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Eyes closed, Zhu Bin examined the Heaven Eye with his soul power.

A shudder ran through him as he received a clear message from this odd cluster of power fluctuations, which he could only detect with his soul power.

As one of the elders of the Tool Sect, he was at the late Profound realm, and was well-versed in the practice of thunder power.

Even though he was from the Tool Sect, he wasn't an equipment forger. He had first started by working as a guard for the Tool Sect's former sectmaster. Being favored by the former sectmaster, he eventually made it up to being one of the sect elders.

The scenes of the Death Reign ravaging the Realm of Unbounded Desolation and plunging its people into an abyss of misery years ago was still fresh in his memory.

It was because of Zhao Shanling and his Death Reign that the former sectmaster of the Tool Sect, who he had had great respect for, had died.

Now, many years later, Zhao Shanling and his Death Reign had returned to the Realm of Unbounded Desolation.

Hence, he had a strong desire to kill Zhao Shanling and avenge the former sectmaster.

However, he was also aware that the Death Reign was terrifyingly mighty, and that only by finding Zhao Shanling and making sure that he wasn't with the Death Reign would they be able to kill him.

He also knew that, just like Zhen Huilan, Zhao Shanling had also received true legacies from the former sectmaster, and thus was a master of spatial magics.

He had covered a vast amount of land and scanned heaven and earth with his profound soul consciousness, yet he still hadn't discovered any sign of Zhao Shanling, like many other elders from the Tool Sect who were now searching for Zhao Shanling in the Real of Unbounded Desolation.

Meanwhile, the Death Reign was gradually pressing through the mountain valley under Zhao Shanling's control. Once it passed through the valley, nothing would be able to stop it from going straight towards the Tool Sect.

Not only would many equipment forgers who had come to attend the assessment assembly die, but the Tool Sect's headquarters would also face rigorous attacks.

While he was at his wits' end, he discovered that curious cluster of power, from which he received a message regarding Zhao Shanling. Naturally, his spirit was lifted.

In the next moment, the cluster of power floated off in a certain direction.

Without any hesitation, Zhu Bin sped off after it, hoping to find out what was happening.

As he did, he continued to examine the odd cluster of psychic power and soul power mixed together.

"Qi warriors with cultivation bases lower than the Worldly realm won't have soul power at their disposal, only psychic power," Zhu Bin thought to himself. "Once a Qi warrior advances to the Worldly realm, his soul sea will go through great changes, and his psychic power will transform into soul power. Once they possess soul power, they wouldn't bother to form the less-advanced psychic power anymore. Such a cluster of mixed soul power and psychic power is quite new. Who does it belong to?"

With these thoughts in mind, Zhu Bin soon arrived at the location where Nie Tian and the others were, wreathed in slithering lightning bolts. That was when he noticed that the cluster of power came to a stop by Nie Tian.

"Are you the one who spoke to me?" Tiny lightning bolts could be seen snaking in Zhu Bin's eyes as he spoke, making him look stern and awestruck.

Just as Nie Tian was about to answer, Dong Li handed a few bone spears that used to belong to Ji Kuang to Zhu Bin, and said, "We just killed three members of the Bone Sect. These bone weapons they use contain faint death power. And the Death Reign is formed by rich and strong death power."

Dong Li's words successfully caught Zhu Bin's attention. "Do I know you, kid?" 

Dong Li, who wasn't wearing a mask, possessed unmatched beauty. A mere glance at her would give any man a very deep impression.

"My name is Dong Li, and I'm from the Dong Clan in the Realm of a Hundred Battles," Dong Li said respectfully. "Many years ago, I had the honor of making your acquaintance in the Tool Sect."

"Oh, right... Dong Li." After recognizing Dong Li, Zhu Bin's stern expression grew softer as he asked, "Why are you here? And did you say that the Bone Sect has some sort of connection with Zhao Shanling?"

Dong Li nodded repeatedly and said with an urgent tone, "Three members of the Bone Sect attacked us, and we killed them. But before we were engaged in battle, we heard them talking about Zhao Shanling and the Death Reign. It appears that a middle Profound realm Bone Sect expert is currently in the Bone Sect's ruins, and he seems to have connections with Zhao Shanling."

Zhu Bin grabbed the bone spears. After a brief examination, he was convinced that they contained faint death power. His face therefore dropped.

Ji Kuang and Tao Pu's corpses were lying right beside them, and the white robes they were wearing made it clear that they disciples of the Bone Sect.

"The Bone Sect actually has a Profound realm expert again?!" Zhu Bin exclaimed with a grim expression. "I can't believe I didn't know that. After all, I've been living in the Realm of Unbounded Desolation. Years ago, the Death Reign basically wiped out the entire Bone Sect. Now their remaining disciples have sunken to becoming Zhao Shanling's lackeys. This cannot be pardoned!"

With these words, he glanced at Dong Li and the others, as well as Ji Kuang and Tao Pu's corpses, which were scattered on the ground. A puzzled expression appeared on his face.

Thanks to his Profound realm cultivation base, he had not only seen Ji Kuang and Tao Pu's corpses, but also detected Ping Yao's corpse, which was lying not far from this location.

Even though they were all dead now, he was able to perceive their cultivation bases before they had died.

As for Dong Li and the others, Feng Luo was the one with the highest cultivation base, which was the middle Greater Heaven stage, yet they had managed to kill Ji Kuang and the other two, which surprised Zhu Bin.

He turned to look at Nie Tian and asked, "That cluster of power belonged to you, right?" 

Nie Tian nodded.

"Interesting," Zhu Bin said nodding. "You stay here and try not to go anywhere. I'll go check on the Bone Sect."

With these words, he morphed into a flash of lightning and disappeared into the distance.

Dong Li's tense expression eased up as she turned to Nie Tian and said with a smile, "Alright, whether the Bone Sect has connections with Zhao Shanling or not, he'll be in trouble for sure. That elder of the Tool Sect will definitely interrogate that Profound realm expert from the Bone Sect about Zhao Shanling's whereabouts."

"Many thanks, Miss Dong," Feng Luo said sincerely, clasping his hands.

He had just learned from Dong Li and Zhu Bin's conversation that this unearthly, beautiful, young woman was actually from the Dong Clan in the Realm of a Hundred Battles. A sense of respect gradually rose in his heart.

The Dong Clan was a renowned and formidable Qi warrior force, not only in the Realm of a Hundred Battles, but also in the entire Domain of the Falling Stars.

The Dong Clan was currently overseen by their Soul realm expert patriarch, which made the whole Realm of Flame Heaven jealous.

After learning Dong Li's true identity, Yu Tong grew increasingly downcast and silent.

"How do you plan to thank me, Nie Tian?" Dong Li asked with a smile.

"Let's talk about that after Sectmaster Li is truly safe," Nie Tian answered.

"As long as she has managed to hang on to this point, she should be fine now."

In the Bone Sect's ruins.

Li Jing's Blood Lotus was floating high in the sky where Nie Tian and Dong Li had previously found the entrance to that magical dimension.

Sitting atop the Blood Lotus, Shen Xiu's face was as pale as a piece of paper. She unceasingly summoned her spiritual power and infused it into the Blood Lotus under her.

The Blood Lotus blossomed with dazzling, blood-colored light.

One blood-colored ribbon after another flew out of the shining Blood Lotus and dangled like the tentacles of a giant octopus.

Dressed in bloody red, Li Jing unleashed the Blood Sect's forbidden technique and turned the moon red and terrifying, as if she had smeared blood on it.

A gigantic blood shadow was roaring as it fought a Profound realm Qi warrior wreathed in fierce, golden light at close quarters.

Standing atop a mountain of bones that was hundreds of meter high, the Profound realm expert from the Bone Sect formed numerous, sky-filling, bone-shaped shadows with the Bone Sect's secret magic, clashing with the blood-colored ribbons unleashed by the Blood Lotus in midair.

Hovering in the air, Li Jing was wreathed in a rich, bloody aura, as if she were floating in the middle of a river of blood.

She unleashed all sorts of Blood Sect secret magics to strike the hundreds-of-meter-high mountain of bones, hoping to shatter it completely.

The mountain of bones fell apart upon the strong impacts, yet the scattered bones swirled up and regathered into a hundred-meter-tall Bone Giant.

The Bone Giant's whole body was intact, with the only exception being its eyes.

It swung a huge bone saber to sever the blood-colored ribbons which had flown out of the Blood Lotus one after another.

Every time a blood-colored ribbon was severed, Shen Xiu, who was sitting atop the Blood Lotus and wreathed in a misty bloody aura, would cough up a mouthful of blood.

Shen Xiu was only at the late Worldly realm. She was relying on the Blood Lotus to stay in the battle.

"It's time to give up," The Profound realm expert from the Bone Sect said with a calm face, greed filling his gray pupils.

"I've already refined the Bonebrute's corpse, which I promised you, into a spiritual tool. The reason I had people spread word was to attract you to come, so that you could further refine it with your sect's Blood Demon refining method.

"After decades of research, I realized that your sect's Blood Refining Incantation would work perfectly with our sect's Bone Refining Incantation.

"Sectmaster Li, the only reason why I haven't made a killing move yet is that I hope you can see reality.

"If you and I become companions, and the Bone Sect merges with the Blood Sect, it will benefit us both a great deal.

"I guarantee you that once our sects become one, our personal strength and cultivation bases will advance by leaps and bounds. The disciples under us will also be able to derive brand-new enlightenment from our integrated incantations. 

"One day, our combined sect will join the ranks of the top Qi warrior sects in the Domain of the Falling Stars, just like the Heaven Palace Sect and Tool Sect!

"Your headquarters in the Realm of Flame Heaven will be where we establish our merged sect, the Blood Bone Sect. All of the other sects in the Realm of Flame Heaven will grovel before us and take orders from us!"

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