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Su Lin's expression flickered the moment she saw Nie Tian and the bodies scattered around him. "Why are you here?! Where are Hong He and Huang Hu?"

Some of the corpses belonged to those who had been killed during their previous battle against the Thunder Mountain Sect, but most seemed to have been killed after she had left.

Since Nie Tian was sitting among the dead, it seemed most likely that he had killed those men.

Previously, when they had met by the Earthshatter Beast's corpse, she hadn't paid much attention to Nie Tian, and thus hadn't recognized him. She had only assumed that he was a nobody.

She had never imagined that the person who she had overlooked was actually such a dangerous person who had killed so many Qi warriors at his stage.

Nie Tian's face split into a grin. "Hong He and Huang Hu? Bad luck to them. They shared the same fate as these before you."

"Which sect are you from?!" The late Greater Heaven stage with Su Lin exclaimed coldly. "How dare you challenge the Heaven Palace Sect?!" 

Nie Tian shook his head, a vicious grin filling his face. "Su Lin, hand over the Earthshatter Beast's eye." He didn't even spare the man a glance.

"It belongs to the Heaven Palace Sect now," Su Lin said, smiling disdainfully. "Don't even imagine that we'll give it back."

"So that's how it is." With these words, Nie Tian blurred into action. The Flame Star in his hand blossomed with dazzlingly bright light as he suddenly slashed it in the air.

The glorious light instantly lit up the dusk sky.

Carrying a heaven-shaking and earth-shattering might, a streak of light that was more than ten meters long instantly shot towards Su Lin and the late Greater Heaven stage Qi warrior beside her.

Watching the light descending on her, Su Lin's expression flickered drastically as she was overwhelmed by a feeling that she was going to die in the next moment.

The face of Guan Ye, the late Greater Heaven stage Heaven Palace Sect disciple beside her, also instantly distorted. In haste, he cast out a prismatic mirror.

As soon as it flew out, the image of the splendid Heaven Palace Sect appeared within the mirror, along with the majestic mountains and meandering rivers that surrounded it.

Dazzling light that carried a boundless aura instantly burst forth from within the prismatic mirror.

"Heaven Profound Mirror!" As Guan Ye let out a cold exclamation, the image suddenly shot out of the mirror towards Nie Tian's incoming streak of glorious light.

However, no matter whether it was the magnificent palace, or the mountains and rivers around it, they exploded and were reduced to sputtering sparks the moment they were touched by the streak of glorious light.

Upon seeing this, an exclamation escaped Su Lin's mouth as she quickly tossed out a piece of silk cloth.

Silver-white and glittering like it was made of fish scale, the silk cloth unleashed a white mist that brought a mirage with it.

Nie Tian was instantly struck by a feeling that he was separated from Su Lin by a thousand mountains and rivers. Su Lin had already disappeared from his vision, her aura too faint to detect.

After destroying the illusions from the prismatic mirror, the Flame Star's blade light slashed into the white mist. However, as it did, it was slowed down by strong resistance, like a blade put into mud.

"Heaven Eye Perception!" As Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph, the Heaven Eye that was the closest to Su Lin instantly descended from the air.

As soon as it did, the blinding light it emanated pierced through the white mist and made it so that Su Lin and Guan Ye had nowhere to hide.

Nie Tian blurred into action and, like a weightless ghost, he flew into the white mist and quickly arrived in front of Guan Ye.

The Flame Star in his hand once again blossomed with dazzling light, lighting up the mist. Guan Ye hastily formed hand seals to summon his Heaven Profound Mirror back to shield against Nie Tian's attack.


The moment the Flame Star slammed on the Heaven Profound Mirror, it unleashed raging power that could bring down mountains and shatter the earth.

Holding the Heaven Profound Mirror, Guan Ye was thrown flying backwards out of the white mist, as if he had been hit by a huge, galloping beast.

Meanwhile, a very noticeable crack appeared on the Heaven Profound Mirror in his hand. One clash with the Flame Star caused irreparable damage to the Heaven Profound Mirror, which he deemed his most precious treasure.

"Who the hell is he, Su Lin?!" Guan Ye cried out.

He didn't know that Su Lin, who was still in the white mist, wasn't able to give any response at this moment.

In her eyes, three sparkling fragmentary star marks appeared, floating in the middle of her white mist.

They were three star formations Nie Tian had formed with starsparks, which were formed with extremely refined and concentrated star power.

As Su Lin examined the star formations with rapt attention, she was able to see that each of them was formed with seven bright spots.

The bright spots were constantly changing positions inside the star formations, as if they were forming new alignments with every passing moment.

As the three star formations lit up in the middle of her illusory spell formation, she couldn't find anywhere to hide.

Like stars summoned from the depths of the starry river, they emanated starlight that carried unfathomable power.


With a fling of her arm, Su Lin cast a glowing, dark-purple sphere towards one of the star formations.

As soon as it made contact with the star formation, it exploded to a hundred pieces, and so did the various magical spell formations engraved inside it.

As that happened, Su Lin seemed as if she had taken a strong blow in the chest. She let out a muffled groan and stumbled backwards.

It was at that moment she finally realized who she was fighting, and thus exclaimed, "Nie Tian!"

Lu Jian from the Spirit God Sect stood side by side with Yang Kan from the Flame God Sect. From the start, his malicious gaze had been following Nie Tian's blazing blade light and his vague shape in the mist. "He's Nie Tian?!" he exclaimed.

In the next moment, one Soul Banner after another quietly flew out of Lu Jian's leveled cuff as he continued to keep a close watch on the battle between Su Lin and Nie Tian, hoping to launch a surprise attack when an opportunity presented itself.

"Hold it now." Yang Kan placed his hand on Lu Jian's, stopping him from forming hand seals, then he shook his head and said with a grim look on his face, "Now that this kid has advanced to the middle Greater Heaven stage, even I can't get a clear assessment of his battle prowess anymore. Don't try to attack him. Otherwise, you might attract his attention to us."

Lu Jian was taken aback. "Haven't you advanced to the Worldly realm, Big Brother Yang?" 

Yang Kan's face twitched slightly as he said in a low, furious voice, "If I had truly entered the Worldly realm, would I still be brought to this part of the continent?!"

Upon hearing these words, Lu Jian fell silent.

Previously, when Nie Tian had summoned his Flame Dragon Armor, it had absorbed all of Yang Kan's earthflame crystal strings and earthflame essence, and deactivated Yang Kan's flame ward. Yang Kan had been forced to leave.

Then, he had decided to force a breakthrough by forcibly creating a tenth vortex of spiritual power in his spiritual sea. What should have happened afterwards was that the tenth vortex of spiritual power devoured the other nine one by one, until only one vortex of spiritual power remained.

Not only that, but his psychic power should also have transformed into soul power. Only after accomplishing these would he be considered to have finished his advancement to the Worldly realm.

However, the moment his tenth vortex of spiritual power had appeared and the aura of his breakthrough enveloped him, he had dashed into the colorful mist with Lu Jian tagging along. However, they hadn't ended up in the region where the other Worldly realm Qi warriors were brought to.

The two of them had been stuck in the misty path for a long time.

For some reason, his tenth vortex of spiritual power had failed to devour the other nine, and his psychic power had failed to transform into soul power, therefore leaving his breakthrough unfinished.

Not only had he not entered the Worldly realm, but he had even suffered a backlash, which had caused a minor regression in his cultivation.

However, eventually, the misty path brought the two of them to this region where all the other Greater Heaven stage Qi warriors were.

During this period of time, he had tried everything, but failed to find ways to make his vortexes of spiritual power merge. Not only that, but he had found it harder and harder to summon spiritual power. He could feel his strength slowly slipping away from him.

The only solution to these problems would be to find a way to merge his vortexes of spiritual power and transform his psychic power into soul power, therefore completing his breakthrough into the Worldly realm.

Yang Kan suspected that the reason why he was put in such an awkward and strange situation was because he had let the Greater Heaven stage Lu Jian tag along when he had charged into the colorful mist that separated the segments.

"We only have one chance to strike Nie Tian and take the Flame Dragon Armor," Yang Kan said with a grim face. "We must do it when Nie Tian is in a very dangerous situation. Successful or not, we'd have to evacuate from this place immediately, not delaying a second. As for that black phoenix's corpse, we'll have to leave it for now. If I can complete my breakthrough into the Worldly realm with the Flame Dragon Armor's help, I'll possess unmatched power in this region.

"Then, we'll be able to take back all the precious spiritual materials they've taken from the black phoenix's corpse!"

Lu Jian nodded and said with a somewhat frustrated tone, "I see."

Yang Kan looked coldly at him. "As long as I can get the Flame Dragon Armor and finish my breakthrough, we'll be able to everything back! Remember! When I move out, do whatever you can to help me bring him down."

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