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The Silver Chariot, which was traveling at full speed, suddenly rammed into an invisible ward, and the war chariot’s dashing momentum was instantly stopped.

Liu Ling’s expression flickered as she noticed that, within the raging demon Qi in front of her, dark-purple light was gradually spreading out like water ripples.

Underneath the water-like light, a male high-tier Demon was standing atop a small mountain peak, looking up at her with cold eyes.

The high-tier Demon let out a cold harrumph as he reached out with his hand and made a yanking motion in the air. “Get down here!”

In the next moment, the war chariot lost control and plummeted towards him like a loose cannonball.

Nie Tian looked down and discovered that the mutilated bodies of six human Qi warriors were scattered in a disorderly manner on the mountaintop.

Severed limbs could be seen everywhere. Apparently, it was the work of this Demon.

“Another high-tier Demon with sixth grade bloodline power!” With a single glance at him, Liu Ling was able to tell the grade of his bloodline power from the aura he released.

At that moment, Nie Tian noticed that three formidable low-tier Demons had also rushed out from behind the nearby mountains.

It seemed that they had been lurking in the dark and masking their auras so that neither Liu Ling nor Nie Tian had been able to perceive their existence.

Now, they suddenly appeared and rushed towards the falling war chariot, baring their fangs and brandishing their claws, as if they wished to rip the war chariot and Nie Tian into pieces.

With a grim expression, Nie Tian suddenly experienced a burning sensation from the three fragmentary star marks on his chest.

Then, he sent a wisp of thought into the refined fragmentary star mark. After a brief scan, he learned that he was already very close to the pagodas the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had deployed in the three high mountain peaks.

That was when he realized that, after a period of dashing, they were almost at the spatial rift.

This was probably why they had encountered another formidable high-tier Demon.

He also realized that Yrie had probably informed all the other Demons of Liu Ling and her features and whereabouts via her unique demon magics.

As long as they continued to travel in the Silver Chariot, he and Liu Ling would be every Demon’s primary target.

“Am I close enough to the spatial rift?” After a moment of pondering, Nie Tian took a deep breath as he turned to Liu Ling and said, “I won’t be needing your escort from here on. I’ve already grasped the direction of the spatial rift. I’ll get over there by myself.”

“A-are you sure that you can do this?” Liu Ling asked concernedly.

Nie Tian’s eyes shone brightly, as if there were tiny stars in the depths of his pupils.

He grinned and said, “I managed to obtain the legacy marks from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Trust me. I know what I’m doing. I’ll leave that sixth grade Demon underneath us to you. I believe you’ll manage. Good luck!”

With these words, he stimulated the vortex of star power in his spiritual sea and infused his entire body with refined star power.


Standing in the war chariot, Nie Tian seemed to have instantly turned into a bright star, but in the next moment, he disappeared into thin air.

Liu Ling’s jaw dropped as she watched Nie Tian vanish into thin air. Eyes wide, she was shocked into a loss for words.

ROOOOAR! After realizing that Nie Tian was gone, the sixth grade high-tier Demon let out an angry roar before giving an order to the three low-tier Demons in the Demon language, “Tear that woman to shreds!”

He, on the other hand, shot directly towards the spatial rift like a whizzing arrow.

In a location where the demon Qi was the densest, space suddenly grew distorted on top of a lofty mountain peak.


A cluster of bright starlight appeared out of nowhere.

As the starlight faded, Nie Tian’s somewhat bedraggled figure appeared.

He casually wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth. Without making a sound, he sat down in the lotus position and cast his bloodline talent, Life Stealth, at the first possible moment.

Immediately afterwards, his life aura and the fluctuations of his flesh and blood vanished, along with his somewhat disordered spiritual power.

Sitting behind a huge rock, he quietly stuck out his head and cautiously glanced at his surroundings and the valley underneath.

Similar to what he had seen in the Realm of Flame Heaven and the Realm of Mystic Heaven, it was an incomparably vast valley surrounded by numerous mountain peaks of various heights.

In the center of the valley was a huge spatial rift, which was releasing raging demon Qi unceasingly.

By the spatial rift, about a hundred human Qi warriors were unleashing all kinds of secret magics and wielding their spiritual tools to fight their Demon enemies.

Submerged in dense demon Qi, the vast mountain valley was originally pitch-black. However, the multi-colored light from the spiritual tools, as well as the lightning and flames created by different incantations, lit up the valley.

What rapidly seized Nie Tian’s eyes were the giant Moon Wheel and Sun Wheel that hung high above the valley, which were the most powerful and valuable sect treasures of the Yin Sect and the Yang Sect respectively.

The crescent-moon-shaped Moon Wheel and the blazing Sun Wheel were like a moon and a sun in the night sky that both shone with glorious and mysterious light.

Only then did he realize that it was the Sun Wheel and the Moon Wheel that had illuminated the valley, as if it were in broad daylight.

Bathed in the light of the two Spirit Channeling grade treasures, the battle prowess of the Qi warriors from the Yang Sect and the Yin Sect seemed to be greatly lifted.

Nie Tian gazed down and noticed that the eyes of those Qi warriors had already turned red from all the killing.

Dozens of high-tier Demons were either floating in midair or riding low-tier Demons as they brandished their weapons and gave full vent to their demonic power.

Corpses of human Qi warriors and Demons could be seen everywhere in the valley.

Meanwhile, more Demons were still rushing out of the spatial rift.

As soon as they emerged, they would charge onto the battlefield, letting out fierce roars.

Nie Tian glanced around and discovered that the majority of the human Qi warriors and Demons were fighting by the perimeter of the valley.

Some powerful Profound realm experts were fighting mighty high-tier Demons in midair.

A large number of lightning bolts and spatial energy blades flashed across the sky, while thunderous energy fluctuations and enormous, sharp Demonic claws interwove in midair. The Heavens were shaking, and the Earth was being toppled.

Some of the energy forms sputtered and shot into the surrounding mountain peaks, causing them to shatter.

Many mountain peaks split apart after being hit by stray spiritual power attacks, while others collapsed like stone pavilions in an earthquake after being rammed by gigantic Demons.

After a careful scan, he discovered that the three highest mountain peaks that dwarfed all others were the only ones that remained unwavering, no matter how hard they were bombarded.

How ever strong the impacts were, they would only leave shallow scratches, but the mountain peaks wouldn’t move in the slightest.

The mountain peak he was sitting on was one of them.

“Only the mountain peaks that contain star pagodas within them are able to withstand such strong impacts and still remain intact. Only the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace can make them impregnable like that.” After muttering these things to himself, Nie Tian no longer paid attention to the bloody battles that were taking place in every corner of the valley. 

Instead, he took advantage of the fact that he was undercover to summon and infuse the three fragmentary star marks into the lofty mountain peaks with the secret magic, which he had already become fluent with.

As the fragmentary star marks fell into and lit up the pagodas within the bellies of the mountain peaks, every human Qi warrior and Demon sensed the anomaly.

The three mountain peaks were originally grayish-brown and sparsely vegetated.

However, all of a sudden, they began to emanate bright starlight.

Immediately afterwards, the stars in the night sky became incomparably bright, as if they were shone upon by some kind of torch.

Not only that, but starlight began pouring down from the heavens like creeks and waterfalls. One after another, they converged on the spatial rift with great precision, like a giant curtain of pearls rolling down from the sky.

Seeing that the grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had been activated, Nie Tian finally let out a sigh of relief.

Only then did he feel slightly relaxed, and get into the mood to focus on the bloody battles between the human Qi warriors and the Demons.

The Qi warriors of the Realm of a Thousand Devastations noticed the favorable changes. Therefore, they all glanced around with thrilled expressions on their faces as they fought the Demons.

“The grand spell formation has been activated!”

“The grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace has finally started operating!”

“Where is that Nie Tian kid?”

“Here comes our chance to turn the situation around!”

Each and every one of them was full of gratitude towards Nie Tian.

As more Demons continued to swarm in through the spatial rift, they had already started to feel helpless, since it seemed impossible to kill them all.

If they couldn’t seal the spatial rift, it would have been only a matter of time before the Realm of a Thousand Devastations fell into the Demons’ hands.

Nie Tian’s secret arrival and activation of the grand spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had made them see a silver lining!

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