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Just as that Thunder Mountain Sect disciple was about to cast the thunderball in his hand towards Feng Ying, a fine, horizontal, blood-colored line appeared on the man's neck.

At this point, Feng Ying had already sustained serious injuries, and lost the ability to resist. The Dong Clan member who had attempted to protect her had just been killed by one of the discarnate souls unleashed by the Spirit God Sect disciples.

She knew that she wouldn't escape death this time. However, to her surprise, the Thunder Mountain Sect disciple suddenly froze, and the thunderball didn't leave the man's hand.

Then, she stared closely at the man, and noticed the blood-colored line on his neck.

In the next moment, the man's head fell off his neck, and blood came spurting out in every direction.

After her incredible and narrow escape, Feng Ying stared at the man's corpse that had fallen on its back, and she went blank.

Shortly afterwards, she glanced around, but still couldn't see who had done it. "Was that Big Brother Nie? But if it was him, why would he not show himself?"

In her eyes, Nie Tian was almost invincible, so she instantly linked him with the strange and sudden death of that Thunder Mountain Sect disciple.

However, after a moment of contemplation, she thought it didn't seem like Nie Tian's way. With his overwhelmingly high battle prowess, he didn't need to hide and attack people from the dark at all. If it were him, he probably would have struck the man down openly.


A blinding light flashed by, and a bloody hole appeared between the eyebrows of one of the Heaven Expanse Sect disciples.

The man died instantly, without making a sound.

The deaths of the Thunder Mountain Sect disciple and the Heaven Expanse Sect disciple were only the beginning.

It wasn't long before members of the Poison Sect also suffered sudden deaths.

After another three people died in such an unimaginable way, everyone on the battlefield started to panic.

At that moment, Su Lin, who had been observing from the side, suddenly exclaimed, "Watch out, Senior Martial Brother Lu!"

However, just as she uttered these words, a bloody hole appeared on the chest of that middle Greater Heaven stage disciple of the Heaven Palace Sect while he was manipulating his sword with his psychic power to attack Qin Yan.

"It's Pei Qiqi!" Su Lin finally solved the mystery. Deep in shock, she hastily put on a fine suit of armor and raised a shield of spiritual power around her.

"Pei Qiqi?!"

"Pei Qiqi?! Master Zhen's disciple?!"

People from both sides exclaimed and glanced around from time to time while handling their enemies.

The eyes of the struggling Dong Clan members, Qin Yan, and Feng Ying lit up as soon as they heard the exclamation.

All she had killed were members of the Thunder Mountain Sect, the Heaven Expanse Sect, the Poison Sect, and the Heaven Palace Sect. It went without saying which side she was on.

Realizing that Pei Qiqi had come to help them, the Dong Clan members' spirits were greatly lifted.

In contrast, Yu Yang, Liao Yan, Yang Kan, and Lu Jian all looked as if they were facing an army of formidable foes. They started to look apprehensive as they attacked Dong Li and Dong Baijie.

They secretly unleashed their psychic awareness to scan their surroundings, but failed to sense Pei Qiqi's presence. However, the mangled bodies of their sectmates and Su Lin's exclamation indicated that she was here.

The fact that she could completely mask her traces and aura while making lightning-quick kills rattled every one of them.

One side grew apprehensive, while the other side rose with force and spirit. The course of the battle underwent a major change.


All of a sudden, a spatial blade appeared out of nowhere and pierced sharply down from the air.

Su Lin gasped with astonishment as she instantly sat down, her hands weaving before her to form secret hand seals.

As she did, one flower petal after another flew out of her fingertips into the glowing shield around her.

In the next moment, the spatial blade shattered the glorious shield, turning the translucent and sparkling petals into glittering dust. However, the spatial blade didn't slow down a bit, but rather it kept its piercing momentum. It only stopped and disappeared after it pierced into Su Lin's fine suit of armor.

Su Lin let out a muffled groan, a pained look appearing on her face as she gazed down at her chest.

After this strike, a noticeable crack had appeared on this fifth level Premium grade spiritual armor of hers. Given a few more strikes, the armor might break and completely lose its effect.

She suddenly jerked her head around.

As she looked over, Pei Qiqi had already mysteriously appeared, standing on a piece of dry land like a nature spirit.

Dressed in white, Pei Qiqi looked like a woman of singular beauty from a scroll. She stood there, silent and graceful. Her Ethereal Swords wreathed her, appearing intermittently, as if they were traveling back and forth between different spaces.

Suspended in the sky was Dong Li, who looked gorgeous in her tight, black garments. They were both unearthly beautiful, but they were beautiful in different ways.

"It's you!" Dong Li exclaimed.

Pei Qiqi didn't say anything back, as if she didn't hear her. Instead, she went on to spill her enemies' blood with her Ethereal Swords.

Every time, her Ethereal Swords would suddenly appear by disciples of the Thunder Mountain Sect, the Heaven Expanse Sect, and other sects, and pierce through their chest, head, or neck with one strike.

"Lu Jian! Zhang Jiu! Go kill that bitch!" Yang Kan shouted.

With beads of sweat on her forehead, Su Lin hastily ordered the other Heaven Palace Sect disciples to end their battles with the Dong Clan members to come and help her deal with Pei Qiqi.

Facing Pei Qiqi, who had mysteriously appeared, she experienced a strong sense of danger, feeling as if she wasn't weaker than Nie Tian in the slightest.

"When did this woman become so powerful?!" She marveled inwardly.

Without saying a word, Lu Jian, Zhang Jiu, and a few Heaven Palace Sect disciples rushed towards Pei Qiqi.

Not the slightest rattled look could be seen in Pei Qiqi's eyes. With a casual fling of her hand, she cast out her spiritual tool called 'Thousand Prisons'. A net of silver light rapidly spread out, giving rise to terrifying and mysterious spatial fluctuations. Each and every grid seemed to be connected to unknown realms.

Watching the Thousand Prisons expand to block the sky over them, Zhang Jiu, Lu Jian, and the few Heaven Palace Sect disciples were instantly struck by a feeling that there was no way to escape this net.

Lu Jian from the Spirit God Sect unleashed his Soul Banners. However, as one discarnate soul after another flew out of the banners, they were rapidly sucked away into the grids of the Thousand Prisons and disappeared, as if they had been teleported to some dead and silent realm, where they would stay for eternity.

Lu Jian gasped with astonishment, no longer daring to unleash the rest of his discarnate souls against Pei Qiqi.

Zhang Jiu's face also turn pale with fright as he exclaimed, "Is this net a Spirit Channeling grade treasure!? She's Master Zhen's disciple! Be careful, everyone. Pay special attention to her spiritual tools!"

Zhen Huilan was a renowned equipment forging master throughout the entire Domain of the Falling Stars. It was only natural that her disciple possessed the most profound and powerful spiritual tools.

"Like Zhao Shanling, this woman also specializes in the art of battling with spatial power. She's a very skilled killer!" With these words, Lu Jian started to cower, as if he regretted rushing over here and ending up under Pei Qiqi's Thousand Prisons.

"Just like Nie Tian, this woman also possesses freakishly high battle prowess!" Another Heaven Palace Sect disciple exclaimed.

Pei Qiqi's sudden arrival destroyed Yang Kan's plan of winning the battle and killing all of the Dong Clan members, as well as Qin Yan and Feng Ying, within a short time. The battle went into a stalemate.

Moments later, while Liao Yan was bombarding Dong Li with one thunderball after another, he suddenly sensed strong killing intent from behind him.

The shape of a person suddenly appeared out of thin air, and Liao Yan found himself enveloped in a chaotic magnetic field.

His thunder power and spiritual sea were instantly distorted and thrown into chaos. Because of this, his thunderballs missed their target.

Shocked, he hastily turned around, and found Nie Tian staring at him with a sinister grin.

In the next moment, the Flame Star blossomed with dazzling light as Nie Tian crushed his spiritual power shield with it.

Then, Nie Tian seemed to channel power from the entire starry river to the mysterious formation of stars in his other palm as he pressed it on Liao Yan's chest.


The slithering lightning Liao Yan had wreathed himself with exploded like crushed spiritual snakes.

After a miserable wail, his badly mangled body fell into the black marshland.


A few bubbles later, the black water returned to peace.

Yu Yang, who was also attacking Dong Li, shouted with his eyes filled with fear, "Nie Tian!"

He had never expected that Nie Tian would slaughter Yu Yang with such unstoppable force upon appearing.

From the look of it, Nie Tian had become even more powerful than when he had left the island. He didn't seem wounded in the slightest, much less severely wounded.

"Go to hell!!" Without Liao Yan to distract her, Dong Li let out a long cry as she swooped down from the air with her huge, black phoenix at her back, engulfing Yu Yang in her dark spiritual power in a split second.

Nie Tian looked up and saw that Yu Yang from the Heaven Expanse Sect was instantly swallowed by a sea of black aura. His signs of life rapidly became imperceptible.

At the same time, a sword of ice exuding a frosty aura flew into appearance, turning a Poison Sect disciple into a block of ice.

Then, as the ice exploded, the man was reduced to pieces of frozen flesh that rained down on the black marshland.

"Xuan Ke from the Ice Pavilion Sect!" Qin Yan exclaimed, looking thrilled. Then, with a fierce look on her face, she cried out, "Kill these shameless bastards! Don't let any of them leave here alive!"

"That's easy enough," Nie Tian said in deep voice.

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