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Chapter 36 - Green Illusion Realm

Under the dusky green misty sky, a mountain range rose steeply from the the green-black coloured ground.

There were broken rocks scattered all around at the foot of this unknown mountain peak. Amongst the pile of rocks not far away, the ash-coloured skeleton of dead Spirit Beasts could faintly be seen. 

Those skeletons were from Low Grade Spirit Beasts, that had corroded over a long period of time. The spiritual Qi from within the bones had already been drained, until there was practically nothing left. They didn’t possess the value of Refining Weapons in the slightest and therefore, no one showed any interest in them. 

- Chichi! -

A magnificent light suddenly erupted from a smooth stone wall and an extremely obvious surge of space was transmitted outwards. 

That stone wall seemed to have turned into a mirror in an instant, as unsettling silhouettes could be seen within it. 

- Xiuxiu! -

The silhouettes that flashed within the stone wall suddenly flew out and landed at the foot of the mountain, one after the other. 

“Green Illusion Realm!”

“So this is the Green Illusion Realm!”

“We have arrived!”

After those from the Ling Bao Court had landed, they looked up at the cyan sky dome and were all shouting loudly in excitement. 

Nie Tian was also in the crowd. He was curiously sizing up the Green Illusion Realm, and was secretly operating his Lianqi techniques to observe the heaven and earth spiritual Qi in this place.

It was only a flash and he was already aware that this place’s heaven and earth spiritual Qi was even thinner than in Black Cloud City. It even more so could not compare to the richness of the fluctuating spiritual Qi in the Lingyun Mountain. 

“No wonder…”

He muttered softly to himself and understood why the Lingyun Sect, the Ling Bao Court, the Grey Valley and the Black Mist Palace wouldn’t deploy people and station them on a long-term basis in this Green Illusion Realm, after having conquered it. 

It was because this place wasn’t suited for Lianqi Warriors’ long term cultivation. 

Every Lianqi Warriors hoped, that they could cultivate in places which was rich in heaven and earth spiritual Qi. Exceptional paradises with genuinely thick spiritual Qi could increase a Lianqi Warrior’s cultivation speed by a large margin. 

Due to the fact that the spiritual Qi in the Green Illusion Realm was rather thin, it was impossible for formidable Lianqi Warriors to fancy this place. 

After all, all the High Grade Spirit Beasts and the different barbaric tribes had already been cleanly killed and beheaded by the four sects. And all of the precious spiritual materials had already been taken and it was obvious that this place was of little value and interest.

“Everyone, shut up!”

An Ying saw that those who had arrived were making noise to no end, and she couldn’t help but to shout femininely to stop them. 

Many of the young boys and girls, who were exhilarated, all gradually quietened down after she spoke. 

“Everyone, follow me!”

An Ying was no nonsense and she aimed in one direction, immediately taking the lead as she headed off. 

“Everyone, keep up!” Ling Bao Court’s Zheng Rui and Pan Tao also gave their commands after her.

Those disciples from the influential families, who had attached themselves to the Ling Bao Court, had been repeatedly urged by the seniors of their respective family that they must take orders from the Ling Bao Court trial takers after they had arrived in the Green Illusion Realm. 

It was that way as well, because every single one of them appeared to be extremely obedient under An Ying and the other two’s order. 

Nie Tian was touching the token that An Shi Yue had given him, and turned his head around, glancing once again at that smooth stone wall, that looked like a mirror. He didn’t make a single sound, as he silently followed after the others.

When he was previously at the marsh and jumped into the water whirlpool in the lake, he was clearly aware that the token in his hands was emitting an unusual wave of spiritual Qi. 

At that time, he knew that those who held the token in their hands were the only ones who could pass that water whirlpool and arrive in the Green Illusion Realm. 

That token was the key to enter the Green Illusion Realm. 

Half a year later, he still had to rely on the token in his hands and return to the marsh from the secret realm’s door, which looked like a mirror, behind him. 

When he followed An Ying and company, leaving that mysterious secret realm’s door behind him, he frequently turned his head back and looked behind him. 

Not long after, he saw that Jiang Lingzhu, Nie Xian and the others had flashed by and appeared from within that mirror-like stone wall.

After Jiang Lingzhu had stepped into the Green Illusion Realm, she sized up her surroundings and took notice of Nie Tian who was following An Ying, gradually getting further away from her, as he proceeded onwards. 

When they were separated by hundreds of meters, he shot Jiang Lingzhu a brilliant smile and after slightly nodding his head, he finally increased his pace and followed the Ling Bao Court’s small convoy. 

“He has actually started to run even faster after seeing me. Could it be that he… doesn’t wish to go together with us?”

At the foot of the mountain, Jiang Lingzhu watched as he disappeared from her line of sight, and felt as if there was something suspicious about him, but wasn’t clear as to what Nie Tian was harbouring in his mind.


Half an hour later. 

Nie Tian followed An Ying and company, as they completely left the mountain peak where the secret realm’s door was at, and arrived in a wilderness that was cold and silent.

Dried bones were scattered everywhere in the wilderness and tattered stone houses all stood there solitarily. 

Before those stone houses had been wrecked and destroyed, they were originally extremely unsophisticated and simple and didn’t have any special kind of form. 

Nie Tian looked across the cold and silent green-black earth and other than the dried up bones, that could clearly be seen all around, he could only see the stone rooms that were leaning unsteadily from side to side. 

A desolate and lonesome feeling arose in his heart, as his line of sight sweeped past those broken rocks and dried up bones. He knew, that living clans who possessed intelligence must have previously lived on this land. 

When he was pondering, An Ying raised her leg and kicked a pile of dried up bones away, sitting down on a black stone the size of a mill tray.

An Ying turned her body around as an indication for those fellows who were participating in the trial to draw close to her, as she obviously had something to brief them about. 

Nie Tian didn’t object to it and was also curious about what she wanted to say. Hence, he followed those trial takers and headed closer in her direction. 

She waited for those fourteen trial takers to gather by her side, and only after they had assembled did An Ying clear her throat and speak, using her crisp and beautiful voice: “The different barbaric tribes and High Grade Spirit Beasts have already long since been cleanly wiped out. The place that we are at should previously be the living district of one of the different tribes. I’ve heard that in order to clear those different tribes, many people from the four sects have also died.”

“The good thing is, after everything ended, the Green Illusion Realm was already our Ling Bao Court’s personal secret realm.”

“There should not even be a single barbaric tribe left within the Green Illusion Realm. Those who are still living are only those Lower Grade Spirit Beasts.”

“When we arrived, the Elder already told me that there are still many Grade One Spirit Beasts in the Green Illusion Realm today. But, there are only four Spirit Beasts that have reached the second grade!”

“The strength of those four Second Grade Spirit Beasts are comparable to initial Houtian Lianqi Warriors. They… are our main target in this operation.”

“The four sects have each put forward a rewards just for this trial. Our Ling Bao Court has put forward a Heaven Comprehending Pill. The Heaven Comprehending Pill can help us, who are in the Lianqi realm, to momentarily comprehend the state of mind of the Three Heaven Realms, the Houtian, Zhongtian and Xiantian. This can then cause us, who are in the Lianqi realm, to easily stride into the Houtian realm.”

“Not only that, the comprehension of refining the Heaven Comprehending Pill will greatly help us when we stride into the Zhongtian and Xiantian realm in the future.”

“To us, the Heaven Comprehending Pill is extremely precious. There are extremely few Heaven Comprehending Pills in our Ling Bao Court. As the official host of this trial, the sect has taken it seriously and has spent a huge capital on it.”

An Ning explained with a serious look on her small face.

“Heaven Comprehending Pill! It’s actually a Heaven Comprehending Pill!”

“The sect really values this trial highly. The Heaven Comprehending Pill is practically the most valuable treasure to us, who are in the Lianqi state!”

“This is really great!”

Other than Zheng Rui and Pan Tao, who already knew of this matter beforehand, all the remaining trial takers from each of the influential families were all boiling, as they had a fiery expression in their eyes. 

Nie Tian’s heartbeat also secretly quickened. 

He had also heard of the Heaven Comprehending Pill before, and knew that warriors in the Lianqi realm could comprehend the state of mind of the three realms of Houtian, Zhongtian and Xiantian for a short duration when refining the Heaven Comprehending Pill.

For a ninth Lianqi level cultivator, who wanted to advance into the Houtian realm, not only did they need to accumulate spiritual energy, but they also needed a compatible state of mind. 

Entering Zhongtian from Houtian and proceeding to Xiantian from Zhongtian all needed the comprehension of the state of mind. Solely relying on the pureness and depth of spiritual energy wasn’t enough. 

A Heaven Comprehending Pill could let them, who were in the Lianqi realm, benefit from all three of the following Heaven realms. It could be seen how precious and rare this Heaven Comprehending Pill was.

“The most valuable one is obviously our Ling Bao Court’s Heaven Comprehending Pill.” Seeing as everyone looked to be uncontrollably excited, An Ying slightly nodded and said: “Other than that, the Lingyun Sect, the Grey Valley and the Black Mist Palace have also similarly put forth three Medium Grade Spirit Weapons. Those three Spirit Weapon are naturally slightly less valuable than the Heaven Comprehending Pill, but if they fall into the hands of a suitable user, these are also treasures of considerable value.”

“The only four Grade Two Spirit Beasts’ heads left in the Green Illusion Realm perfectly corresponds with those four treasures. Chopping off one Grade Two Spirit Beast’s head and taking it out of the Green Illusion Realm enables one to exchange it for a treasure.”

“The most formidable Spirit Beast is an ice-cold python. Only the python’s head can be exchanged for the Heaven Comprehending Pill!”

An Ying raised her head and her small face was filled with proud intentions, “Our Ling Bao Court is the official host of this trial with the most number of people participating in this trial. The task that the Masters have given us is to chop of the head of that python.”

“But what I want is not only that python, but it is all of the Grade Two Spirit Beasts!”

“It would be the best if all of those four Grade Two Spirit Beasts are killed by us in this Green Illusion Realm trial. If not, we’ll go and snatch them. We must obtain all of the heads of those four Spirit Beasts!”

“It’s only natural that the Heaven Comprehending Pill belongs to me. All of you need not think about it!”

“I will distribute the three remaining Spirit Weapons based on your performance.”

“Remember! Only when we’ve obtained the heads of all the Grade Two Spirit Beasts will we be qualified to obtain the three remaining Spirit Weapons!”

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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