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In Lu Bai's eyes, the floating continent before him had already become a land of humiliation.

Firstly, He Xu, Wu Cui, and Luo Ting had died miserable deaths on it. Then, after Zhang Jiu and Sha Cheng's narrow escape, they had led another group of nine Greater Heaven stage disciples into the depths of the continent, which had once again ended in them suffering great losses.

Their opponents, however, were just Pei Qiqi, who was at the middle Greater Heaven stage, and an early Greater Heaven stage young man with an unknown background.

Lu Bai found the current situation to be simply unacceptable.

Soon, under Dong Tuodi and Qin Yi's leadership, members of the Dong Clan and the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce arrived by the group of Poison Sect members.

Seeing that Lu Bai wasn't in the mood to talk, Dong Tuodi didn't impose. Instead, he just greeted him by nodding briefly at him before turning to order those who had come with him, "Alright, let's go take a look inside this continent."

A hint of a sneer appeared at the corner of Lu Bai's mouth.


Dong Tuodi, who had already put away his Rainbow Lightning, instantly rammed hard into the invisible ward and triggered the restrictive spell around the floating continent.

As large amounts of green aura rose high into the air from the dense forest, the green, semi-transparent ward once again revealed itself, with innumerable complicated tree patterns roaming quietly on it.

A mysterious force that could ward off living creatures and soul fluctuations from that piece of heaven and earth was instantly born within the green, glowing ward.

Surprised and confused, Dong Tuodi unleashed a few incantations along with his soul awareness to examine the ward.

Moments later, he seemed to have reached a good understanding of the situation, and thus said, "There's something strange about this continent."

He looked over his shoulder at the Dong Clan juniors and said, "This strange ward is preventing both my spiritual and soul power from entering. I suppose it's some sort of restrictive spell that works on Profound realm cultivators like me. Now you go and try."

Two Worldly realm Dong Clan members followed his instructions and made their attempts, which also turned out to be unsuccessful.

Seeing this, Dong Tuodi turned to look at Dong Kang, Dong Baijie, and Dong Li, and said with a commanding tone, "Dong Kang, Baijie, Li."

Upon hearing his words, the three most outstanding members of the Dong Clan's younger generation shot towards the floating continent.

The three of them were all at the Greater Heaven stage. Unaffected by the ward, which had once again become invisible, they fell towards the land wreathed by rich wood power.

Standing by the edge of the floating continent, Dong Baijie turned around and said with a smile, "We have no problem entering this area."

Upon hearing his words, the Greater Heaven stage members of the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce flew in after them, Qin Yan being their leader.

Dong Tuodi, Qin Yi, and a number of their Worldly realm members remained floating some distance from the edge of the continent.

After a moment of silence, Dong Tuodi looked towards Lu Bai and said, "Juniors from your sect are in there right now, right?"

Lu Bai let out a cold snort and said, "A few of them, indeed."

Rubbing his chin, Dong Tuodi chuckled cunningly as he turned to Dong Baijie and the others, and said, "Spare no effort to uncover the mysteries of this continent. Remember: should you come across any precious treasures or rare cultivation materials, those who are strong enough to hold on to them should be the keepers."

Infuriated, Lu Bai blurted, "Dong Tuodi! Are you saying that it's okay for your juniors to take things from mine?!"

"What if I am?" Dong Tuodi said in a unconstrained manner, turning a blind eye to Lu Bai's fury. "This floating continent isn't your sect's property. You can explore it. Why can't we?"

Just as Lu Bai was about to refute Dong Tuodi's statement, it suddenly occurred to him that Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian were still on the floating continent.

The two of them had already killed quite a few juniors from the Poison Sect on this very continent. They had apparently considered it their private territory.

Lu Bai thought that if the juniors from the Dong Clan and the Water Moon Chamber of Commerce entered the deepest parts of the continent, they would probably also encounter Pei Qiqi and Nie Tian.

He started wondering what would happen to them if they did...

Having reached this point in his train of thought, Lu Bai masked his fury with a composed expression, and then with a gentle nod, he said, "Alright, let their strength speak for themselves."

"That'd be the best." With these words, Dong Tuodi waved at the juniors from the Realm of a Hundred Battles.

Upon receiving his consent, the juniors turned around and headed towards the depths of the floating continent.

At the heart of the forest, a number of dead bodies were scattered around on the ground.

Zhang Jiu's gentle smile gradually faded away as beads of sweat started to appear on his forehead.

Within such a short time, six of his fellow sect members who were also at the Greater Heaven stage had been slaughtered by the joint efforts of Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi.

Pei Qiqi had constantly switched back and forth among her illusions, avoiding a head-on confrontation with Jin Lin or Sha Cheng. She had only launched attacks when it had been necessary to kill the early and middle Greater Heaven stage Poison Sect disciples.

No one had been able to identify Pei Qiqi's real self from the few dozen illusions, much less launch effective attacks.

As for the other one, Nie Tian, he had traveled in the dark like a ghost.

He had seldom revealed himself, yet whenever he had, one of Zhang Jiu's Poison Sect companions died in the next moment.

Everything seemed to have happened in the blink of an eye, and Zhang Jiu suddenly found the situation he was currently in very similar to earlier when he and Sha Cheng had been forced to split up and escape in different directions.

The only difference was that, other than the two of them, they had one more person on their team, Jin Lin.

Fuming with fury, Jin Lin thundered, hoping to provoking Nie Tian to come out from the dark, "Sneaky little bastard! I dare you to come out and fight me in a fair fight!" 

"No problem," Nie Tian answered.

At the same time, a figure suddenly fell from the lush canopy of one of the huge trees.

Not backing down in the least bit, Nie Tian paced squarely towards Jin Lin, dragging the Flame Star on the ground. As he did, its blade light slithered in the cracks on the ground like spiritual snakes.

He and Pei Qiqi together had already killed six of the nine people who had come here to kill them, with Zhang Jiu, Sha Cheng, and Jin Lin now being the only survivors.

He believed it wouldn't be a difficult thing for him and Pei Qiqi to finish off these last remaining three.

That was the reason why he decided not to hide anymore, but rather called off his bloodline talent, Life Stealth.

"Mu Han." At the same time, Pei Qiqi also revealed her real self from the fading illusions. Staring coldly at Jin Lin, she said, "The other two can live a while longer, but not this one with a foul mouth."

Since the moment Jin Lin had come, he had repeatedly referred to her as a bitch and bastard.

Therefore, in Pei Qiqi's eyes, she actually found this Jin Lin person more repulsive than Zhang Jiu and Sha Cheng, even though he was a newcomer.

"Got it!" Nie Tian's face split into a grin as he suddenly raised his Flame Star and pointed it towards Jin Lin from afar, saying, "Don't worry, senior martial sister. Leave this shit-talker to me."

"You little shit!!" Jin Lin roared.

As his hands wove in the air to form hand seals, numerous fine strings of light that were invisible to the naked eye seemed to rapidly lock onto Nie Tian.

In the next moment, his cyan gecko suddenly shot towards Nie Tian along with countless spirit vermin.

Simultaneously, he bit the tip of his own tongue and sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

As the blood rapidly morphed into a blood mist before him, which carried a surprisingly sweet scent, swarms of spirit vermin that didn't belong to him flew into it from different directions, where they absorbed Jin Lin's blood and temporarily fell under his command.

"Go!" Jin Lin cried out.

As the blood mist faded away, the spirit vermin that had consumed his blood seemed to release their utmost potential. With ear-piercing, blood-curdling shrieks, they scrambled madly for Nie Tian.

Eyes growing wide, Zhang Jiu wanted to stop Jin Lin and tell him about Nie Tian's bizarre abilities.

However, it was already too late.

Glancing at the incoming spirit vermin that filled the sky, Nie Tian shook his head. "More spirit vermin..."

Instead of a shocked expression, a faint smile appeared on his face.

He took the initiative to cancel the spiritual auras wreathing him, along with all his other defenses. He let the spirit vermin cover him, and their sharp teeth pierce into his skin.

"Hahaha!" Jin Lin's face was filled with a sneer. "I thought you were some powerful figure. Who would have known that you're actually a dumbass!"

Tens of thousands of spirit vermin that he had brought under his command and his life-spirit vermin, the cyan gecko, instantly covered every inch of Nie Tian's skin, as if they had formed an airtight coat over him.

The moment the spirit vermin started gnawing at his flesh, Nie Tian could sense with great clarity that all of them started madly emptying their venom into his flesh and blood all over.

"Life Drain!" Without the slightest hesitation, he unleashed the Life Drain bloodline talent.

"Let's not just stand here and watch." With these words, Pei Qiqi also sent out a bunch of spatial blades, which flew directing towards Sha Cheng.

Meanwhile, her four Ethereal Swords locked tightly on Zhang Jiu.

Seeing that Nie Tian had been engulfed by the swarming spirit vermin, Jin Lin dashed towards him, intense killing intent filling his eyes.

As soon as he arrived by Nie Tian's side, he saw his cyan gecko biting into Nie Tian's neck, letting out a sharp screech as it did.

However, in the next moment, the cyan gecko started struggling frantically, as if it desperately wanted to escape.

A wisp of Nie Tian's flesh power had already hooked onto the cyan gecko's bones like an invisible sharp hook. No matter how hard the life-spirit vermin struggled, it couldn't break free.

In the meantime, it was drained of its flesh power at a speed so high that it made Jin Lin's hair stand on end.

Covered in spirit vermin and looking rather miserable, Nie Tian suddenly grinned at Jin Lin as he lifted the Flame Star in his hand and slashed it down towards him.

Blinding light instantly blossomed from within the sharp blade. Then, a streak of glorious light shot forward, lighting up the dark forest and even hurting Jin Lin's eyes slightly.

Afterwards, as Nie Tian shook his shoulders, numerous small spirit vermin fell to the ground like raindrops.

As Jin Lin saw this shocking scene, a strong sense of crisis rose in his heart.


All of a sudden, Nie Tian vanished into thin air, though his blade light was still rapidly approaching Li Jin. A surge of coldness instantly ran through Jin Lin's stiff body.

In the next moment, he suddenly sensed wisps of sparkling, green aura approaching his back like slithering serpents.

With a roar, he shot up into the sky, narrowly escaping the attacks that came at both his front and back.

Before falling back to the earth, he saw to his surprise that numerous strangers were flying towards him.

"What?! Battles are taking place over there!!" Dong Li exclaimed excitedly, her smiling face like a blossoming flower.

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