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Soon, night fell…

The moon hung high, and, along with numerous stars, it lit up the dark sky. Under the stars, Nie Tian followed the Blood Skull members to the vicinity of a secluded location where the Dark Moon’s base was located.

Gu Yu came to a stop and issued his command to the rest of the group with a grave expression on his face, “You guys wait here.”

Immediately afterwards, he gathered Pei Qiqi and two other Greater Heaven stage Blood Skull experts and headed out without making a sound.

Nie Tian didn’t say anything. After they left, he formed seven Heaven Eyes by mixing his psychic power and seven strands of soul power from the fragmentary stars in his soul.

Like invisible lanterns, the Heaven Eyes followed Pei Qiqi and Gu Yu.

Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian commanded the Heaven Eyes with his soul, and used them to scan their surroundings.

“Dark night, starry sky…” For some unknown reason, Nie Tian suddenly had a feeling that compared to the daytime, his vision and sense of smell, as well as his psychic sensibility, were all heightened during the nighttime.

After a brief pondering, he realized it probably had something to do with the fact that he practiced the Fragmentary Star Incantation.

Furthermore, it seemed that not only would his sensing ability improve when stars were shining in the heavens, but even his battle prowess would also rise.

The seven Heaven Eyes gradually approached the Dark Moon’s base.

It was in a mountain valley.

Spatial rifts were slithering unceasingly in the air, while a few wooden and stone cottages were aligned under them.

Via his Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian could see numerous Qi warriors dressed in Dark Moon uniforms entering and exiting some of the cottages.

There were also a few Dark Moon members scattered in the valley, cultivating, eating, or talking to one another.

Gu Yu and his Greater Heaven stage subordinates hid their life auras as they snuck up on and assassinated the few patrolling Dark Moon scouts.

Since most of them were at the early or middle Heaven stage, they couldn’t even make a sound when they were snuck up on and killed.

After taking out all of the Dark Moon scouts, Gu Yu signaled Pei Qiqi.

Pei Qiqi then swiftly shifted her position around the perimeter of the mountain valley.

She constantly took out Space Spirit Jades from her ring of holding and laid them in certain crucial locations around the valley to form a large spell formation.

The close to a hundred Space Spirit Jades formed a spell formation without attracting any attention. Each Space Spirit Jade was engraved with detailed magical patterns.

Convinced that her spell formation layout had been finished, she returned to Gu Yu’s side and silently dropped to the ground. As her slender hands began to rapidly interweave in the air in a dazzling fashion, one mysterious hand seal after another was formed.

Via the Heaven Eyes, Nie Tian paid close attention to Pei Qiqi and every subtle change around her.

Before long, he saw the Space Spirit Jades Pei Qiqi had placed in nearby locations begin to emanate faint light. Meanwhile, fluctuations of spatial energy gradually spread out, forming a special magnetic field.

A short while later, many of the spatial rifts that had been swimming around in the vicinity changed the direction of their movements, as if they were being attracted by an unknown force.

One after another, they slowly gathered towards the mountain valley from every direction.

Whenever a spatial rift slithered to the location of a Space Spirit Jade, the jade would fly up into the spatial rift like it possessed its own spirit.

As soon as the Space Spirit Jade few into a moving spatial rift, the spatial rift would immediately become still in the midair, and then begin to emanate waves of spatial energy fluctuations.

The fluctuations spread out from the close to a hundred locations around the perimeter of the valley, which then connected with one another, creating a huge, invisible network over the entire mountain valley.

Beside Gu Yu, Pei Qiqi was still forming mysterious hand seals while her nose and jade-like forehead were already covered in transparent beads of sweat.

From the look of it, she had consumed a substantial amount of spiritual power to cast the spell.

“Alright!” Face filled with exhaustion, Pei Qiqi finally let out a sigh of relief and signaled Gu Yu that they could act.

“Fifteen minutes, you’ve got fifteen minutes. After that, no matter whether or not you’ve taken out all the Dark Moon defenders, you’ve got to retreat.” With these words, she slowly rose to her feet, her somewhat dim eyes fixed on a unimpressive wooden cottage in the mountain valley.

She was certain that the teleportation portal that the Dark Moon had deployed in the Void Illusion Mountain Range was in there.

She was well-aware that if they could wipe out all the Dark Moon defenders and destroy that teleportation portal within fifteen minutes, they would inflict great damage to the Dark Moon’s strength and influence.

Even for the Dark Moon, building another teleportation portal of the same scale would cost them substantial resources.

If the Blood Skull and the Wild Fire took advantage of the Dark Moon’s unfavorable situation to strike them during their reestablishment, their losses could worsen.

“Kill them all!!” The light of brutality shot out of Gu Yu’s eyes as he charged towards the Dark Moon’s base like a dragon being unleashed from an abyss.

Upon seeing him charge out, Shi Qing and the other two Greater Heaven stage Blood Skull experts also dashed down into the valley.

After hearing Gu Yu’s roar, Cai Yuan, who had been waiting around the perimeter of the valley, let out a bellow, “Come on! Bring out your best, and kill as many Dark Moon cowards as you can! Don’t waste any time!”


Upon receiving his command, all the Blood Skull members shot out from behind him and poured towards the center of the valley with torrential killing auras.

The scattered Dark Moon members, who had been cultivating or communicating with each other in the valley, were alarmed and called out, hoping to overpower the intruders with their imposing manner, “Who’s there?”

“Who is it?”

“This is the Dark Moon’s territory. How dare you intrude?!”

As Gu Yu let out a wild laugh, numerous shiny, silver metal balls shot out from within his palm. “It’s Lord Gu Yu from the Blood Skull!”

Each and every ball shone with an ice-cold metallic luster as they whizzed through the air and exploded when they reached the center of a group of Dark Moon members.

In the next moment, countless silver needles that were as fine as hairs emanated frightening cold light as they shot into their surroundings.

In Nie Tian’s eyes, the metal balls were like exploding hedgehogs, sending out all of their sharp needles.


Not having the time to react, a dozen Dark Moon experts were immediately pierced by the silver needles and covered in bloody holes.

As their ear-piercing screams filled the mountain valley, more Dark Moon experts charged out of their cottages, roaring and brandishing their spiritual tools.

A few Dark Moon experts were both shocked and thrilled to see Gu Yu, and they hastily rushed towards the wooden cottage Pei Qiqi was focusing on.

“It’s Gu Yu from the Blood Skull!”

“The Blood Skull has invaded! Get word to the Land of the Abandoned and have the headquarters send powerful experts here!”

“Gu Yu must be insane to dare to come here! He should not imagine that he can get out of here alive!”

Just like Ma Jiu was to them, Gu Yu was the Blood Skull’s highest commander of their forces in the Void Illusion Mountain Range. Him being here meant that the Blood Skull had planned to go all-out with this battle.

However, they also understood that if they could use their teleportation portal to inform their headquarters of the Blood Skull’s operation, every Blood Skull member, including Gu Yu himself, would be killed and buried here in the Void Illusion Mountain Range.

A wild laugh filled Gu Yu’s face as he blurted, “Hahaha! Go ahead and see if you can summon more of your scumbags from the Land of the Abandoned!”

With those words, he took the initiative and charged into the Dark Moon’s base like a bolt of lightning, chasing down and killing their members.

A shade of blood seemed to have filled Shi Qing’s pupils as he led the other Greater Heaven stage experts in a charge after Gu Yu, the Blood Skull patterns on their chests unleashing the light of bloodthirst.

In the center of the valley, dozens of early and middle Heaven stage Dark Moon members were shrieking as they attempted to contain Gu Yu and his men.

It was at that very moment that Cai Yuan charged into the valley and engaged in a fierce battle with them, along with several dozen Blood Skull members.

Nie Tian followed them to the battlefield, but he didn’t rush into battle. Instead, he used his Heaven Eyes to observe the situation.


The blue figure of a pretty woman flashed past right in front of Nie Tian’s eyes. She threaded her way through the fighting Dark Moon and Blood Skull members, and dashed towards one of the wooden cottages.

“Pei Qiqi!” Without even thinking, Nie Tian immediately realized it was Pei Qiqi.

He had long since noticed that Pei Qiqi had been focusing all her attention on that specific cottage since she had finished her spell.

From the look in her eyes, Nie Tian speculated that the Dark Moon’s teleportation portal was in there.

Inside the cottage, the Dark Moon expert, who had just claimed that Gu Yu and all his men would die in their base, roared angrily as his heart burned with anxiety, “Our teleportation portal isn’t working!

“Damn! Now that we can’t get in touch with our headquarters, we can’t have them send reinforcements from the Land of the Abandoned!

“It must be that cunt Pei Qiqi who did this!”

As soon as they attempted to start the teleportation portal, they noticed that the entire valley had been covered by an unstable magnetic field.

Unstable spatial energy had forcibly disrupted the spatial fluctuations in the area, and thus stopped their teleportation portal from activating.

“Why hasn’t Lord Ma Jiu returned? God dammit! Shouldn’t he have killed that bitch already!?

“Without Lord Ma Jiu here, we can’t possibly beat Gu Yu and his men with just the few of us!”

“Worst of all, now we can’t even inform our headquarters to send reinforcements!”

Unable to come up with a solution, the few Dark Moon experts became soaked in sweat due to anxiety.

Shi Qing saw through Pei Qiqi’s intentions and thus joined her after seeing her charge towards the wooden cottage. “Let me help you, Miss Pei!”

Moments later, Shi Qing arrived at the cottage before Pei Qiqi. He stamped his foot with great force, and then a wave of vigorous energy fluctuations spread out from under his feet.

It was as if there was a giant monster struggling under the earth, roaring and storming towards the wooden cottage.

Struck by the wave of energy fluctuations, the cottage instantly collapsed, and every Dark Moon member inside was exposed.

The teleportation portal, which could hold five people at one time, remained unscathed and stood unwavering like a large magnet sticking to the earth.


Pei Qiqi’s Ethereal Swords flew out from her ring of holding, but rapidly vanished from everyone’s sight, without leaving any trace.

“Ethereal Swords! The woman is using her Ethereal Swords!” Fear could be seen on the Dark Moon members’ faces as they fled in opposite directions.


Two Ethereal Swords appeared out of nowhere and pierced through two Heaven stage Dark Moon experts.


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