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Chapter 28 - The Patriarch comes!

"Who is trespassing in the Nie Family?"


Just when Nie Tian was thinking secretly, he suddenly heard the distant, angry roars of Nie Nanshan, Nie Kan, and the others.

Li Fan’s facial expression changed slightly, as if he knew that the anomaly here had attracted the attention of strong people.

"Get out of my way!"

A feminine cry sounded far away, and soon after that, a fiery, red figure suddenly descended.

She was a beautiful, fiery woman dressed in red. Her earrings, the heart-shaped pendant under her white neck, and the arm bracelet around her slender arm, were all releasing different radiances.

She was already extraordinarily beautiful, but under the complement of the many precious jewelries, she became all the more graceful and extravagant.

"Li Fan?" The passionate and beautiful woman in red suddenly stood still. When she caught a glimpse of the Lingyun Sect’s Li Fan, she couldn’t help but grin. "Why are you here?"

"This is the Nie Family! The Nie family is one of our subordinate families, so why would it be strange that I am here?" Li Fan grunted. Then he continued unhappily, "The Nie family is not your An Family. Why have you, An Shi Yue, suddenly come here, while disregarding the owner’s unwillingness?"

"An Shi Yue?" Nie Tian hesitated slightly and subconsciously looked unto the glamorous woman in red.

He had lived in Black Cloud City for many years, so it was natural that he knew of the powerful figures of the three big families of Black Cloud City. The three big families of Black Cloud City were the An Family, the Nie Family, and the Yun Family.

Over the past few years, with the weakening of the Nie Family, the strength of the Yun Family was obviously much greater and ranked second in the three big families of Black Cloud City.

But the An Family was the most powerful family in Black Cloud City and was responsible for managing the city’s Ling Bao Court. 

Similar to the Lingyun Sect, the Ling Bao Court was also a powerful Lianqi sect, and the An Family was the mouthpiece of the Ling Bao Court in Black Cloud City. 

The legend had it, that the An Family became the mouthpiece of the Ling Bao Court in Black Cloud City all because of the woman standing in front of him, An Shi Yue. 

It was said that this woman was in a position of influence in the Ling Bao Court. Not only did she possess extraordinary strength, but she was also very smooth in politics and had claimed a lot of credit for the Ling Bao Court. Thus she was held in high regard by the Pavilion Master of the Ling Bao Court.

After she had walked out of the An Family and had become the prominent figure of the Ling Bao Court, she had rarely returned to Black Cloud City in the past few years. 

The strong character, that once was the talk of the town in Black Cloud City, suddenly appeared here, which left Nie Tian secretly surprised.

"Little brother, do I look good?"

An Shi Yue noticed Nie Tian’s gaze, and, deliberately ignoring Li Fan’s question, suddenly threw him a flirtatious wink with a smile. 

Nie Tian, who was coming out from the rubble, was stunned for a moment. He took a look at An Shi Yue seriously, then he grinned. "Big sister, if I marry a wife in the future, I’ll marry one just like you."

"Hihi!" An Shi Yue laughed as she felt flattered. "Your mouth is really sweet. When you grow up, and if I’m still not married, then I’ll marry you."

"Okay!" Nie Tian promised immediately.

Nie Donghai stared blankly at Nie Tian, and felt a bit ridiculous. It seemed that Nie Tian was too reckless.

"Darn!" Nie Beichuan cursed slightly.

"Miss An!" Li Fan reminded her verbally, "You haven’t answered my question!"

An Shi Yue still didn’t look at Li Fan, but she pulled out a crimson dagger from her waist bag and threw it to Nie Tian. With a flirtatious smile she said, "For you!"

The red dagger suddenly burst out in flames as it flew towards him.

Nie Tian didn’t dare to catch it. After watching the dagger drop onto the floor and the flame extinguishing, he picked it up, and winked at An Shi Yue as he said, "Thank you, big sister, for this token of love!"

"Hihi! Such an interesting kid!" An Shi Yue’s eyes were filled with smiles. Then she immediately turned her head and said to Nie Donghai, "That dagger is my token of apology for trespassing into the Nie Family."

Nie Donghai’s face turned gloomy as he shook his head and said, "I am no longer the master of the Nie Family."

"Oh." An Shi Yue gently nodded, and with a completely audible whisper to Nie Beichuan, she said, " After so many little tricks, someone finally got what they wanted. But it’s too bad, I think he won’t be able to keep his position for long, as he still doesn’t have enough tolerance..."

"What do you mean?" Nie Beichuan said angrily.

An Shi Yue glanced at him with a face full of disdain and said, with a speed not too slow and not too fast, "I meant, that I’m afraid that the Nie Family, in your hands, would find it difficult to be prosperous in the future."

"You!" Nie Bei Chuan was fuming, but he was afraid of An Shi Yue’s identity and thus, didn’t dare to act recklessly.

"Okay, no more kidding around." An Shi Yue raised an eyebrow and finally looked at Li Fan, before saying sternly, "Some things can’t be hidden. I already saw the strong disruption of the space time dimension here previously, and the blinding space time fission from far away. Also, the special magnetic field here is obviously abnormal, so there should be an unstable space chaos basin forming here."

"You and I both know very well what it means when there is a formation of a space chaos basin, right?"

"You, the Lingyun Sect, want to keep it for yourselves and let your family to explore it exclusively. I’m afraid that is not so easy to do, right?"

"Anyone who saw it has a share, and so we, the Ling Bao Court, also want to have a portion!"

An Shi Yue said with a strong attitude.

"This is the Nie Family! The Nie Family belongs to us, the Lingyun Sect, and since that space chaos basin appeared in the Nie Family, it should belong to us, the Lingyun Sect!" Li Fan replied resoundingly.

"The Nie Family is also a part of Black Cloud City, and since it appeared in Black Cloud City, the An Family of course will have a share of it." An Shi Yue argued.

At this time, Nie Tian, who was leaving the pile of rubble, was holding the dagger gifted by An Shi Yue and went to Nie Donghai’s side.

Nie Donghai didn’t bother about Li Fan and An Shi Yue’s disputes, and instead he pulled on Nie Tian’s sleeve and asked with a low voice, "Are you all right?"

He didn’t ask where Nie Tian went but he just asked whether Nie Tian was all right, which made it obvious that he truly only cared about Nie Tian’s well being. 

"Grandfather, I’m so sorry for making you worry, but I'm fine," Nie Tian said in a low whisper.

Nie Donghai nodded. Then he said no more and placed his focus on Li Fan and An Shi Yue again.

"Jiang patriarch!"

"The patriarch has arrived!"

It was also at this moment, that the voices of Nie Nanshan and the other Nie Family members could be heard outside, saying respectful words of greeting. 

After hearing of the arrival of Jiang Zisu, An Shi Yue immediately stopped arguing with Li Fan and her face became serious and stern.

"The patriarch has come, so take a moment to think clearly before you speak." Nie Donghai hinted softly.

Nie Tian nodded to express his understanding.

After a few seconds, Jiang Zisu, dressed in green, accompanied by Nie Nanshan appeared within the sight of Nie Tian. 

As the patriarch of the Ling Yun Sect, Jiang Zisu appeared to be only around forty years old, with an old face and an indifferent expression, as if it wouldn’t change, even if he was crushed by the Mt. Tai. 

"The girl of the An Family, even you are here eh?" he said with a calm tone.

"Hello Uncle Jiang." An Shi Yue hid all her thorns and appeared to be dignified and modest in front of him. "I happened to be in Black Cloud City these past few days. I sensed the space time fission that occurred here, and thus I came to take a look at the situation."

After pondering for a moment, she explained verbally again, "Before this, I didn’t know your disciple Li Fan would be here. I was worried that the members of the Nie Family didn’t understand the dangers of the space time fission and might have casualties because of it. I came here also because of my kindness."

"Fortunately, the space chaos basin didn’t actually form, so the situation that I was worried about didn’t happen."

Jiang Zisu nodded his head after listening to her explanation, "Hearing all that you have just said, if there was really a space chaos basin at this place and it finally completed forming, the Lingyun Sect would definitely invite the Ling Bao Court to enter it together."

"Thank you, Uncle Jiang." An Shi Yue bowed as she said her thanks, then she looked at Nie Donghai with a smile. "Sorry for disturbing you."

After she finished saying that, she winked at Nie Tian, before she actually left straight away and didn’t stay for another second.

It seemed that she was just waiting for Jiang Zisu’s word of promise, and after Jiang Zisu had given his promise, she calmly left the Nie Family.

"Tell us what you have seen carefully." Jiang Zisu looked at Li Fan.

Li Fan didn’t hide anything and clearly reported the abnormalities that he had seen in the Nie Family.

When he finished reporting, Jiang Zisu closed his eyes and thought for a while. Then he suddenly looked at Nie Tian and said, “Leave this child here. All the other Nie Family members leave for now.”

At his order, the three brothers of Nie Donghai all bowed slightly at him, then left, each with their own thoughts. 

"Child, I heard that you disappeared for ten days. In these ten days, where did you go?" After their figures had disappeared completely, Jiang Zisu asked Nie Tian with a warm voice.

"Ten days ago, a similar space time fissure also appeared once. That time, I was sucked into the fissure..." Nie Tian took a breath, and answered with a serious face.

"Sucked?" Jiang Zisu had a flash of light in his eyes. "Then what? What did you see? How did you come back?"

"All that I saw was a sky full of stray lights, as if there were countless meteors flying past me." Nie Tian looked as if he was wandering in a dreamland, with a fascinated look on his face as he continued, "It was like in a magnificent dream where there were scattered lights everywhere. There were colourful meteor showers all over. In it, I felt as if I stayed there for a long time, at the same time I also felt as if I was there only for a short while."

"Then, somehow, I flew out again and returned to the Nie Family."

"I didn’t expect that ten days just passed so suddenly. This is so strange."

Nie Tian had a face full of confusion, and he seemed to still be puzzled, as if he was unclear what abnormal things had happened to him.

Jiang Zisu looked at him and listened carefully to his account. After quite a while, he nodded his head and whispered, "Okay, go to your grandfather."

Nie Tian awkwardly mimicked Nie Donghai’s actions previously, bowing towards Jiang Zisu, before he left.

"Master, do you think the kid told the truth?" Li Fan said.

"No." Jiang Zisu’s face was calm as usual.

"That bastard dared to lie to you?" Li Fan said angrily, "I'll call him back!"

Jiang Zisu shook his head and his eyes had a strange look in them. He also felt that Nie Tian had a lot of guts, "True or false is not important. What matters is is that over here, on his body, something extraordinary happened."

"If we don’t know the truth, then what are we going to do next?" Li Fan said angrily.

"If there really was a space chaos basin that was going to be formed, it will gradually emerge again in the future. If not, then it is... that child’s own abnormality." Jiang Zisu rubbed his chin, thought for a moment, and then said, "I hope that the abnormality is from that boy himself."

"What?" Li Fan was puzzled.

"Someone in the mountain spotted him, and he will become our Ling Yun Sect’s sooner or later. If it really was his own abnormality, then after he became a disciple of the Lingyun Sect, he will naturally be ours, the Lingyun Sect’s," Jiang Zisu explained with profound meaning in his words. He continued, "In the following period of time, you will stay at the Nie Family and see whether there are any more abnormalities after this."

"Got it."


Translator: Ace
Editors: Zach and Sietse
Translated by XianXiaWorld

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