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To break the rules and directly become a Lingyun Sect disciple!!!

To help reinstate his grandfather as the Nie Family patriarch, and to completely heal his grandfather’s injuries, giving his grandfather the possibility to continue on the path of cultivation!

The conditions given by Li Fan were so attractive, that Nie Tian was momentarily moved. He even nearly revealed the truth, so that he could exchange it for the benefits that Li Fan had promised.

However, he was just about to speak, when he suddenly thought of the wonders of that mysterious land.

That eight headed dragon, the broken old antique altar, and the giant hands that extended one by one from the Earth to the Heavens, were all extremely attractive to him, and caused him to think about them day and night.

He subconsciously felt that Li Fan’s conditions, compared to the wonders of that mysterious land, weren’t even worth mentioning.

However, Nie Donghai’s current state, plus the injuries that had been plaguing him for many years, caused Nie Tian’s heart to be conflicted. He couldn’t bear his grandfather’s condition and wanted to reveal the truth, so as to solve his grandfather’s pain and troubles.

He was unable to make a choice, and couldn’t help but send Nie Donghai a look, which seemed as though he was asking Nie Donghai to help him choose.

He noticed that Nie Donghai had taken a very deep breath, and had long regained his calm, as he was now even showing an unwavering expression on his face.

“How about it? Have you suddenly thought of something?” Li Fan sent an encouraging look, and thought to himself, “how can a little kid like you not be moved in front of such temptation?”

He thought that Nie Tian would immediately reveal the truth.

“No, I cannot think of anything.” Nie Tian had a pained facial expression, but eventually shook his head: “Perhaps I’ll remember something in the future and once I do, I’ll definitely come to look for you, uncle Lin Fan.” 

“You bastard!” Li Fan secretly scolded, but helplessly said: “Forget it, just let this be. You had better take care of yourself and be more careful. Otherwise if you’re really abducted, we’ll once again have to mobilise all our people to go all over the world to find you.”

After he finished his words, Li Fan didn’t want to stay for even one more second, and swiftly left the Nie family.

Once he stepped out of the door, Nie Donghai looked at Nie Tian and indicated him to remain silent for now.

After some time had passed and Nie Donghai was convinced that Li Fan had left the Nie Family long ago, Nie Donghai finally said “It’s okay now.”

“Grandfather, I...” Nie Tian felt guilty, as he tried to explain.

Nie Donghai waved his hand, and with a stern expression stated: “You aren’t young anymore, I trust your judgement. Since you didn’t tell Li Fan the truth, I naturally understand that your encounters have far exceeded the wonders and mysteries of what I can imagine.

Nie Tian nodded and softly said: “I feel that using my extraordinary encounter from last time, even if I’m unable to enter the Lingyun Sect in the future, I’ll still have extraordinary achievements. I also believe, that I’ll be able to rely on my own strength in the future to help grandfather regain his position as family patriarch, and to help cure his injuries completely!”

Nie Donghai was secretly moved, and was even more certain that Nie Tian had had an extraordinary encounter. He muttered for a while to himself, before saying: “From today, you have to guard this secret at all costs! You cannot reveal this secret to anyone, until you have sufficient strength to guard that secret! This includes me and your aunt!”

“I understand!” Nie Tian nodded his head heavily.

He quietly vowed in his heart, that whatever he had caused Nie Donghai to lose today due to that mysterious land, he would definitely repay it several times over in the future!

“Grandfather, the An Family has sent a letter. An Shi Yue that vixen, has actually invited little Tian to visit her An Family.”

At this moment, Nie Qian walked in from outside, while carrying a pink envelope and looked strangely at Nie Tian, though her words were directed at Nie Donghai.

“An Shi Yue?” Nie Donghai frowned and said, “Tell the letter sender that Nie Tian has been ill recently, and that it won’t be convenient for him to go outside.”

“Ok.” Nie Qian nodded and glared at Nie Tian, “You’re so young and have already learnt to flirt. Look at the trouble you have caused, that vixen has nearly come to our doors to look for you.”

Nie Tian smiled and cowered.

“What nonsense are you spouting?” Nie Donghai coldly said, “That An family’s young woman, her actions have never been aimless. She could actually walk out of Black Cloud City and become a valued member of the Ling Bao Court, what do you think she is relying on?”

Without waiting for Nie Qian to reply, Nie Donghai’s expression darkened, and he said “She must have seen that there have been no other abnormal events here, and decided to set her sights on little Tian. This was, she can ask little Tian where he had disappeared to for those ten days.”

“I just saw Mr. Li leave, that…” Nie Qian was filled with curiosity and she wanted to know the truth.

“From now on, you aren’t allowed to ask anything regarding that matter!” Nie Donghai said sternly.

“Ok.” Nie Qian felt wronged.

“Go reply to the An Family.” Nie Donghai chased her out, before he said to Nie Tian: “An Shi Yue, that woman, you better remember to stay far away from her. That woman is Black Cloud City’s most frightening character. A few years ago, the Yun Family had tried to challenge the status of the An Family in Black Cloud City. They suffered great losses with many people dead or heavily injured.”

“From what I know, those people of the Yun Family mostly died by her hands.”

“Her path into Ling Bao Court was also filled with blood. That woman has always been merciless, and she has even killed many of Ling Bao Court’s Lianqi warriors.” 

“Maybe you’re unaware of this, but since she has returned to Black Cloud City, the Yun Family has suddenly become obedient again. Yuan Qiuying that woman, as compared to her, isn’t even worth mentioning.”

Nie Donghai’s words were filled with fear towards An Shi Yue, and he was very worried that Nie Tian may unwittingly offend An Shi Yue due to his obliviousness.

“I will listen to your advice.” Nie Tian was secretly shocked.

He only knew that An Shu Yue was powerful, but he didn’t know that she was so powerful, that his grandfather viewed her as the most frightening character in Black Cloud City.

“Ok, you also don’t need to be too worried, in her eyes, you… including our Nie Family are just some small fries. We still have the Lingyun Sect to support us, and as long as you stay in the Nie Family’s Household, she’ll also have to give face to the Lingyun Sect. She won’t dare to do anything rash.” Nie Dinghai thought for a moment, “Li Fan has left and you won’t need to be so careful in future. That dagger, that was given to you by that An Family woman, you can try to play around with it. Also, whatever wasn’t convenient to do previously, you can now also try and do that.”

Having said that, he suddenly seemed to have thought of something and said meaningfully: “However, that weird matter regarding the splitting of space, you should still try your best not to let it appear in the Nie Family’s Household, so as to avoid causing new troubles.”

“I understand.” Nie Tian brightly said from the bottom of his heart.

“Go.” Nie Donghai waved his hand.

Nie Tian immediately went back upstairs.

In these recent three years, he had realized that the animal bone was far from normal, and he hadn’t dared to touch the animal bone again, because he was afraid that it would arouse the suspicion of Li Fan.

He hadn’t even dared to lightly touch the dagger given by An Shi Yue, after Nie Donghai had deciphered that it was a mid level spirit weapon.

Spirit weapons were divided into five levels: low, mid, high, psychic and immortal. Each level also had seven grades.

Lianqi warriors were divided into ten levels: Lianqi, Houtian, Zhongtian, Xiantian, Fanjing, Xuanjing, Lingjing, Xuhan, and Shenhan.

Generally, having a low level level spirit weapon would be sufficient for Lianqi and Houtian level Lianqi warriors to use their powers.

A mid grade spirit weapon would require at least a Houtian level Lianqi warrior, in order for the true strength of the weapon to be shown.

In the entire Nie Family, a mid grade spirit weapon was very rare.

That is also why, once Nie Beichuan saw that the dagger given by An Shi Yue was a mid grade level spirit weapon, he totally didn’t care about his pride and went all out to try and take the dagger as his own.

“A mid level spirit weapon, that woman… is indeed generous.”

Nie Tian softly mumbled, as he took the red dagger out, which was the length of half an arm, and put his finger on the shiny smooth surface and tried to use his spirit qi to rouse some change.


Thin threads of red light suddenly appeared from within the dagger.

The red dagger suddenly released fire energy and the sharp tip of the dagger vigorously shot out a sharp radiance!

at this moment, the animal bone that he kept in his waist pouch, seemed to react and also became scorching hot.

Nie Tian’s waist couldn’t stand the heat and he hurriedly took the animal bone out.

A gust of a weird absorption force, was suddenly born in the animal bone and Nie Tian could clearly see that the straight strands of radiant light shooting out from the tip of the dagger, suddenly became bent and were obviously being directed by the animal bone.

The next moment, he could see that the radiant light bent towards and swiftly got absorbed into the animal bone.

Inside the dagger, the thin strands of red light vanished, one by one, at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye.

The dagger, which had just shown mysterious signs, had quickly become dull and brightless and was reduced to mere normal material.

- He! -

Finally, a weird sound was even emitted from within the dagger as though some barrier had totally been destroyed.

At the same time.

An Shi Yue had just gotten the message and knew that Nie Donghai had, instead of Nie Tian, firmly rejected her invitation.

- He! -

A weird sound that was identical to that of the dagger, emitted from something within her sleeves and caused her to unwittingly make a - han - sound. 

“The Nie Family is in dire straits and would definitely not destroy a mid level spirit weapon for no reason. That dagger actually became totally useless in the hands of that guy. This is really interesting.”

“I am now getting truly curious.”


Translator: Watermelon
Editor: Sietse
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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