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The Flame Star once again blossomed with dazzling light.

As Nie Tian rapidly flashed about among the Thunder Mountain Sect and Heaven Expanse Sect disciples, his Flame Star slashed through the air, shattering their light shields and spiritual armor one after another.

Even though they were all roughly at the same stage as Nie Tian, none of them were able to put up the slightest resistance.

As miserable shrieks echoed out here and there, the disciples of the Heaven Expanse Sect and the Thunder Mountain Sect rapidly died out.

Even their leaders, Yu Yang and Liao Yan, had been killed the moment Nie Tian had showed up, not to mention these common disciples.

Su Lin from the Heaven Palace Sect gasped with shock and fear. "Nie Tian!!"

Nie Tian's arrival had completely turned the situation around.

The deaths of Yu Yang, Liao Yan, and the other disciples of the Heaven Expanse Sect and the Thunder Mountain Sect made her realize that they had all underestimated Nie Tian's battle prowess.

Even she had believed that, since he had been surrounded by a large number of outsiders, Nie Tian must have suffered serious injuries, if he hadn't died.

She had believed that, after joining up, the forces they had on their side would have been enough to take this island from Nie Tian and the others, and force the alliance that had formed around him to leave.

However, she had never expected that Dong Li and Dong Baijie's battle prowess had risen to such a high level.

Other than them, Pei Qiqi's sudden arrival also came as a surprise.

However, Nie Tian was the one who had surprised her the most.


The other Ice Pavilion Sect disciples rushed onto the battlefield after Xuan Ke.

That was when Su Lin realized that the battle was lost. Her expression flickered as she watched the people on their side fall one after another. Finally, she made her decision.

Without informing anyone, she quietly backed out of the battlefield.

After sneaking off the battlefield, she unleashed the Heaven Palace Sect's secret escape magic and sped off like a bolt of lightning.

Yang Kan, who was barely able to handle Dong Baijie's storm of attacks, was the first to notice Su Lin's escape. After a moment of hesitation, he swallowed a medicinal pill, dodged the huge, gray wolf's sharp fangs, and fled like a streak of flames.

The direction he left in was opposite to the direction Su Lin had left in.

Qin Yan, who hadn't been attacked at all after Nie Tian's arrival, noticed Su Lin and Yang Kan's actions, and thus notified the others in a loud voice, "Su Lin and Yang Kan escaped!"

Immediately afterwards, a few disciples of the Ice Pavilion Sect ran off in the direction Su Lin had left in.

With a smile, Dong Baijie chased after Yang Kan. From the look of it, he didn't want to release the tiger back into the mountains. He was bent on killing Yang Kan on this island.


Trapped by Pei Qiqi's Thousand Prisons, Lu Jian let out an agonized shriek.

At this moment, he was waving his Soul Banners, covered in fine wounds. However, the banners exploded one after another, and the discarnate souls within them were rapidly sucked into the countless grids of the Thousand Prisons, as if they had been banished to some hell and would never find their way back.

Nie Tian glanced over and assessed that, if there were no mishaps, Zhang Jiu and the other Heaven Palace Sect disciples wouldn't be able to escape Pei Qiqi's Thousand Prisons either.

Upon seeing this, he felt that the Thousand Prisons, which Zhen Huilan had forged with her elaborate skills, had suddenly become even more mysterious.

The extremely fierce aura Pei Qiqi emanated also took him by surprise. He even felt a stabbing pain in his eyes as he looked at her.

It was as if Pei Qiqi were wreathed in some invisible spatial energy that would cause damage to people if they dared to look at her when she was in battle mode.

At this moment, the disciples of the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the other forces in the Realm of a Hundred Battles arrived.

The moment Pei Qiqi caught sight of them, she surprisingly withdrew her Thousand Prisons, which was putting Zhang Jiu and the Heaven Palace Sect disciples under great pressure. With an expressionless face, she shot Nie Tian a glance and said, "You guys can take it from here."

Standing perfectly still, she started to thrum with subtle spatial fluctuations.

Nie Tian examined her through his Heaven Eyes, and learned that every time Pei Qiqi engaged in battle, she would sustain some minor internal injuries. The reason why she had stopped attacking those people might be because she deemed that, with the new incoming forces, Nie Tian and the others would be able to finish off the remaining enemies without her help.

She also did it to save her strength.

"Shameless bastards!"

"Kill them all! Don't let anyone escape!"

The Yin Sect and Yang Sect disciples shouted furiously as they charged onto the battlefield. Facing Zhang Jiu and the others, they held nothing back and struck to kill.

As of this moment, they had already forgotten about the Heaven Palace Sect's influence, and the fact that the Heaven Palace Sect might seek trouble with them after they returned to the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Nie Tian wanted to get rid of Su Lin, but as he attempted to locate her with the help of his Heaven Eyes, he couldn't find any traces of her.

It seemed that she practiced some Heaven Palace Sect secret magic, or possessed some unique spiritual tool, that allowed her to escape the detection of his Heaven Eyes. Even though she hadn't left for long, it seemed as if she had vanished into thin air.

After realizing that Yu Yang and Liao Yan had died, while Su Lin and Yang Kan had left without saying a word, the ones they had left behind cursed in loud voices as they scattered and fled in different directions like a bunch of scared rats.

The people from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the Realm of a Hundred Battles didn't show any mercy. They split up and chased after them.

Dong Li and Dong Baijie also joined the hunt, and soon disappeared into the distance.

After giving Nie Tian another glance, Pei Qiqi also sped away. Even though it looked like she was chasing after the fleeing enemies, Nie Tian knew that she was actually going into hiding again. She didn't want any more contact with any of them.

Moments later, Nie Tian, Qin Yan, and Feng Ying became the only ones that remained in this place.

Qin Yan and Feng Ying didn't leave because they had suffered severe injuries, and thus had to stay.

After taking a few medicinal pills, Qin Yan's face still looked rather pale. Looking somewhat embarrassed, she said, "Umm... Would you tell Miss Pei thanks next time you see her? I can tell that she doesn't like me. But if it weren't for her, Feng Ying and I probably would have been killed before you arrived."

Nie Tian took a glance at Qin Yan and said with an expressionless face, "Sure."

Seeing his indifferent attitude, Qin Yan muttered, looking downcast, "I don't know what she went through recently that has raised her strength to such a high level that even I felt terrified by her. If I possessed such formidable battle prowess, I would have been able to save my friends from the claws of Yang Kan and the others."

With these words, she was interrupted by a violent cough. A mouthful of blood escaped her mouth.

Looking even more pale, she continued with a bitter expression, "I admit that I was in the wrong. I shouldn't have said those things to make Gu Haofeng hate you. I, I only did it..." She snuck a glance at Feng Ying, and didn't finish her sentence.

Nie Tian wasn't sure what she wanted to say, but seeing that she had admitted to her misdeed and that she was in such a sorry state, he decided to forgive her.

"Forget about it. That's already in the past. Seeing you like this, I'm not in the mood to find fault with you." He waved his hand, beckoning for her to sit down. "You'd better sit down and recover. It's hard to say whether the outsiders will gather more forces and come back for us."

Qin Yan listened to him and sat down in the lotus position. In a soft voice, she said, "You're right. Even though the outsiders are gone for now, the threat is far from over. I can't believe that Su Lin would lead those people here and make an attempt on our lives. I thought she understood the bigger picture. Who would have known..."

Nie Tian's eyes were filled with contempt as he said, "Even if she tried to tell them off, she wasn't strong enough. By just by relying on her status, she can't make madmen like Yang Kan follow her orders. If she were as strong as Pei Qiqi, then adding in the Heaven Palace Sect's influence, she might be able to bring those people to heel."

Qin Yan nodded slightly. "Good point." 

Off to the side, Feng Ying couldn't help but give a agonized groan. Immediately afterwards, she said in a low and apologetic voice, "S-sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. I'm just in a lot of pain."

Nie Tian looked over, and after examining her with the help of his Heaven Eyes, he frowned.

Even though he detested Qin Yan, Feng Ying had given him a good impression.

After determining Feng Ying's injuries, he pondered briefly, and then moved behind her with a swift move. "Try to calm yourself and let your guard down. I'll help you heal your injuries."

With these words, he practiced Heavenly Wood Heal and started healing her with his rich wood power.

As soon as the wisps of wood power flowed through his hands into Feng Ying's back, her eyes lit up. The painful expression on her face was instantly eliminated.

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