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Chapter 3 - The Worst Event in the History of the Nie Family!


Nie Tian was blocked by a child, the impact of running into him was so strong, that the child got knocked to the ground.

That child was Nie Nanshan’s grandson, Nie Yuan. Once Nie Yuan fell to the ground, he began to cry loudly.

Nie Tian didn't even look at Nie Yuan. Nie Tian didn’t explicitly avoid Nie Yuan, instead, he had directly rushed over his body. 

When his right foot landed, Nie Tian accidentally landed on Nie Yuan’s hand causing Nie Yuan’s crying to be increasingly miserable.

The just quieted down Nie Nanshan and Nie Yuan’s father, Nie Qiu, had their complexion immediately become gloomy.

But, during the general assembly of drawing lots, many fights would break out during the time when they snatched each other's spirit weapons, although Nie Nanshan and Nie Qiu were dissatisfied, they still restrained themselves and didn’t immediately attack. 

“Nie Tian, be more careful!” Nie Qian hurriedly shouted. 

However, Nie Tian, as if he had not heard Nie Qian, after passing Nie Yuan, rushed immediately to the nearest spirit weapon.

On the way, another Nie Family's child, with small glittering eyes, looked at the gloves that exuded a misty red glow. The child gradually stretched out their hand towards the glove, their fingertips gradually releasing a trace of red aura.

Clearly, the child’s practiced attribute and the glove’s spiritual power fluctuations resonated with each other.

“That’s Liang Er’s good fortune!” The Nia Family members’ expressions all instantly looked moved and excited. 

Liu Yan and all the other Nie Family members, looking at the red glowing glove, could clearly tell that it was meant to be Nie Lang’s weapon.

Liu Yan nodded slightly, “Fire attribute...”

At that moment, everyone noticed that Nie Liang’s small trembling hands were about to seize the glove.

At the same time, Nie Tian came running towards Nie Liang, with the same intention: to grab the gloves. The force of impact knocked Nie Liang to the ground.

Still dazed, Nie Lian cried out loudly. Meanwhile, Nie Tian had already grabbed the glove, laughing exaggeratedly. 

When Nie Tian started laughing, Nie Liang reacted, as she finally cried out, “Mine, mine...”

Nie Tian’s pleased expression and carefree laughter formed a sharp contrast to Nie Liang’s panic and cries.

Liu Yan smiled and tried to open his mouth to say a few words in consolation, but discovered that, the laughing Nie Tian, who’d just seized the gloves, had rushed to another nearby spirit weapon. 

While Nie Liang was still crying, Nie Tian was already wearing the red gloves and he quickly rushed towards the blue saber.

At this point, another Nie Family child, with a face full of smiles, was already firmly holding the blue saber. 

In that instant, when he had grabbed the blue saber, gleaming blue waves of light had emerged from where his flesh and the saber made contact, which in turn was flickering outwards.

He grinned from ear to ear and with a joyous expression on his face was about to laugh to express his inner joy, when Nie Tian had suddenly arrived like the wind.

The significantly stronger Nie Tian laughed and snatched the blue saber out of his hands. 

Somewhat taken aback, the child who’d just been holding the spirit weapon tried to retake the saber, which Nie Tian was now holding, but was shoved to the ground by Nie Tian. 

“Wah Wah!”

Another child’s cries rang through the Nie Family’s gathering hall. 

“Impudent! This bastard is too impudent!” Another Nie Family member fumed. They were so angry that they wished to immediately rush forward and end this little boy’s show. 

Addicted to stealing, Nie Tian was unbothered as he shoved aside nearby bystanders during his rampage. After a short period of time, Nie Tian had already collected the remaining weapons, the knife, the fan, the animal bones, the wooden staff and the pearl. All of them were taken by force and clutched into his tiny hands. 
Many of the Nie Family attendees, who were attending the drawing of lots, were stupefied to see Nie Tian’s glittering demonic eyes. 

The sound of seven children crying and their parents’ calls for condemnation, one after another, caused a rather large scene in this gathering hall.

All seven of the spirit weapons were grabbed by Nie Tian, his two hands that couldn’t help themselves, had put all the spirit weapons together. He squatted and laughed, his eyes expressing a content and pleased look.

However, everyone could clearly see that when his chubby small hands touched the seven spirit weapons, in no way had it aroused any kind of change in the spirit power fluctuations of the spirit weapons.

This meant that the seven spirit weapons he had spent quite an effort to seize, in actuality did not match up with his cultivation attribute. 

He had basically recklessly broken the rules!

The seven children who had their spirit weapons stolen from them were presently crying nonstop, and very naturally, had all gathered around Nie Tian. They enviously stared at the spirit weapon that matched their respective cultivation attribute, as each weapon exuded a particular sort of feeling that made each of them feel extremely relaxed. They even tried, in vain, to get them back. 

“Mine, it’s all mine...” Nie Tian turned his body away. On one side he was making provocative gestures while on the other side he was screaming gibberish.

Greedily looking at the green pearl, Nie Hong, walked, step by step, closer to Nie Tian, hoping to snatch the green pearl back. 

- Peng! -

Nie Tian clenched his fist and with this chubby fist, unceremoniously hit Nie Hong in the face. Nie Hong, beaten to the ground, started to cry even louder. 
Gradually, the six remaining children surrounded the fiendish looking Nie Tian and gazed longingly at the spirit weapons that had originally belonged to them. However, they didn’t dare to make a move to take them back. 

“Too furious! I’ve attended the drawing of lots for the General Assembly so many times, but I’ve never seen such an overbearing presumptuous child!” 

“This little bastard! Seven spirit weapons, not one compatible with his practiced attribute, but he didn’t leave even one - all taken! Our Nie Family has never seen such a vile event!”

“Brothers, in order to have mutually beneficial relationships, one must never eat alone! This guy not only wants to eat meat, but won’t even share a sip of soup with others. He is simply undisciplined and doesn’t follow any of the rules!”

As Nie Beichuan and Nie Nanshan listened to the crying and bawling inside the hall, their complexion turned gloomy.

Nie Qian stood in the doorway, anxiously looked at the proudly laughing Nie Tian. Nie Tian had too recklessly violated the rules and he had even offended the entire family. 

She miserably looked towards her father, Nie Donghai, but was met with Nie Donghai’s bitter smile. He was also endlessly embarrassed and had a headache, as he didn’t know how to handle this situation. 


Having watched the unfolding scenes for a while, Liu Yan calmly opened his mouth.

The Nie family members, with furious faces, their line of sight originally trained on Nie Tian shifted away from him, gradually turning towards Liu Yan. 

Liu Yan let out a small cough, as he smilingly looked at everyone and said, “Children’s horseplay… is amusing. As for the seven little toys, in my opinion, Nie Tian obviously shouldn’t monopolize them all. For this situation, we’ll let Nie Tian choose the weapon of his choice, and the rest will go to the other children. In this way of handling the situation, everyone should be content, right?

“Of course we agree to your words, Mr. Liu,” Nie Donghai saw that he was easing the heavy atmosphere and secretly loosed a breath, promptly saying, “Nie Tian, don’t cause any more trouble. Of these spirit weapons, you can only choose one! As for the rest, they will be given to your brothers and sisters. Do not ever act so rashly again!” 

“How about all of you?” Liu Yan looked towards the rest of the Nie family members. 

Under his gaze, the previously shouting Nie family members who had wanted Nie Tian to be punished, begrudgingly nodded, clearly agreeing to his arrangements. 

“Very good.” Liu Yan smiled and gently nodded his head and swept Nie Tian with a full, profound gaze, tenderly saying, “Okay, listen to Uncle Liu’s words. You can take any one of the spirit weapons you like as you wish, but the other weapons will belong to your younger and older brothers and sisters.” 

Nie Tian curled his lips, his face full of unwillingness, stealthily looked at Nie Qian. 

Nie Qian ruthlessly glared back at him, “Still daring to stand up and rebel, watch how I’ll sort you out!” 

Nie Tian shrank his head back, as he was obviously afraid of Nie Qian. He stopped looking around and conveniently grabbed the animal bones, before stepping aside.

His careless and indifferent attitude allowed everyone to suddenly realize that, towards the seven spirit weapons, he seemingly did not care about them from the start. 

His enjoyment apparently… Simply came from the process of stealing things from everyone.

When people saw what he chose was the lowest level animal bones, every Nie family member’s eyes lit up, inwardly mocking his stupidity, at the same time their gloomy looking faces had slightly relaxed. 

- Whoosh! -

The moment Nie Tian had stepped aside, the Nie family’s children, ever since long ago had been unable to hold themselves back, finally dared to swarm around and seize their original targeted weapon of the remaining six spirit weapons. 

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