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When Nie Donghai finished talking, he pulled out a tile and handed it to Nie Tian. 

The palm-sized tile was ice-cold, as if it was carved from a single piece of cold jade. 

Carved on the tile was a jeweled pavilion. From the pavilion’s roof hung numerous, fine spiritual weapons. Nie Tian turned the tile over and made out the words “Ling Bao Court”.

“This is?” Nie Tian doubtfully asked.

“A token used to participate in the trial.” Nie Donghai pondered for a moment before he further explained, “You know that near our Black Cloud City there are another six cities similar in size to us. Those six cities are Bone City, Thunder City, Dark Star City, Cold Stone City, Cold Moon City, and Yellow Sand City.”

“In those other six cities, there are families like our Nie Family and just like our Nie Family, they are each reliant on the strength of different Lianqi warriors.”

“In the mountains and rivers of the seven cities, there are four large, powerful Lianqi sects and the Lingyun Sect is only one of them.”

“Besides the Lingyun Sect, there is the Ling Bao Court, the Grey Valley and the Black Mist Palace.”

“In our Black Cloud City, the Nie Family has always served the Lingyun Sect, while the An Family relies on the Ling Bao Court, and the Yun Family… belongs to the Grey Valley.”

The other six cities have families that are just like our Nie Family and are ordinary families working for the Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and Black Mist Palace. They help these four big Lianqi sects to explore mines, plant different types of spirit plants for them, or handle other mundane chores.”

Nie Tian listened seriously and nodded. “I see.”

“It is rumoured that the Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and Black Mist Palace were originally from the same Lianqi alliance. Those four had great Lianqi powers and although they belonged to the same alliance, they actually had secret intentions of competing with each other and fights would often break out between their juniors.

“Fights? Lianqi warriors must definitely go through battle in order to train.”

“The people who wield the highest power in the four Lianqi Sects have purposely allowed conflicts among their juniors. In their eyes, those that want to make a real name for themselves and continue to raise their Lianqi level, must go through this process.”

“This is because of the hardships they’ve experienced in their lives. They understand, that to become succesfull, one needs to overcome their peers, one by one.”

“In order to train the juniors, they often purposely create conflicts and unique situations, as to allow the juniors to fight and to glean the secrets of how to control their spiritual power and to feel the different wonders of different states.”

“Of course. This is all within their plan and within their control.”

“For example, this time…”

Having spoken up to here, Nie Donghai paused for a moment so that he could let Nie Tian digest all the information.

Nie Tian pondered for a while and understood very quickly the painstaking efforts of the four Lianqi Sects, nodded and gestured for Nie Donghai to continue.

“In this vast world, there exists many mysterious, secret worlds. These secret worlds may not be in the same place as us, but each of them has their own wonders.”

“Some secret worlds have countless dangers, which have not been totally removed, even today.”

“There are also secret worlds which have been explored by the four major powers and have been completely researched, and no longer have even a strand of mystery or wonder to speak of.

“The Ling Bao Court has a secret world named “Green Illusion”, which is a secret world that has completely been taken over. I’ve heard that when the Green Illusion world was first discovered, there were many high level spirit beasts and fierce, savage tribes that are different from us.”

“However, under the alliance of the four major powers and their Lianqi warriors, these fierce, savage tribes of the Green Illusion world, and those high level spirit beasts have all been completely exterminated.”

“The high grade spirit materials, corpses of the spirit beasts, and secrets of the savage tribes in the Green Illusion world have been split up between the four major powers long ago.”

“However, the Green Illusion world still exists”

“In order to train their juniors, the four major powers purposely left behind low level spirit beasts, and every few years, they arrange for Lianqi stage juniors to enter the Green Illusion world and train themselves.”

“To let them overcome those spirit beasts who pose appropriate threats, and through fights between each other, they would train their own battle skills and mental strength and feel the wonder of this world.”

“Due to the fact that the Green Illusion world belongs to the Ling Bao Court, each time the training mission occurs, the Ling Bao Court will have fifteen slots.”

“The Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley, and Black Mist Palace each have ten slots.”

“For the training this time, it is the same and the four major powers will arrange for a combined total of forty-five Lianqi stage juniors to enter the Green Illusion world.”

“I’ve also just heard not too long ago that Nie Xian is among the ten juniors of the Lingyun Sect. Nie Xian has attained the ninth Lianqi level, and is only one step away from stepping into the Houtian realm. The Lingyun Sect is also hoping that he can use this chance to properly understand the wonders of using spirit power and from there, successfully break into the Houtian realm.”

“The entire Lingyun Sect also only has ten slots and within the Sect, a few Sect elders’ grandchildren have been given slots. There are also a few slots that the Lingyun Sect has given to other families who are relying on the Lingyun Sect just like our Nie Family.

“The Nie Family is not one of those families.”

“The Nie Family has no slots, hence… I didn’t tell you about this matter.”

Having said this, he looked deeply at the tile in Nie Tian’s hand and said, “I didn’t expect that the An Family woman would send you such a gift.”

“It’s clear that she intends to use this tile to let you enter the Green Illusion world, so as to enable the Lingyun Sect, or people from her An Family to keep an eye on you in the Green Illusion world, in the hopes to find out, from you, the secret regarding the space gaps in the Nie Family household.”

“Although I know her intentions, this is just too rare an opportunity, so I have decided to let you try to hone your skills in the Green Illusion world.”

Actually, just before entering, Nie Donghai, in his heart, had still been hesitating on whether he should let Nie Tian go to the Green Illusion world.

The juniors who entered the this place also belonged to one of two groups. One group included the disciples from the Ling Bao Court, Lingyun Sect, Grey Valley and Black Mist Valley and as for the other group, it included elite talents from various big families in the seven cities.

Those who entered mostly had the power of the sixth Lianqi level. There were also many who were at the ninth Lianqi level, and only a step away from the Houtian realm.

In the Green Illusion world, any type of fight was allowed, as long as no one died.

In this kind of situation, the fights would be very violent and even if one was to be heavily injured by another, one could not blame the other.

Nie Tian was only at the sixth Lianqi level, and so Nie Donghai was originally too worried to let Nie Tian go to the Green Illusion world and wanted him to give up on this opportunity. However, when he first entered the house and noticed that the jade green table had shattered into little stones all over the floor… He changed his mind.

“Grandfather! I must go into that Green Illusion world! Please don’t worry, I won’t be bullied inside!” Nie Tian held the tile sent by An Shi Yue tightly with a bright, handsome expression, as he was full of fighting spirit.

For some unknown reason, the moment he thought of the fact that he could fight with his peers in the Green Illusion world, his blood and passion soared and he wanted to immediately rush into it.

He felt as if he was born to fight!

“Good!” Nie Donghai also felt his fighting spirit. “This tile came from the Ling Bao Court, so you must enter together with the people from the Ling Bao Court. Tomorrow morning, there will be someone from the Ling Bao Court to pick you up from the Nie family household and bring you to the Green Illusion world.”

“You had better find a secret place to keep anything that may cause the space to have strange changes and to not bring it into the Green Illusion world.”

“Also, I believe that in the Green Illusion World, people from the Ling Bao Court will be watching you closely, so please be careful.”

“I understand.” Nie Tian nodded.

He clearly understood, that An Shi Yue wouldn’t have sent a tile for entering the Green Illusion world for no reason. In that Green Illusion world, An Shi Yue’s men would definitely be watching him and hoping to use him to solve the mystery behind the space change in the Nie Family household, so that they could find and conquer a more mysterious, wondrous, and stronger secret land.

Therefore he decided not to bring the animal bone to the Green Illusion world.


At the same moment, in the Yun Family Household.

Yun Zhiguo’s face was full of happiness and he hummed a little tune on his way home.

Inside the house, Yuan Qiuying, her son Yun Song, and the trusted people she had brought along from the Yuan Family were anxiously waiting.

Seeing Yun Zhiguo walk in with a face full of smiles, Yuan Qiuying became alert and hurriedly asked, “How was it? Did you get it?”

Yun Zhiguo laughed loudly. “Our son is only eleven years old and already at the sixth Lianqi level. In the whole Yun Family, naturally he possesses the qualificiations to enter the Green Illusion world.”

“That’s what I said.” Yuan Qiuying softly laughed. “Even if we don’t look at that, my Yuan family is Cold Stone City’s strongest family, and even within the many families who rely on the Grey Valley, my Yuan Family is still ranked number one. Me marrying you has already been hard on me, so your Yun Family naturally should give face to my father.”

“Yes, yes.” Yun Zhi Guo heartily laughed. “If I hadn’t married you, I’m afraid that this slot would really not be given to our son. this is all because of you and I’m only relying on your glory.”

“It’s good that you understand.” Yuan Qiuying was very satisfied with his attitude.

She was about to say something else, but suddenly saw someone walk in with a weird expression. This person was an old Yuan Family servant who had been arranged to kill Nie Qian and Nie Tian.

“Mistress, I just received news that An Shi Yue sent someone to give a tile to Nie Tian.”

“Nie Tian!” Yuan Qiuying’s eyes bulged, as she remember the insulting words that Nie Tian had said to her that day in front of the jewelry store and instantly, her anger rose. “Song-er! This time, your cousin Song Feng is also going to the Green Illusion world, I have doted on him since he was little, so he has already entered the ninth Lianqi level one year ago and was officially accepted by the Grey Valley.”

“Once you reach the Green Illusion world, follow Little Feng. After you meet Nie Tian, use all your means to destroy him and make him a useless person!” Yuan Qiuying fiercely and viciously instructed.

“Mother, please rest assured. I know what to do!”


Translator: Watermelon
Editors: Zach and Sietse
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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