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Strands of blood-colored light interwove into a web in the depths of Yu Tong’s eyes.

As she formed multiple hand seals, her Blood Spirit Pearl also blossomed with dazzling, blood-colored light.

One string of blood-colored light after another flew out from within the Blood Spirit Pearl, wormed their way into the earth, and rapidly spread into the vicinity.

As she launched the Earth Web, Feng Luo repeatedly urged her to stop with a anxious expression on his face.

However, Yu Tong turned a deaf ear to him.

It was also at that moment that Nie Tian sensed through his Heaven Eyes that Yu Tong’s inner spiritual power was extremely disorderly as she cast the Earth Web forbidden technique.

After a brief moment of pondering, he realized that, even though Yu Tong seemed uninjured, she was actually in a worse condition than Feng Luo, who himself looked rather bedraggled.

“Stop provoking her!” Nie Tian shot Dong Li a hard look before struggling free from their hooked arms and rushing towards Yu Tong.

He inserted his right hand between Yu Tong’s seal-forming hands, and with a flick, interrupted her forming hand seal.


One string of blood-colored light after another flew back into her Blood Spirit Pearl at a very fast speed.

Yu Tong stared at him, anger filling her ghastly face. “What are you doing?!” 

“We don’t need you to finish off those three!” Nie Tian shouted, staring back in her devilishly beautiful eyes. “Get back there and recover!”

Yu Tong fumed with anger. “You!” 

Nie Tian continued to stare in her eyes, not uttering a word.

“Alright, Little Tong. Listen to Nie Tian. You’re indeed unfit to fight anymore.” Feng Luo tried to intermediate.

Off to the side, Dong Li’s lips puckered into a smile, but she didn’t say anything provocative.

Yu Tong and Nie Tian looked each other in the eye for a few seconds before Yu Tong put away her Blood Spirit Pearl, biting her lower lip and not saying a word. As she did, the spiritual power fluctuations on her gradually calmed.

Seeing that she had finally given up, Nie Tian let out a sigh of relief and said, “The Blood Sect has been very kind to me. Now that I’m here, I won’t allow those men from the Bone Sect to hurt you.”

At that moment, a white-robed Qi warrior from the Bone Sect, whose face looked pale-gray, flashed into appearance before them. “That’s a lot of big talk!”

The man’s name was Ji Kuang, a middle Greater Heaven stage cultivator. He didn’t seem nervous at all seeing that now there were two more people beside Feng Luo and Yu Tong.

He had perceived Nie Tian and Dong Li’s existence with his psychic awareness and learned that they were only at the early Greater Heaven stage when he had been two hundred meters away.

Considering that his two friends behind him were respectively at the middle Greater Heaven stage and early Greater Heaven stage, he was very confident that, even with Nie Tian and Dong Li there to help Feng Luo and Yu Tong, he and his friends would easily overtake the four of them, not to mention that Feng Luo and Yu Tong had already sustained different degrees of injuries, compromising their battle prowess.  

Upon seeing Ji Kuang, Nie Tian summoned his Flame Star and lunged forward without thinking. “He’s mine!”


As he blurred into action, a chaotic magnetic field spread out, covering a three-meter-radius around him.

Under the night sky, a three-meter-long red, green, and white blade light instantly shot from the tip of the Flame Star, the red part being flame power, the green part being wood power, and the white part being star power.

The three types of spiritual power congealed into a beam of blade light and burst forth from within the Flame Star.

Upon seeing the approaching blade light, Ji Kuang’s expression flickered, and he no longer dared to slight Nie Tian.

“Mountain of Bones!” As soon as Ji Kuang shouted these words with a cold harrumph, hundreds of pale-gray bones flew out of his ring of holding.

In a bedazzling fashion, they rapidly piled into a seven-meter-high mountain of bones.

Each and every bone exuded a gruesome aura that was laced with death power, making the mountain of bones look very dreadful.


The three-meter-long blade light slammed right into the mountain of bones.

Cracking sounds rang out from the every single bone that made up the mountain of bones. Meanwhile, the power of the entire mountain of bones seemed to converge on the point where the Flame Star’s blade light had slammed into it.


The Flame Star arrived shortly after and slashed at the same point, creating sputtering sparks.

Upon the second terrifying impact, the seven-meter-high mountain of bones instantly shattered and exploded, reduced to lifeless bones scattered on the ground.

Ji Kuang’s expression flickered as he let out a muffled groan, saying, “Quite impressive, kid! It’s hard to believe that someone who practices three types of power at the same time can enter the Greater Heaven stage at your age!”

After trudging three steps backwards, he wove his hand in the air to form different hand seals.

As he channeled them with his spiritual power, the scattered bones swirled up from the ground and piled into another mountain of bones in midair.

The reformed mountain of bones was still seven meters high. However, it didn’t remain still, but rather was slowly revolving vertically.


At that moment, the other two Bone Sect Qi warriors arrived. One stood to Ji Kuang’s right while the other stood to his left.

With a frown, Ji Kuang said, “Tao Pu, you go and take care of Feng Luo from the Blood Sect. Ping Yao, those two women are yours.”

Just like him, Tao Pu was also at the middle Greater Heaven stage. With a quick nod, he stepped towards Feng Luo, holding a bone sword in his hand.

“You’ll have to get through me first!” With these words, Dong Li chuckled and jumped towards Tao Pu with the lightness of a feather. She took out her cyan awl in midair and thrust it down towards the top of Tao Pu’s head without the slightest mercy.

Meanwhile, Feng Luo gritted his teeth, glaring at Ping Yao. After gulping down a Blood Strengthening Pill, he morphed into numerous blood-colored shadows and swooped forward.

Yu Tong stood in place and didn’t make any rash moves, though she secretly channeled her spiritual power, preparing herself for action.

Seeing that Tao Pu and Ping Yao had both made their moves, Ji Kuang stared at Nie Tian with a grim expression and reasoned, “You’re not Blood Sect disciples. Why don’t you mind your own business? If you leave now, I might leave one side of the net open for you. (Idiom: to give one’s opponent a way out) Otherwise...”

After their first exchange, he had already realized that this unimpressive young man before him was actually quite hard to deal with.

He had also realized that the gorgeous Dong Li wasn’t a piece of cake either, after seeing her flying towards Tao Pu with her cyan awl.

After discovering that Nie Tian and Dong Li’s battle prowess was actually beyond his estimation, he thought he might adopt a different approach: talking them into leaving.

Nie Tian grinned. “What? Otherwise, you’ll kill us as well? You really think you can do that?”

Ji Kuang gave a cold harrumph. “That’s right.” 

At this point, he realized that this young man before him was determined to help those two Blood Sect disciples, and thus no longer wasted his breath.

All of a sudden, the seven-meter-high mountain of bones flew towards Nie Tian, still spinning.


Strange sounds echoed out from each and every bone within that mountain of bones.

In the next moment, the whole mountain of bones exploded violently, sending a storm of bone spears and shards towards Nie Tian.

At the same time, Ji Kuang let out a sharp shriek, which contained his psychic power and aura of death. The shriek was aimed at Nie Tian’s soul.

He launched these attacks very abruptly, without the slightest warning.

By the time Nie Tian realized what was happening, hundreds of gruesome, sharp bones were already right before his eyes.

However, Ji Kuang’s attack with his psychic power and aura of death didn’t seem to create the slightest turbulence after reaching Nie Tian’s soul. On the contrary, they were annihilated with a flicker of the nine fragmentary stars.

“Starshift!” Star power burst forth from within Nie Tian, and he vanished from the location where he had previously stood unwavering.


Hundreds of pale-gray bones pierced into the ground where he had stood a moment ago, like a forest of swords.

Ji Kuang gasped at the unfavorable situation.

However, just as he was about to turn around and run, he sensed that his spiritual power had become incredibly disorderly. Even the wisps of psychic power within his soul felt as if they had become tangled up into a mess, giving him a splitting pain in the head.

A moment later, an excruciating pain came from his back.

He lowered his head and saw a blade sticking out of the middle of his chest.

“Shit, I can’t believe he almost got me,” Nie Tian muttered.

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