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“Totally destroyed…” 

Inside, Nie Tian muddleheadedly looked at the dagger that had turned pitch black, without a trace of spirituality left, and suddenly felt a bit depressed. 

Mid-level spirit weapon, in the entire Nie Family, there weren’t too many. His grandfather used to have one mid-level spirit weapon, which had been put on the market for a lower price a few years ago, when they were looking for a good healing medicine for his illness. 

In his heart, he also understood that the reason An Shi Yue had gifted this mid-level spirit weapon to him was because at that time, Jiang Zhisu was there and only then would An Shi Yue be so extravagantly generous. 

For this precious spirit weapon, he still hadn’t properly explored the weapon’s secrets, before the animal bone had already completely destroyed it. 

“What a waste! What a waste, ah!” 

He stared bitterly and regretfully at the animal bone, and couldn’t help cursing aloud. 

- Chi! -

A small spark glimmered from within the animal bone and quickly rushed towards the middle of the animal bone and converged into the drop of red blood. 


He cried out in alarm, as he used his finger to touch the animal bone that had become scalding hot again. He immediately realized that the original drop of fresh blood, which had previously shrunk, was now becoming larger again. 

He quickly understood that the animal bone’s ability to rip space apart and bring him to that mysterious place, relied on flame energy. Now the drop of blood was being replenished.

“It wouldn’t cause another abnormal space change, would it?” His mind tensed. 

Li Fan had suffered for three whole months waiting for the space crack to occur once again. Now, although he had already left, the Nie Family’s periphery still had numerous Lianqi warriors of unknown origin hanging around. 

These Lianqi warriors had come because of the Nie Family’s abnormal spatial undulations! 

Once another space crack appeared at the Nie House, and Li Fan had returned to the Lingyun Mountain, perhaps the many different Lianqi warriors would, at the first possible moment, pour into the Nie Family Household, disregarding everything, and seek out the space’s transformational secrets.

Regarding the Nie Family’s strength, they absolutely wouldn’t have any means to prevent this from happening; they might even find out about the mysterious animal bones this time. 

“Don’t! Please don’t!” 

With his fingers tightly grasping the animal bone, he inwardly cried out a prayer; he really didn’t wish for anything at all to happen. 

Even though he did want to enter the mysterious place and explore it’s secrets, right now was not the right time or place to do so. Once the animal bone caused an abnormal space change, he would immediately get caught up in an enormous troublesome whirlpool. 

The piece gradually got hotter, and the animal bone blazed more and more, as if it had heard the cries of his heart. 

All his fears of the abnormal mutation ultimately didn’t happen; after the red, flaming edge of flame energy converged within the animal bone and integrated into the drop of blood, the animal bone quickly calmed down. 

The anxious Nie Tian didn’t dare to probe around the new drop of blood and hastily put the animal bone into his pouch.

Only after waiting a moment and seeing that the animal bone hadn’t released a trace of heat or any other changes, was he truly able to lose a breath. 

“This won’t do. Anytime I’m in the Nie Family, I won’t be able to explore the animal bone’s wonders as I please. I must think of another way.” He frowned in thought. 

However, after thinking hard for a long while, he couldn’t think of a better way. 

He was still too young and his cultivation was only at the mere sixth Lianqi level. Between Black Cloud City and the Lingyun Mountain was a vast and dense forest, and often, there would be Lianqi warriors of the Lingyun Sect or Black Cloud City roaming about. Once he caused a abnormal space mutation, it would definitely cause the powerful Lianqi warriors to notice. 

If the Lingyun Sect’s Lianqi warriors found him, his body’s security would probably be ensured, however, the matter concerning the abnormailty of his body would undoubtedly be hard to conceal. 

But, if either the An Family’s or the Yun Family’s Lianqi warriors caught him, he didn’t believe that he would be able return to the Nie Family alive. 

The wilderness north of Black Cloud City had spirit beasts all over the place, hunting for food. If he were to try and explore the animal bone’s wonders there, the probability of death would be much higher. 

“And it’s because my strength is still not enough, ah….” 

Thinking for a moment, he understood that leaving Black Cloud City to go to the deserted wilderness to understand the mysteries of the animal bone was currently not a wise decision, so he could only give up for the time being. 

“For now, I’ll comprehend the secret of duplicating the angry fist and wait until after my strength is adequate enough. At that time, I’ll leave Black Cloud City to explore the inside of the mystical space.”

As he had made his mind up, he regulated his breathing and threw the thoughts of the wonders of the animal bone to the back of his mind, calmed down, and tried to pull the feeling of anger out from the bottom of his heart. 

Soon, wrath, irritation, and an unreconciled mood, little by little, flourished within his heart. 

He remembered the scene at the mysterious place, where he looked up at the gigantic hand’s posture, and slowly raised his arm, with the same gesture and the same look, pointing towards the ceiling. 

When the furious sentiment amassed to a certain degree, and when even his eyes were seemingly turbulent and burning with flames of anger, he suddenly felt that the spirit strength within his Dantian’s spirit sea, not subject to his own control, flowed towards his arm, which was pointing upwards. 


He couldn’t restrict himself from howling violently, rage pouring from his heart and spiritual power gathering. 

An ancient desolate aura came from within his body, as if he had suddenly become the reincarnation of an ancient era spirit with tremendous power, having the courage to strive for the heavens.

The spirit power violently rushed towads his fist, appearing to go out of control. The feeling that he wouldn’t be satisfied unless he released his spirit power, was spurring him to burst into action!

In his clenched fist, he felt a frantic surge of spiritual power, that insisted on bursting out. 

His clenched fist resolutely smashed the square-shaped stone table, as all the power in his fist instantly burst out. 

- Ka ka! -

The stone table, which was as large as a door, abruptly split into pieces, and the entire room was filled with flying shards of fragmented stones. 

After the blow, he found that all the spiritual power in his body had suddenly been exhausted!

His spiritual power had completely disappeared in the world, not leaving a single trace!

He collapsed limply, with a pale complexion. Obviously he’d overexerted himself. 

Beside him, the floor was covered with crushed rocks. Some pieces of larger rock still had cracks, but soon shattered into small pieces. 

The room was filled with anger, as if the force attached to the fist didn’t scatter at all!

After a while, that furious passion finally dissipated a little.

“What a formidable power!”

Looking at the scene, which had been swirling with stone fragments before him, as well as the destroyed stones, Nie Tian cried out in a roar. 

He knew very well, that the table was cut from an extremely solid slab of green rock! 

Although green rock wasn’t spirit material, it was hard enough that every family in Black Cloud City regarded it as decent house-building material. 

Stone is stone and was naturally tougher than the humble realm of a Lianqi warrior, who was confined to a human body. 

According to Nie Qian, warriors that had just reached the Houtian Realm needed to use spiritual power to be able to strengthen their body to match the hardness of the green rock. 

Those Houtian warriors were able to use spiritual power to protect their body, so that it could be more robust than the green rock. 

If anyone below the Houtian Realm tried to use that technique, then their body would fall short of the firmness of the green rock.

Seeing as his fist, which was packed with fury, capable of reducing a block of green rock to little pieces, in the event that it bombarded a Lianqi warrior’s body, that Lianqi cultivator would only be able to survive if they were able to use that technique. 

If weaker Lianqi cultivators faced such an attack, perhaps they would be killed by such a strike!

And anyone in the same realm, the ninth Lianqi level and below, would undoubtedly die!

“The strength that broke out is too frightening, but one fist being able to consume my entire spiritual power is equally terrifying! Only one hit and all the spiritual power will be gone. Not even the power to resist the smallest of attacks will be left, as I’ll only be trampled upon.”

“This style, must be used cautiously!”

After the initial excitement, he began to realize that this type of boxing skill was simply a double-edged sword. If he couldn’t kill his opponent with a single strike, then he could only wait for death.

However, he faintly felt this boxing skill’s true might had not yet fully displayed itself. 

Because his level was insufficient, his spiritual power was limited. One punch was all the spiritual power his body could handle. However, this wasn’t the skill’s limit. 

He believed that if he could reach a higher level and have even more spiritual power, this skill’s might could reach an even higher level!

“In that mysterious place, altogether there were thirty two gigantic hands pointing towards the sky. Each one of those gigantic hands is a style of this kind of strong skill! If I am able to understand all thirty two styles, then...”

Thinking of this, Nie Tian had a feverish expression, as his emotions were stirring up like a storm. 

In that moment, he knew, without a doubt, that he could endure any hardship to prevent the divulging of any secrets of the animal bone to Li Fan. This was the most sensible decision of his life!

“What happened here?”

At this moment, Nie Donghai came in, looking at the messy floor, as he curiously asked. 

“I realized a style of boxing.” Nie Tian smiled.

“A style of boxing?” Nie Donghai looked at the rubble, shock in his eyes. But he nodded his head. “That girl from the An Family changed her tricks to try to get the secrets of the space crack from you. The stuff she sent this time… I couldn’t refuse it. I already accepted it on your behalf.”


Translators: Log Hut and Bread
Editors: Zach and Sietse
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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