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After parting ways with Shi Qing, Nie Tian sped off like an arrow shot from a bow.

While dashing at full speed, he growled through his teeth, “Li Langfeng!”

There had never been a person who had been able to inflict so much damage on him.

As he ran, he could still feel the destructive force Li Langfeng had left in him rampaging inside him, damaging his flesh and blood.

With every step he took, he experienced bone-piercing agony.

It felt as if there was a violent python slithering throughout his body, snapping every meridian it came across.

The excruciating pain kept him incomparably clear-headed.


As Nie Tian heard a series of rapid, vigorous heartbeats coming from his own chest, he realized that the excessive damage to his body had finally stimulated the bloodline in his heart.

Immediately afterwards, the strong green aura that had been coiled in his heart rushed out with a unstoppable momentum.

As it did, a vigorous life force rapidly filled his entire body.

While dashing nonstop, Nie Tian had a feeling that, like a fierce monster that had broken free from hell, the green aura was rushing through his meridians towards the dark-green energy that Li Langfeng had left inside of him.

The two forces met around Nie Tian’s abdomen.

The green aura was wreathed in a layer of green mist, while its inside was filled with delicate crystal-like chains; inside the crystal-like chains were numerous sparkling, green, bright spots where the profound truths of the life bloodline lay.

At that moment, the crystal-like chains that constituted the green aura suddenly began to shine brightly like torches.

Like a brutal dragon, the green aura madly bit fought the force that Li Langfeng had left inside Nie Tian’s body.

The thread of dark-green energy couldn’t even put up a fight, and was almost instantly ripped to shreds.

A major proportion of the shredded dark-green energy was gradually absorbed by the green aura and rapidly disappeared.

A small proportion, which was toxic, was extracted and expelled out of Nie Tian’s body by the green aura.

Each and every pore around Nie Tian’s waist suddenly opened up, and bits of dark-green, gooey liquid slowly flowed out through them, like snake venom.

Just like that, the destructive force that had been rampaging within Nie Tian’s body for quite some time was annihilated the moment the green aura rushed out of Nie Tian’s heart.

The green aura didn’t return to Nie Tian’s heart immediately after finishing its task. Rather, it roamed about in his body.

Soon, it traced the path the dark-green force had taken to invade Nie Tian’s body and traveled towards his right arm. As it did, countless tiny, green spots seeped out of the crystal-like chains within it and dispersed into Nie Tian’s meridians, and then his flesh and bones.

Every green spot was branded with profound truths of life, and carried incomparably pure life power.

One ruptured meridian after another was infused with the rich life power and rapidly healed the moment they came into contact with the tiny green spots.

Even Nie Tian’s broken bones began to heal under the influence of the mysterious power within the tiny green spots.

Wherever the green aura went, pain was immediately lifted as his meridians and bones were nourished by the the miraculous life power.

Just like that, the green aura gradually swam from Nie Tian’s waist up to his right hand, following his meridians. As it did, its misty aura of life was unleashed, healing every damaged meridian and bone to a great extent.

Immediately afterwards, the green aura returned to Nie Tian’s heart at the speed of lightning.

It was also at that time that his pounding heart settled down, and he couldn’t feel even the slightest pain in him.

After realizing that he was almost fully healed of such heavy injuries within such a short time, Nie Tian’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

Even though he still needed to spend some time to recover, as long as he could channel some more flesh essence into his body, he would soon recover completely, and he wouldn’t need to worry about any consequences.

He even had a feeling that his meridians and bones would become stronger and more resilient after being magically healed by the green aura.

“Bloodline power…” He struggled to calm himself after discovering another miraculous effect of his bloodline power.

Carrying Pei Qiqi on his back, Nie Tian continued to dash at full speed into a desolate area of the mountain range, heading towards the region where numerous spatial rifts were slithering in midair.

Fearing that Li Langfeng would catch up to him, Nie Tian wished that Pei Qiqi could recover her strength soon, so that she could use her spatial magics to hold him off.

“How is she doing?” Before, Nie Tian’s injuries had pained him to the point where he almost wanted to die, so he hadn’t thought of the girl on his back until now.

Now that the pain had been eliminated by the green aura, he finally started to pay attention to Pei Qiqi.

That was when he suddenly felt Pei Qiqi’s ample chest pressing again his back.

With every step he took as he charged madly forward, he could feel the fullness of her breasts.

Relieved of pain, he couldn’t help but get carried away by his thoughts as he was repeatedly stuck by this wonderful sensation.

Then, he turned his head to check on Pei Qiqi, and he discovered that her head was sagged against his left shoulder with her eyes closed, as if she had passed out long ago.

Her delicate face that used to be as beautiful as a picture was now pale and completely devoid of its ruddy radiance.

The only redness on her face was the dried trail of blood that ran down the corner of her mouth.

Only at that moment did Nie Tian realize that the blood from Pei Qiqi’s mouth had already painted his left shoulder red.

After taking a brief glance at it, Nie Tian retracted his gaze and continued to run as fast as he could.

However, he couldn’t get Pei Qiqi’s poor look out of his head; the picture of her blood-stained lips had been branded in his mind.

“Why in the world did she come back?” Nie Tian wracked his brain, but couldn’t find an answer.

If Pei Qiqi hadn’t returned, then just relying on just the two of them, he and Shi Qing wouldn’t have had a chance against the vicious Li Langfeng.

After witnessing Li Langfeng’s formidable strength and terrifying resilience, Nie Tian even doubted that he could kill this man with the Flame Dragon Armor’s help.

To begin with, Pei Qiqi had spent a significant amount of strength to shut down and then dismantle the Dark Moon’s teleportation portal in the Dark Moon’s base.

When she had come back to the valley after leaving with Li Langfeng’s consent, she had over-consumed her power and pushed her limits to forcibly alter the spatial rifts’ track.

Then, she had sustained a series of severe injuries and almost died during their battle against Li Langfeng.

With those thoughts in mind, Nie Tian used one of his Heaven Eyes to examine Pei Qiqi’s injuries, and to his surprise, found that even though she was seriously injured, her entire body was enveloped by a mysterious ward of spatial energy, stopping his Heaven Eyes from prying into her injuries.

Therefore, Nie Tian commanded the Heaven Eye to rise up into the air to join the other Heaven Eyes in carefully scanning the vicinity for signs of life, lest they run into Qi warriors who were on exploration trips in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

After all, he was also in a bad state to fight. It was preferable for them to avoid battles as much as they could.

He had more than once witnessed the fierceness and cold-bloodedness of the Qi warriors who wandered in the Void Illusion Mountain Range. If anyone who wasn’t a Blood Skull member were to encounter him and see Pei Qiqi on his back in their current state, they would probably launch attacks without any hesitation.

Therefore, Nie Tian exerted all his power to run while using his Heaven Eyes to scan his surroundings.

He had already lost track of time.

Even though he was on the verge of draining his last remaining strength, he didn’t dare to stop due to the tremendous threat from Li Langfeng.

A very long time passed…

Nie Tian was still running like a mad bull, so he didn’t notice when Pei Qiqi’s closed eyelids twitched a bit before they opened.

Jolting nonstop on Nie Tian’s back, Pei Qiqi seemed rather bewildered as her beautiful eyes rolled around to examine her surroundings.

Agonized by the splitting pain all over her, she bit hard on her lips to stop herself from screaming.

It wasn’t long before she realized what had happened. Looking at the panting Nie Tian, who was still running at full speed, a hint of redness slowly surfaced on her ghastly cheeks.

Only then did she realize that she had her whole body pressed against Nie Tian’s mountain-like broad back, and her arms were naturally wrapped around Nie Tian’s neck in a rather intimate fashion.

Nie Tian, on the other hand, was using his hands to clench her thighs tightly to his waist, so that she wouldn’t fall while he was dashing forward.

She couldn’t help but bite her lips harder as a hint of shyness appeared in her eyes, as if she was wondering whether or not she should tell Nie Tian that she had already awoken.


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