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Chapter 35 - Surging Undercurrent

Even at tens of meters away from the lake where An Shi Yue was located, Nie Tian already noticed bundles of unfriendly gazes all converging onto him.

But, Nie Tian didn’t panic, as he followed An He and walked with a calm composure. 

When the distance was close enough, he opened his mouth into a brilliant smile and shouted to An Shi Yue: "Beautiful elder sister, we meet again."

"Ha!" An Shi Yue smiled, "A few days ago, we could’ve seen each other in Black Cloud City. Unfortunately, you suddenly got sick, otherwise I might have personally taken you here."

"It's all my fault." Nie Tian’s expression was a little embarrassed, "I know that elder sister treats me well, the spot in this trial of the Green Illusion Realm is so valuable, that even my Nie Family isn’t given a spot. Elder sister gave me this precious spot in the trial, I, Nie Tian, will remember it forever in my heart. In the future, should elder sister face any trouble and if I have enough strength, I will surely give my all for you, elder sister!"

"Such an eloquent kid!" Even before An Shi Yue had the chance to speak, An Ying grunted first and sneered: "Even if something happened to my elder sister, since when is it your turn to save her? Your Nie Family is the weakest family of Black Cloud City, and is being oppressed by the Yun Family. How can you think about helping my sister, when you can’t even help yourself?"

"You are?" Nie Tian said with a surprised expression.

"She is my sister, An Ying, she is also from Black Cloud City, you should have heard of her." An Shi Yue smiled.

"An Ying..." Nie Tian’s heart moved, as he gently nodded, "Of course I’ve heard of her."

An Ying was An Shi Yue’s cousin’s sister, she was the An Family’s younger generation’s most dazzling figure in recent years. Now she was only thirteen years old, but she had already been in the ninth Lianqi for almost a whole year. She had left the An Family of Black Cloud City and became a disciple of the Ling Bao Court.

It was said that her talent of cultivation was even superior to An Shi Yue’s!

The whole An family privately thought that her future success might even exceed An Shi Yue’s!

"You’re right, I am indeed in a humble realm now, and my Nie family also lacks strength. However, things are unpredictable, who can say what will happen in the future?" Thinking of the mysterious place, Nie Tian said with a confident tone: "Perhaps one day, when elder sister is in trouble, I can help her!"

"Then I would like to thank you." An Shi Yue said jokingly, before she glared at An Ying, who planned to continue to make fun of Nie Tian, and prevented her from continuing to do so. She then said: "It’s almost time, I’ll summon the other three sects, and tell them they can come here."

After she stopped talking, she took a token from her cuff, as her tender fingers gently touched it.

A misty aura suddenly erupted from her fingertips, instantly covering the token.

Then, a light noise emerged from within the token. 

Nie Tian focused to see and found that the token, that she was holding, wasn’t made from a jade material. Instead, it was made by smelting some strange metals together.

Clearly, An Shi Yue’s token was unlike the piece that he held.

"Since you’re holding our Ling Bao Court’s token to enter the Green Illusion Realm, after entering it, you must listen to everything I say, whatever I tell you to do, you have to do!" An Ying looked at him, as she said with an overbearing tone.

Nie Tian smiled, but didn’t answer.

"I don’t care what you think, after we reach the Green Illusion Realm, I will naturally make you obey me." She seemed to see through his perfunctory, but An Ying slightly raised her head upwards and seemed full of confidence.

Those teenagers beside her saw her as the leader, so they also looked at Nie Tian with an unfriendly gaze.

Nie Tian chose to ignore them.

After a little while, Ling Yun Sect’s party, being led by Li Fan, appeared from a waist high wild bush.

"Uncle Li..."

He took a look from far away and found that the one leading it was Li Fan, who had lived in the Nie Family some time ago. Nie Tian felt guilty and subconsciously shrunk his head and quietly mixed into the group of teenagers next to An Ying. 

He was, after all, a member of the Nie Family, it would seem very strange if he appeared here for no reason and also with the people of the Ling Bao Court. 

He was worried that Li Fan would think too much.

"Oh." She seemed to see through his distress, as An Ying laughed happily and grabbed his arm. He was literally dragged out of the crowd, "What are you hiding for? The Ling Yun Sect didn’t have an extra spot for you, but we, the Ling Bao Court, are ostentatious and rewarded you with a spot, what’s the big deal? "

"Come, come, let Mr. Li take a good look at you!"

Her little hand, firmly grasped Nie Tian’s arm, as her strength was oddly big, she was even able to pull Nie Tian out from within the crowd.

Nie Tian’s expression was very embarrassed, but in his heart he was mostly surprised by her amazing strength. He couldn’t help, but take a deep and good look at An Ying, and he even recognized her as a strong rival. 

He was convinced, that when An Ying had pulled him, she didn’t use the spiritual aura in her body and, although just now he didn’t react at first, but after realising An Ying’s intentions, he had resisted somewhat subconsciously.

He certainly didn’t use his full effort, but even so, an ordinary woman could never expect to be able to shake his footsteps.

But An Ying could do it!

When he was secretly surprised, Li Fan’s eyes flashed with an abnormal light and noticed him immediately, "Nie Tian? How can you be here?"

"Hello Uncle Li" Nie Tian smiled, as he knew that he couldn’t avoid it, so he stood out generously and bowed to Li Fan to show his respect, "The An elder sister gave me a token, giving me the opportunity to enter the Green Illusion Realm. Uncle Li, I didn’t mean to hide anything, but..."

"You don’t have to explain." Li Fan interrupted him, he frowned as he looked at An Shi Yue, who was smiling like a blossoming flower, "The cost wasn’t small, right?" The moment that he saw Nie Tian he already knew what was on An Shi Yue’s mind. 

An Shi Yue looked natural, with a smile on the edges of her lips, "Nie Tian and I hit it off, he’s important to me. Anyway, we, the Ling Bao Court, have many spots for the trial, and I’m the one calling the shots. Is there a problem about me giving him a spot?"

When Li Fan and An Shi Yue were debating, Nie Tian noticed that Jiang Lingzhu, whom he had met before at the front door of the jewelry store, was just behind Li Fan and was waving at him while grinning. 

Surprisingly, among the nine people around Jiang Lingzhu, there was Nie Xian, who had only been accepted into the Ling Yun Sect not too long ago. 

At this moment, Nie Xian looked at Jiang Lingzhu for a while, and then looked at him for a moment, as his face had an indescribable strangeness.

"Nie Tian, it’s me, do you not remember me?" Jiang Lingzhu shouted.

Nie Tian, who had also found that Nie Xian was here, placed his attention on Nie Xian and forgot to respond to Jiang Lingzhu. Only after hearing her yell, did he snap out of his daze.

"Oh, you also came, ah!" He waved his hand immediately after that.

Nie Xian’s expression became increasingly bizarre.

"How can you recognize Jiang Lingzhu?" An Ying turned her head, staring at him in amazement, "Since you know Jiang Lingzhu, even without my elder sister's help, you should be able to get a token..."

"Jiang Lingzhu has so much capability?" Nie Tian asked with a surprised tone.

"She is the daughter of the Ling Yun Sect’s sovereign, she’s also the Ling Yun Sect’s trial leader, if she demands it, then she can get you into the Green Illusion Realm team." An Ying said.

Nie Tian suddenly felt surprised, "She’s actually Jiang Zhisu's daughter!"

Before this, he and Jiang Lingzhu had only met once. He really didn’t know that her identity was so noble.

He thought that Jiang Lingzhu was like Nie Xian, a child of a major family that had attached themselves to the Ling Yun Sect. He didn’t expect that Jiang Lingzhu had such a solid background.

When he was secretly surprised, Grey Valley and Black Mist Palace’s trial participants also arrived.

Over at Green Valley’s team, which was led by an elder dressed in a grey robe, there was a teenager behind the elder. After standing still, his body was like a spear, its sharpness was obvious!

Yun Song, who had once battled with him at Black Cloud City was right next to this teenager, at this moment he was pointing at him and was whispering to the teenager.

That teenager’s sharp gaze pierced from afar like a sword.

Nie Tian met his gaze, as he immediately felt some soreness in his eyes, his expression suddenly looked serious. 

He immediately realized that the boy was Yuan Feng, the main brain of this batch of trial participants for Grey Valley, as mentioned by Nie Donghai. 

"A year ago, he broke through to the ninth Lianqi level, after which he was warmly welcomed by Grey Valley, which quickly increased his reputation." Nie Tian thought. As for Yuan Feng, he secretly put him in his heart, as he knew that this person would be a formidable enemy in the Green Illusion Realm. 

Over at Black Mist Palace’s team, the leader was an old woman, and her group was the last to arrive.

When she arrived, she anxiously said: "An Family’s little girl, quickly open the door to the secret world! I still have matters to attend to, after sending these children into the Green Illusion Realm, I have to rush back."

"Okay." An Shi Yue smiled.

The token that she had used to summon the three parties previously, suddenly was as beautifully radiant as the moon under the injection of her spiritual power. 


The token flew with a roar out of her hands, as it floated on the crystal clear lake, releasing bursts of surprising energy fluctuations.

"Xiu Xiu call out!"

Bundles of silver white light splattered out from within the token and all fell into the center of the lake.

The quiet and calm lake started to ripple with waves. The ripples grew, gradually forming into a vortex that sunk to the bottom of the lake.

In just a moment, a constantly swirling water vortex was formed in the center of the lake.

"An Ying, you take the lead, jump into the vortex with your team and enter the Green Illusion Realm." An Shi Yue instructed.


An Ying’s seemingly delicate body, after undergoing a single acceleration, flew into the sky and was the first to fly into the whirlpool, disappearing in the blink of an eye.

After her, the two Ling Bao Court disciples that had reached the ninth Lianqi level also leaped high up and disappeared into the whirlpool.

At the back, the boys and girls from the major families were urged by An Shi Yue, and also rushed into the vortex, one after the other.

When they entered, Nie Tian also jumped up and flew like a bomb into the water vortex, under the meaningful gaze of An Shi Yue. 

"It's strange, he didn’t cause even the slightest spatial variation, did I make a mistake?"

An Shi Yue, who was staring at him from the beginning until the end when he was completely lost in the whirlpool, didn’t sense any abnormalities, and a suspicion arose in her heart. 

"It's our turn, right?" Li Fan shouted.

"Ah, your Ling Yun Sect can go." An Shi Yue answered in a disappointed tone.

"Go, if you meet Nie Tian in there, remember to take care of him. Since he is with the Ling Bao Court, he will certainly be told to stick with them. If possible, pull him to our side!” Li Fan lowered his voice, and said to Jiang Lingzhu: "Either way, he is from the Nie Family, so we should take care of him."

"I’m afraid he’ll first encounter that Grey Valley guy over there." Jiang Lingzhu glanced at Yuan Feng, "I noticed that guy has started to release his murderous intentions, ever since he identified him."

"You better look out."


Subsequently, the Ling Yun Sect, Grey Valley, and the Black Mist Palace trial participants gradually rushed into the vortex within the lake.


Translator: Ace
Editor: Sietse
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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