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Green Illusion Realm’s trial happened once every ten years and involved the four sects and the twenty five families from the seven cities.

The seven cities were of the same level as Black Cloud City, and had a total of twenty five families. Some families had recently demonstrated their power and were rewarded with slots by the four sects.

These families would all arrange for the most talented juniors in their family to enter into the Green Illusion Realm together with the four sect’s Heaven’s Chosen.

When the Green Illusion Realm’s trial was about to start, the twenty five families in the seven cities were all getting ready to incline their family’s resources as far as possible to the juniors who were participating in the trial.

There were juniors who had managed to have a grasp on the high grade Spirit Weapons in the family and there were also some that had precious medicine pills bestowed onto them. They were all getting ready to show their capabilities in the Green Illusion Realm.

However, as Nie Donghai was poverty-stricken these past few years, he could only give Nie Tian his love and care and a few suggestions.

The second day.

Nie Donghai led Nie Hai to the front door of the Nie Family, where they waited early in the morning.

“Even though that girl, An Shi Yue is vicious and merciless, she’s still very particular about principles. She has her bottom line and she supports her own identity. She’ll definitely not lay her hands on you and attack you.” Nie Donghai had a calm expression, “I feel very reassured handing you over to her. You only have to remember to be slightly more cautious in the Green Illusion Realm and make sure to not expose the secrets surrounding you.”

Nie Tian nodded his head slightly, “Grandfather, you just need to relax. I’ll take good care of myself.”

“Alright.” Nie Donghai squinted his eyes and looked in the direction of the city where the Yun Family was located. “Yun Zhiguo’s son, Yun Song will also be going to the Green Illusion Realm’s trial. That malevolent woman, Yuan Qiuying bears hatred for you to the bone. I am afraid that she would instruct Yun Song to plot an evil scheme against you in the Green Illusion Realm.

“Yun Song?” Nie Tian’s mouth twitched, as he disdainfully said: “When I was at the fourth Lianqi level, I could already beat him until he spat out blood. Only a few months have passed since then, and he should only be at the sixth Lianqi level. On the other hand, I… am now also at the sixth Lianqi level. Heh, he better pray that he doesn’t bump into me in the Green Illusion Realm!”

“I’m not worried about him. However, Yuan Feng from Cold Stone City’s Yuan Family has a good relationship with Yuan Qiuying since young. That boy is the only real fierce character.” Nie Donghai had a serious expression on his face, “Yuan Feng has broken through to the ninth Lianqi level a year ago, and he has already been officially admitted into Grey Valley. Moreover, he is very highly regarded in Grey Valley and Grey Valley’s patriarch in this trial is Yuan Feng!”

“Yuan Feng is older than you and his status is higher than yours. As a Grey Valley’s leading figure, the Grey Valley trial takers who are stepping into the Green Illusion Realm this time will all be taking orders from him.”

“You have to remember that you must stay together with the Ling Bao Court’s trial takers and make sure that you aren’t separated from the group as best as you can.”

“If you really accidentally stray from the group, if there is a possibility, you can go and find Nie Xian and group up with the trial takers from the Lingyun Sect. You’re entering with the Ling Bao Court, but after all is said and done, the Nie Family is a subordinate family of the Lingyun Sect and so, the Ling Yun Sect’s leader ought to admit you into their group.”

“A convoy is very important in the Green Illusion Realm. Individual power is only one aspect of it. Bear this in mind!” Nie Donghai earnestly advised him.

Nie Tian listened diligently and occasionally nodded his head. He was increasingly looking forward to the Green Illusion Realm’s trial.

He was already enjoying this kind of competition in his bones!

Looking at Nie Tian, who was filled with fighting spirit, Nie Donghai secretly nodded his head. He suddenly felt that the Green Illusion Realm’s trial could possibly let Nie Tian turn over a new leaf and truly understand the cruelty and dangers of the Lianqi Warrior world.

He faintly felt that Nie Tian could adjust to the Green Illusion Realm.

“Master Nie, the mistress of the family has requested for me to take Nie Tian to the Green Illusion Realm.” The An Family’s old servant, An He was riding a carriage and was driving over the quiet early morning street. 

“I would have to trouble you.” Nie Donghai said his thanks and following that, he looked towards Nie Tian and said: “Greet uncle An.” 

“Uncle An!” Nie Tian quickly bowed. 

An He, whose physique seemed to be slightly bloated, didn’t have any expressions in his eyes. He nodded in Nie Tian’s direction as an indication to step on the carriage.

Nie Tian also didn’t waste any more time, and under Nie Donghai’s departing gaze, entered the carriage.

After he had stepped into the carriage, An He said to Nie Donghai, “Master, you need not worry. With me escorting Nie Tian to participate in the Green Illusion Realm’s trial, there won’t be unexpected trouble. Certain schemes, that shouldn’t happen in this lifetime, won’t.”

An He intentionally shot a gaze in the direction of the Yun Family.

“Many thanks.” Nie Donghai clasped his hands. 

He obviously knew of An He’s position in the An Family and also knew of An He’s abilities and therefore, he seemed to be extremely relaxed.

“After half a year, I will send Nie Tian back safe and sound.” After he finished talking, An He didn’t speak any more, rather he brandished his whip and heavily swung it on the body of the majestic black horse.

Shortly after, the sound of the black horse’s forceful hooves resounded out on the quiet street. The carriage also gradually proceeded and very quickly disappeared from Nie Donghai’s line of sight.


Three days later in the marsh near Thunder City, where it was overgrown with signs of human habitation.

Large pieces of bog moss covered the marsh. On a small lake that had relatively clear water, An Shi Yue, who was feeling hot and stuffy, was waving a paper fan with her lily-white hands and was currently explaining the matters that the participants needed to pay attention to in the Green Illusion Realm to fourteen exquisitely dressed young men and women.

Those fourteen young men and women were distinguishably from the Ling Bao Court, and from a few families that had attached themselves to the Ling Bao Court. 

In their realm, most people were in the seventh and eighth Lianqi level, and only three people were in the ninth Lianqi level.

They were the disciples that had already been acknowledged by the Ling Bao Court.

The three Ling Bao Court disciples were comprised of two men and one lady. The one leading them was conversely a beautiful young lady.

That young lady had somewhat similar features to An Shi Yue. She was still young but there were already detailed curves appearing on her physique. She used no effort at all to control everyone’s demeanor, and it was obvious that she was already used to bossing people around.

“Enough. You have said so much and are you not afraid of people complaining that you are long winded?” The young lady named An Ying’s face was filled with intolerance, “The matters that you’re exhorting repeatedly are things that the Elders in the Court have all said before we arrived. There is no need for you to repeat it again.”

“You speak too much!” An Shi Yue shot a glare in her direction. 

An Ying lightly laughed and the sound was as melodious and pleasant like a skylark, “Who is it that made you my elder sister? They all complain that you are being annoying and since they dare not say it, there is only me left to say it.”

Not waiting for An Shi Yue to lecture her, she quickly followed on by saying, “When is that boy from the Nie Family going to arrive? He is not even from our Ling Bao Court. He really is much more arrogant by making this many people wait for him!”

An Ying, who had reached the ninth Lianqi level, was already a Ling Bao Court disciple since long ago. She was also the leader of the Ling Bao Court in this trial. 

Three days prior, when An Shi Yue had returned to the Ling Bao Court to specifically find her and tell her that the the An Family had given the slot to participate in the trial to a boy named Nie Tian from the Nie Family.

An Shi Yue had made her promise to watch Nie Tian attentively in the Green Illusion Realm and to pay attention to every single abnormality surrounding Nie Tian.

The An Family had fought for that trial slot with much difficulty, and was originally intending for An Ying’s younger brother to go to the Green Illusion Realm’s trial. 

The fact that An Shi Yue had giving her slot to Nie Tian made An Ying extremely displeased. 

Even though she knew perfectly well that An Shi Yue had an ulterior motive in letting Nie Tian enter the Green Illusion Realm, she was still rather upset about it.

It was also because of that, that before she had even met Nie Tian, she already hated him. For he had forcefully taken her younger brother’s slot.

The trial was about to begin and Nie Tian was still late and had not arrived yet. He had made all these people wait this long, and it even more so made her feel greatly displeased.

“After all, Black Cloud City is still far away from here. Being slightly late is also within my expectations. Do not worry and count the time. They should be here soon.” An Shi Yue knew that she had anger in her heart, and also didn’t stoop to An Ying’s level. “Xiao Ying, even though Nie Tian is not from the Ling Bao Court, but since I have sent out the token and invited him to enter the Green Illusion Realm, you must appear to be slightly magnanimous afterwards and not make him suffer too much.”

“I am very big-hearted and definitely won’t lower myself to his level.” An Ying harrumphed and shot a glance at the other two young men at the ninth Lianqi level, who were similarly from the Ling Bao Court, “As for the other people, I’m not going to bother too much about them.”

Those two young men slightly raised their heads under An Ying’s attentive gaze with a proud look on their faces.

“This girl!” An Shi Yue said angrily.

It was only natural that she knew that those two young men, who were acknowledged by the Ling Bao Court, admired An Ying and would listen to anything she said.

So long as An Ying somewhat displayed her slight dissatisfaction towards Nie Tian, those two fellows named Zheng Rui and Pan Tao were bound to leave no stone unturned in order to deliberately make things difficult for Nie Tian.

Zheng Rui and Pan Tao were the grandsons of Ling Bao Court Elders and even she couldn’t control them.

“He dares to enter the Green Illusion Realm. Moreover, he’s entering with the Ling Bao Court’s token, so he should already have the intentions of being targeted…” An Shi Yue muttered a sentence in her heart, and knowing that her advisory words would also be of no use, she immediately gave up.

“Sister, relax. I will ‘take care’ of him properly in the Green Illusion Realm!” An Ying said in a calm and easygoing manner. 

“He has arrived.” At this moment, the tip of An Shi Yue’s eyebrow twitched and she suddenly looked into the distance. 

Sure enough, the An Family’s An He,who was leading Nie Tian, slowly appeared on a muddy trail, rapidly heading in An Shi Yue’s direction. 

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