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The Lianqi Tactic was only the most basic spirit tactic.

Not only did the juniors of the Nie Family cultivate such a tactic, the spirit tactic that practically all of the Lianqi stage children cultivated was also the Lianqi Tactic.

This was a kind of spirit tactic that was easy to understand and useful in helping children build a solid foundation. 

Before stepping into the Houtian Realm, the youngsters of the Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and Black Cloud City would all base their cultivations on the Lianqi Tactic. 

Logically speaking, such a simple and common spirit tactic was unlikely to be too fantastic. 

However, when Nie Tian was operating the Lianqi Tactic this time, he felt that traces of a warm current were actually rapidly converging towards the spirit sea inside his Dantian. 

Having gone through the previous deep sumbler, his three energies had already fully recovered. Using his spirit consciousness to inspect his inner self, he could clearly feel that his spirit sea… was slowly expanding!

Within his spiritual perception, his spirit sea was only shaped like a muddled cloud.

Spiritual energy, that was pure in essence, lingered inside that cloud. When he needed it, Nie Tian could transfer the spiritual energy out of the spirit sea through the muscles and tendons in his body. From there, the spiritual energy could flow towards any part of the body and turn into all kinds of fantastic spirit skills.

The spirit sea was the source of a Lianqi warrior’s power and was the reason for a Lianqi warrior’s strength. It was also the biggest difference between a Lianqi warrior and a regular person. 

The so-called cultivation of a Lianqi warrior’s Lianqi state was the continuous channeling of the heaven and earth spiritual Qi into the spirit sea, in order to slowly expand that cloud-shaped spirit sea.

The spirit sea could be viewed as a vessel to extensively release spiritual energy. 

The bigger the spirit sea, the greater the capacity for spirit energy was. The power that a Lianqi warrior would be able to allocate for use would also increase accordingly. 

Generally speaking, only after the spirit sea was filled with spiritual energy, making it unable for one to continue refining the spiritual Qi into the spirit sea, could a Lianqi warrior can use additional heaven and earth spiritual Qi to advance in the expansion of the spirit sea. The Lianqi warrior could then conduct transformations to this “vessel”, in raising its grade to make it even bigger. From there, the spirit sea was able to contain even more spiritual energy.

When he had absorbed the heaven and earth spiritual Qi into his spirit sea, as he did before to transform and expand his spirit sea, he couldn’t feel the changes to his spirit sea from the start.

That was, because the refinement of the heaven and earth spiritual Qi was extremely limited when only cultivating once, and was absolutely next to nothing in transforming and expanding the spirit sea.

Under normal circumstances, just by exhaustingly cultivating for a month could he slightly feel the increase in his spirit sea’s capacity. 

Cultivation is calculated based on the unit of years. Every single small breakthrough in the Lianqi realm also needed at least a year’s worth of time. 

Those who weren’t hard working or weren’t gifted enough in cultivating usually needed to cultivate for years in order to break through a Lianqi stage. 

Originally, he could only make out the changes in his spirit sea after cultivating for a month.

Now, through the means of converging those warm currents into his spirit sea, Nie Tian could actually see that the cloud-shaped spirit sea was currently extending outwards bit by bit all of a sudden. 

The spirit sea was clearly in the process of transforming and expanding!

Moreover, he could actually clearly perceive this process of slowly expanding the spirit sea little by little.

This was a magical experience that he had never had before!

“The spirit beast’s meat contains power! That power also came from the spirit beast’s refinement of heaven and earth spiritual Qi. Only after refining the spiritual Qi to pure essence are they dissipated within their flesh.”

“Those powers that have been refined are then much richer and purer than regular heaven and earth spiritual Qi!”

“The spirit beast’s meat is practically a huge present! Not only is it effective in tempering my body, it can also assist me in transforming and expanding my spirit sea, causing my cultivation speed to rise suddenly and sharply!”

He very quickly came to the realisation that he would have to use the most basic Lianqi Tactic to channel the power that came from the spirit beast’s flesh in his abdomen into his spirit sea. 

It was unknown as to how much time had passed. When he could no longer feel that there was power dissipating from his abdomen, only then did he stop cultivating. 

However, the cultivation this time had actually caused his spirit sea to expand by one tenth in size!

He was now at the sixth Lianqi level. Based on his normal cultivating speed in the Nie Family, he would’ve probably needed to spend one and a half month in order to reach such a level. 

If he wished to break through to the seventh Lianqi level, his current spirit sea needed to expand two-fold and his spirit sea had to be able to contain more than two-fold of the spiritual energy. 

If he was always cultivating in the Nie Family, even if he were to painstakingly cultivate day and night, he would need at least one and a half year until he could enter the seventh level.

However, he had only madly eaten a meal of spirit beast meat and gone through one round of cultivation, and his spirit sea had expanded by one tenth. This could compare to his cultivation in the Nie Family, where he shut himself indoors and painstakingly cultivated for one and a half month!

“Green Illusion Realm, I made the right decision in coming here!”

Before coming to the Green Illusion Realm, he didn’t have a clear direction at all and only saw the Green Illusion Realm as a one-time sharpening of his skills.

He originally thought that the Green Illusion Realm was barren in terms of heaven and earth spiritual Qi, yet he needed to constantly battle with spirit beasts. The spiritual energy within the spirit sea would possibly be in the pathetic state of not being able to cover his spiritual energy consumption for a long period of time. 

He never would have thought that he would increase his cultivation state in the Green Illusion Realm. 

After he realised that a spirit beast’s flesh could substantially increase his cultivation speed, only then did he really have a direction and he realised that the Green Illusion Realm’s trial was a great help to him. 

After going through recovery and reorganisation, An Ying and the group of people set out to the depths of the glacier regions once more, to attempt to attack and kill the Black Ice Python.

Unfortunately, the Black Ice Python seemed to have gone into hiding. They searched the glacier region for ten or so days, but were still unable to find the Black Ice Python. 

Within a period of time, they had actually encountered a few scattered, grade one spirit beasts. 

Under their constant attacks, each and every one of those grade one spirit beasts had been slaughtered. 

The spirit beast’s fresh, tender and delicious meat became everyone’s food and was divided by them for intake. 

A Cold Armour Rhinoceros often only weighed a few hundred Jin. The group who had Qin Shun and Zhu Fang was only left with thirteen people. 

In a meal, these thirteen people could only eat a hundred Jin worth of beast meat if they were pushed to the brink of death.

Each and every one of them couldn’t possibly carry a hundred Jin worth of meat, as they roamed about all over the place in search for the Black Ice Python. 

Moreover, they could slaughter new spirit beasts again at any point of time. 

This caused Nie Tian to devour more than enough beast meat every day with his frightening appetite. 

When he realised that the spirit beast meat had contributed to his cultivation and could increase his Lianqi state, Nie Tian’s frightening appetite had completely erupted. 

The spirit beast meat, that he alone had eaten every single day, was sufficient to equal the sum of the remaining people!

The matter, that he had been dealing with these days, was to annihilate the spirit beast meat that the others couldn’t finish eating, one piece after another. 

As for those that he really couldn’t finish eating, he would do his best to carry it on him so that when they didn’t encounter any new spirit beasts, he could continue to madly eat their meat. 

An Ying and the others were all too lazy to carry a large amount of spirit beast meat along with them, because there was a huge possibility that they would be able to catch even more spirit beasts again in the next battle. 

Of course, if their luck was really too bad, and they were unable to run into any spirit beasts within one or two days, they would naturally still need food. 

Thus, Nie Tian involuntarily became the person who helped everyone carry the rations of spirit beast meat. 

In this moment, Nie Tian’s shocking strength and his ability to carry the heavy load became gradually known by everyone. 

Nie Tian, who was following them as he carried hundreds of Jin worth of spirit beast meat behind his back, actually didn’t seem to be strained in the slightest, and still ran as fast as if he was able to fly. 

Those who didn’t understand the cause of his actions were rather pleased with Nie Tian’s “willingness to bear the burden”. They felt that having such a person, who dealt with the logistics for them and carried food that was enough for all of them to eat for a few days, was actually… not that bad.

When they felt hungry after not coming across spirit beasts for a few days, even Tong Hao and the others, who had previously looked at Nie Tian in resentment, didn’t glower at him any more, as they realised that Nie Tian was carrying a mountain of spirit beast meat on his back.

“This is too awesome!”

“This journey to the Green Illusion Realm could possibly be the happiest experience that I have come across in this lifetime of mine!”

“Today my spirit sea has expanded by one tenth again. The extent of the spirit sea’s expansion increased as much as nine-tenths, compared to when I just entered the Green Illusion Realm!”

“Another two days! As long as I’m given two more days worth of time, I can breakthrough to the seventh Lianqi level!”

Nie Tian was indulging in immense joy, feeling secretly pleased with himself in his heart every day! 

He could clearly feel the improvements of his own body every day!

Carrying such a shockingly heavy load of hundreds of Jin worth of spirit beast meat on his back, was a kind of training in honing his physical build in its own way. 

He was very clear that based on his physique, for him to bear such a heavy load on his back, was also a way of cultivating that was just right. 

He was carrying hundreds of Jin on his back and tempering his physical body, while transforming his spirit sea through the continuous devouring of spirit beast meat, which incidentally also strengthened his physical body. These days, he was really filled with endless wonder. 

He even wished to be in this kind of state forever. 

What Black Ice Python, what Earth Lizard, and what Green Illusion Realm trial? Those rewards from the outer realm weren’t important to him at all.

This was because he could feel that he was currently becoming stronger at every single moment!

Today, when An Ying and everyone else were surrounding the bonfire and resting as they chattered loudly with one another, Nie Tian, who was currently sitting upright ten meters away from them and was operating his Lianqi Tactic, suddenly shuddered. His eyes, that opened after, were overflowing with ecstasy. 

“The seventh Lianqi level!”

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