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“How has Nie Tian offended you?” An Ying was still very suspicious. “I don’t remember him having any dispute with you in the Green Illusion Realm, so why do you want him?”

“I don’t need to explain to you why.” Yuan Feng’s attitude was very unyielding and harsh. “You just have to hand him to me and we’ll leave immediately to kill that Black Ice Python.”

He paused for a while, coldly mumbled to himself and threatened, “Otherwise, don’t blame us for taking advantage of your situation to attack you all before you guys have recovered!”

“What? You wish to start a fight now?” An Ying’s face showed signs of anger.

“Indeed!” Yuan Feng coldly said.

An Ying frowned.

After the deaths of Qin Shun and Zhu Fang, they had thirteen people left, and after the tough and bloody battle earlier, they could be considered to have escaped from the jaws of death.

Even An Ying herself, despite having gone through some recovery time just now, her spirit qi was only at the peak of the seventh stage, and in her current condition, she wasn’t confident in beating Yuan Feng.

As for the others, they were worse off than her. If they were to really fight with the Grey Valley’s people, there was an eighty to ninety percent chance that they would lose.

She was weighing the pros and cons in her mind.

As she was hesitating, she looked at Nie Tian from afar and thought about whether Nie Tian was worth her braving this danger.

“An Ying, that Nie Tian… he isn’t from our Ling Bao Court, so is there really a need for us to engage in a life and death battle with the Grey Valley for him?” Zheng Rui, who had just stopped speaking and was beside An Ying, whispered and said, “Inside the Green Illusion Realm, it is forbidden to kill, so even if Yuan Feng were to capture Nie Tian, he would definitely not dare to kill him. Why don’t we hand Nie Tian over?”

As for the rest of the Ling Bao Court cultivators, although their eyes sparkled, they didn’t speak.

However, when Zheng Rui made the above statement, all these people showed expressions of agreement on their faces.

It was obvious that they also thought that it wasn’t worth fighting with the Grey Valley for an outsider.

This was compelling since they had just participated in a bloody battle and had yet to recover.

If they were to recklessly fight with the Grey Valley now, they would definitely be the ones to lose out.

Among all of them, only Jiang Miao, who had been saved by Nie tian, appeared anxious and looked pathetically at An Ying while shaking her head continually.

Apart from her, it would be the dark face of Pan Tao who was clearly suppressing his anger.

“Do you have a feud with Yuan Feng?” He asked in a soft tone to Nie Tian, who was beside him.

Nie Tian’s expression was calm. “I offended a woman of the Yuan Family in Black Cloud City. Her name is Yuan Qiu Ying and she is Yuan Feng’s aunt.”

“I understand now.” Pan Tao nodded, suddenly he stood up with the intention to strongly back Nie Tian up.

At this moment, Nie Tian also got up vigorously and glared at Yuan Feng. “What do you want?”

“Nothing, apart from wanting to cripple you.” Yuan Feng coldly stated.

“Then come over!” Nie Tian took a deep breath and his eyes flashed viciously.

He had secretly determined that if Yuan Feng dared to come over, he would use his ferocious fist style that he had learned in the mysterious land to hit Yuan Feng instantly. 

After resting for a while, he had regained most of his energy and was confident he could execute that blow.

He knew that after that blow, he would no longer have any energy left to resist, but he also believed that that one blow could kill Yuan Feng!

He had never been afraid of spilling blood and would never back down, especially when others attempted to force him into a corner.

“Who do you think you are? Do you have the credentials to fight with me one-on-one?” Yuan Feng stared at him and arrogantly said, “Wait until you reach the ninth Lianqi level. Then you’ll be worthy of my time and reputation to kill you.”

“So you don’t dare?” Nie Tian purposely provoked him.

Yuan Feng didn’t bother with Nie Tian and only looked at An Ying and said impatiently, “You’re their leader, surely you won’t let everyone face danger just for the sake of a useless outsider?”

“Yuan Feng! If you wish to touch Nie Tian, you must first go through me!” Pan Tao angrily said.

“You?” Yuan Feng was startled for a moment.

Nie Tian turned his head and looked deeply at Pan Tao, who was standing beside him, but didn’t speak.

However, Pan Tao’s attitude had clearly affected An Ying.

An Ying had originally been hesitating, but now clenched her teeth and hurried over quickly.

She stood beside Nie Tian and Pao Tian and pointed her sabre at Yuan Feng and said determinedly, “If you wish to fight, we will fight! Who’s scared of who? If you wish to start a battle, we will play along!”

“How did it end up like this?” Zheng Rui was filled with suspicion but after both An Ying and Pan Tao had expressed their views, he could only support them passively by coming over to their sides.

Though the remaining cultivators were unwilling, they also recognised the flow, and upon seeing that An Ying and Pan Tao had decided, they also hurried over.

“An Ying, are you sure you have thought over this clearly?” Yuan Feng’s face was cold.

“Yes.” An Ying replied.

“Do you think that it is worth it to let everyone bear the consequences just for an outsider?” Yuan Feng asked once again. 

“Regardless of which party he belongs to outside the Green Illusion Realm, he is already together with us in here, so he is one of us!” An Ying brandished her sabre and took a glance at everyone behind her. “If all of you are similarly bullied in this manner, I will also hold a similar attitude!”

“Bloody battle to the end!”

An Ying shouted loudly.

“Bloody battle!”

“Bloody battle to the end!”

“Battle with them to the bloody end!”

That sentence of hers had enticed the ferociousness in the trial takers and they responded with even louder shouts.

The colour on Yuan Feng’s face changed slightly. He looked profoundly at An Ying, Pan Tao as well as those trial takers from the Ling Bao Court and saw that there was no longer hesitation and fear in the eyes of these people. 

He didn’t know that those people, who had just experienced a round of a bloody battle, were still immersed in the viciousness of that exciting battle. 

They dared to take up the challenge and it was not because of Nie Tian, but rather they felt that An Ying had been bullied by Yuan Feng and as such, they were ready to fight for An Ying. 

“Elder Cousin Brother…” Yuan Song reminded him in a small voice.

Everyone from the Ling Bao Court exuded a kind of ferocious attitude that was as if they would face death with equanimity. This made him secretly feel uneasy and he was the first to be terrified. 

Yuan Feng’s complexion changed for a moment and he weighed the pros and cons in his heart for a moment. He suddenly nodded his head, took a glance at Nie Tian, and said, “You have followed a good leader. This time, I will regard it that you, boy, are lucky.”

Once he had spoken, he waved his hand and pointed towards the deepest parts of the glacier region. “We are leaving!”

He took the initiative to leave first.

The trial takers from the Grey Valley that were behind him had also secretly heaved a sigh of relief and immediately caught up with him.

Very quickly, the ten trial takers from the Grey Valley had, one after another, disappeared into the glacier region.

At this moment, everyone’s mental state, which had been stretched taut, relaxed.

“So it is only like that? He was shouting rather fiercely, but alas, he doesn’t dare to start a battle?”

“Yuan Feng is only good at doing a lot of talking. Does he take it that we’re afraid of him?”

“Fucker, if it wasn’t for the fact that we had previously battled with the Black Ice Python and the Earth Lizard, I would’ve immediately gone up and killed them!”

“The next time we see them, we must put them in their place. They really think that they are so extraordinary.”

Everyone who had started to relax began to shout arrogantly, criticising Yuan Feng for only putting up a false bravado and not daring to really start a battle. 

An Ying, on the other hand, exhaled deeply and said with slight exhaustion, “Actually, just now was very thrilling. That fellow, Yuan Feng… You people don’t understand him. He is absolutely a lunatic and can do just about anything. Including myself, he doesn’t regard us in the slightest. I was afraid that he would disregard the costs and attack us.” 

Pan Tao and Zheng Rui also deeply thought that it was so. 

They were different from the other trial takers. After Yuan Feng had entered the Grey Valley, they had already heard some things about that person. 

They knew that Yuan Feng was definitely a character who was vicious and merciless. The reason he didn’t make his move this time should be because he didn’t wish to consume his energy far too early so as to avoid being taken advantage of when he would fight with the Lingyun Sect and Black Cloud City to the death. 


As the main character of the incident, Nie Tian said a word of thanks to Pan Tao and An Ying, before he proceeded to sit down on his buttocks. 

After he sat down, Nie Tian immediately closed his eyes and forced himself to fall into a deep slumber.

He knew that as long as they were still in the Green Illusion Realm, no one could predict what they would face in the next moment.

The only thing that he could do was to do his best to quickly recover all of his combat strength so that he could face the conflicts that could happen at any time. 

“We saved you and this is the attitude that you have?” Tong Hao said in a discontented tone.

Surprisingly, Nie Tian’s eyelids didn’t even twitch.

“Should you not thank everyone and then proceed to recover? We almost fought with the Grey Valley, as if our life had depended on it, just for you a moment ago!” Tong Hao said in an extremely angry tone.

The other youngsters looked towards Nie Tian, who had his eyes closed in solemness, and they too had their hearts filled with discontent. 

Zheng Rui’s complexion was especially cold and unpleasant. 

“Tong Hao, can you shut your bloody mouth?!” Pan Tao furiously said.

Only he knew that the reason why Tong Hao was able to live until now, was because Nie Tian was the real meritorious member behind the scenes. 

Tong Hao, who knew nothing of the truth and repeatedly ridiculed Nie Tian, made Pan Tao feel extremely vexed and he was itching to throw a punch at Tong Hao and smash his teeth into tiny pieces. 

“Oh, I will listen to what Elder Brother Tao says.” Tong Hao had a grieved look on his face.

“Everyone is to quickly recover and not waste any more time.” An Yin chided.

Only then did everyone quiet down once again.

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