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“Damn it! He is alone and actually dares to be so arrogant! Chase after him and kill him; avenge Huang Ye!”

After matters were made clear, Tong Hao was spitting anger and was the first to run in the direction that the Ghost Sect disciple had escaped in.

It seemed as though the two people closest to him had a pretty good relationship with Huang Ye, so they too followed with grief and heart-broken feelings at the first possible moment.

“Do not pursue him! Everyone, come back!” An Ying loudly shouted out, stopping them. 

Tong Hao, who was at the forefront, turned his head around and expressed his first sign of discontentment towards An Ying. “Why? Do not tell me that we’re going to stare at Huang Ye’s death and do nothing at all?!”

“You guys cannot catch up to him.” Pan Tao interjected, “The Ghost Sect disciples are experts in escaping and concealing themselves. Their presence is like a demon’s. I am not only talking about you guys. Even if An Ying and I were to chase after him, it would be of no use at all.”

“It is best to first bury Huang Ye.” An Ying also felt dispirited. 

That Ghost Sect disciple was only wearing the Grey Valley’s clothes and had achieved his aims through underhanded means, deceiving them all. 

If it were not for Nie Tian, who could remember all of the faces of the people that came from the Grey Valley and had immediately launched an attack on that person, that Ghost Sect disciple could have consecutively killed at least two people in that short span of time.

As the leader, An Ying secretly blamed herself for not being able to detect the Ghost Sect disciple and letting Huang Ye die from a sneak attack.

“Listen to her and first bury Huang Ye. Do not go and do worthless things.” Pan Tao advised Tong Hao and the others. “Your understanding of the Ghost Sect is still not enough. If you really were to chase after him, once you guys have scattered apart, I would be worried about you…”

Clearly, he didn’t want to let Tong Hao and the other two follow in Huang Ye’s footsteps. 

In this moment, Nie Tian silently looked towards the direction where that Ghost Sect disciple had arrived from and suddenly said, “There should really be people from the Grey Valley that have been killed, in the direction that he came from.” 

“It should be as Nie Tian says. He was really wearing the Grey Valley’s clothes on his body.” Pan Tao also said.

“Should we go and look?” Nie Tian suggested.

Pan Tao’s expression changed and he nodded his head in agreement, saying to An Ying, “Nie Tian and I will head over to take a look. Regardless of whether there are any discoveries, we’ll still return very quickly. There shouldn’t be more Ghost Sect disciples nearby. If there aren’t, it’s impossible for him to attack us alone.”

An Ying thought for a moment, then said, “Be careful of everything.”

“Yes, we won’t go far.” Pan Tao guaranteed.

After that, both he and Nie Tian left the troop and headed in the direction that the Ghost Sect disciple had just came from.

After they left, Jiang Miao suddenly said, “Nie Tian… really is rather good. Even though he looks as though he only knows how to eat and drink along the way, he is always able to meticulously discover the smallest details of any abnormalities during every crucial moment. Without him, I would’ve already died a long time ago, when we encountered the Earth Lizard.”

She then looked towards Guo Qi. “Just now, he even saved Guo Qi’s life.”

Guo Qi lowered his head and felt embarrassed as he said, “It is me who is no good. I have wrongly blamed him.”

“Nie Tian…” An Ying softly muttered to herself and lightly nodded her head, “His insight clearly surpasses ours and this point cannot be denied. Without his warning, that Ghost Sect disciple could have even killed at least one or two more people.”

“It seems like not handing him over to the Grey Valley was really the right decision. He has really helped us.” Jiang Miao continued.

The remaining people were ashamed and it seemed that they were finally able to rationally regard Nie Tian in this moment. 

Nie Tian, who was being secretly discussed by them, was following the direction that the Ghost Sect disciple had come from and was carefully searching the area.

Due to the fact that the Ghost Sect disciple had deliberately constructed the facade of being blood-soaked from head to toe, when he had madly run to meet An Ying’s group, a lot of fresh blood had dripped off his body and had fallen to the ground. 

Through trailing these bloodstains, Nie Tian and Pan Tao very easily found the place where he had come from.

The battlefield was in a snowy ravine that was more than one Li away from where they were. Two trial takers from the Grey Valley had already been dead for a long time here. 

One of them was a naked young lady, who was fourteen or fifteen years old.

Pan Tao only took a glance and his expression was already cold. He said to Nie Tian in a low voice, “She has even been defiled by that Ghost Sect disciple before she died.”

The expression in Nie Tian’s eyes were dull and he was resisting, with much difficulty, to look at that young lady’s miserable appearance, while saying: “Damn that fellow from the Ghost Sect!”

“Their thumbs have all been chopped off. It’s clearly the Ghost Sect’s doing.” Pan Tao sighed and went over, digging out an ice pit as he buried the corpses of the two people who had died. 

“A total of ten people from the Grey Valley entered the Green Illusion Realm, but we have seen that four have already been killed.” After they had silently finished the matter at hand, Pan Tao furrowed his brows and said, “It is possible that even more people from the Grey Valley have died and it is just that we haven’t come across the rest of them. It seems like the Grey Valley’s losses are disastrous. I don’t know whether that Yuan Feng is dead or alive.”

“Since one person of the Ghost Sect has appeared in this glacier region, that would imply that others should also be present.” Nie Tian hesitated for a moment and suggested, “Based on my observations, we have to quickly cooperate with the people from the Black Mist Palace and the Lingyun Sect in order to deal with the Ghost Sect disciples. This is because we simply don’t know exactly how many people from the Ghost Sect are lingering in the glacier region.”

“Yes, since the Ghost Sect has appeared, the trial of killing and beheading Grade Two spirit beasts has become unimportant already.” Pan Tao also agreed to this suggestion. “Let us return and inform An Ying of the discovery on our end. We should also leave this glacier region as soon as possible and think of a way to merge with the Black Mist Palace and Lingyun Sect.”

“This is the best way.”

The both of them agreed on this idea and returned on the original route that they had came from. Not long after, they arrived at the area where An Ying and the others were at.

“Was there any discovery?” Zheng Rui urgently asked.

“We found two more corpses belonging to the Grey Valley in a snow ravine. Those two people… died very tragically. I won’t say more. ” Pan Tao simply narrated and said to An Ying with a serious expression on his face, “Nie Tian and I have discussed for a moment and feel that we shouldn’t stay in this glacier region for too long because we don’t know how many people of the Ghost Sect are here.”

“Us to merge with the people from the Black Mist Palace and Lingyun Sect?” An Ying nodded her head, “When you guys left, we discussed for a moment and also made the same decision.”

“Everyone, prepare to immediately pass through this glacier region and proceed towards the barren land where the Earth Lizard is at.”

“The Black Mist Palace and Lingyun Sect don’t know that the Earth Lizard has been here before and have most probably gone to the barren land to kill and behead the Earth Lizard. We will go and look for them there.” An Ying said.

“Yes!” Everyone responded in unison. 

Huang Ye’s death, as well as the four trial takers from the Grey Valley that had died tragically, gave birth to a sense of fear towards the Ghost Sect. 

No one knew how many people of the Ghost Sect were in this place. If they encountered a huge troop of the Ghost Sect when they were inattentive, all of them could also be slaughtered. 

Merging with the other three parties and battling the Ghost Sect disciples with the power of four sects was undoubtedly the wisest decision. 

“Let’s go.” An Ying issued her command in a downcast mood. 

After that, the party didn’t dare to split up anymore and followed in the direction that An Ying had pointed out to, walking towards the barren land in a straight line.

“There is a corpse there and it is also the Grey Valley’s!” Zheng Rui, who was at the front of the troop, was the first to see the corpse of a young lady that had been impaled to an icy tree with a long spear. 

That young lady was also completely naked. She must have already been dead for a period of time, because her whole body was already frozen under a thin layer of ice.

There were bloodstains, that had already long since dried up, below her body and fresh blood was frozen within that thin layer of ice.

She had her eyes wide open and the expression on her face was filled with fear and despair. Anyone who just took a glance at her would know what she had previously experienced before her death.

“That wretched Ghost Sect!” Jiang Miao was cursing with a voice that carried a sobbing tone. “All of them should be damned! Damned ten thousand times over!”

The few other girls in the troop looked at that ice-cold corpse and their bodies seemed to tremble slightly. It wasn’t known whether they were trembling out of anger or whether they had been frightened by it. 

“Bury her and then we’ll continue on our way. We can’t stay at the same place for too long a time.” An Ying’s expression was extremely cold. She gritted her teeth and said, “Relax! We will return to kill them all! We’ll definitely avenge her and kill all of the Ghost Sect disciples when we return!”

Pan Tao didn’t say a word, as he buried the corpse of that young girl in silence. 

Following that, everyone continued heading off to the barren land. No one had an interest in talking along the way anymore. 

Nie Tian could feel their deep-rooted hatred towards the Ghost Sect and knew that they would sooner or later vent it all out, offering the fresh blood of those Ghost Sect disciples to the deceased who had tragically died.

Not knowing how long had passed, they finally exited the glacier region and entered the blistering hot barren land. 

The two regions were both in the Green Illusion Realm and in addition to that, the distance that separated them was not large at all. However, the barren land and the glacier region, that they had just passed through, were practically as different as heaven and earth.

Once they entered the barren land, everyone felt that their whole body was trickling with sweat. The sandy ground beneath their feet seemed to burn like flames.

They were walking in the barren land for who knew how long when Pan Tao suddenly shouted out, “There is a corpse!”

Nie Tian rushed to the front and saw that a youngster wearing the Lingyun Sect’s clothes had completely dried up from head to toe and had fallen onto a pile of sand. 

There seemed to not even be a drop of fresh blood inside that youngster’s body. He was all dried up, like a desiccated corpse. 

“T-this is!” Pan Tao lowered his head and inspected for a moment. He suddenly turned his body around and looked at An Ying. “The Blood Sect! This is the Blood Sect’s doing!”

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