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In the mountain valley, Pei Qiqi and Shi Qing were flabbergasted…

Before, Pei Qiqi had only seen Nie Tian fight Yang Ling relying purely on his physical strength, and Shi Qing hadn’t seen Nie Tian fight at all.

They couldn’t believe Nie Tian dared to fight Li Langfeng head-on when he could have used his strange magnetic field to tear open the dark-green wall of water and escape.

The spiritual energy balls Nie Tian had created contained different types of refined power, which became extremely unstable after being pressed into such a small area.

After they exploded, Li Langfeng immediately disappeared in a cluster of multicolored, corrosive bright spots, which were the different types of impurities that shouldn’t belong to this realm.

Shi Qing was taken aback by the scene.

From what he could tell, if it had been him who had been bombarded by Nie Tian’s spiritual energy balls, he probably would have sustained severe injuries.

However, Nie Tian was only at the early Heaven stage…

The fact that he could launch such mighty attacks without receiving any boost from a spiritual tool when he had such a low cultivation base made Shi Qing question his own eyes.

“He’s only at the Heaven stage, and his battle prowess is already so formidable. What kind of existence will he become once he enters the Worldly realm?” These thoughts gave rise to great turbulence in Shi Qing’s mind, which even caused the power he had been channeling into his spiritual energy shield to fluctuate.

“No wonder our young lord, for the first time, decided to personally offer a guest elder’s identity medallion to him, knowing he was only at the Heaven stage.

“It’s our fortune that we made the offer first and he agreed.

“If he was discovered and admitted by the Wild Fire or the Dark Moon, given a few years, he would have become the Blood Skull’s nightmare!”

While Shi Qing grew excited in presence of Nie Tian’s amazing battle prowess, Nie Tian quietly stopped attacking.

Actually, it wouldn’t be very consuming to form more spiritual energy balls with the technique he had picked up in the mysterious land.

What he did was basically borrow the different types of power that already existed in the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

If he wanted to, he could have continued to create dozens or even hundreds more of them and used them to bombard Li Langfeng, if he was given the time.

Nie Tian didn’t stop because he had run out of strength. Rather, it was because he had sensed something via one of his Heaven Eyes.

Countless bright spots of various colors filled the area where the series of spiritual energy balls had exploded. The various types of power had even left the ground in a disastrous state.

Even the Heaven Eye couldn’t see through the floating, multicolored mist and get a clear view of Li Langfeng.

However, since the Heaven Eye carried a wisp of Nie Tian’s soul power, it could detect any sign of life within its range.

It discovered that Li Langfeng’s life aura was very strange; it was weak, on the verge of death, in one second and extremely strong in another.

From what Nie Tian could tell, when Li Langfeng’s life aura was the most vigorous, he could have rushed out of the hazardous area and avoided the damage.

However, he didn’t.

Furthermore, via the Heaven Eye, Nie Tian had also noted that Li Langfeng had been gathering power, but soon gave up for some reason.

It was as if he had deliberately given up resistance and let Nie Tian bombard him with more spiritual energy balls.

After sensing the anomaly, Nie Tian stopped and, with a grim face, he focused all his attention on the area Li Langfeng was in.

At that moment, Pei Qiqi and Shi Qing had a feeling that the pressure that had been weighing on them had suddenly been lifted.

The two of them had originally been surrounded by two clusters of condensed, dark-green smoke.

After Nie Tian launched his bombardment of spiritual energy balls, all the dark-green poisonous smoke in the valley quietly left them and gathered towards Li Langfeng.

Therefore, no longer needing to resist the poisonous smoke, Pei Qiqi and Shi Qing joined Nie Tian as the three of them frowned and fixed their gazes on the area Li Langfeng was in.

Moments later, they discovered that green spots were gradually vanishing from the multicolored, vision-blocking mist of impurities.

As far as Nie Tian knew, all the green spots originated from poisonous spiritual Qi that belonged to domains that were far away, and they were the part that made the Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the Realm of Split Void poisonous and corrosive to human flesh.

However, at that moment, those toxic green spots were disappearing from the multicolored mist of impurities at a rate noticeable to the naked eye.

Meanwhile, he discovered via his Heaven Eye that the intensity of Li Langfeng’s life aura was climbing, and gradually became as violent as an ocean during storm.

Moments later…

The mist of foreign impurities wore off, and Li Langfeng appeared in Nie Tian’s sight.

After being bombarded by Nie Tian’s spiritual energy balls, he seemed rather bedraggled. His garments were torn, and every piece of exposed skin was covered in bloody wounds.

However, fine threads of green light, which resembled slithering snakes, could be seen within those wounds.

Those threads of green light had originated from the tainted spiritual Qi that Nie Tian had used to form his energy balls, which he had used to bombard Li Langfeng.

However, for some reason, Li Langfeng had managed to absorb them into his ripped-open flesh.

Li Langfeng, who seemed in sore straits, coughed again.

Unlike before, it wasn’t a dry cough this time. With every cough, he spit out a mouthful of grimy blood.

Multicolored spots could be seen in the goo he spit to the ground.

That was when something suddenly occurred to Nie Tian.

He remembered the time when he had used the Blood Sect’s Blood Refining Incantation to refine the Golden Stone Rhino’s blood. The gooey thing that had stuck to the bottom of the wooden barrel was very similar to the thing Li Langfeng just spit out.

It was none other than the impurities within the tainted spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

However, gray, black, and purple spots could be seen in the gooey things Li Langfeng was spitting out; green spots were the only one missing.

It was because all the green impurities had been kept within Li Langfeng’s ripped-open flesh, wiggling like small spiritual snakes.

“He actually can refine and absorb the toxins from my attack!” Staring at the disgusting goo that had come out of Li Langfeng’s mouth, Nie Tian realized what was happening.

“Why did you stop?” Looking like a evil ghost, Li Langfeng grinned and said after coughing up another mouthful of impurities.

Before Nie Tian could answer, he nodded and said, “Hua Tian, is it? Good, very good.” His eyes were deep and gruesome. “I’ve changed my mind. Now I want you to form more of your energy balls and hit me with them… continually.”

Then, he coughed as he waved at Pei Qiqi, saying, “You may leave now, and you can keep the Dark Moon’s teleportation portal. Just leave this Hua Tian kid with me. I need him, and I need him alive.”

Although Li Langfeng seemed rather miserable on the outside after being bombarded by Nie Tian, the spiritual power within him was surging at a terrifying speed. It seemed as if thanks to the threads of green light wiggling in his wounds, his battle prowess was increasing by the second.

At that point, Pei Qiqi and Shi Qing also realized what was going on.

The spiritual energy balls Nie Tian had used to attack Li Langfeng had actually helped him instead!

Since Li Langfeng practiced a special poison incantation, he was able to extract and absorb toxins from Nie Tian’s spiritual energy balls, and boost his own strength with them!

That was why he had forgotten about the teleportation portal and set his mind on capturing Nie Tian alive.

At that moment, Shi Qing’s voice suddenly echoed out. “You should go, Miss Pei. You don’t know me well enough to fight to the death for me, and since Nie Tian isn’t your master’s disciple, you’re not obligated to stay for him either.”

Shi Qing knew that if Pei Qiqi died here, her master would definitely be furious, and since she had participated in the Blood Skull’s operation, her master might vent her wrath on the Blood Skull.

After realizing that Li Langfeng had become even stronger, Shi Qing felt desperate and helpless. But as a senior member of the Blood Skull, he could think from the Blood Skull’s point of view at the moment of life or death. It was quite impressive.

However, Pei Qiqi didn’t say anything after hearing Shi Qing’s urge. Instead, she turned to look at Nie Tian.

Nie Tian said with a mysterious smile, “You don’t need to worry about me.”


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