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Nie Tian hid in the lush treetop directly above the dead man while looking down at him.

The thorns sticking out of the man's chest weren't physical, but rather formed by pure wood power.

He was also deeply shocked by the formidable might of the Heaven Wood Thorns he had obtained from the mysterious titan.

He couldn't believe that a wisp of his wood power had actually flown out of his vortex of wood power and infused into the man's body, where it had absorbed the man's flesh power and rapidly grown into a small, emerald-green tree.

As the small tree had continued to grow, its sharp thorns had actually easily pierced through the man's internal organs and killed him almost instantly.

"It can not only absorb others' flesh power, but also form sharp thorns!"

Eyes shining with the light of excitement, Nie Tian carefully remained stealthy.

At this moment, he saw that a number of spirit vermin had already left Pei Qiqi's side and started searching for him in the vicinity.

Those spirit vermin rapidly swarmed towards the dead body and hovered around it for some time, yet they failed to capture the aura of Nie Tian's flesh and blood, who was hiding in the treetop above them.

Relieved, he looked towards Pei Qiqi.

He could see dozens of her traveling back and forth between different spaces. There was no way he could tell which was real and which were illusions.

Since the thousands of spirit vermin also couldn't tell the real Pei Qiqi from the illusions, they could only fly between different spaces, wasting their energy searching for her.

Meanwhile, one spatial blade after another flashed into appearance, cutting down Jin Lin's and the others' life-spirit vermin.

They didn't dare to rashly enter the area where different spaces seemed to overlap before they could determine which was Pei Qiqi's real self.

Even though Pei Qiqi was only at the middle Greater Heaven stage, she single-handedly dealt with a sea of spirit vermin with great skill and ease.

The shocking battle prowess Pei Qiqi displayed made Nie Tian let out a sigh of relief. Then, he sent out a wisp of a message via one of his Heaven Eyes,

Pei Qiqi, who was still in her original place, cast a spell immediately after receiving Nie Tian's message.

Dozens of her instantly spread out in all directions, the area of overlapping spaces spreading with them.

The moment she made her move, Zhang Jiu's expression flickered as he shouted, "Don't let her escape!"

All of the Poison Sect disciples, including Sha Cheng and Jin Lin, instantly spread out to chase after the dozens of Pei Qiqis, since they had no way to tell which was the real Pei Qiqi.


Very subtle sounds echoed out from the depths of the forest. Nie Tian took the opportunity and shifted to new locations under the cover of the sounds.


All of a sudden, one of the charming figures of Pei Qiqi came to a stop and slashed her long spatial blade into another life-spirit vermin.

The owner of the vermin let out a sharp cry and, pointing at the figure of Pei Qiqi that had stopped flashing about to attack the life-spirit vermin, he called out, "That's the real her!"

Eyes wide and excited, he wove his hands in the air and formed a very complicated hand seal.

His life-spirit vermin, which was a black toad, puffed up its cheek and spewed out a mouthful of ink-black venom.

Pei Qiqi shot him a glance as she reached out with one hand, gesturing with her index and middle fingers in a sword figure. Immediately afterwards, a beam of silver-white blade light shot out of them.

The blade light scattered the ink-black venom, and then exploded, splitting into numerous smaller, silver-while blades of light that swarmed towards the toad.

A layer of misty, black light gradually rose from the black toad, as if it were some kind of defensive ward.

Staring hard at Pei Qiqi, the owner of the toad switched between hand seals as he suddenly unleashed a secret soul magic of the Poison Sect.

Pei Qiqi let out a cold harrumph as she formed a hand seal with her other hand.

A spatial energy ward instantly came to form around her, blocking the man's soul attacking magic.

The man let out a muffled groan and staggered backwards.

Seeing that the man had backed into his attack range, Nie Tian, who was hiding in the tree behind him, launched a sneak attack with the same method as earlier. "Heaven Wood Thorns!"

Numerous beams of fresh-green aura fell from the treetop towards the man's shoulders like cotton threads.

The man instantly raised his head and looked coldly into the thick treetop. "Hey!I knew you'd strike again!"

He, who seemed to have long since prepared for this, shot a black feather out of his cuff that instantly burst into black flames, forming a cluster of flames over him that was just big enough to block the incoming beams of green light.

As one beam of spiritual light after another fell into the cluster of black flames, crackling sounds echoed out as they were neutralized.

Hiding in the tree, Nie Tian's eyebrows furrowed as he instantly realized that only after he sent wisps of his wood power into his enemy's body would the Heaven Wood Thorns allow them to absorb his enemy's flesh power and grow into sharp thorns.

Apparently, the Heaven Wood Thorns wasn't a magic that should be used to fight enemies head-on.

After a moment of pondering, Nie Tian grinned slightly as he summoned his star power and cast a short-range Starshift.

In a split second, he appeared behind the man. With a flick of his middle finger, five wisps of wood power flew into the man's back.

After that strike, he immediately ended the engagement and disappeared with another short-range Starshift.

As the five wisps of wood power flew into the middle of the man's back, a shudder ran through him, and he instantly sat down in the lotus position to defend against the Heaven Wood Thorns with everything within his power.

At the same time, Sha Cheng and Jin Lin dashed over, roaring furiously as they did.


In the meantime, Pei Qiqi saw an opportunity and commanded her swarm of blade lights to engulf the black toad. The moment the black toad was riddled with holes and died, the man suffered a strong backlash.

Nie Tian, who had shifted to another location, could sense with great clarity that despite the man's painstaking defense, one of the five wisps of wood power had taken root and grown into sharp thorns within him.

Black blood spilled from the man's mouth as he sagged and collapsed to the ground from the lotus position.

Upon seeing the man's death, Pei Qiqi blurred and disappeared again, as if she had dissipated into the air.

Meanwhile, one of Pei Qiqi's illusions was being chased by an early Greater Heaven stage Poison Sect disciple. As the man realized that he was chasing after an illusion, he turned around to locate Jin Lin and Sha Cheng.

However, just at this very moment, the original illusion became Pei Qiqi's real self.

An Ethereal Sword appeared out of nowhere and flashed across the man's neck.

The man's head was thrown high into the sky. Blood squirting from his neck, he was instantly killed.

Afterwards, Pei Qiqi continued to switch back and forth between her illusions that were scattered in different locations, while Nie Tian sought opportunities to launch short-range Starshifts and sneak attacks from time to time.

Miserable screams echoed out here and there as more Poison Sect disciples were killed one after another by Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi's team effort.

The two of them had long since reached a mutual understanding, and thus worked like a well-oiled machine. They hadn't targeted Sha Cheng or Jin Lin the whole time, who were both at the late Greater Heaven stage. Instead, Pei Qiqi only distracted them by switching back and forth between her illusions.

Their targets were always the early and middle Greater Heaven stage Poison Sect disciples.

A hour passed...

Of the nine Poison Sect disciples that had entered this floating continent together, Zhang Jiu, Sha Cheng, and Jin Lin became the only ones who were still alive. All the others were dead and scattered around in the forest.

Outside of the floating continent.

The late Profound realm Lu Bai's temples throbbed slightly as he struggled to suppress his fury. He turned to Sun Xuan and asked, "What the hell is going on?"

Sun Xuan was holding a cyan compass in his hand, on which flickering spots could be seen.

Each spot was a drop of blood essence from a life-spirit vermin. When a life-spirit vermin died, the relevant spot would die out with it.

At this moment, seven spots had stopped flickering, as seven drops of blood essence had disappeared from the compass permanently.

With lots of hemming and hawing, Sun Xuan answered, "Aside from Zhang Jiu, Sha Cheng, and Jin Lin, all the other six might have had their life-spirit vermin killed. It's hard to tell whether they're still alive themselves."

The deaths of life-spirit vermin wouldn't result in the deaths of their masters. Therefore, even though Zhang Jiu's and Sha Cheng's life-spirit vermin might have died, they themselves might still be alive.

However, the moment a life-spirit vermin died, the master would suffer a strong blow, which would greatly undermine and weaken the master in battle and put the master in an unfavorable situation, thus potentially dooming the master.

With a grim face, Lu Bai said, "Seven of their nine life-spirit vermin have been killed when Sha Cheng and Jin Lin are at the late Greater Heaven stage! What the hell are those good-for-nothings doing in there?!"

Upon hearing his words, the crowd of Worldly realm Poison Sect disciples also bowed their heads in frustration.

At that moment, one Rainbow Lightning after another flashed into appearance from different directions.

Standing in one of them, Dong Li and Qin Yan examined the Poison Sect disciples from afar.

"What's going on over there?" Dressed in eye-catching, red garments, Dong Li looked radiant.

Confused, Qin Yan asked, "Why are those from the Poison Sect gathered over there by that floating continent?" 

From another Rainbow Lightning, Dong Tuodi called out as he flew towards the Poison Sect members, "Brother Lu!Why are you gathered here?"

"No reason," Lu Bai answered with a grave expression.

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