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The young human Qi warriors sped through a land where every tree and plant had been drained of wood power and withered away.  

Dong Li was the only one who was able to travel through air with the help of her black phoenix. High in the air, she stared into the distance where she had spotted Nie Tian, a deeply concerned look filling her eyes.

After obtaining copious power from the eighth grade black phoenix’s corpse, her black phoenix beast spirit had gone through some changes.

Before, her black phoenix beast spirit had seemed rather illusionary and intangible, but now it had not only become larger, but also seemed more tangible. Even the finest feathers on its wings could be seen with great clarity.

Meanwhile, its deep, black eyes emanated frightening, icy light that seemed as if it could capture people’s souls.

At this moment, Dong Li was wearing a black dress, which brought out her milky white skin and curvaceous body. Any man would be intoxicated by her singular beauty.

However, an incomparably fierce aura suddenly burst forth from her deep, obsidian-like eyes and wreathed her perfectly-shaped body.

Eyes fixed on the area Nie Tian was in, she constantly urged the others to hurry up in a loud voice.

However, unable to use their air-transportation spiritual tools and without airborne beast spirits to use, none of the others could keep up with her.


Looking very anxious, Dong Li once again pointed out the direction for the others traveling on the ground, and finally swooped into the distance alone.

It wasn’t long before she arrived at the area where Nie Tian was slaying outsiders one after another. She glanced down and dead outsiders filled her view.

Nie Tian, however, was wreathed in raging flames, as if he were a god of flames. At this very moment, he had just taken out an outsider, and was holding his Flame Star with the poise of a bloodthirsty tiger.

Confident like a monarch, Nie Tian looked up at Dong Li, and with a hearty smile, he said, “You’ve come.” 

Dong Li’s bright eyes glittered as a hint of a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. “It’s so nice to see that you’re fine.”

She wasn’t very surprised by the dead outsiders scattered all over the area.

In her eyes, this was exactly how the man who had won her heart was supposed to be.

In the next moment, Dong Li flapped her arms in midair and shot beams of dark spiritual aura out of the tips of her fingers.

One of the Birdmen in the vicinity gave a miserable wail and fell from the sky.

The Birdman had her body and feathered wings pierced through by Dong Li’s dark spiritual power, and died before even hitting the ground.

Like a totem, the black phoenix beast spirit that floated behind Dong Li suddenly let out a sharp screech. Immediately afterwards, Dong Li’s aura soared as she started dashing between different locations at lightning speed.

As she did, countless beams of dark spiritual power pierced through more Birdmen in the air like black spears cast by some monarch of dark forces.

One Birdman after another screamed miserably as they flapped their wings a few times before falling to the ground.

Many outsiders’ expressions flickered drastically as they saw Dong Li coming out of nowhere and starting to slaughter Birdmen without any warning.

“Here comes another human!”

“This woman is very powerful!”

“She’s at the peak Greater Heaven stage, only one step away from entering the Worldly realm!”

“How come she carries the fierce bloodline aura of an ancient black phoenix!?”

“Dammit! She’s the Birdmen’s natural bane!”

Nie Tian was also shocked by her battle prowess.

In fact, the Birdmen had been giving him a headache, since they could soar high into the sky, and he had failed to kill them the way he had killed the other outsiders.

This was the reason why the Birdmen had lost the fewest members at his hands during this battle.

However, since Dong Li also possessed the ability to sail through the air, she chased the Birdmen down and slaughtered them without mercy.

Not only that, but Nie Tian also noticed that Dong Li seemed completely unaffected by the Dark Soul Ward which Armes had formed with his bloodline power when she flew over.

She passed through it without meeting any resistance. Both her body and soul entered the ward, safe and sound.

While Nie Tian was inwardly marveling at Dong Li’s changes, Dong Li flew to the Dark Soul Ward.

With a cold laugh, she exclaimed, “Break it!”

The black phoenix behind her, which was significantly larger than before, spread its wide wings that were like two incomparably large blades.

With them, it easily cut the Dark Soul Ward, which Armes had formed with great effort, to pieces.

“Kill her! Kill that woman!” Armes thundered madly.

As he did, drops of blood flowed from the corners of his eyes. Apparently, just like Sylon, he also suffered a severe backlash when his bloodline magic was shredded.

“Over there!”

“Come with me!”

At that moment, people from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the Realm of a Hundred Battles finally rushed onto the battlefield.

After coming to a stop, Xuan Ke took a glance at their surroundings, and his expression flickered in shock. “What?!”

Qin Yan also went blank as she glanced over at the approximately two dozen dead outsiders scattered around them. Astounded to her very core, she asked uncomprehendingly, “N-Nie Tian, you killed all these outsiders by yourself?”

Nie Tian smiled subtly, not saying a word.

In fact, they didn’t need to ask. It was rather obvious who had killed those outsiders.

Before rushing to this island, they had seen Nie Tian being deeply surrounded by outsiders through that magical ice of Xuan Ke’s.

There wasn’t another human on this island, and Dong Li had only beaten them to this place by a short time. Who would it have been, if not Nie Tian?

Cao Qiushui gasped, his hand on his chest. “Oh my god!” 

The disbelieving expression on his face indicated that he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Gu Haofeng’s expression froze as his body went completely still like a stone statue.

The eyes of the members of the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect were also filled with respect and awe as they tore their gazes from the dead outsiders and laid them on Nie Tian.

Before arriving, most of them had expected that Nie Tian might have suffered serious injuries and been in a very dangerous situation, considering he had been surrounded by a great number of outsiders.

Never had they imagined that Nie Tian was actually unscathed, much less that he had single-handedly slain so many outsiders.

Tago, the Demon leader, lunged forward and held the furious Armes down. With a deep voice, he said, “Lord Armes! I’m afraid we need to leave this island now!”

“You scared?! Is that it?!” Armes asked, fury filling his face.

Tago was somehow still able to keep a calm mind as he said, “That Son of the Stars is too powerful for us to handle, and that woman also seems very hard to deal with. Plus, there’s another powerful human on this island, a woman well-versed in the use of spatial power. She’s also a good fighter. Even I don’t have the confidence to take her in a battle.

“Besides, even though these newcomers don’t seem very powerful, they have come in large numbers.

“We, on the other hand, have consumed a significant amount of strength when we bombarded the Wood Thriving Formation, and we’ve lost too many people to that Son of the Stars. We’re not in a good place to fight now.”

“From the look of it, that Son of the Stars is now capable of channeling unlimited flame power to attack us.”

“If we stay, we’ll only lose more people.”

At that moment, Abreu chimed in in a low voice, “You’re suffering from a severe backlash, brother. So is Sylon. All of the newcoming humans, however, seem full of vigor and fighting spirit. A Son of the Stars, two powerful women, and those others, this is really not a battle we can win.”

Mixed emotions flashed across Armes’ face, as if he simply couldn’t swallow such a defeat and leave.

“We have to evacuate this island to restore our strength, or find our seniors,” said Tago.

While Armes hesitated, Tago saw Xuan Ke from the Ice Pavilion Sect turning a Demon into a statue of ice with his sect’s secret icy magic, and thus shouted, “Lord Armes! If you insist on staying, I’ll have to take my men and leave!”

With these words, Tago let out a long roar.

Upon hearing his roar, all of the Demon survivors ended their battle and scattered in different directions.

Upon seeing this, Stonemountain hesitated briefly, then also issued the order to evacuate.

The same went for the Blackscales and Birdmen. They all chose to avoid the humans while their blades were sharpest.

Like Armes, Sylon, the Fiend leader, was also very reluctant to leave. However, upon seeing that the Demons, Stonemen, Blackscales, and Birdmen were leaving, he eventually gave the command, though reluctantly, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Brother!” Abreu tried to awaken Armes to reality.

Armes gritted his teeth so hard that his gums started to bleed. The pain finally helped him recover his senses, and thus, like a trapped beast, he thundered, “Abandon this island!”

Upon hearing his order, all of the remaining outsiders let out sighs of relief and hastily escaped in different directions.

“Chase after them!” Dong Li gave the order. “Kill as many as you can!” 

She glanced down at Nie Tian, and after realizing that he was unhurt, she dashed after the fleeing Birdmen at full speed.

The others from the Ice Pavilion Sect, the Yin Sect, the Yang Sect, and the Realm of a Hundred Battles also knew that this was the perfect opportunity to maximize their victory, and thus spread out to chase the fleeing outsiders.

Nie Tian was the only one who remained in place. After everyone chased off after the outsiders, his hands quickly wove in the air.

As he did, the dead outsiders were channeled to form a huge ball of corpses that floated right in front of him.

He placed his hands on the ball of corpses. His eyes narrowed as he unleashed Life Drain.

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