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Dong Baijie looked into Nie Tian's eyes. With a sigh, he let go of him and said to Dong Li, "Let him go."

In fact, he had changed his mind when he had learned that only Greater Heaven stage cultivators would be able to enter the segment of the band where Pei Qiqi was.

The reason for that was that he had confidence in Nie Tian's and Pei Qiqi's strength. He believed that if everyone was at the Greater Heaven stage, even if they faced more Spirit God Sect and Poison Sect enemies, the two of them would probably still triumph.

Eyes filled with rage, Nie Tian stared at Dong Li.

"I'll go with you!" Dong Li exclaimed, frowning.

At that moment, Yao Shou from the Spirit God Sect also noticed the Greater Heaven stage disciples of the Poison Sect in the part of the colorful band where Pei Qiqi was.

However, since he didn't know about the conflicts between Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, and the Poison Sect, he thought Pei Qiqi was going to make some sort of deal with those from the Poison Sect.

After a moment of pondering, he made his decision and called out to his people, "All of you at the Greater Heaven stage, go!"

Upon hearing these words, the Greater Heaven stage Spirit God Sect disciples charged into the colorful band one after another.

But to everyone's surprise, only seven of them drifted to the part where Pei Qiqi and the Poison Sect disciples were.

The few who entered after those seven seemed to be carried away by some unknown force and drifted to the top part of the band, instead of the part close to the bottom.

The top part of the band, which was filled with floating landmasses, boulders, and outsiders' corpses, seemed to have formed recently.

Yao Shou's expression flickered as he instantly came to a realization and exclaimed, "That band is actually changing all the time. As it swirls and stretches down towards the bottom, new parts are actually forming at the top. The part where Pei Qiqi is located is already too close to the bottom, so it can't hold any more people!"

Nie Tian, who was just about to charge into the colorful band, was suddenly enlightened.

The band that was curled in the shape of a huge vortex was actually regenerating at the top as it continued to stretch down towards the bottom, and the newly-formed parts would also only allow cultivators at certain levels to enter.

The part at the top now seemed to have replaced the part where Pei Qiqi was, and thus started to take in Greater Heaven stage incomers.

Gongsun Pu from the Flame God Sect went blank for a while before snapping back to his senses and waving his hand at his people.

Upon receiving his signal, all of the Greater Heaven stage members of the Flame God Sect whizzed out of the crowd. As soon as they entered the colorful vortex, they were carried to the top part of the band.

Afterwards, Gongsun Pu turned to look at the five Profound realm experts from the Realm of a Hundred Battles and said, "We're going in. See you."

Yao Shou's face split into a grin as he said, "From the look of it, since we're all at the Profound realm, we'll probably end up in the same area after we go in there. If you want to settle things with us, you're welcome to follow us into the vortex."

After he uttered these words, all of the Flame God Sect and Spirit God Sect Qi warriors flew into the colorful vortex.

As they had expected, those of them at the Profound realm and those of them at the Worldly realm drifted to two different parts of the bright band.

Yao Shou, Gongsun Pu, and the other Profound realm experts ended up in the same area as the Profound realm experts from the Poison Sect, who were gathered on a floating landmass.

Watching everyone from the Spirit God Sect and Flame God Sect fly into the vortex one after another, Qin Yi let out a cold harrumph and prepared to follow them into it.

However, Cao Zhaoji lifted his hand to stop him and said with a grim expression, "Wait!"

At this moment, Dong Tuodi jumped in and said, "Lu Bai and the others from the Poison Sect are also in there. Not only did we just become enemies with the Flame God Sect and the Spirit God Sect, but we've also become enemies with the Poison Sect from earlier, remember? If we enter the vortex now, we'll be instantly carried to the same area as those three forces by the vortex's internal force."

After a moment of silence, Qin Yi thought it through, and thus stayed in place.

Cao Zhaoji pondered briefly, and then added, "Not only that, but the area their Worldly realm members just drifted to is also occupied by members of the Flame God Sect, the Spirit God Sect, and the Poison Sect. If our Worldly realm members enter now, they'll also face pressure from all three forces, which won't be a wise move."

After a short pause, he let out a cold laugh and said, intense killing intent filling his eyes, "However, those three sects' Greater Heaven stage members are now in two separate areas. Only a few of the Spirit God Sect and Flame God Sect juniors ended up in the top part of the vortex."

Dong Tuodi instantly saw through his idea. With a grin, he said, "That's right."

He waved at the Greater Heaven stage Dong Clan members behind him and said, "Get in there now!"

"All of you who are at the Greater Heaven stage, go in now! Kill every Spirit God Sect and Flame God Sect member you come across in there! Don't let any of them slip away!"

"Let's go!" Dong Li dashed into the vortex with Nie Tian.

One after another, all of the Greater Heaven stage members shot towards the swirling band, putting their air-transportation spiritual tools away right before entering.

As soon as Nie Tian entered, he felt a strong dizziness, and his vision became blurry.

He felt as if he were trapped in the middle of a quagmire before a mysterious force slowly carried him to the top part of the vortex, where he assumed a foothold on a floating boulder that slowly drifted with the natural flow.

Dong Li stood right beside him on the boulder that was only large enough for the two of them to stand on.

He glanced around with rapt attention, and discovered, to his surprise, that he wasn't able to get a clear view of the swirling band underneath him. Even the outside world was a blur in his eyes.

All he could get a clear view of was everything in the horizontal level of the band where he and Dong Li currently were, including a large number of floating boulders, landmasses, ancient starship remains, and a few Bonebrutes' corpses.

"Hey, remember, don't examine this place with your psychic awareness!" Dong Li reminded him in a soft voice.

Nie Tian nodded back at her, while he had something planned inwardly.

According to Cao Zhaoji, those who didn't possess soul power should never try to use their psychic awareness to examine the place.

However, even though he hadn't entered the Worldly realm yet, the nine fragmentary stars in his soul provided him with soul power.

In fact, the Heaven Eyes he had been using all the time were formed with his soul power. If Cao Zhaoji was right, it shouldn't be a problem if he used his Heaven Eyes in here.

With these thoughts in mind, he secretly attempted to form one Heaven Eye.

As the Heaven Eye came to form, everything seemed normal, and he was able to scan the vicinity with it.

With a thought, he formed eight more Heaven Eyes and controlled them to spread out in order to gain a full understanding of the situation of the segment he was in.

However, he soon discovered some worrying anomalies.

He discovered that he and Dong Li were in the middle of the band, instead of on either edge, where they slowly drifted with the natural flow, along with other floating objects.

However, his nine Heaven Eyes could only move with the flow, not against it. They couldn't even stop and stay in one place.

He wasn't able to see any of the colors that he had seen from the outside. Instead, all he could see before him was a thick, gray mist, along with the numerous boulders and dilapidated ancient starships floating in it.

The gray mist seemed to be the same as the gray mist that filled the bottom of the vortex.

While he contemplated the situation with furrowed brows, Dong Li's voice pulled him back to reality.

Eyes narrowed, Dong Li glanced around and said, "This place is so weird, Nie Tian. It seems that a mysterious force is carrying all of the floating landmasses and boulders, along with all other tangible objects, towards one destination.

"This means that, whether we like it or not, we'll drift with the flow, and we have no control over where we're heading.

"We can never touch that thick, gray mist. Otherwise, it might kill us.

"Also, according to Senior Cao, we can only move down the flow to floating objects where we can rest our feet, and never go against the flow."

"Yeah, I saw that as well," Nie Tian said.

At that moment, a bloodcurdling scream suddenly rang out from behind them.

They jerked their heads back to see what was happening.

Then they saw, on the nearby remains of an ancient starship, that Dong Baijie had just killed a Greater Heaven stage member of the Flame God Sect with his beast spirit, which was a giant, gray wolf.

Dong Baijie looked back at them and grinned. As he did, his giant gray wolf roared and slowly returned to his body.

Afterwards, he bounced towards Nie Tian and Dong Li on the dilapidated ancient starship.

Since the boulder Nie Tian and Dong Li were standing on wasn't a large one, upon seeing his brother coming towards them, Dong Li took the initiative to press herself close to Nie Tian to make room for Dong Baijie.

WHOOSH! Dong Baijie landed right besides them and said with a hearty smile, "This is such an interesting place."

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