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Nie Tian took out the Sound Stone Dong Li had given him, held it out to her, and said with a innocent expression, “This is clearly a misunderstanding. I have this Sound Stone on me now. See?”

Dong Li reached out her hand and said fiercely, “Let me take a look at it!” 

Nie Tian tossed it to her.

As soon as Dong Li caught it, a wisp of dark spiritual aura flew into the Sound Stone. After confirming that the Sound Stone was the one Dong Baijie had given Nie Tian, the anger on her face gradually faded.

“Why are our Sound Stones not interacting with each other...?” Confused, she handed the Sound Stone back to Nie Tian.

Nie Tian smiled bitterly. “There’s something strange about this continent. It seems that no Sound Stone can work here. Those Poison Sect disciples encountered the same problems with their Sound Stones earlier.”

“So that’s how it is.” The cold expression was erased from the corner of Dong Li’s mouth as she gave a soft chuckle. “It seems that I wronged you.”

“Yeah, you did,” Nie Tian said, looking displeased.

“Alright, alright, it’s my bad.” Dong Li didn’t want to dwell further on the matter, and asked, “How come you and Pei Qiqi are here by yourselves? Where are the others from the Tool Sect?”

Dong Baijie and Qin Yan also gazed at Nie Tian curiously.

“We were played by people from the Spirit God Sect.” Eyebrows furrowed, Nie Tian went on to briefly explain what had happened to the Tool Sect.

After hearing his narration, Dong Baijie let out a sigh and said, “Because of Zhao Shanling’s return, many aren’t too optimistic about the Tool Sect’s future. In the eyes of the Spirit God Sect, the Tool Sect will sooner or later fall into Zhao Shanling’s hands. And apparently, it would take a lot more than the fickle friendship between Yao Shou and Master Zhen for the Spirit God Sect to truly team up with the Tool Sect.”

“Whatever. What happened to them doesn’t concern us.” Dong Li sounded indifferent. With a faint smile, she turned to Nie Tian and said, “Even if those from the Tool Sect are still alive, their operation in this dimension will be full of obstacles. You might as well stop hanging out with Pei Qiqi and join the team from the Realm of a Hundred Battles.”

She took the initiative to extend an olive branch.

She inwardly rejoiced that the Tool Sect had fallen victim to the Spirit God Sect’s scheme and betrayal.

With all seriousness, Dong Baijie said, “The truth is that the Tool Sect won’t be able to protect you anymore. Wandering around alone in this dimension, you and Pei Qiqi may run into powerful experts from the other sects at any moment, which will be very dangerous. I strongly suggest that you travel with us, Nie Tian. This will, to a great extent, ensure your safety.”

Seeing Dong Baijie and Dong Li’s persuasion, Qin Yan pursed her lips into a smile, blinked a few times, and said, “Certain people stamped with fury after learning via her Sound Stone that you chose to go with Pei Qiqi and the Tool Sect. She vented her anger on Gu Haofeng by letting loose a stream of abuse against him when he did nothing wrong.”

Dong Li was shamed into anger. “You, shut up!!” 

Despite the fact that she was already such a beauty, now that her cheeks was slightly flushed with anger and embarrassment, she was even more stunningly beautiful.

After a moment of silence, Nie Tian said, “I need to get Senior Martial Sister Pei’s opinion. We’ll either travel with you together, or go on traveling alone.”

“She’s welcome to join us,” Qin Yan said casually. “Master Zhen and my great grandfather are close friends. If he learned about the Tool Sect’s current situation, he would have demanded that Pei Qiqi travel with us.”

Dong Li snorted coldly. “I don’t like that ice-cold woman.”  

Dong Baijie let out a chuckle and said to Nie Tian, “You guys go ahead and talk. I’ll go inform our seniors of the situation here so that they won’t worry about us.”

With these words, he sped away under Dong Li’s gaze.

At that very moment, Jin Lin’s miserable shriek rang out from somewhere near the edge of the floating continent.

Dong Baijie shuddered slightly, and then marveled, “That woman is quite a fighter.”

He couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that Pei Qiqi, whose cultivation base was lower than Jin Lin’s, had managed to kill Jin Lin within such a short time.

Qin Yan’s expression also flickered upon hearing Jin Lin’s last agonized shriek before death.

Like a butterfly flying among flowers, she flashed about to examine the scattered dead Poison Sect disciples.

Then, she flashed back to Dong Li’s side, looked deeply at Nie Tian, and asked, “Did just the two of you manage to kill all these Poison Sect disciples? And it seems to me that most of them were at the middle Greater Heaven stage.”

“That’s all thanks to Senior Martial Sister Pei,” Nie Tian said.

Qin Yan shook her head as her expression grew serious. “You can’t fool me. Those who died at Pei Qiqi’s hands still have the residual aura of her spatial blades on them. But those who died at her hands aren’t as many as those who died at yours. You’re only at the early Greater Heaven stage, yet you were able to killed so many Qi warriors with superior cultivation bases. I’ve got to say, as the successor chosen by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, you’re truly special.”

Sincere admiration could be seen in her eyes.

Being at the late Greater Heaven stage herself, she was well-aware that even she wouldn’t be able to achieve such stunning battle results.

She couldn’t help but turn to look at Dong Li, and with a soft chuckle, she said, “I have to give it to you that you’re a great judge of true talent.”

Not saying a word, Dong Li only raised her chin slightly.

“Alright, I’ll take a look around and leave you two alone.” With these words, Qin Yan followed Dong Baijie’s example, found an excuse, and left.

After she disappeared, Dong Li hesitated a bit before she suddenly trotted to Nie Tian’s side.

Confusion appeared on Nie Tian’s face. “What are you doing?” 

Before Nie Tian could stop her, she had already placed her soft hands on Nie Tian’s exposed skin. “Don’t move. Let me check your wounds.” 

Gently rubbing the wounds created by the spirit vermin’s sharp teeth, she asked, “How come you were so careless that you got bitten by so many spirit vermin? All of the Poison Sect’s spirit vermin carry spirit venom. How are you feeling now? Are you feeling sore or numb? And...”

She stopped in the middle of her sentence, astonishment filling her bright eyes.

Under her gaze, the numerous fine wounds she had just touched with her jade-like fingers were actually healing.

She went blank for a moment, then examined the wounds with rapt attention. She discovered that all of the wounds she could see were actually healing at a speed so shockingly fast she was able to see the healing process.

Meanwhile, as Nie Tian shook his shoulders and arms, large amounts of spirit vermin that had been drained of flesh power fell to the ground.

The dead spirit vermin seemed to be bereft of any blood or water, like corpses that had been left in the desert for months.

Eyes lit up, Dong Li finally snapped back to reality and asked in a low voice, “Did these spirit vermin die because you drained them of their flesh power?”

With a faint grin, Nie Tian answered, “That seems to be the case.” 

Dong Li slammed her fist in his chest before glaring at him and saying in an angry, low voice, “You bastard! You made me worry about you for so long! I saw you being gnawed by that many spirit vermin, and I thought... I thought you...”

With a loud ‘ouch’, Nie Tian took two steps back and said with a frown, “It was actually a bit hard to take at first. I seem fine now, but I’m still recovering. Jeez.”

With these words, he slowly sat down on the ground, examining himself as he practiced Heaven Wood Heal.

All of the flesh power he had absorbed with Life Drain had been devoured by the green aura in his heart. Under the effect of Heaven Wood Heal, the healing aura generated from the liquidized wood power dissolved the residual venom and healed the wounds created by the spirit vermin at an alarmingly fast speed.

He looked down at the holes and cuts the spirit vermin’s teeth had created on his flesh, and discovered that the fibers within them were rapidly growing and reattaching.

The healing effect of Heaven Wood Heal went beyond his imagination. It appeared that treating such minor injuries was extremely easy.

Even as he chatted with Dong Li, all of his wounds were rapidly closing and disappearing, not leaving any scars.

With a tempting fragrance, Dong Li once again approached him and without any scruples, touched the place on his neck where the cyan gecko had bitten him. “You freak! Are you sure that you’re even human?! How in the world can a gash that deep be healed within such a short time?

“Even many outsiders that are famous for the toughness of their bodies can’t heal their wounds this fast...”

Tickled by her fingers, Nie Tian subconsciously caught her hand and held it away from him, saying, “Don’t. You’re tickling me.”

With these words, Nie Tian was going to let go of her hand. However, Dong Li suddenly broke away and caught Nie Tian’s hand.

Eyes filled with confusion, he looked into Dong Li’s eyes.

However, Dong Li seemed to have noticed something. Her gaze suddenly averted and landed on Pei Qiqi, who had appeared at the foot of a distant ancient tree.

Looking bashful, she berated Nie Tian while glancing at Pei Qiqi, “Look how eager you are. It’s only been days since we parted, and now you can’t keep your hands off me? Quit it. People are watching!”

By “people”, she was clearly referring to Pei Qiqi, who had happened to return at this moment.

Nie Tian was at a loss for words.

At this moment, Dong Li flung away Nie Tian’s hand and put some distance between the two of them. Ravishingly beautiful, she rolled her eyes at him as she fixed her appearance. Then, with a lazy attitude, she turned to Pei Qiqi and said loudly, “Sorry, we didn’t know that you were back. We kinda got carried away.”

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