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Nie Tian had attracted the attention of almost every single Worldly realm and Profound realm expert in the Blood Fighting Pit.

The people from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the Realm of a Hundred Battles all felt left out.

However, they were fully aware that the reason behind such a scene was twofold.

For one thing, Nie Tian had indeed obtained the most valuables on those two islands. For another, as chosen ones of each of sects, they had given the most precious and useful of their loot to their seniors.

Major sects like the Ice Pavilion Sect had numerous powerful disciples, and thus their efficiency at digesting resources was fairly high.

With the most valuable spiritual materials divided among their own seniors, it was only natural that the spiritual materials they had brought to the Blood Fighting Pit for sale were far less impressive than the ones Nie Tian had to sell.

Because of this, they weren't surprised to see that almost everyone was attracted to Nie Tian's collection.

After all, Nie Tian's collection consisted of not only spiritual materials from that strange dimension, but also spiritual materials he had looted from the outsiders, most of which had long since disappeared from the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Since Xuan Ke and the other chosen ones had only killed one or two outsiders, they hadn't obtained many curious items from their kills.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, had killed dozens of outsiders, so it was natural that his collection of spiritual materials contained those he had looted from Fiends, Phantasms, Demons, Stonemen, Blackscales, and Birdmen.

What they had had on them might not be very valuable in their own realms.

However, since they couldn't be found in the Domain of the Falling Stars, they were extremely desirable to sects like the Spirit God Sect and the Poison Sect, which had close connections to the outsiders.

Standing beside Nie Tian, Gao Fu from the Spirit Condor continued to explain the origin and prices of the spiritual materials as people asked.

They waved precious cultivation materials in their hands as they pushed their way to the front and shouted out the items they hoped to get.

Under Gao Fu's instructions, Nie Tian rapidly traded the spiritual materials before him for materials he needed.

Star Iron, Earthflame Essence, Earthflame Crystal Strings, Soul Convergence Pills, Immortal Wood, Crimson Dragons Meridians, Hundredgrass Fortune Pills, spirit stones, spirit jades...

Nie Tian smiled as he watched them fly into his ring of holding one after another.

As the spiritual materials before him gradually disappeared, copious amounts of materials that suited his needs were added to his ring of holding, along with ten million spirit stones and more than five hundred spirit jades.

Some of the Worldly realm and Profound realm experts gathered around him looked rather envious, and had hostility in their eyes, as what Nie Tian had gained at this trading fair alone was more than what a normal Profound realm expert could gather throughout his or her entire life.

Even some minor sects might not have as many valuables as he currently had in his possession!

On top of that, he was only at the Greater Heaven stage now.

As far as they saw it, Nie Tian was like a moving vault, since his cultivation base was still rather low...

Dong Tengfei noticed the killing intent in some of the people's eyes, and thus said coldly, "It was thanks to Nie Tian that we learned about the outsiders' invasion plan. He also has a lot of experience fighting outsiders. Therefore, he'll play a crucial role in our upcoming war, which will determine the life or death of everyone in the Domain of the Falling Stars. If any of you dare to make any move against him..."

Before he could finish, Qian Qiong jumped in and said, "Whoever dares to make a move against Nie Tian, we'll kill them and slaughter every single one of their relatives!"

Upon hearing Dong Tengfei and Qian Qiong's words, all those who had wicked ideas took deep breaths and started weighing the matter in their minds.

Shortly afterwards, their eyes grew dim as most of them dropped their evil ideas.

However, some rogue cultivators still seemed to harbor the intention of seeking an opportunity to kill Nie Tian, take his belongings, and hole up in some remote place away from the Realm of Split Void, where they would make rapid progress in their cultivation.

Since some of them were at the Profound realm, if they could enter the Soul realm before others found them, they wouldn't have to worry too much.

As for the threat from the outsiders, these rogue cultivators, who were only concerned with their own cultivation and benefit, wouldn't care about it at all.

They wouldn't even blink if the Domain of the Falling Stars fell, millions of lives perished, and numerous sects were turned to ashes.

Nie Tian also noticed the hostility in those people's eyes, though he didn't seem concerned at all. He took a glance at the remaining spiritual materials, which were roughly one fourth of the original amount, and said, "For all of these remaining spiritual materials, I just want one item in exchange: a ring of holding with exceptional storage room."

Upon hearing these words, those who were still waving their fire-attributed and wood-attributed materials, hoping to make deals with Nie Tian, all froze.

With a calm expression, Nie Tian sat down behind his remaining spiritual materials, ignoring their shouts and pleadings. It was obvious that he was bent on trading them for a ring of holding with enough storage room.

After realizing that some people already harbored evil intentions towards his fortune, he was now in even more urgent need of a storage tool that had enough room to hold the Bone Blood Demon.

Only when he was able to carry the Bone Blood Demon wherever he went would he feel safe to travel freely.

Otherwise, he was afraid that greedy mad men would try to ambush him as soon as he left Shatter City.

Since he couldn't hide behind the wings of the Spirit Condor and the other powerful sects all the time, he would have to be strong enough to protect himself eventually.

Right now, the Bone Blood Demon was the most powerful means at his disposal.

Seeing that, no matter how they demanded or implored, Nie Tian still remained silent, the crowd of cultivators gradually started to scatter and leave.

After all, they didn't have what Nie Tian wanted.

People started to stroll back to the stalls of the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, and the Yang Sect.

"Why do you need a ring of holding with large storage room so badly?" Dong Li asked curiously.

"It'd be of great use to me," Nie Tian said. Then, with a somewhat reluctant smile, he lowered his voice and said, "The Blood Sect gave their Bone Blood Demon to me. It's very powerful. With it by my side, I'll have very little to fear. I just need a ring of holding to store it."

Dong Li nodded and said quietly, "I see, but that kind of ring of holding is very hard to find." 

Nie Tian nodded. "I know." 

Gao Fu, who had been standing beside Nie Tian the whole time, chimed in unhurriedly, "Actually, that kind of ring of holding is not very hard to forge. Master Zhen is one of those who know how to forge them. The truly difficult part is finding special materials that contain rich spatial energy. It still won't work out if you only have someone who can forge one, but not the necessary materials."

"But I've already got enough cultivation resources," Nie Tian said, frowning slightly. "All I need now is a ring of holding like that." 

Gao Fu shook his head and said, "Well, you'll need some luck to come across one. It's normal that hundreds of years go by without one ring of holding like that being spotted. Only those who are skilled in spatial magics and have been to realms with rich spatial power resources would be able to obtain the materials to forge that kind of ring of holding. But right now, throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars, there..."

Before he could finish, a cyan ring of holding suddenly appeared and floated in the air right in front of Nie Tian.

The ring of holding was engraved with detailed and complicated patterns, which seemed to carry the profound truths of spatial power.

"Hmm?!" Gao Fu gasped with astonishment as he stared at the mysterious ring of holding and sensed the spatial fluctuations it thrummed with. In the next moment, an exclamation escaped his mouth. "Nie Tian! This is exactly the kind of ring of holding you want!"

A shudder ran through Nie Tian.

"Whose is it?" Dong Tengfei shouted.

His sudden shout once again attracted the attention of the Worldly realm and Profound realm cultivators who were now gathered before the other stalls.

At that moment, a middle-aged man who looked like a bag of bones swaggered towards Nie Tian. Eyes filled with insanity and paranoia, he said, "It's mine."

Everyone's gazes instantly landed on the scrawny man. However, most of them looked rather puzzled, as they didn't know who he was.

However, fear and intense hatred spread across the faces of the few Tool Sect experts present the moment they saw him.

After getting a clear view of the man, Dong Tengfei called out, a panicked look flashing across his eyes, "Zhao Shanling!" 

The expressions of almost every Qi warrior flickered drastically as they realized who the man was. "Z-zhao Shanling!!!"

Those who were standing close to him seemed as if they were looking at a ghost. They hastily pushed each other aside as they backed away, forming a wide and open path for him to walk to Nie Tian.

As they did, many got stomped on or squeezed hard, yet none of them dared to make a sound. They all bit their lips and looked nervously at Zhao Shanling.


With a wave of his hand, the remaining spiritual materials in front of Nie Tian rapidly flew into the ring of holding on his finger.

Then, he gave a soft chuckle and fixed Nie Tian with a piercing look. "We've met before."

Nie Tian's expression flickered as he said somewhat nervously, "Indeed. I had the pleasure of meeting you once, Senior Zhao."

No matter how he disguised himself or altered his appearance, he couldn't hide his true identity from Zhao Shanling, who was one of a handful of the most powerful experts in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Considering Zhao Shanling's cultivation attainments, he was able to recognize anyone he had met before, unless their cultivation base was higher than his.

"I knew that you were extraordinary back then, but I never expected that you were actually a successor of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Hmm, interesting." Zhao Shanling smiled wildly as he glanced at Dong Tengfei and Gao Fu, who looked as if they were facing a formidable foe. "Relax. I'm not here to spill blood."

Only after hearing these words did Dong Tengfei and Gao Fu let out sighs of relief.

"If I were, none of you would be able to stop me," Zhao Shanling said calmly and arrogantly.

No one refuted his statement, as they were all well-aware that only another Soul realm expert would have a chance at stopping him from killing them.

However, that was it.

If he were bent on leaving, no one throughout the Domain of the Falling Stars would be able to stop him.

Even the one from the Heaven Palace Sect, who was trying to break through into the Void domain through secluded cultivation, wouldn't be able to do that.

This was how formidable Qi warriors who practiced spatial power were.

"That's the kind of ring of holding you want. I doubt that there's another ring of holding like that in the Domain of the Falling Stars now." Then, he looked Nie Tian up and down. "So you're the one who ruined my plan in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation."

With a wild laugh, his figure blurred and vanished into thin air.

While his laughter still lingered in the air, his aura had already become completely untraceable.

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