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Everyone's blood ran cold as they listened Yao Shou bring out every detail of his scheme.

By the time he was finished, the Tool Sect members finally realized that they weren't just planning to seize the Earth Flame Beast's corpse, but they were planning to finish off every Tool Sect member here.

Face grim, Nie Tian secretly circulated his spiritual power as he exchanged a glance with Pei Qiqi.

Zhen Huilan's eyes were filled with burning rage as she said, "Yao Shou! Are you really so confident that you'll be able to take us?"

Bai Yu and Zhu Lian, who had already summoned their spiritual tools, were now whispering something to Wu Ling and the others, their eyes fixed on the formidable foes before them.

A whisper that was as soft as a mosquito's voice rang out in Nie Tian's and Pei Qiqi's ears as Zhen Huilan berated Yao Shou furiously. "When the moment comes, you two take the Lightning Shuttle and leave. I'll go find you after losing these people from the Spirit God Sect." The whisper came from Zhen Huilan, who was still speaking.

"Master Zhen, do you doubt that the three of us combined will outpower you?" Yao Shou said coldly. Not a shred of a smile could be seen on Yao Shou's face anymore, and the killing intent in his eyes grew increasingly fierce. "With all due respect, both you and Elder Bai Yu have been focusing on equipment forging, so your battle prowess has suffered, not to mention that Elder Bai Yu is only at the middle Profound realm."

A frosty light flashed across Zhen Huilan's furious eyes. "Do you imagine that you'll be able to kill us without paying a price? Even if we going down, we'll take you with us!"

Nie Tian was inwardly suspicious.

Even though Yao Shou, Cheng Qian, and Lu Jianfan were all late Profound realm experts, it wasn't very likely that they could kill Zhen Huilan, Zhu Lian, and Bai Yu without paying a huge price.

From the look of it, those from the Spirit God Sect didn't intend to let any Tool Sect member walk out of here alive, but didn't they worry that they'd suffer great casualties as well?

"As I just told you, while we followed you to this place, people from the Flame God Sect also went through your spatial rift and entered this dimension," Yao Shou said with a cold face. "It won't be long before the Flame God Sect experts get to this place. We just need to stall you and wait for Gongsun Pu and the others from the Flame God Sect to arrive. Now, do you still think you have a chance of escaping from us?"

At that moment, Zhen Huilan's low whisper once again rang out by Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi's ears. "Go! Now!"

Simultaneously, she launched attacks.

The paper fan named Illusion Realm instantly flew into the huge hole in the floating volcano.

In the next moment, loud rumbles echoed out from the heart of the volcano, while fine beams of bright spatial energy rose from its massive form.

At the same time, the volcano rammed towards Yao Shou with a crashing momentum.

Raging lava spilled from the huge hole in the volcano, forming numerous chains of flames, which flew towards Yao Shou in an attempt to entangle him.

Streams of fire swam in the depths of Ba Yu's pupils as she formed exquisite hand seals to provide Zhen Huilan with assistance.


A gigantic, fiery crystal floated out of the hole in the volcano.

The crystal was the storage tool Bai Yu had previously used to gather earthflame essence. At this moment, wisps of earthflame essence could be seen swimming inside of it.

As Bai Yu cast another spell, wisps of earthflame essence suddenly shot out of the fiery crystal and morphed into numerous sparkling and crystal-clear strings.

At first glance, the chains looked very much like the crystal-like chains within the green aura which resided in Nie Tian's heart.

Like spiritual snakes, the fiery strings shot towards Yao Shou, making crackling sounds as they did.

With a pitiful expression, Yao Shou sighed and said, "It's such a waste that you used those precious earthflame crystalstrings as one-time attacking weapons." 

"Fan out and run!!" With an explosive roar, Zhu Lian shot out numerous cyan thunderballs from his cuff, each of which seemed to be formed with pure thunder power.

The moment he did, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering rolls of thunder filled the air.

Sky-filling thunderballs rapidly aligned in midair, forming a tight and formidable formation.

As soon as the formation came to form, the vast area above everyone's head instantly turned into a zone of terror, where it rained long and thick lightning bolts, and raging thunder power filled the heavens.


Wu Ling, Huang Yuan, Zhu Han, and the other Tool Sect Qi warriors, who were at the Worldly realm and Greater Heaven stage, jumped onto two Rainbow Lightnings and sped off in opposite directions.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled. Numerous huge lightning bolts that resembled Lightning Dragons seemed to be clearing the way for the juniors.


Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi jumped onto the Lightning Shuttle, which instantly sped off into the distance under Pei Qiqi's control.

Countless lightning bolts fell from the heavens behind and on either side of the Lightning Shuttle. However, not a single bolt of lightning struck down in front of the Lightning Shuttle, in the direction where it was heading.

Nie Tian instantly realized that Zhu Lian's thunder formation was also protecting their Lightning Shuttle.

To his surprise, neither Yao Shou, Liu Jianfan, nor Cheng Qian seemed very concerned with the escape of the Rainbow Lightnings and their Lightning Shuttle.

None of them even attempted to stop them from leaving.

"Watch out!" Zhen Huilan's voice once again rang out in Nie Tian's and Pei Qiqi's ears. "Worldly realm and Greater Heaven stage members of the Spirit God Sect must be waiting for you on the perimeter. Yao Shou must have arranged for them to keep a sizable distance from them so that they wouldn't be exposed. So they must be waiting in the vicinity.

"Your opponents will be those Worldly realm and Greater Heaven stage members of the Spirit God Sect, and perhaps even members of the Flame God Sect who might arrive at any moment."

"Take care of yourself, master!" Pei Qiqi whispered back.

She stood unwavering at the prow of the Lightning Shuttle, and steered it meticulously with her psychic awareness.

After she uttered those words, Nie Tian could sense that there wasn't a shred of distracting thought in her mind anymore, and escape was all she had on her mind.

Nie Tian nodded at her back.

He couldn't help but admire her calmness in such a crucial moment.

Knowing that her master was deep under siege, she was still able to stay rational and follow her master's orders so that she didn't become her master's burden.

Nie Tian thought if it were Wu Ji who was trapped by enemies, instead of Zhen Huilan, he probably wouldn't have behaved so rationally and decisively.

As the Lightning Shuttle traveled through the air at lightning speed, Nie Tian repeatedly turned his head back to look at the heaven and earth filled with lightning bolts and thunder rolls.

He noticed that, due to Zhen Huilan's channeling, the volcano seemed to have rammed into Yao Shou, giving rise to loud rumbles.

At that moment, a bleak aura that made his soul tremble suddenly spread out from the battlefield behind him. Nie Tian let out a muffled groan as his expression flickered.

Three misty, gray vortexes flew out of the lightning-wreathed area. They spun rapidly and unleashed terrifyingly strong soul power.

The three gray vortexes were like three large grinders that could grind the souls of all living creatures into shreds. Even though there was a significant distance between him and the vortexes, Nie Tian felt a splitting pain in his head, as if his soul sea were going to collapse.

"It's the Spirit God Sect's secret soul magic: Grand Soul Grinder." Pei Qiqi's tone was ice-cold. "Those soul grinders are actually aimed at my master, Bai Yu, and Zhu Lian. We're just being slightly affected."

With these words, multiple spatial energy wards spread out from within her, immunizing her from any influence.

Experiencing a splitting pain in his head, Nie Tian couldn't help but howl. Just as he was about to fall unconscious, the nine fragmentary stars in his soul started to shine with blinding light.

As soon as they started to shine, a calming aura fell on Nie Tian's soul sea, instantly restoring peace to it.

The twisting and stabbing pain in his head was also instantly gone. He looked back with rapt attention, and discovered that the three gray vortexes were still spinning like giant grinding machines and unleashing an aura that could extinguish every soul they found.

"It's said that the Grand Soul Grinder is one of the Spirit God Sect's unique and extremely powerful magics, which is developed from certain bloodline magics of the Phantasms," Pei Qiqi explained without turning back to look at Nie Tian. "It's very impressive that you're able to resist the mighty fluctuations from the Grand Soul Grinder. I'm guessing many Tool Sect members are going to sustain severe soul injuries.

"Being pursued and surrounded by Worldly realm and Greater Heaven stage disciples of the Spirit God Sect after sustaining such injuries, I wonder how many of them will survive."

Looking at her from behind, Nie Tian pondered briefly and said, "Can those Worldly realm and Greater Heaven stage Spirit God Sect disciples also use the Grand Soul Grinder?"

"Only Qi warriors with cultivation bases higher than the Worldly realm, which means they have transformed their psychic power into soul power, are able to learn and practice the Grand Soul Grinder," Pei Qiqi answered, still looking forward. "As long as we don't run into any Worldly realm experts, I have confidence that I'll be able to get you out of this in this Lightning Shuttle. But if we're so unlucky that some Worldly realm experts make us their target, then..."

"I'll help you steer clear of them," Nie Tian blurted.

With these words, he no longer had any scruples, and instantly formed nine Heaven Eyes using his psychic power and soul power from the fragmentary stars in his soul.

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