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The Earth Lizard and Black Ice Python had actually appeared at the same time!

The faces of all the teenagers participating in the training turned white upon hearing the hissing sound of the Black Ice Python.

Zheng Rui and Pan Tao also became nervous.

Nie Tian’s expression was serious and he was no longer in the mood to continue arguing with Zheng Rui and focused all of his attention on these two Spirit Beasts!

Qin Shun’s death, the sudden appearance of the Earth Lizard, and the emergence of the Black Ice Python led him to realise that that this journey to Green Illusion Realm was not as simple as he had thought it would be.

“Zheng Rui! Pan Tao! The two of you handle that Earth Lizard!” An Ying took a deep breath, forced herself to calm down, and said determinedly, “As for the Black Ice Python… leave it to me!”

Everyone could hear from her words, that she didn’t have any confidence.

“No! You’re definitely not able to handle the Black Ice Python by yourself!” Zheng Rui screamed.

“The two of us will kill the Black Ice Python while you handle the Earth Lizard!” Pan Tao shouted.

Before they had embarked on this journey, they had heard from the elders that the Black Ice Python was the most powerful spirit beast in the Green Illusion Realm.

Otherwise, just the head of the Black Ice Python wouldn’t be sufficient to exchange for that Comprehending Sky Dan.

Zheng Rui and Pan Tao were also clear that An Ying’s real strength was only slightly stronger than theirs.

However, because they were all at the ninth Lianqi level and had trained at the Ling Bao Court at the same time, they were deeply aware that An Ying’s strength was only greater by a limited extent. When the two of them cooperated, they actually would be able to defeat An Ying.

For them to fight the Earth Lizard, while An Ying faced the stronger Black Ice Python, An Ying was clearly placing herself in the tougher situation with greater danger.

They weren’t able to accept this!

In the midst of their conversation, Zheng Rui and Pan Tao exchanged glances and silently agreed to overtake An Ying and fight the Black Ice Python, which had recently emerged.

“I’m the leader! You shall listen to my instructions!” An Ying angrily shouted, as she lifted her long sword and stopped the two of them from approaching. “I know I cannot kill the Black Ice Python, but I can at least keep it occupied for some time! I hope that you can use that time to kill the Earth Lizard with your combined efforts!”

“Once the Earth Lizard is dead, both of you can come over to help me, the three of us will then combine our strength to kill the Black Ice Python!”

“If we were to switch our targets, no one would be able to settle their fights in a short time, and if these fights drag on, none of us will be able to leave the Green Illusion Realm!”

“But, but... For you to keep the Black Ice Python occupied is too unfair for you. There is a great possibility that you may… “ Zheng Rui hurriedly said.

“If you’re worried about me, then use all your strength to kill that Earth Lizard as fast as possible! If the Earth Lizard dies early, I’ll be ok!” An Ying firmly stated.

“Ok! We’ll follow your instructions!” Pan Tao shouted, while his eyes were reddening.

“Ying big sister, you... you must be careful!” The doll-faced girl’s voice, which sounded almost like she was crying, rang out and nearly broke as she tightly grasped her short sword with five fingers.

Qin Shun had died beside her and he had actually been the one she was the most acquainted with. The moment Qin Shun had been bitten to death by the Earth Lizard, she had gone into a great panic.

This was because the teengers, who had joined in the training in the Green Illusion Realm, had trained since they were young, and looked older than teenagers of the same age. Anyone seeing them would think they looked like they were fifteen to sixteen years old.

The truth was, however, that they were only twelve to thirteen years old.

That girl was only twelve years old this year and had been protected by her family like a princess. This was her first time experiencing such a battle.

It was obvious that she couldn’t adapt.

Apart from An Ying and the other three people of the Ling Bao Court, the remaining teenagers from the big families had all quieted down after Qin Shun had died.

All of their eyes showed glimpses of fear, especially after the Black Ice Python had emerged.

The emergence of the Black Ice Python even caused the fear in their eyes to turn into despair and hopelessness!

The only exception was Nie Tian, who had argued with Zheng Rui earlier.

Not long ago, Nie Tian had met an even more hopeless situation outside Black Cloud City.

He would find it difficult to forget that experience during his lifetime, but he still remembered that the animal bone had burnt those two strong warriors, who had brought him hopelessness, into cinders and ashes!

Nie Tian was already more resilient than other people of his age, and after killing those two people, he had become even more resolute and unwavering.

In the battle before him, although he was also helpless, he didn’t panic because of that and he had no fear in his heart.

Being fearless would enable one to keep his mind clear at all times and his focus would be greatly increased!

Due to this, he was the first to discover a new development!

Just beside the doll-faced girl, a piece of land made of ice which was originally calm. Suddenly, however, there was an unusual tremor from this piece of land made of ice!

The magnitude of the tremor was extremely small and the girl, whose heart was filled with fear and was hopelessly looking at Qin Shun, didn’t notice it.

There was no way that she would think that the Earth Lizard, who had just bitten Qin Shun to death, would suddenly appear nearby again!

She was even listening to An Ying persuade her not to worry.

At this moment, An Ying, Pan Tao, and Zheng Rui had just finished their argument and had yet to turn around.

“Get out of my way!”

Nie Tian suddenly shouted, shocking everyone who looked at him immediately.

Under everyone’s curious eyes, Nie Tian flew up into the sky like a human rocket!

The spirit power in his Dantian’s sea of spiritual power instantly flowed into his right leg!

Nie Tian, who had flown high up over the head of the girl, was like a rapidly falling meteor and viciously slammed onto that piece of land made of ice beside the girl, which had trembled once again!

- Hong! -

The sound of a loud collision came from that piece of land made of ice. Nie Tian had used all of his strength to step on what seemed like a large ball.

Afterwards, his heavily falling body actually sprung up and flew high into the sky.

- Hou! -

And the piece of land made of ice below him emitted a loud, violent low-pitched growl.

That growl was clearly from the Earth Lizard!


Only at this moment did the doll-faced girl fiercely react.

The short sword in her hand weaved a pattern of clean and swift strokes, which pierced the piece of land made of ice beside her.

- Chi Chi! -

That piece of land made of ice suddenly emitted a bright light, which shone in all directions.

“The Earth Lizard!”

“It’s the Earth Lizard!”

“Nie Tian was actually the first to discover its unusual movements!”

“If not for that guy, Miao Jiang would be like Qian Shun and would’ve been bitten to death by that Earth Lizard!”

The rest of the people were shocked and shouted, as they tried to dash towards where the Earth Lizard had set up its ambush.

However, that Earth Lizard had disappeared into the ground again after the blow it received from Nie Tian.

By the time the cultivators got to Miao Jiang, they didn’t discover anything.

And Nie Tian, after landing on the ground, sighed and said, “If you’re all scared and think that the situation in front of you is hopeless, then there is no need to fight anymore. You might as well commit suicide so that you can avoid the Earth Lizard and the Black Ice Python swallowing you up bit by bit!”

The funny thing was, that under this admonishment by Nie Tian, no one actually retorted.

These cultivators from the Ling Bao Court suddenly quieted down upon seeing Nie Tian, who had adjusted his breathing the moment he had landed, and was prepared to fight at any moment.

It was lucky, that due to the appearance of the Earth Lizard, the spirit beasts which had surrounded them originally, didn’t rush over.

Ever since the Earth Lizard had appeared, it didn’t seem anxious at all and was taking its time to slowly approach.

Due to that, everyone thought about what Nie Tian had said and re-evaluated the dangerous, life-threatening situation in front of them.

“He’s right.” An Ying said and encouraged everyone, “This battle may be the most frightening one that we have met in our lives! However, our purpose in coming to the Green Illusion Realm was to train ourselves, and we should have the courage to face a hopeless situation!”

“Please don’t worry, Grade Two Spirit Beasts aren’t all that frightening!”

“So long as I can keep the Black Ice Python occupied and Pan Tao and Zheng Rui can kill the Earth Lizard, we’ll be able to turn the situation around and to defeat the Black Ice Python!”

“I’m confident in gaining enough time for them.”

“And I hope that all of you can help to kill off those Grade One Spirit Beasts to help lighten the load for Zheng Rui, Pan Tao, and myself.”

“Please trust me! And, please, also trust yourselves!”

An Ying said loudly.

Under her encouragement, Nie Tian noticed that the fear in the eyes of those cultivators slowly changed into bloodlust.

He couldn’t help but look admiringly at An Ying.

At this time, An Ying actually used the same admiring look to steal a glance at him from afar.

Nie Tian smiled and waved. “I wish you the best of luck.”

“You too.” An Ying replied

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