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This was the first time Nie Tian had used the Flame Star.

After appearing behind Yuan Fengchun's back and bringing out the Flame Star, Nie Tian infused it with his flame power, wood power, and star power. The Flame Star immediately began to shine with glorious, fiery light.

The numerous tiny stars on its blade also seemed to suddenly light up.

The various types of power flowed within the spell formations on the Flame Star at a very fast speed. Bolstered by the spell formations, the streams of power of different attributes rushed towards the tip of the blade like torrential rivers.


A beam of dazzling, fiery light laced with starlight suddenly shot out from the tip of the Flame Star.

Yuan Fengchun, who was still imposing his offer on An Rong, suddenly sensed the aura of death from behind him, and thus summoned earth power as quickly as he could.

An earthy-yellow light shield instantly formed on his back. Not only that, but even his skin and flesh under his garments seemed to be infused with his earthy-yellow spiritual aura.


The moment the mixed light unleashed by the Flame Star made contact with the earthy-yellow light shield, the light shield shattered.


Immediately afterwards, the Flame Star pierced into Yuan Fengchun's back and infused the various types of spiritual power into his flesh and blood.


Yuan Fengchun let out an agonized shriek, and hastily attempted to summon more of his strength to defend against the various types of spiritual power that had invaded his body.

However, enveloped by Nie Tian's chaotic magnetic field, he was no longer capable of wielding his own strength.

He even began to experience an excruciating pain in his head, and he had to make great efforts to maintain a clear mind.

Assuming a firm grip on the Flame Star, his eyes filled with frigid coldness, Nie Tian once again summoned the various types of power within him.


As the Flame Star pierced deeper into Yuan Fengchun's back, it broke a few bones.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian madly drew from his burning rage and formed a Rage Punch with his unoccupied hand.

As Nie Tian's fist bombarded Yuan Fengchun's back with great force, Yuan Fengchun was sent flying towards where An Rong was standing.

An Rong, however, seemed to have been shocked into a daze.

Only at that moment did the Yuan Clan members realize what was happening, and charge madly towards Nie Tian.

"Kill that man!"

"He actually dares to make a move on our clanmaster!"

"Kill him!"

When Nie Tian had quietly approached Yuan Fengchun from behind, none of the Yuan Clan members had been alarmed. After all, he had cloaked all of his spiritual and fleshy aura using Life Stealth, so in the eyes of those Yuan Clan members, he was nothing more than a mortal onlooker.

Normally, they wouldn't raise their guard at all when a mortal approached them.

Not to mention that the Yuan Clan was the most powerful clan in Black Cloud City now. Every man and woman in Black Cloud City had been exerting all measures to please the Yuan Clan.

This had attributed to the Yuan Clan's blind arrogance.

They had never expected that anyone would dare to openly lay a murderous hand on their clanmaster in Black Cloud City.

By the time they realized what was going on, Nie Tian had already driven his Flame Star into Yuan Fengchun's back.

"Who are you?!" Enraged, every Yuan Clan member summoned their spiritual tools and assumed a stance that showed that they were determined to rip Nie Tian into pieces.

Holding the Flame Star with one hand, Nie Tian didn't spare Yuan Fengchun another glance, but rather expanded his chaotic magnetic field to a five-meter radius.

The first few Yuan Clan members who unwittingly charged into the chaotic magnetic field were all at the Heaven stage. Having their inner powers disrupted by the chaotic magnetic field, they couldn't help but stagger about.

Like a blade that was designated for reaping lives, the Flame Star unleashed numerous beams of fiery light laced with frosty sparks of starlight.


The few men who were the closest to Nie Tian were the first to have their chests penetrated by the Flame Star's blade lights, and died instantly.

Upon seeing this scene, the citizens of Black Cloud City seemed to have sensed danger, and all began shoving each other backwards to keep a longer distance from Nie Tian in a loud clamor.

Nie Tian still didn't say a word. Holding his Flame Star, he repeatedly cast Starshifts to appear in different locations.

Every time he cast a Starshift and appeared in another location, he would slaughter a member of the Yuan Clan effortlessly with the same method he had used to sneak up on Yuan Fengchun.

Yuan Fengchun was the only one in the Yuan Clan who could be considered a truly powerful expert.

As a matter of fact, they used to have another Greater Heaven stage expert in their clan. However, he had been crushed to death by a meteor right before the Heaven Gate had opened.

At present, none of the Yuan Clan members or guest elders were experts with Greater Heaven stage or higher cultivation bases; Yuan Fengchun had been the only exception.

Nie Tian had already lost count of how many Qi warriors with similar cultivation bases he had killed in the Realm of Split Void.

Furthermore, the strength of these Heaven stage Yuan Clan members couldn't even match up to that of a Heaven stage Hunter, much less that of Heaven stage Dark Moon member.

Combining his unpredictable movement magics and the Flame Star together, Nie Tian was like a tiger that had grown wings.

Even though the Yuan Clan members and guest elders had formed a blockade, Nie Tian moved unpredictably around them, and rapidly reaped their lives with his Flame Star.

It wasn't very long before the guest elders realized that it was a lost cause, and fled with their tails between their legs.

Even the formal members of the Yuan Clan gradually grew desperate, watching their brothers pierced through and killed by Nie Tian in such bizarre ways one by one.

Even though they still kept shouting threatening words, they backed further and further away from Nie Tian.

As soon as they left Nie Tian's sight, they rapidly turned around and scurried away at full speed.

It wasn't long before they were all gone.

Lying around Nie Tian were more than twenty bodies, all of whom were elite members of the Yuan Clan at the Heaven stage.

After this encounter, even if the Yuan Clan wasn't completely uprooted from Black Cloud City, it would be very hard for them to maintain a foothold here.

Nie Tian didn't run after the fleeing Yuan Clan members and guest elders. Instead, he glared at Yuan Fengchun, standing amongst the scattered corpses.

He knew Yuan Fengchun hadn't died.

At that moment, Yuan Fengchun had already sat up. Blood was pouring out of the deep wound in his back, and his chest was painted red by the blood he had puked. His eyes were filled with hate as he stared back at Nie Tian.

"Who are you?! What did the Yuan Clan ever do to you?!" Yuan Fengchun asked, gnashing his teeth.

At this point, only a handful of onlookers were still standing in the street, and they all seemed to be at the late Heaven stage.

Their eyes were filled with fear as they gazed at Nie Tian from a safe distance, as if they were prepared to turn around and run the moment Nie Tian pointed the Flame Star at them.

An Rong still hadn't recovered from the shock. Completely dumbstruck, he stood in his original location and didn't utter a word.

He had never expected that some stranger would show up and basically annihilate the Yuan Clan that had lorded over Black Cloud City for more than half a year.

He couldn't figure out who in the entire Realm of Flame Heaven would massacre members of the Yuan Clan like this.

As far as he knew, since the Grayvale Sect had almost been wiped out and Yuan Xian had become their last remaining force, all the sects had united against their common enemies during perilous times, and they had all shown great sympathy towards Yuan Xian.

Under these circumstances, each sect would restrain their members from making any moves on the Yuan Clan, even if they had unsettled feuds between them.

"You don't recognize me, but I've heard so much about you." As Nie Tian paced towards Yuan Fengchun, the Flame Star in his hand once again blossomed with glorious, fiery light and starlight. "Ever since I was old enough to remember things, I learned that you and Yun Meng from the Yun Clan ganged up on my grandfather and shattered his spiritual sea, which caused his cultivation base to decay."

He spoke in a calm manner as he paced his way towards Yuan Fengchun.

"Before, I wasn't strong enough, so even though I hated your guts, I couldn't do anything.

"However, when I entered the Green Illusion dimension, I finally had my first chance. So, I killed Yun Song from the Yun Clan and the rising star of your clan, Yuan Feng."

"What?!" Yuan Fengchun became agitated and puked another mouthful of blood. "It was you who killed Little Feng?!"

Yuan Feng from the Grayvale Sect had been the most promising member of his generation in the Yuan Clan. However, he had died prematurely during the Green Illusion dimension trial.

According to the Spiritual Treasure Sect, Yuan Feng had been killed by trial-takers from the Blood Sect and the Ghost Sect.

"Exactly. Both Yuan Feng and Yun Song died at my hands." Nie Tian grinned and pulled off his mask, saying, "Before, I was weak, so I could only bury the truth deeply in my heart. However, times have changed. It feels so good to be able to spill it out!"

The moment he took off his mask, An Rong and An He shouted out his name, their faces filled with disbelief. "Nie Tian!"

"It's Nie Tian!"

Yuan Fengchun shrieked. "Nie Tian! You are Nie Tian?!" 

Nie Tian nodded, saying, "Exactly. I'm Nie Donghai's grandson. I've come here today to send you on your way."

A beam of blindingly bright light flashed across Yuan Fengchun's eyes.

In the next moment, his head was severed and pushed up into the air by the blood rushing out of his neck, though his eyes were still wide open.

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