of a Hundred Battles!"

Nie Tian was taken aback. "Y-you knew that things would develop this way?! And you were certain that your senior martial brother would agree to bend his knees?!"

Zhao Shanling laughed as he summoned his Death Reign, not saying a word.

In the next moment, a cluster of white mist flew out of Zhao Shanling's ring of holding. It rapidly expanded, enveloping a large part of the Dong Clan.

An aura of death quickly built up from the heart of the white mist and spread to every corner of it.

"Who's there?!" A Phantasm expert who was manipulating thousands of evil spirits with the prismatic crystal between his eyebrows shouted into the sky in fluent human language.

As soon as he uttered these words, thousands of evil spirits that were clinging to the grand ward that was protecting the Dong Clan suddenly started to converge on one point.

In merely three seconds, all of the evil spirits came together and formed a gigantic spiritual monster that was about three hundred meters tall.

The enormous spiritual monster that had thousands of evil spirits surging within it had giant horns growing out of its forehead. Many evil spirits could be seen flying in and out of its eyes and nose, giving it a very terrifying look.

Zhao Shanling laughed wildly. "Who am I? I'm the one who is going to destroy your invasion and make you realize all that you've done is merely a joke."

Fizzing sounds came from the depths of the white mist before a huge blade of fluctuating spatial power suddenly shot out of it.

The heaven and earth enveloped by the Death Reign was instantly filled with dazzling light that hurt the onlookers' eyes and made them water.

The blade, which was nearly a thousand meters long, seemed like the divine weapon of an ancient god of space.

Exuding a terrifying spatial aura, the enormous blade slashed down from midair, as if to cut the entire Realm of a Hundred Battles in half.

The sinister, three hundred-meter-tall spiritual monster was instantly split in half like a piece of tofu.

Wisps of spatial power few out of the enormous blade, finding and vaporizing the evil spirits that scattered from the destroyed giant monster.

In the meantime, numerous slender spatial rifts appeared in the sky over the area, making the sky look like a giant, cracked mirror. Each and every crack seemed to lead to a space disruption zone that was deadly silent.

Many of the evil spirits that weren't vaporized were sucked into the spatial rifts, like streaks of light, and vanished forever.

The face of the middle seventh grade Phantasm expert, who was as powerful as a middle Soul realm human expert, suddenly turned pale with fright.

In such a short time, he had lost about one-fifth of his evil spirits.


At that moment, a bulky seventh grade Demon howled as he made a grabbing motion in the air.

Then, the ink-black Demon Qi around him rapidly morphed into two black dragons.


The Demon expert sprayed out a mouthful of Blood Essence, which contained his profound bloodline power, on the two black dragons.

The two black dragons were originally in an illusory state, but after receiving the Blood Essence, they seemed to instantly enter a physical form.

They were covered in pitch-black scales, each of which reflected an ice-cold metallic luster. Their anchor-like claws seemed to be sharp enough to split open the heavens. Their black eyes were also brimming with an intense thirst for blood. Baring their fangs and claws, they flew directly towards Zhao Shanling.

Standing on the shoulder of the Bone Blood Demon, Nie Tian pointed at the black dragons and shouted, "Go!"

In the next moment, the Bone Blood Demon's grayish-green eyes suddenly burst into two clusters of ghostly, green flame.


Its fleshless joints made cracking sounds as it pierced its blade-sharp, bony hand towards one of the giant, black dragons.

As the Bone Blood Demon's sharp fingers pierced into the dragon's belly, beams of black light shot out from its wounds.

However, the black light then morphed into wisps of black smoke that were devoured by the black dragon.

The seventh grade Demon expert gave a cold harrumph and said, "Dragon Coil!"

The two black dragons instantly flew away from the Bone Blood Demon. They coiled around each other, unleashing raging Demon Qi, as they begun flying towards Zhao Shanling.

"Have a death wish, do you?" Zhao Shanling laughed disdainfully as he summoned his Death Reign.

In a split second, the white mist engulfed the incoming dragons like a mouth that could devour heaven and earth.

Under Nie Tian's gaze, the two demon dragons seemed to return to their illusory form again as soon as they were enveloped by the Death Reign.

Dong Wangling, the Dong Clan patriarch, let out an explosive roar as he bolted up into the sky. "Our domain isn't some rangeland where you can come and go as you want!"

He shot through the grand protective ward towards the Demon expert without meeting any resistance.


A giant, red ape gradually emerged over his head. Even its hairs could be seen with great clarity.

Like a flash of lightning, Dong Wangling entered the giant ape's chest before it let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roar.

As the giant red ape landed, a few Demons and Blackscales were reduced to a bloody mess.

Eyes brimming with intense killing intent, the giant ape leaped towards the Demon expert like an erupting volcano.

The seventh grade Demon expert's expression flickered as he saw the giant ape coming at him with mountain-toppling, seturning force.

"Bloodline magic: Ancestral Awakening!" The well-built, handsome Demon expert bellowed. The Blood Essence in his heart seemed to be burning at an alarming speed.

Originally, it was only slightly larger than a regular human. However, at this point, as his blood surged within him, crackling sounds came from his body. Like an inflating balloon, he rapidly expanded.

In merely five seconds, he turned into a huge monster that was about three hundred meters tall!

This seemed to be the original form of the Demon ancestors. It had sharp bones sticking out of its spine and numerous small holes around its waist, through which it was releasing raging Demon Qi.

As its aura built up, the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was gradually turned into ink-black Demon Qi.

Countless streaks of black light were swirling in the depths of the giant monster's pitch-black eyes, which were now fixed on Dong Wangling's huge, red ape. Soon, the black lights condensed into black flames.


As the huge monster stepped forwards, the earth trembled violently.

Many low-grade outsiders fell over, while some even puked blood from the shock waves.

Nie Tian gasped with astonishment. "Ancestral Awakening!"

He then remembered what his learned master had taught him about the Demons.

According to his master, high-tier Demons had all been developed from low-tier Demons.

At the very beginning, the Demon ancestors had been as large as mountains.

However, as their bloodlines were carried on through generations, hybrids were born. Gradually, the purity of their ancestral bloodline grew lower and lower, and they grew smaller and smaller in size.

However, the high-tier Demons gradually developed a special bloodline talent: Ancestral Awakening.

That meant the high-tier Demons would be able to enter their ancestor's form by relying on the marks their ancestors had left in their bloodline.

Under this form, the Demons possessed might capable of destroying the heavens and extinguishing the earth.

More importantly, they would have an incredible self-healing ability in this form.

The transformed Demon, which seemed to Nie Tian to only be at the early seventh grade, quickly entered a fierce fight with the giant, red ape.

Even though the giant ape tore pieces of flesh off the transformed Demon, those wounds healed at an incredible rate.

"The Demons' Indestructible Form!" A Blackscale shouted, gazing at the transformed seventh grade Demon with nothing but awe in his eyes.

Judging from his grade, the Demon expert's battle prowess should be equal to that of an early Soul realm human expert. However, after his transformation, he gained a noticeable upper hand in his battle against Dong Wangling, who was at the middle Soul realm.

Even though Dong Wangling had become one with his giant red ape, it didn't possess the ability to heal itself.

Dong Wangling's faint, pained groans could be heard from within the huge, red ape as it took heavy blows from the transformed Demon.

Zhao Shanling, on the other hand, was at an advantage in his battle against the middle seventh grade Phantasm, by relying on his profound mastery of spatial magics.

After observing for some time, Nie Tian commanded the Bone Blood Demon to join Dong Wangling in fighting the transformed Demon. "Go, kill him!"

Blood surged like tides within the Bone Blood Demon's bones as it bolted towards the gigantic Demon like a huge drill made of bone.

As it did, emerald green light could be seen flickering in the depths of its grayish-green eyes.


In the next moment, Nie Tian found to his surprise that the Bone Blood Demon suddenly split into numerous bone spears that filled the sky.

Nie Tian and Li Langfeng were both forced to jump off and landed among the other outsiders.


One sharp bone spear after another pierced into the enormous Demon.

In great pain, it threw his head back and let out an angry roar. Simultaneously, clusters of black flames flew out of his waist.

Seeing that Nie Tian had just made a dangerous move, Dong Li called out at the top of her lungs, "Nie Tian!" 

After all, the Bone Blood Demon was only a puppet. It wasn't intelligent enough to remember to protect its master at all times. Dong Qianqi's expression flickered as he shouted, "Let's go kill these outsider invaders outside the spell formation! And tell the Cao Clan, the Gu Clan, and the Pill Pavilion Sect to do the same!"

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