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Btw, it’s Lichun today. Actually, in my part of China, we don’t celebrate it much.

Here’s something you might want to know about it.

The traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars divide a year into 24 solar terms. Lichun refers in particular to the day when the Sun is exactly at the celestial longitude of 315°.

Lichun traditionally signifies the beginning of spring in East Asian cultures. Chinese New Year is celebrated around this time. Farmers often celebrate the beginning of Lichun with special village events, worship and offerings to the gods and ceremonies for a blissful and prosperous new year. In China, people eat chūnbǐng (春餅) on this day.

In the lunisolar calendar, New Year’s Day might be before or after Lichun. A year without Lichun is called 無春年 (no spring year). 無春年 is also known as 寡婦年 (widow year) in northern China or 盲年 (blind year) in southern China. Marriage is believed to be unlucky in a year without Lichun.

In the Republic of China, Lichun has been Farmer’s Day since 1941.

In Singapore, there is a practice of depositing money into bank accounts on Lichun which many believe will bring them good fortune.





Finally!! It’s like I’ve been saying, Nie Tian; There is but one path – we kill them all!!!

In order words, Lord Beerblade, you want to deposit money into my account in order to have good fortune? By all means, go ahead, but it must be $7,000,000 minimum!!!

…Sorry, all I have are my beers and blade.

Sell them all!! =_=

Then, I’ll have to change my ID to Soberdudewhokillswithhisteeth.

In that case, I have to ask you not to deposit the money. I simply prefer Beerblade.

Thanks for the chapter 😆😆

Thank you for the chapter 🙂

thanks for the chapter! 😀 cheers

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