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Chapter 46 - Is there any more?

After a long time, everyone, who had used a spirit stone to recover, stood up in succession from their state of sitting upright.

“So hungry.”

Everyone was shouting out and very quickly, they glanced towards the corpses of those spirit beasts.

Under Pan Tao and Zheng Rui’s guidance, they lit a bonfire and cut off the meat on the bodies of the spirit beast into pieces. Then they used a tree branch to string the pieces of meat together and racked it above the bonfire as they roasted the meat.

Not long after, an alluring fragrance came from the cooked meat that had been properly roasted.

The row of people, who were starving to the point that they found it difficult to endure any longer, all munched on the spirit beasts’ meat in large chunks, using them to fill their stomachs.

“How appetizing!”

“This is fresher, more tender, and more delicious than the food at home!”

“It’s not that easy to eat a spirit beast’s meat. This time, everyone’s stomach is sure to be satisfied!”

They were all surrounding the bonfire, as they tore through the pieces of meat. They ate until the corners of their mouths were soaked with oil and their faces had smiles of satisfaction plastered on them.

At this moment, only An Ying, whose strength had been consumed the most, and Nie Tian, who had sank into a state of deep sleep and was still not able to recover, were unable to enjoy the culinary delicacy. 

“There are more than enough spirit beasts here. We roast some for An Ying and Nie Tian. Once they have fully recovered, they can eat it the first moments after they awaken.” Pan Tao instructed, as he nibbled on an oily beast leg.

“Okay.” Someone replied.

“Elder Brother Pan, what is the matter with you? Why are you defending that punk in all respects?” Zheng Rui held a small knife in his hands, as he cut the meat piece by piece, pretending that he was eating in a refined manner. “Could it be that you have forgotten that we almost fought with that punk?”

As for the other youngsters, they were similarly puzzled as to why Pan Tao would take care of Nie Tian so much. Once they heard what Zheng Rui had to say, they all looked in his direction.

“Times have changed.” Pan Tao had a serious expression on his face. “He was the first to sense the Earth Lizard when it sneakily attacked Jiang Miao and helped Jiang Miao escape a calamity. From that moment onwards, he was already one of us.”

“Regardless of what his status is outside, I hope that all of you will treat him as a comrade in the Green Illusion Realm.”

“There is a possibility that we will come across even greater dangers from now on. If everyone harbours disloyalty towards one another and we are unable to trust one another, I am afraid that it will be difficult for us to leave the Green Illusion Realm alive.”

There was a sense of justice in the words that he had spoken sternly.

“Pan Tao is right.” An Ying who had opened her eyes took over and spoke. She first gave a look of praise to Pan Tao, before she started to reprimand Zheng Rui. “You should learn more from Pan Tao and not have a belly the size of a chicken’s gut. I have only just realised that Pan Tao’s capabilities of bearing heavy responsibilities is so much stronger, than what I previously imagined through, this journey in the Green Illusion Realm.”

Pan Tao humbly lowered his head, lacking in confidence as he quickly said. “Do not say it like this. I only feel that the most important thing is unity.” 

Zheng Rui, who had been reprimanded, felt aggrieved and thought to himself in his heart, “Before we arrived, was it not you who secretly instructed us to teach Nie Tian a lesson?”

“He has also woken up.” It was at this moment that the baby-doll faced Jiang Miao noticed that Nie Tian had also opened his eyes. 

“Go and deliver him something to eat.” An Ying instructed Jiang Miao with only a sentence.

The small, translucent, jade-like hands of hers helped herself as she seized a huge, piece of cooked meat from Zheng Rui’s hands. She directly shoved the huge piece of meat into her mouth in a bold and unconstrained manner, fiercely biting a chunk out of it and started to chew on it. 

“Zheng Rui, why are you behaving like the young ladies? This is the Green Illusion Realm and not the Ling Bao Court anyway. You’re doing nothing more than just eating. Is it really necessary for you to use cutlery and make it so refined?”

She mumbled to herself, not articulating her words properly.

Having her say such words to him, Zheng Rui, who was pretending to be refined, also felt embarrassed and could only put away his small knife.

At that moment, Jiang Miao also grabbed a cooked piece of meat that came from the Cold Armour Rhinoceros’ body and arrived at Nie Tian’s side.

“This is for you.” Jiang Miao timidly handed it over to Nie Tian.

“Oh, thank you.” Nie Tian, who had slept until he felt slightly dazed, conveniently took the piece of meat from her hands and immediately started to wolf it down his throat.

That piece of cooked meat was at least five Jin and disappeared into Nie Tian’s mouth in an extremely short period of time without leaving any scraps.

Jiang Miao stood at the side and watched with her eyes wide and her mouth hanging wide open.

After he had swallowed the huge piece of cooked meat, Nie Tian didn’t have any feelings in the slightest and was still as incomparably famished as before. 

“Is there some more?” He looked at Jiang Miao.

Jiang Miao nodded her head once and quickly said, “There is! There is still a lot too!”

Once she spoke, she quickly ran to where An Ying and the others were at and took out another piece of cooked meat that was even bigger.

Nie Tian helped himself to it. After he had taken it into his hands, he dealt with the cooked piece of meat that was more than eight Jin with lighting fast speed, as quick as before.

A surge of warmth gradually rose up from his abdomen and after carefully perceiving with rapt attention, his eyes suddenly lit up. 

When he was diligently trying to comprehend it, he realised that the traces of warmth seemed to originate from that piece of meat that he had swallowed… 

That piece of meat came from a grade one spirit beast that had just died not long ago.

This was different from the types of meat that he had eaten in Black Cloud City. The heaven and earth spiritual Qi that these spirit beasts had refined had all been changed into nutrients for the robust beasts’ body. 

There was clearly traces of energy contained in the spirit beasts’ meat. 

It clearly seemed as though he could absorb this energy and disperse them to the five viscera and six bowels inside his body, thus strengthening the strength of his corporal body.

He had never experienced this kind of feeling when he ate meat in the past…

“Make some more.” He was filled with enthusiasm and said to Jiang Miao, “Take slightly more over this time. I have a big appetite. I, alone, am equal to five of them. Look, everyone’s age is around the same. I am much taller and stronger than them, right? That is because I have a much better appetite than them.

“Your appetite really is large.” Jiang Miao muttered softly to herself, but still obediently went to An Ying’s side to take even more pieces of cooked meat over to him. 

“It cannot be?” Tong Hao looked at Jiang Miao, as she seized the large piece of meat that he had just roasted and couldn’t help but shout loudly, “You previously roasted so many pieces of cooked meat. Can he finish eating everything?”

“He has already finished eating those that I have previously made. Not a single one is left.” Jiang Miao explained.

Once she had finished speaking, the row of people who had assembled here looked towards Nie Tian with an odd look in their eyes. 

They had previously not taken notice of Nie Tian and didn’t know that Nie Tian had already annihilated meat servings that could feed at least four people in an extremely short period of time. 

They all widened their eyes, as they watched Jiang Miao hand over the piece of cooked meat, that was around ten Jin, into Nie Tian’s hands.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, didn’t pay any attention to them and under their attentive gazes, rapidly tore that shockingly large piece of meat into shreds and swallowed it.

“Is this fellow a rice bucket?” Zheng Rui shouted out in bewilderment. 

An Ying and Pan Tao were also shocked by Nie Tian’s appetite and they both had a strange expression on their faces. 

“How is it?” Jiang Miao was energised and exhilaratedly stared at Nie Tian. “Have you eaten your fill? Do you want some more?”

“How about… another serving?” Nie Tian weakly asked. 


Jiang Miao and An Ying let out a shriek at the same time. 

The gaze that the others used to look at Nie Tian had completely changed and they categorised him now as a monster shaped as a human. 

“Is there some more?” Nie Tian asked in a small voice.

He felt slightly embarrassed having everyone watch him so attentively, but he really wasn’t full yet...

He didn’t know why, but after he had completely used up all of his consciousness this time, he was exceptionally famished and his appetite was a chunk larger than before. 

However, once he had finished the cooked meat that came from the spirit beasts’ body, piece by piece, he could clearly feel that more and more strands of energy that were breeding in his abdomen gradually dispersed into his flesh, bones and the five viscera and six bowels in his body. 

He only madly ate for a moment and already had a strangely wonderful feeling that his body was becoming even stronger. 

He didn’t wish to stop this kind of wonderful feeling. 

“There is!”

The one who responded to him wasn’t Jiang Miao, who he had terrified, rather it was Pan Tao.

Pan Tao, who had already ate his fill, strode towards Nie Tian while holding a huge piece of meat in his hands. Under everyone’s shocked gazes, he handed that piece of meat over to Nie Tian. 

“Oh, thanks.” Nie Tian took over the large piece of meat and started wolfing it down again.

This time, he didn’t annihilate that similarly huge piece of cooked meat like he did before. 

When he ate half of it, he finally slowed down his pace of eating.

However, that piece of cooked meat that appeared to be slightly terrifying in everyone’s eyes, had still finally slowly disappeared in his mouth...

“I am more or less full.” Nie Tian forced a laugh and didn’t look at the outrageous expression on everyone’s faces. “I am slightly sleepy again. You people do as you please. I am going to sleep again for awhile.” 

“Fucking awesome.” Pan Tao had a look of admiration on his face.

An Ying also had an expression full of shock at what she had witnessed, and muttered softly to herself, “Does his appetite being large count as the spectacular area that elder sister had said?”

After he closed his eyes, Nie Tian held his breath and slowly adjusted his breathing, no longer bothering with those strange gazes from everyone. He began to seriously investigate the unusual condition in his body. 

Once he had meditated with rapt attention, he found out how to operate his Lianqi tactics in order to absorb the spiritual Qi in his surroundings and increase his cultivation. 


With his use of the Lianqi arts, he suddenly realised that those traces of warmth that came from his abdomen seemed to have been subjected to the Lianqi arts’ absorption and were actually madly converging towards his Dantian and spirit sea!


Translator: The Most Awesome Nata
Editors: Zach and Sietse
From XianXiaWorld

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