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Chapter 4 - Liu Yan’s Confusion

Liu Yan’s Confusion

In the Afternoon.

When Nie Qian wanted to grumble, she saw that Nie Tian had finished his meal and drink and had already fallen into a deep sleep, and without a chance to reconcile with him, left it at that... 

When Nie Tian had taken the animal bones from the general assembly drawing, all along it had been grasped in his tiny hands, however Nie Qian couldn’t sense any indication that any of Nie Tian’s spirit qi was resonating with the animal bones. 

“Such a fool... He managed to grab so many high ranked spirit weapons, yet he only chose this thing...” Nie Qian muttered softly. 

“Whatever... Even if he had taken the highest quality weapon, the pearl, it would still have been useless for him. Grabbing all seven spirit weapons and having none that fits him... I knew from the start, that making him participate in the general assembly drawing, wouldn’t amount to anything.” At that moment, Nie Donghai’s voice sounded outside the doorway. 

“Father, Mr. Liu.” Nie Qian turned to look and saw that Nie Donghai and Lingyun sect’s Liu Yan had come together. 

Nie Donghai kindly looked at the sprawled out and deeply sleeping Nie Tian and softly sighed. With a sad face, he explained: “A few days ago, I had secretly tested him, wanting to find out what his inner spirit qi attribute was, however…” 

After a pause, he continued: “Perhaps it was my realm level that wasn’t high enough, but when I was inspecting his body, I couldn’t sense any spirit qi fluctuations. By that time, I knew that even if he did participate in the general assembly drawing, that he would most likely not obtain anything.” 

“Because I understood this fact, I didn’t really try all that hard to include him in the general assembly drawing.”

Nie Qian was startled and somewhat shocked, as she somewhat absently said, ”But after I went to go beg for you to allow Nie Tian to participate... Father, you still…” 

Nie Donghai bitterly smiled, “Deep down, I was still unwilling to give up - I still wanted to believe and hope for a miracle. Now, I see that it was just my excessively wishful thinking.”

“It’s my fault.” Nie Qian remorsefully said. 

At that moment, she knew that her father, Nie Donghai, and herself both had deeply loved Nie Tian, and more importantly, her father had really fought hard to give Nie Tian a shred of an opportunity. He had rather done this, than letting the Nie family erupt in conflict again. 

Even if he knew, his efforts would probably be meaningless. 

“Let me come and take a careful look.” Liu Yan interrupted. He went towards the bed, advancing towards the deeply asleep Nie Tian, before he stretched his hand out. 

A white misty glow came from Liu Yan’s left hand, circulating forth a white sheen that covered his hand as though it were white jade. 

Liu Yan’s hand pressed gently onto Nie Tian’s lower abdomen. His eyes narrowed and he focused intently, the spiritual power in his palms was like thin hairs, as it slowly infiltrated into Nie Tian’s abdomen.

The sleeping Nie Tian seemed quite comfortable, as even a smile had emerged on his small and chubby face. He snored a little, as if in a dream. 

The warm and jade like misty white glow gradually surfaced from inside Nie Tian’s flesh like Nie Tian was a porcelain doll in the light of a lamp. 

Yet, Nie Donghai and Nie Qian still looked at Nie Tian with a worried frown. 

However, they remained rather formal. After all, that jade-like sheen originated from Liu Yan’s spiritual power. 

That spiritual power, loitering around Nie Tian’s body. Since it did not trigger any changes, meant that Nie Tian’s body had no additional spiritual power surge. 

Quite a while later, Liu Yan gently closed his hand and turned to Nie Donghai shaking his head. 

Nie Donghai and Nie Qian both had sad expressions. 

“It shouldn’t be this way, I know of junior sister’s apprentice’s qualification. Not just in Dark Cloud City, even in our Lingyun Sect, her talent is exceptional. Even without talent and mortal binding, her children will inherit some of her talent. It shouldn’t be this way...“

Liu Yan also wore a look of confusion, “But I carefully sought it out. In Nie Tian’s body, I felt no trace of spiritual power surge.”

“Ai…” Nie Donghai sighed and looked lost. 

“But...” Liu Yan changed the subject, frowning, “Nie Tian’s blood is extremely strong. I saw it in the drawing of lots. He should be stronger than the rest of the children. His flesh and physique have a lot of tenacity. If you remove the spiritual power factor, in a competition of pure power and reckless strength, in this generation of Nie Family, I am afraid no one can beat him.”

“What use is there, though?” Nie Qian said bitterly, “Those children are still small. Wait a little for them to grow up and begin to understand the words of adults, they will begin practicing spiritual power. Spiritual power, is how one measures how formidable a Lianqi warrior is. It is also the real source of strength. How far can his brute force alone take him?”

“My concern is this.” Nie Donghai added, “Those children with special spiritual power attributes in their bodies can practice and become compatible with the attribute within their body’s spiritual power. One by one, they will progress rapidly, establishing this foundation early on. Only such a child can be expected at the age of fifteen to practice Lianqi to the ninth level and earn the favor of the Lingyun Sect.”

“Nie Tian like this, did not display a significant practiced attribute. His practice speed will naturally be a lot slower. This means that at the age of fifteen, it is most likely impossible for him to enter Lianqi level nine. Lingyun Sect’s door will therefore be permanently closed to him. If he cannot practice with the Lingyun Sect, his life will be confined to the Nie Family.”

Liu Yan went to Nie Donghai and patted his shoulder in a comforting manner and earnestly said, “Not entering the Lingyun Sect is not necessarily a bad thing. There are plenty of elites of the Lingyun Sect that died a premature death. To desire to be the best, step by step there will be terrible impasses. To be able to cross the bridge of time, is to have an impressive fate.”

“To be like Nie Tian, living his life in peace, perhaps it is a blessing.”

Liu Yan’s remarks let Nie Donghai think of his dead daughter, Nie Jin. His heart ached, as he was left momentarily speechless. 

“The matters here have been settled, I am now returning to the Lingyun Sect. At the mountains, junior sister apprentice acted on my behalf to direct the troops. I am extremely fond of junior sister apprentice. Brother, you may rest assured. Whoever harmed her, I also put my heart into finding that man and if there is news, I will inform you.”

Liu Yan once again patted Nie Donghai on the shoulder, before he strolled out. 

“Many thanks to Mr Liu’s kindness.” Nie Donghai expressed. 

“Thank you, Mr Liu,” Nie Qian also quickly said. 

Both wished to see him off, but went to the door only to discover Liu Yan walking faster and faster, turned and in a wink, disappeared. 

“Mr Liu?” Nie Donghai thought for a moment and frowned, “If not for Mr Liu, those clansmen… Probably would not have let Nie Tian off that easily.”

“Once I leave Nie Tian, what will those guys do?” Nie Qian hatefully said. 

Nie Donghai nodded slowly, “It is human nature to create a disturbance. All of them are biting Nie Tian and their excuse is to say he caused trouble at the drawing of lots. They insisted I punish him. Fortunately, Mr Liu helped and spoke up so they did not dare continue to blame little Tian. Otherwise, even I wouldn’t be able to protect him.”

“Unfortunately, Mr Liu has left, and in the future he won’t frequently return.” Nie Qian sighed. 

“As long as I am still head of the Nie Family, I will not tolerate their impudence!” Nie Donghai hmph’d. 

“I am afraid, father, that you can’t sit in that position much longer.” Nie Qian bitterly smiled.

“If I am able to sit one more day, I will sit one more day. Nevertheless for you and Jin-Er I will seek justice!” Nie Donghai had a look of unwavering determination. After leaving this sentence, he also left. 

Looking at the back of her hero who was past his prime, Nie Qian had a melancholic expression and sat in front of the door in a daze. 

Inside the house. 

The body of the still sleeping Nie Tian contained the left behind traces of the silky spiritual power and it lingered for a long time without scattering.

Nie Tian’s flesh under the moist halo, like a wave, began to slightly tremble.

Every time his flesh gently trembled, the halo became somewhat dimmer, as if his flesh was greedily absorbing it back in. 

All of this, regardless of who it saw, be it Liu Yan, Nie Dong Hai, or Nie Qian, would’ve been ignorant. 

Usually, Nie Tian would only napped for half an hour. 

But today, he surprisingly slept for a full two hours, until no trace of spiritual power was left on his body. That was when he finally stretched and woke up.

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