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Huang Fan had never imagined that his indecision would cause Nie Tian to fall into that bottomless spatial rift.


Huang Fan's banners moved in midair as if they were scythes swung by Death, slicing numerous incoming mutant spirit beasts into pieces.

Upon seeing such a brutal scene, many of the mutant spirit beasts seemed frightened. Adding in the fact that the demonsound from within the spatial rift had ceased, they gradually stopped.

One after another, they started to back away with their fearful gazes fixed on Huang Fan.

Huang Fan didn't have time to deal with them. He anxiously turned around and looked into the spatial rift.

It had been just a moment, but Nie Tian had already disappeared into the endless darkness.

Mixed emotions flashed across his face before he finally gritted his teeth and jumped into the unfathomable spatial rift.

Almost simultaneously, Hua Mu flew down from the mountaintop after saying to Pei Qiqi, "You stay here and don't go anywhere!"

Eyes wide, Pei Qiqi watched Hua Mu blur into a streak of gray smoke and fly away from her side. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared into the spatial rift.

Su Lin, who had been carefully guarding herself against mutant spirit beasts, also turned her head and looked over to see what was happening in the valley, whispering to herself, "W-what happened just now?

She saw Huang Fan dive into the spatial rift after a moment of hesitation, and Nie Tian was already nowhere to be found.

What confused her even more was that, immediately afterward, a streak of gray smoke followed Huang Fan into the spatial rift.

Before Hua Mu had shown up, she had no idea there were any powerful experts in the vicinity.


The figure of a woman appeared at the edge of one of the mountaintops.

Pei Qiqi, who had intentionally hidden her aura, revealed herself to Su Lin, wearing a mask that made her look plain.

Looking down at her from a significant distance, she shouted, "Nie Tian fell into that spatial rift. You should inform the experts from the Realm of Flame Heaven as quickly as you can, so that they can get in there and give him a hand."

Startled, Su Lin asked, "Who are you?! That man who dove into the spatial rift after Huang Fan, are you with him?"

Pei Qiqi lost her patience and said with an indifferent tone. "Yeah, we're humans, not Demons. We're not here to help Demons, believe me. We're friends with Nie Tian."

"Nie Tian's friends..." Su Lin searched in her mind for a moment before nodding and saying, "I see. I'll inform those experts now."

Afterwards, she took out a Sound Stone and started communicating with the powerful experts who were now engaged in fierce battles with the Earth Flame Beast, the Ice Liger, and the numerous mutant spirit beasts that had converged on this area.

Inside the spatial rift was a dark, endless tunnel that looked very strange and spacious.

One after another, streaks of light would flash past from time to time, lighting up the dim tunnel briefly.

Numerous pitch-black, drifting vortexes could be seen here and there.

Judging from the foul auras that came out of those pitch-black vortexes, they seemed to lead to realms where no lives could ever survive.

Dazzling, bright spots, which seemed to carry extremely violent and explosive power, flew around in the tunnel in a disorderly fashion.

Meanwhile, the tunnel was filled with rocks of various sizes and shapes, some of which glittered with bright starlight, while others burned with black flames.

Numerous misty, blackish-violet rivers of pure demon Qi flowed inside the dim tunnel.

All of a sudden, Nie Tian appeared in the tunnel. Overwhelmed by the strange and creepy surroundings, he went blank.


The Flame Dragon Armor, which had been sleeping in Nie Tian's bracelet of holding, seemed to have sensed the dangerous situation and thus took the initiative to fly out and descend from over his head, forcing itself on his body.

Afterwards, the Flame Dragon Armor started to draw flame power from his spiritual sea automatically.

As it was infused with more and more flame power from Nie Tian, it burst into flames, turning Nie Tian into a ball of fire and lighting up the dim spatial tunnel.

"I-is this the spatial tunnel that leads to Demons' realms?" Glancing around carefully, Nie Tian's face was rapidly filled with astonishment.


Behind him, an enormous gray vortex, laced with bits of glittering starlight, was floating and fluctuating.

He had come in through that gray vortex!

This was completely different from what he had pictured in his mind.

Originally , he was under the impression that, after being sucked into the spatial rift, he would keep falling, like falling down an endless well, and the huge spatial rift would be like the mouth of the well.

However, after his entrance, he realized that, if he compared the spatial tunnel to the Demons' realms to be a horizontal well, the vortex he had just entered through would be somewhere in the middle of the well, and the vortex would be size of a grain.

Standing in front of that vortex, he saw the same things looking forward or backward.

With another look at the gray vortex laced with bits of starlight, he sensed strong fluctuations of spatial energy, so he was convinced that he would be able to pass through it into the Realm of Flame Heaven.

Meanwhile, numerous misty rivers of rich demon Qi were converging and attempting to flow into it.

However, in the heart of the vortex, the spell formation formed by bits of starlight prevented them from infiltrating.

As a thought appeared in his mind, he floated up the rivers of demon Qi to search for their source.

It wasn't long before he discovered that a giant Demon was coming towards him by following the current of one of the demon Qi rivers at a fast speed.


The Demon let out a frenzied roar in the spatial tunnel.

Strangely, even though the previous roars had sounded so loud in the Realm of Flame Heaven that it caused Heaven and Earth to shake, this roar sounded very muffled and weak to Nie Tian, now that he was inside the spatial tunnel.

The Demon looked like a tremendous bull that was almost a hundred meters long. It was black from head to tail, and it had curved horns growing out of its head.

Its dark-purple eyes emanated a suffocating light, making them look like two purple suns in the dim spatial tunnel.

It seemed as if the gray vortex that led to the Realm of Flame Heaven had been its destination. However, as it caught sight of Nie Tian and charged towards him, it seemed very cautious, as if it feared something.


A streak of dazzlingly bright starlight suddenly whizzed out of the dusty-gray vortex like a shooting star.

In the next moment, the light pierced into the Demon's flesh like a sharp arrow.

The Demon let out pained howls as it began to stagger its way towards Nie Tian.

Meanwhile, sparkling, bright spots made contact with its enormous body and exploded, creating extremely terrifying explosive power, inflicting serious pain and damage on the Demon.

Upon seeing such a scene, Nie Tian immediately realized that the Demon must have already made numerous attempts to approach the dusty-gray vortex, in order to charge through the spatial rift and enter the Realm of Flame Heaven.

However, the powerful restrictive spell formation left by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace had played an important role. Not only had it repeatedly stopped the demon from approaching, but it had also injured it a few times.

Not only did Nie Tian discover many wounds on the Demon's huge body, which had apparently been caused by the flashes of starlight, but he also noticed that the solid scales on its broad, mountain-like back were still sputtering sparks and arcs of starlight.

"Ah... No wonder it's been using its roars to bewitch the mutant spirit beasts in the Realm of Flame Heaven. It's because it can't get close to the vortex." With a quick glance at the Demon, Nie Tian managed to figure out the situation.


At that moment, two figures flew out of the gray vortex, one after the other.

Floating quietly within the vast spatial tunnel, Nie Tian couldn't help but exclaim, "Senior Huang! Mr. Hua!"

"Are you okay, Nie Tian?" Wearing an exquisite set of spiritual armor, Huang Fan descended in the spatial tunnel, surrounded by his floating banners. Armed to the teeth, he glanced around vigilantly, looking especially grim and nervous.

"Demon!!" He suddenly caught sight of the Demon, which was staggering, yet still marching towards them.

With a single glance at the excessively large Demon, Hua Mu called out its name. "Rotspirit Ox!"

"Nie Tian! Come back here now! Go back to the Realm of Flame Heaven with me!" He urged with an anxious expression on his face.

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